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Nargis Fakhri is a very talented actress and known for her bold and blunt attitude.  And we love her for these qualities. She is a perfect woman of 21st century and she is never afraid or shy away from stating her opinions.

Currently she is very busy in promoting her upcoming movie, Banjo and for these promotions she also visiting TV reality shows and recently she was at the show, Dance Plus, where she was wore a hot dress which she carried very well and was very confident. But she was asked to pin-up her dress as it was a family show because they thought the dress was too revealing for a show like this and acted like a moral police.

Ultimately she had to pin-up her dress which was open from the front as she did not have any other option other than complying and agreeing to the demands of the makers of the show.

But this does not change anything about her and she looked more confident even after this demand of the moral police and looked ravishing after she tied her dress from the front.

She had already made her successful in Bollywood but still is she has to listen to the moral police than it is a sad thing.

When the movie director of Banjo was contacted about this promotional instance he said that what else she could do as she did not have any other option so she listened to the show makers.