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The AAP government in Delhi led by chief minister Arvind Kejrival who is usually at loggerheads with the union BJP led NDA government is taking one by one credible decisions in order to impress the Delhi electorates, particularly those hailing from the lower middle class and lowest strata of the society. After failing to establish its sufficient political ground outside Delhi except to a certain extent in Punjab Kejrival has now confined himself to Delhi and is busy concentrating on Delhi affairs in order to consolidate the party’s influence in the capital especially in view of the next assembly election drawing near. Just today the Delhi health minister has taken an extremely pro people decision announcing that the state’s cabinet has approved with unanimity that any person in Delhi meeting with vehicular accident if injured grievously or with any nature of injury would be accorded free treatment in majority of the private hospitals of Delhi and the entire expenditure of the treatment would be borne by the Delhi government.

The cabinet decision has also made a provision for giving Rs 2000 to those who help the accident victim reach the hospital in time in order to save his or her life. According to the health minister Satyendra Jain , the state government has finalised official arrangements with majority of Delhi government hospitals who will provide timely and adequate treatment to the accident victim and would ensure that their lives could be saved subsequently. The necessary charges in this respect would be borne by the state government. The approval of the state cabinet chaired by chief minister Delhi Arvind Kejrival has been sent to the Lt governor of Delhi Anil Baijal for final stamping. This pro people decision would go a long way to anticipate the full support of the Delhi electorates as it is not restricted to any particular class or section based on income disparity but is applicable unequivocally for all the victims of accidents across gender and economic considerations.

Prior to this the Delhi government has declared a scheme for free treatment/ surgery in private hospitals for those whose income is below 2 lac rupees per annum and are not being able to get operated in government hospitals due to heavy rush and paucity of time, keeping in view the severity of the ailment of critical illness and urgency for surgery. In addition it had opened Mohalla clinics in vast numbers and also made massive arrangements for free distribution of medicines to all patients irrespective of economic disparity. Just two days ago the state government has cancelled the license of the MAX hospital situated at Shalimar Bagh for its negligence in declaring a living child infant as dead and its complacent and arbitrary attitude towards the poor patients. It also had a tussle with union government as well as the lt governor of Delhi over the regularisation of the services of over 15000 adhoc and contractual teachers of Delhi whom.the government of Kejrival want to regularise and had also got the bill passed in the state assembly but is still lying postponed at the LG’s level.

Arvind Kejrival also came to the rescue of the Delhites when his party and the government outrightly rejected the union government’s arbitrary proposal to increase the metro fares manifold and offered to bear the fifty percent escalated cost to the tune of 750 crores but could not succeed and finally the Delhi metro commuters have to bear the brunt of the centre and are constrained to pay exorbitantly. Let’ s see , the nominee of the BJP led union government Delhi’s LG Anil Baijal clears the AAP government’s pro people proposal or keeps it in abeyance or withheld as is the case with the earlier proposal of regularisation of the services of 15000 contractual teachers of Delhi. The governments of the other states of the country should take cue from the Delhi AAP government and replicate this pro people decision in their states as well.As per the latest statistics of Delhi traffic police accidents in Delhi are on the rise and the Delhi police is finding out innovative techniques to counter this menace of accidents with renewed vigour and vitality.

The majority of the accident victims either die on the spot, on the way to hospitals or for want of timely and better treatment which usually is not available in government hospitals due to variety of reasons and lack of attention and this latest decison of the government of NCT of Delhi will work as a catalyst in increasing the safety of the accident victims due to timely and adequate treatment in high profile private hospitals. What’s your take on this, friends?

SUNIL NEGI, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum


The decision of the Government of NCT of Delhi led by Aam Admi Party to cancel the license of the private high profile hospital MAX situated in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi will definitely work as a strong deterrent against the anti people attitude of these so called shops in the name of providing best treatments thus literally looting and exploiting the patients and their families by not only charging highly exorbitant and hefty fees beyond their capacity to pay but also showing extreme leniency and complacence towards patients, particularly those hailing from the poor, economically deprived and underpriviledged sections of the lowest ebb of the society including those from the middle class.

After liberalisation of our economy hundreds of such hospitals have come up in the metrolpolises and even rural areas of the country leaving no option for the patients of critical illneses but to go to them under compelling circumstances and cough up with heavy medical charges, thus selling their lands, properties or the entire life savings under extreme pitiable condition. This happens so because of the dearth of government hospitals in the country and subsequent non availability of adequate hi tech medical facilities or even if there are facilities they are not at all at par with these so called hi profile private hospitals.

Not only this, but the negligence and complacense of the union and state health authorities in not implementing the health and medical regulatory acts against the arbitrary and high handed actions of the private hospitals has resulted in their becoming dictatorial and anti people just believing in a single objective of minting huge profits at the expense of the patients and their already disturbed families by charging inflated medical bills.

What makes things and situation even more worse is when they openly flout the directives of the apex court and don’t even provide free or concessional treatments and surgeries for critical ailments to the poor and the economically deprived patients of the country. The harrowing cases of declaring a living child as dead recently and charging a hefty amount of rupees 18 lakhs from the father of an eight year old deceased suffering from Dengue including a whopping 31 lakh from the family of another patient who also died later on are some of the most shocking and horrifying examples of the high handedness and DADAGIRI of these sharks who are least bothered for the best treatment and safe recovery of the patients but only wanted to spin huge profits profits by exploiting the already traumatised patients and their families.

This decision of the Delhi government to cancel the license of one of the so called high profile hospital of the capital is therefore a welcome initiative which will in turn send a strong message across as a strict deterrent against the erring private hospital managements functioning as sharks than serving the people through a noble profession. What do you say friends?


The private hi profile hospitals, if not all, but majority of them have been charging exorbitantly from the patients who by compulsion go to these hospitals for treatment of critical illnesses or dreaded deseases like dengue thinking that at least after treatment they wiil be charged, though more from the government hospitals but in a limit that would be within their reach.
There had been hundred of instances of alleged exploitation of patients of the middle class and even those at the lowest ebb who had been allegedly duped of all their savings and had to even sell their properties to make payments of the highly inflated treatment bills beyond expectation. In some of the cases even after the treatment the patients allegedly die and the body (corpse) of the deceased is not handed to the relatives, parents or near and dear ones’ untill he or she does’nt make the full payment which comes into several lakhs
The newspapers and the news channels of the country have been crying hoarse on such incidents, highlighting such shocking episodes but of no awail. The recent anguishing incident of a girl named Adya suffering from acute dengue living in Gurgaon who died after several days of treatment, few days ago whose father was compelled to make the upfront payment of Rs 18 lakhs and another incident earlier to that of a 31 year old patient whose family was arbitrarily charged a whopping amount of 31 lakhs even after this unfortunate patient could not be saved are two such incidents which makes it abudantly and absolutely clear as to how badly these private sector hospitals are exploiting the people without any governmental regulation whereas the fact of the matter is that as per the Clinical Establishment Act these hospitals are bound to charge the rates settled and fixed by the government which are usually within the reach of the patients.
But in view of no or negligible regulations by the governmental authorities the hospital of private sectors loaded with overhead expenses, charge the patients exorbitantly on illogical basis given an impression of being the clear cut exploiting agencies than hospitals to treat and save the lives of innocent patients within the prescribed charging limits of the government’s Clinical Establishment Act which is mandatory to be followed. There are primarily two reasons for the rush of patients to hi profile private hospitals despite the fact that they charge arbitrarily and excessively.
One, the hospitals of the government sector are not fully equipped with adequate medical facilities, docters, surgeons, medicines, hi tech equipments and the know how and are not in good numbers in commensurate with private hospitals or clinics in the country and secondly being in little numbers devoid of adequate facilities, not able to cope with the patients and secondly the increasing rush of the poor and lower middle class patients with critical illnesses or the cases like Dengue which deteriorate and are compelled to go to private hospitals in the hope of better and hi tech treatments thus being constrained to pay heavily despite not within their reach to pay.
Moreover, the rules regarding giving free treatment and life saving surgeries to 25% of the patients as directed by the Apex court for the poor and economically deprived patients are also not adhered to and are instead either shown the door or charged heftly. There have hundreds of such instances when the poor patients have to be compelled to go for expensive treatments and even if they are given the free or concessional treatment option in some selective cases, the formalities are so complex and tedious that the poor and hapless patients finally loose all hopes of being alive. Sounds shocking that even in the health sector which is primarily the government’s responsibility to make cheap and convenient treatmet available to the citizens of the country the governmental agencies are literally doing nothing to come to the rescue of the poor, under privileged, hapless lower middle and middle class patients of the country who are being constantly falling prey to the exploitative shackles of the sharks active in the private health sectors under the guise of medical tourism, with the one point motive to derive handsome profits. The rich, affluent and the politicians in power or opposition get total privileges and advantages of the treatments and surgeries of these hi profile hospitals under cashless provisions but where will others go is a moot question. Will the government honestly regulate these private hospitals symbolising themselves as SHARKS and come to the rescue of the AAM AADMI is a genuine question that needs an immediate answer. WHAT DO YOU SAY FRIENDS?







IN the absense of the decentralised socio economic, educational, industrial, medical , agricultural and health related development during the last seventeen years though the conditions of the local towns must have improved to some extent, the large scale influx to the tune of about 32 lakh inhabitants of Uttarakhand from villages to state capital Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh etc and metropolises like Delhi and Mumbai have undubtedly led people to believe that the successive governments of this Himalayan state have indeed not responded to the expectations of the rural electorates and instead promoted the interests of the plain areas and those residing here enjoying all facilities and comforts.

Lot and lot have been said and written about the plight of the hill people who had been constrained to leave villages enmasse in view of the lack of basic health and educational facilities including options of job avenues. Health and education apart from sustenance through agriculture are the prime basic requirements of human beings. But unfortnately the governments of Uttarakhand which have ruled this 17 years old state have drastically failed on these fronts though they do claim of doung tremendously for the peoples’welfare. Now the situation has gone to such a sorry pass that deliveries of ptegnant women are taking place on swinging bridges as happened just a few days ago in Tyuni Chakrata in a constituency of the state Congress president and five time MLA but under the rule of the BJP government.

One can just imagine the plight of the women in view of the lack of health n medical faciities. Similarly on the educational front two while the state is already witnessing closure of about25000 primary and middle schools and new order by the state’s education minister Arvind Pandey has further added to the vows of the remaining villagers of Uttarakhand. According to the new order the schools which has the capacity of less than 10 students willbe either closed or merged with the other school situated within the periphery of one kilometre. This means thousands of other schools are now on verge of closure in addition to the already shut down schools thus adversely affecting the educational career of thousands of poor village students of primary, middle and intermediate schools. According to one of the reports out of several blocks in Uttarakhand Bironkhal block in Garhwal will witness the closure of such 55 schools. Bironkhal development block has 135 primary schools.

But due to the complacense and ignorant attitide of the local teachers andthe officers of the department of education the status and standard of education is not improvising as a result of which the students participation in primary schols is decreasing day by day. Therefore the poor parents are worried of their childrens’ academic future. Similarly is the condition of schools in almost all the blocks of Uttarakhand. The teachers use their political clout or after allegedly bribing senior officers get themselves transferred to the plain areas near their hous and majority of the schools in the interiors are without teachers thus affecting the career of the students.

Same is the condition of the local hospitals and health centres where doctors are conspicuous by their absense. Such disturbing and shocking status of schools and hospitals in the interiors and even towns of Uttarakhand bereft of teachers, students and doctors have ultimately led villages to leave their respective villages and migrate to the plains in search of adequate and better job, educational and health prospects thus literally undermining the concept for which separate Uttarakhand state was created after the loss of 47 precious lives. It’s not that the government is not doing anything. They are definitely doing but the thrust is required in the interior villages not in towns.



Cancer is the major threat to the mankind. Due to the deskbound lifestyle and ecological imbalance in the natural environment; WHO has estimated that, the number of cancer cases in India is rising at a startling rate. It is notable that there are 7 lakh people die due to cancer every year in India. 10 lakh of new cancer cases are diagnosed every year. It is estimated that the death toll would rise to 8.8 lakh with 17.3 lakh of cases diagnosed by the year 2020. The situation might get worse if remained unchecked.

Thus, the Ministry of Public Health along with the Indian Council of Medical Research is scheduling to open up 49 new cancer treatment centers all over the nation. The full-fledged plan will be discussed at the Prime Minister’s Office soon. According to the plan, the current 600 radiotherapy machines will be increased to 775 in the coming three years however, the number would still not be able to meet the demands of the WHO’s estimated requirement which is of 1200 radiotherapy machines across India. The budget of the project requires 3495 crore INR. The project is reported to be implemented in the phased scheme for duration of three years.

It is reported that the new cancer centers will be an addition to the previously functioning 31 cancer centers. It is noteworthy that these 31 centers were upgraded and facilitated with the then latest technology in the 2014-15. Furthermore, the number of radiotherapy machines will be increased nationwide. Apart from this, the project also incorporates the establishment of the new facilities in regard with oncology, oncosurgery, chemotherapy, palliative care units and rehabilitation centers for the patients. The project is supposed to be governed by the National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke.

The project aims to provide the cancer treatment facilities at the district level thus, reducing the problems of the cancer patients who require travelling to the metropolitan cities like, Delhi and Mumbai for the treatment. It is important to consider that the travel to different cities results in the hike in the treatment cost.

The project brings a new ray of hope for the cancer patients and their families since these new cancer centers in the country would ensure timely treatment of the patients thus, decimating the death rate due to cancer.


 It sounds irritating and extremely worrisome that despite our prime minister Narendra Modi’ s best efforts to massively bring down the rates of stents used in the private and government hospitals to release the jam or squeezed heart arteries allowing the smooth flow of blood to heart chambers and saving the  cardiac patients lives’, majority of the private and high profile hospitals are still charging too high rates and harassing poor and middle class patients. Some of the  hospitals are charging the package starting from three laths or more while some 2.20 lac to start with for bypass surgeries. The point is where would the poor and lower middle class patient go? The condition of majority of the government hospitals in the capital is not good in the sense that they are over crowded and the waiting list of cardiac surgical patients is too long. By the time their turn arrives the cardiac patient for want of early surgery dies. Some of the patients of the marginalized classes are either unaware of the consequences of severe heart ailments while many compromise to lead a risky life due to non availability of requisite funds. The fact of the matter is that majority of the government hospitals all over the country are ill equipped with the facilities of cardiac surgeries, surgeons and necessary hi tech equipment s to conduct these operations. And as a result people from all over the country suffering from heart ailments throng the metropolis like Delhi, Mumbai and South for cardiac surgeries selling their properties or even seeking loans on heavy interests from the private money lenders. In Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences the waiting list is too long and takes more than a year for surgery. Hundreds of thousands of cardiac patients with their families could be seen living in bus stand shelters, Metro vicinity and the nearby parks who come to Delhi from far flung areas and states but could not go back due to paucity of funds and long wait for surgery. This overcrowding of government hospitals help the private heart institutes of Delhi and NCR who exploit the situation to their advantage and charge heavily from such distressed patients whose cardiac condition does not allow for further wait as surgery like bypass, open heart and provision of stents is required urgently keeping in view the extensive blockage of the heart arteries. The private hospital authorities have no reason to be compassionate. They want one hundred percent full payment to be  deposited either in cash or in the form of draft, failing which they take no time to turn out the patient even if he or she is dyeing or groaning with acute pain. The government of the day should seriously emphasize on building more and more high specialized hospitals that are able to treat maximum number of patients suffering from critical illnesses including conduction of heart surgeries at extremely cheaper rates so as to serve the maximum patients thronging Delhi, Mumbai and Southern India for the highly expensive surgeries in private hi tech hospitals which  are actually the privilege of the only rich and affluent these days.  The government should also exercise checks on private hospitals of Delhi and NCR stringently and ask them strongly to lower the packages of stents and heart surgeries in the near future. If need be special checks and audit of these hospital should be conducted  at regular intervals and the central and  state governments concerned should tie up with them to ensure that maximum number of poor patients requiring urgent surgeries belonging to the respective states, are taken care of, forthwith. In foreign countries it is primarily the responsibility of the state to ensure that each and every patient is taken care of , in however critical state, he or she is?  But the Delhi government in fact deserves to be complimented for its recent pro people decision under which good number of hospitals have been brought under the purview of the economically deprived people of Delhi who can get treatment and surgeries of critical illness done in several high profile private hospital provided they procure the income certificate of less than one lac rupee annual income from the area SDM on genuine grounds and submit the same along with other adequate residential proofs to the department of Arogya Nidhi under the jurisdiction of government of Delhi at a stipulated time frame. The other state governments of the country should follow suit. What do you say friends?