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At a time when the entire nation is having cash crunch there is a person in Ahmedabad who has so much cash money that he showered Rs 2000 notes on folk singer who performed in Palanpur area of Gujarat.

This incidence shows that there is no cash crunch for some people and they are not even bothered whether other people who have been standing in the queues for long hours hardly get Rs 2000 and sometimes the cash dries up when the turn comes to withdraw money.

An event was organized by Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple where people showered Rs 2000 notes on folf singer Kirtidan Gadhvi. And the best part is that the folk singer himself posted this video on his Facebook timeline from where it started trending and now almost all news channels have played this video.

This video hit all social media platforms and in this video Gadhvi told that the people were standing in long queues for hours but here it is raining and demonetization cannot keep people away from spending money on religion.

He further said that it is a tradition to shower noted in dayaro which is a traditional Gujarati folk performance and the purpose behind this is purely devotional. This money is also spent on social work only and not for any personal use.

Not just this he also praised Gujarat for sending crores of money in different parts of the country for charity. He feels that when it comes to religion and charity, people of Gujarat always stand first.