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Indian government today, closed down the web in Kashmir valley and closed the transportation routes to the residence of a militant leader a day prior to the anniversary of his encounter by the Indian Army. This action has led to greater discomfort in the political and social condition of Kashmir valley which is already in turmoil.

Burhan Wani, a leader of the Hizbul Mujahideen group, comprising of militants, was best known for using web-based networking media and used to encourage youngsters to join the battle by insurgents against Indian Army. For committing crimes against the nation he was killed in an encounter, in southern Kashmir on July 8th, last year, when he refused to surrender.

According to witnesses, social movements were stopped today in the hometown of Wani, Tral. Tral is the place where he often hosted gatherings and tried to convince the youth to take up arms and join his path.

Police Inspector General Muneer Ahmad Khan said that an alert has been implemented over the Kashmir Valley and some preventive arrests have been made because of upcoming anniversary of Wani’s encounter.

Government authoritieshave ordered the network suppliers to close down web services in Kashmir, due to the danger of hostile forces working within Indian border using online networking sites to agitate the social populace.

India blames Pakistan for smuggling in militants from the part of Kashmir controlled by it to fuel the unrest in valley. Pakistan, of course, has always denied having a hand in the atmosphere of unrest in the valley. India and Pakistan have always fought over the valley of Kashmir, which they both claim in full however both only control in some part only.

India has been attempting to restore the proper law and order in the valley by posting thousands more armed forces personnel. A Kashmir militant administrator who is living in Pakistan, added to list of global terrorists by the United States a week ago, has required the social populace to declare a strike on Saturday, June 8 to recognise Wani’s killing. United Jihad Council of Syed Salahuddin is an umbrella organization working against India and situated in Pakistan-held Kashmir. It has been angered by the U.S. assignment and has vowed to proceed with its battle against Indian control over its part of Kashmir Valley.