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The regional film scenerio in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand is gaining ground with the government of Uttarakhand also taking innovative interest in reviving the official film body but still lot needs to be done to encourage national and regional film makers to produce quality movies in the hilly environs full of serene beauty and conducive pleasent climate.

Of late, the Uttarakhandi artistic talents have shown tremendous amount of interest in regional film making and also their active participation in Bollywood. While Uttarakhand cultural and folk presentations are quite popular worldwide amongst the people of Uttarakhand with legendery singers and musicians like Narendra Singh Negi, late Gopal Babu Goswami, late Chandra Singh Rahi, Heera Singh Rana, Kishan Mahipal, Gajendra Chouhan, Kalpana Chouhan, Rajendra Chouhan, Hema Negi Karsai etc having already made their mark and special contribution to promote the regional Garhwali Kumaon dialects and culture through their melodious songs, prominent actors and producers like Urmi Negi, Late Khanna Sahab, and scores of Uttarakhandi actors including those in Bollywood films like Hemant Pandey, Deepak Dobriyal, Brijendra Kala, Govind Pandey , Himani Shivpuri and Tigmanshu Dhulia have also contributed handsomely to prove their artistic talents and mettle in acting and direction.

Though, there is no dearth of CD films and songs of Uttarakhand flooding the local market with thousands of CD on sale but in terms of exclusive quality things are still on the back bench. Conclusively,we can say that due to the dearth of budget and the lack of governmental support and encouragement to promote regional film making, the desperate rush of low budget CD films and songs have degraded the quality aspect of these productions dominating by quantity.

Though, Uttarakhand has witnessed large screen films like Jagwal, Kabhi Sukh Kabhi Dukh, fyoli, Ghar Jawain, Bhuli E Bhuli etc with number of films still lying in cold storage but after a long time an outstanding Garhwali film produced by SNOWY MOUNTAIN FILM COMPANY owned by prominent actress and producer URMI NEGI, of Pauri Garhwal, living in Mumbai for a long time has made record of sorts by producing an extraordinary Garhwali movie that became super duper hit in Delhi, Mumbai, Pauri, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Roorkie, Lansedown and several other parts of the country. In fact the people of Uttarakhand in and around the 17 year old state have for the very first time fulfilled there desire and hunger for a magnificient movie that was perfect and extraordinare from all aspects viz. carrying a social message, full of sequential passionate story, outstanding cinematography, lovely scenes, precision in dialogues, mesmerising songs and music of legendary singer Narendra Singh Negi and melodious woman co singer Anuradha Nirala, fantastic script and excellent aura which kept the audience tied to their seats for three complete hours, not ready to leave theatres even after the film ended.

The film titled SUBHERU GHAM produced by prestigious Snowy mountain productions with the producer Urmi Negi herself playing the lead role of its heroine made the audience cry in sorrow with the fantastic story line and dialogues. The film was viewed by lacs of students, women from rural and urban areas, youths, middle and old aged and the educated and appreciated by one and all. Produced with a whopping budget of over 90 lacs, the producer has covered the entire amount because the movie being a block bustre in box office n super duper hit in Uttarakhand and the theatres of the cities, towns and metropolises like Delhi and Mumbai satisfied the long pending urge of cinemagoers for an excellent movie like this.

The outstanding quality of this regional Uttarakhandi film in Garhwali dialect titled Subheru Gham meaning early morning sunshine, has been for the very first time selected in the Canada film festival and screened for the international audience as well. This was the first ever Uttarakhandi film having been selected and screened in any international film festival. Primarily hailing from Pauri Gaon, Pauri Garhwal Urmi Negi shifted to Mumbai about 35 year ago and have carved a niche for herself in Bollywood and regional film industry by the dint of her hard work, commitment, intelligence, perfection and perseverence, having produced and acted in big screen regional movies like Ghar Jawain, Fyoli, Kauthig and hindi movies Sautan, serial Tijori, Swami Dada of Devanand and several plays including regional Marathi, Bhojpuri, Nepali and Punjabi films also.

She had been honoured with prestigious Kala Shree award, golder award of competition success and scores of other prestigious regional awards at the hands of the Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat and several state ministers. After the resounding success of Subheru Gham highly talented and versalite actor Urmi Negi is currently producing documentaries for discovery channel and also working on her new project of a fantastic Garhwali film to be in our midst in two years or so. Good luck to her.


The most controvertial magnum opus of the most talked about Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, PADMAVATI made with a humongous budget of Rupees 180 crores is in a real fix as the movie has been stalled for now after so much of national protests with political overtones blaming Bhansali for twisting and concocting the historical facts putting highly reverred 16th century Queen Padmavati in poor light as the admirer or keep of the then cruel emperor Allauddun Khiljee which the former outrightly denied as completely baseless and beyond facts.

Now even the chief ministers of Punjab Captain Amrinder Singh, CM UP Yogi Aadityanath and CM Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje Scindia and even Shiv Sena has come out in the open in support of the Rajput Community and the KARNI SENA by writing to the Union I&B Minister Smiriti Irani to not let the fim be released unless the objectionable sections from the movie are taken out. Similarly, the chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification has also come out in the open against Sanjay Leela Bhansali raising strong objections of showing the film to few journalists of repute before being cleared by the CBFC.

The film was earlier slated for the release in the month of December in the first week but since now the release has been deferred due to the ongoing controversy which has now adopted added proportions the film’s postponement is likely to see the cascading affect on the release scheduled for other films, besides spelling huge losses for the exhibitors as well as the distributors. Now since Salman Khan’s film Tiger Zinda hai is all set to be released in the last week of December, Padmavati’s release has been held up till for December. Since the movie has been madeon huge budget of 180 crores the makers can’t take the risk of releasing it one weak before or after of any other good film’s release as it may ruin the chances of Padmavati in the box office.

In view of the December release date going off, the makers are working on fresh strategy to ensure that the film becomes a huge hit and no other film comes in the way of its release. But for this the makersof the fim will have to reframe its entire strategy by taking other film makers into confidence. The experts say that now a release date is very critical and once the makers miss the date earlier fixed as per planning, the whole strategy goes into jeopardy.