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1. India: Reliance Jio’s MyJio is the latest and hottest app in India which iPhone and iPad users have downloaded till the last weekend because of its free 4G internet for 3 months. This app allows users to check their balance, internet usage, payment system and other offerings provided by the company.

2. UK: Bottle Flip 2K16; it is proving itself one of the most best gaming app and users are liking it so much that it is still coming on top charts in the United Kingdom. It is basically an is inspired by the senior talent show water bottle which has perfect tricks compilation and offers a water free alternativ

3. Australia: Monopoly at Macca’s; It is another gaming which is very popular in Australia and as a part of promotion for fast food chain Mac Donald. It is a licensed adaptation of a game called monopoly.

4. Germany: iMovie; It is a photo and video app very famous in Germany. This app allows users not just the videos and photos but also to share their stories and browse videos, share their favorite moments in the form of videos and photos.

5. France: Bitmoji Keyboard; this utility app allows users to create emojis and small cartoon images with almost unlimited range of emotions and reaction. This app uses the photo augmentation and creation suite of snapchat.

6. Canada: iTunes: The education iTunes app is making buzz in Canada. In this app over one million lectures are preloaded with other course materials with more formalized University, School and College set ups for both lecturers and students.

7. Japan: Gintama Kabukicho Daikatsugeki; It is a gaming app based on turn by turn fighting adventure based on the Gin Tama animated series, with a team to lead and other characters to fight more battles and recruitment for it.

8. Singapore: Bigo Live; A social networking site based on a video streaming technology. This app allows users to broadcast them live with real time interaction with others and send some virtual gifts too. It is a paid app and cost only $0.99.