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Pakistan is badly embroiled in the grip of fiscal deficit with its economy drifting towards the brink of disaster. After the specific warning of the US president Donald Trump expressing his anger and extreme annoyance over Pak’s unstinted support to hard core terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed, Jaish e Mohammed, Lashkare Tayyeba and Haqqani network and doing nothing to demolish the terror sanctuaries despite its (USA’s) incessant appeals and threatenings the situation has further deteriorated compounded with ban on the usual annual massive US economic aid of billions of dollars. Pakistan is undoubtedly being helped and supported economically by China but the massive financial aid its receiving is on huge interest rates putting huge extra burden on its already shattered economic situation.

According to policy analysts Pakistan is today in deep economic crisis and the situation has become so awry and distressful that in the coming few months it won’t be in a position to even pay back the huge interests on the massive international borrowings whether they are the borrowings from the world bank and other internationl financial bodies but also from US n other countries of the world including its closest ally China.

The political situation inside the country is also in turmoil, particularly after the duly elected former prime minister Nawab Sharief’s ouster on having been involved in money laundering and corruption cases in connection to the Panama papers’ leak in which his name was prominently figured. After being accused by the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Nawab Sharief has to step down who is these days also shuffling between London and Pakistan where his wife is undergoing treatment for dreaded cancer.

The entire government is in a way under the influence and guarded effect of the Pakistan Army and the ISI who are considered to be the main forces behind Shrief’s ouster and still hell bent upon to ensure his conviction and subsequent imprisonment for a long duration.

The national elections of Pakistan are scheduled to be held next year and Nawab Sharief who was considered to be in favour of holding talks for reconciliation of relations between India and Pakistan has been pre conspiratorially captured by the Pak Army and ISI inorder to keep the anti India and Kashmir crisis intact by continuing the process of sneaking Pak sponsored terrorists n Jihadies in Kashmir killing innocent Indians and Armymen thus internationalise the vexed Kashmir issue and divert the attention of Pakistanies from the core issues on which its system has failed to deliever.

How badly is the Army and ISI involved directly into Pakistan’s political affairs and decision making can be gauged from the fact that during the recent visit of the American Secretary of State Mark Tillerson to Islamabad the ISI chief and Chief of the Pakistan Army BAJWA were closely present in all the parleys with Prime minister. Not only this but the ISI chief and BAJWA also had behind the curtain deliberations with the US president’s envoy.