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The education system and the schools in Uttarakhand are passing through an extremely pitiable phase with tentatively over 2000 schools either closed or near closure due to the increasingly decreasing students’ addmissions in the rural areas, dilapidated conditions of school buildings, lack of teachers or the diminishing teaching standards.

However, the government says that the its happening because there is tremendous dearth of students where as the number of teachers is more in several primary and middle schools. Whatever, but one thing is absolutely clear that the successive state governments have literally failed in upgrading the standard of primary, middle, secondary and intermediate schools and colleges in entire Uttarakhand resulting in schools in dilapidated conditions with shattered roofs, leaking walls, students sitting on mats, non availability of quality mid day meals, absense of desks, furnitures, science labs, lavatories, computers, uniforms, staff and even teachers of English and science in particular.

In all there are approximately 17000 schools in entire Uttarakhand with 2300 primary schools financed by the government of the state. Out of these, about 2000 schools have already been closed due to shortage of students as per the logic of the state government. Though there had been tremendous tall claims by the state education minister and the secreyary education of improving the quality of education and providing the latest infrastructure to improvise the education system but if one visits in the majority of the schools situated in the interior villages the situation is tragically appalling.

After the influx and exodus of over 30 lakh people from villages to the cities, towns and metroplises of the state andthe country due to the absence of decentralised development and lack of basic health, jobs and educational facilities the conditions of the educatiin system and government schools have become bad to worse thus opening doors for more and more english medium high profile private schools and institututions in the hills who are minting handsome profits in collusion with the state authorities.

It may be recalled that even the High Court of the State has in 2016 while expressing serious concern over the appaling condition of the primary, middle and Secondary schools of the state has issued clear directions to the state government to improve the deteriorating standards of schools in Ittarakhand by providing mid day meals of high quality, renovating all the dilapidated buildings, arranging computers, adequate science labs, providing free winter and summer dresses, arranging adequate number of toilets in schools, especially for girl students, providing desks and furnitures and sports facilities to the students but of no avail.

Not only this but the Uttarakhand Child Rights Commission too has in 2018 written to the chief secretary about the sorry state of affairs in government schools of the Uttarakhand hills after conducting in depth surveys and have given them seventeen points about the various inadequacies with which the students are suffering. But despite all this nothing fruitful seems to have been done except hollow promises and mere cover ups despite the governments tall claims of allocating maximum budget to the education sector of the state.

The point is had there been quality education in the schools of Uttarakhand and availability of the minimum basic facilities why would 2000 schools witness the tragic end of closure. It’s really shocking that on four important sectors of rural health, education, employment and agricultural development the successive governments of Congress and BJP has literally failed thus encouraging uncontrollable exodus of peoole from the villages to plains.

This unambiguously speaks of the fact that while Uttarakhand lacks leaders and planners with accurate developmental vision there seems to be an urgentand mandatory need for shifting the state capital from Dehradun to Gairsain to enable a clear cut decentralised village oriented development, the actual concept for which separate Uttarakhand state came into existence 18 years ago. The main reason behind the lack of an overall development and the environmental friendly scientific innovation in the interior hills is due to the non participation of our lawmakers, planners, engineers and bureaucracy etc in the core hill development issues like health, education, agriculture, improving water augmentation, sewer system, horticulture and the small and cottege industries etc.

And thisis because no one wants to climb the hills or becomeparticipatory in the developmental process by living in the interiors with their families. They have become prone to comfirts and luxuries of the capital Dehradun. The declaration and contruction of the new capital right between the hills equidistance from Kumaon and Garhwal districts will inculcate in them an urge and necessity for the decentralised development and as such Gairsain is the need of the hour. It will also lead with reverse migration on a massive scale opening a new chapter of a vibrant and resurgent Uttarakhand. What’s your take friends?


In today’s world, the competition level in jobs, careers and professionalism are soaring high. With high competition and increasing population, especially in the Indian context, the young generation is frustrated and baffled as they are not able to find appropriate jobs and are also not able to develop their innate talents. Apart from this, many dedicated youngsters are not even able to fulfill their ambitions.
Well! Thinking upon these issues faced by every youth, herein, I wish to highlight upon the Indian Education System which unknowingly tend to serve as a root cause of all the problems. It is unfortunate yet important to acknowledge the problems associated with the education system in our nation.
It is a noteworthy fact that India was home to numerous educational institutions especially in Nalanda and Takshashila. It is momentous to note 2700 years ago, Takshashila University was home to more than 10,000 students across the world. Apart from this, the knowledge was imparted through Gurukul Ashrams all over India wherein not only healthy interactive sessions were held between Gurus (Teachers) and their Shishyas (Students) but the practical teachings were also promoted. Thus, our Indian Education System used to stand out from other teaching techniques.
However, it is quite unfortunate to note that in today’s world of technological advancements, the Indian Educational System does not promote any kind of practical teachings. The kids, right from the very beginning are asked to mug up the things and usually their curiosity and creativity get vanished because of their hefty schedules. Later on, these kids develop a kind of robotic mindset wherein they are programmed to pursue medicine, engineering or governmental jobs in the later stages. Ultimately, their curiosity, creativity and originality tend to die out in their future. The engineers and doctors of our nation have lots of theoretical knowledge but their practical knowledge is delimited which they tend to learn as they practice but not while they study unlike the other countries.
Apart from this, neither the curriculum as well as books of our Indian educational system are revised nor updated as a result of which they at times lack authentic information with missing facts and figures. It is surprising to note that the NCERT books based upon CBSE pattern has more than thousand errors collectively. In his way, we tend to impart unauthentic and doubtful knowledge to the youngsters which can lead to problems in the later stages.
The students these days have lack of awareness about their subjects and career opportunities available to them as a result of which their options are limited. This is major drawback of the educational techniques followed at schools. The students are engrossed in their books and are not able to develop their innate talents.
Well! I just want to bring out the fact that the word ‘Education’ is derived from the word ‘educere’ whose literal meaning is to develop the innate talent of the person. Thus, while providing the education to our loved ones, we must work for not destroying the innate, original talent of the person. Once the person develops the innate talent practically, person can not only attain desired success but will also have a bright future ahead.
This is a small effort to make the readers realize the importance of authentic and appropriate kind of education in life which does not come from books or scoring the highest in the exams but which is associated with the development of the real curiosity and inner talent of the person.
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While the third and supposedly a final reshuffle in the Union Cabinet has been affected with good number of new faces in with promotions of some with powerful ministries, the Himalayan state, Uttarakhand that accorded BJP a resounding majority in both the national election of 2014 and thereafter in the recently held state polls has to suffice with just one minister of state already sworn in a year ago, namely Ajay Tamta, hailing from Kumaon Division. In the national election of 2014, the BJP won all the five Lok Sabha seats and in the state legislative elections too secured more than the absolute majority with 57 lawmakers winning, a record, never ever established during the last 17 years of state achieving independent status. When prime minister Narendra Modi campaigned during the national as well as the legislative elections of Uttarakhand he always made tall promises and even went to the extent of giving an impression that if BJP comes to power in the state he will change Uttarakhand and its economy upside down. He also promised of giving Uttarakhand a genuine equitable representation in Union cabinet. He visited historic religious SHRINE KEDARNATH an initiated his election campaign after Baba Kedar’s pious darshan thus always keeping the Himalayan state quite in mind as far as giving the people of this economically backward state its due share in the Union cabinet.  But the cabinet reshuffle and expansion of today, on 3rd, September,  has definitely annoyed the Uttarakhandies nationally as the entire Garhwal region has been kept unrepresented and Uttarakhand being represented by just a single minister of a low profile ministry. During the tenure of Atal Bihar Vajpayee from 1999 to 2004 Uttarakhand had two ministers Retd. Major General Bhuvan Chandra Khanduri from Garhwal as a cabinet rank appointee representing Road Transport and  National Highways while Bachi Singh Rawat from Kumaon as Minister of State for Science and Technology. During Congress’ s regime prior to becoming the Chief Minister Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat represented the Himalayan hill state singularly as Minister of State for labor first and later on as MOS agriculture. In the past, during Indira’ s and Rajiv’s tenure, Uttarakhand had been represented by several ministers in the union cabinet viz. H.N Bahuguna, K. C. Pant, Narayan Dutt Tiwari and Brahm Dutt all cabinet rank ministers representing powerful ministries like Industry, Finance, Communications, Petroleum and Chemicals, and Education. During Janata Party government too in the eighties HN Bahuguna and Murli Manohar Joshi were full fledged cabinet ministers adequately representing Garhwal and Kumaon divisions of Uttarakhand while it was the part f undivided Uttar Pradesh. Not only this but there was a time when Bhagat Darshan Singh and Jagmohan Singh Negi had also been cabinet ministers thus having Uttarakhands adequate representation while Govind Ballabh Pant was number two in his capacity of India’s home minister while Jawaharlal Nehru was the prime minister. Therefore, going by the previous considerations and representations in the Union cabinet the people of Uttarakhand are annoyed to find just a single state level unimportant representation in the union cabinet despite their whole hearted support to BJP giving it a resounding majority in both the national and legislative elections. Garhwal especially finds itself cheated by not having been represented even this time too, the 3rd and final expansion of Modi’s cabinet. What do you say, friends?