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garuda purana is nutshell


Hindu religion is one of the oldest religions in the World and it is also called Sanatan Dharma which means eternal way. And according to it Lord Brahma is responsible for conception of Life, Lord Vishnu has the responsibility of checking that the life on earth went through good karma and Dharma and Lord Shiva was turned up for destruction.

Garuda is mounting (vahana) of Lord Vishnu who imparted all the knowledge of Dharma Karma and Paap to him and this knowledge was incepted in Garuda Purana.

When Garuda asked from Lord Vishnu about hell and heaven habitants and Lord Vishnu replied to him that those who always delight in wrong deeds, who turn away from good deeds, go from hell to hell, from misery to misery and fear to fear.

He further explained that if a person commits these 17 sins in Kalyuga then he or she will go definitely to hell without crossing the Vaitarani River.

First: Killing a Brahmin, abortion, drinking alcohol and breaking holy vows and promises are considered grave sin and would lead to extreme punishments in hell.

Second: killing a woman, rape, and also those people who witness these crimes and harming pregnant women would be punishable in hell.

Third: Breaking someone’s trust and using poison as a weapon for assassination.

Fourth: Returning favours with abuse and insult, destroying the existence of religious scriptures –puranas, the vedas and looking down upon places of holy pilgrimages.

Fifth: People who do not have compassion for the helpless people and punish the weak are sent straight to the hell. So person should always help poor people and those who are in need.

Sixth: Food and water not offered to those who are in dire need and sending guest off your doorstep without feeding them.’

Seventh: Person, who regrets his charitable decisions, takes away the help meant for poor and snatching someone’s livelihood for own good.

Eighth: Person who is involved in service of alcohol and meat but on the same hand also remains in service of God, having physical relations with other than their spouse.

Ninth: Killing animals for personnel gratification.

Tenth: Being lustful towards others wife in the same family, coveting King’s wife and a noble man’s wife. Abusing young girls against their wishes and knowledge.

Eleventh: Bringing trouble to innocent and giving false witness, performance of bad deeds.

Twelfth: Bringing harm to nature by cutting trees and destroying crops, shelters.

Thirteen: Creating problems to widows and destroying their chastity, soliciting a man to break the boundaries of marriage.

Fourteen: Person who neglects needs of his wife and children and also assaulting them. Disregarding forefathers.

Fifteen: Person with intent of malign and commit transgression with a woman after giving refuge, having sexual relations during the period of shradh.