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Generally it has been found that women gain weight after they get married and this mystery has been solved by a study which was published by The Obesity journal. In this study it was found that within 5 years of marriage weight of 82% couples increased by 5 to 10 kg and especially weight of women increases very fast.

According to a study of American Psychological Association they found that the couples gain weight because of hormonal changes due to new relationship but it is only one of the reasons responsible for weight gain there are several other factors.

Nine main reasons responsible for weight gain especially in Indian married woman


Sleeping time and pattern changes and married women are not able to have complete sleep so; this could also be the main reason of weight gain among married woman.

Hormonal Changes

After marriage several hormonal changes happens because of change in lifestyle and these hormonal changes are responsible of weight growth.


Before marriage women’s are more concerned about their looks and do exercise but later life gets busy it becomes difficult to take out time for fitness.

Eating out

In starting newlyweds mostly go outside in evening or on weekends for eating food and while dong so they eat lots of calories and fat which starts getting accumulated around waist.


Stress could also be the possible factor which leads to weight gain as in many cases the new lifestyle and changes makes life stressful for women and for some women it becomes difficult to tackle this stress of new environment and then they starts doing stress eating.

Change in priority

After marriage women’s priorities changes and they change their routine according to husband or other family member’s routine. So they do pay much attention on themselves and their weight starts increasing gradually.


Age also plays a major role in weight gain as nowadays mostly people gets married in 28 – 30 and after 30 metabolic rate of body starts decreasing and this factor is responsible for weight gain.

Spending more time in front of TV

In the new lifestyle when women do not go for any job then most of the time is spent in front of TV and the weight starts increasing to less physical activity.


Generally it has been found that after marriage most of the couple starts planning for baby within 1-2 years and women gains weight during the pregnancy and after delivery of baby they do not focus on reducing the extra fat gained weight.