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new phone launched by nokia in India


Nokia has made one more attempt to make its presence in the mobile market with launch of new model Nokia 150. It is dual SIM basic feature mobile which is priced at Rs 1800 equipped with VGA cameras and LED flash lights.

This is a basic mobile phone which will be available in the market early next year.

India still woos the basic mobile manufacturers because in rural areas people are still not much tech savvy and do not use smartphones and mobile phones for them simply means a calling device which connects them with others with some basic features of taking photos and listening to music and if it has dual SIM than it makes a very good option for them.

Once Nokia was the World’s dominant mobile phone maker but after the smartphones hit the market and its share shrink to a drastic level. Now Nokia is focusing on making networking devices so that the company still exist in the market.

Companies like Samsung and Apple have eaten the share of Nokia by giving such a good line of smartphones and Nokia filed to cope up with the competition and technology these companies have provided in their smartphones and just them even Chinese brands like Xiaomi is also making high end smartphones which are becoming popular in countries like India and also giving tough competition.