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JNU has become anti India University


JNU administration has finally woke up after media made has pointed out the issue of burning effigy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other in the JNU campus by a group of students on the occasion of Dussehra. They projected Narendra Modi as Ravaana who has 10 heads which is really not to be done especially in any educational institutions.

Like always JNU administration is always sleeping who takes actions very late when the misconduct is already done. Earlier also anti BJP Kanahiya also created mess in the JNU campus and said so many things not just against the political party but also against Indian army and now this new issue has come out.

Is JNU administration in capable of keeping a check on its students who feel that they can do anything against anyone?

This time JNU administration woke up bit earlier and ordered an inquiry into the effigy burning incident and according to JNU vice chancellor, Jagadish Kumar they are examining the issue which has already become bigger in the media. This time these students did not even leave him and also made Jagadish one of the heads of Ravaana.

It seems that students in JNU are becoming anti Indians as the whole country people burnt Ravaana effigies with heads of Nawaz Sharif and terrorist Hafiz Saeed but in JNU members of congress affiliated national students union of India chose the visages of Modi and Amit Shah to represent the Ravaan on Tuesday.

These students have claimed that it was a protest against the central Government as they think that it has failed to honour its promises and the continuous attack on various educational institutions across the country.

But the question is that if the think they are right then why burnt this effigy inside the JNU campus and not outside?

When the JNU administration was asked about the incident they told no permission was taken for the event but the organisers have claimed that it is the routine thing in the campus and did not require any kind of permission from the college administration.

In this effigy they used Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Baba Ramdev, Sadhvi Pragya, Nathuram Godse, Asaram Bapu and the Vice Chancellor, Jagadish as ten heads of the demon king.