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China is again in the anti India news with papers furnishing front page stories on its one by one anti India actions to keep Indian political leadership in the state of quandary. While the Indian side is still encouraging massive sale of Chinese products in India and boosting economies of both the countries by way of strengthening n boosting Indo China trade relations, expansionist Dragon is busy in creating problems after problems for India.

After Doklam stand off that got settled after more than one and a half month’s hectic parleys at diplomatic level and visit to China on the sidelines of the BRICS summit by the Indian prime minister and the National Security Advisor, China has on the One Belt One Road issue also pressurised India to relent but ultimately failed to make India accept its OBOR expansionist proposal and has now come up with a more disturbing idea of diverting the water of BRAHMAPUTRA through a would be 1000 kilometre tunnel to its countryside and construction of 32 massive dams on its waters.

Though the Brahmaputra river originates from China and Assam and entire North East being on the downstream side would be badly affected if the diversion of water from Brahmaputra to the Chinese side, as being planned by it takes place in the near future. According to reports pouring in the Chinese government has already constituted a team of about 100 scientists and tunnel experts to execute this over ambitious project of diverting the massive flow of Brahmaputra towards its territory in the Tibet side of Indo China border thus badly affecting the huge population of the entire northeastern region and Bangladesh.

China seems to be least concerned about the annoyance and protest of India and Bangladesh including the environmental hazards involved in this highly expensive 1000 kilometre tunnel project. China has already invested about 40 billion US dollar in its CPEC PROJECT in PAKISTAN OCCUPIED Kashmir and build a highway from China to Gwadar in the India region occupied illegally by Pakistan. China is rapidly preparing its military base in POK to pose a direct challenge to India in the eventuality of war with Pakistan. China through its various nature of border disputes with India and anti India stance as above, always tries to keep the former on tenter hooks and insecure position. Whether it’s the issue of membership of UN Security Council or NSG or granting of Pak terrorists Mohd Azhar or Hafeez Sayeed the tag of dreaded International terrorists by UN, China has always opposed India’s stand tooth and nail.


TOKYO - JULY 10: Chinese Six-Party Talks chief Wu Dawei (R) shake hands with Japanese Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone (L) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on July 10, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. Wu, a chair of Six-Party talks which aims to North Korea's denuclearization, is on tour to Russia, South Korea, Japan and United States to resolve the current situation. (Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)

Expansionist China will never improve and its usual habit of bullying its neighbors will never go.

The previous records and behavior of China with India have been of total betrayal and deceits. Whether it’s the Dragon’s misadventures on India’s border territories or its illegal and arbitrary intervention in the South China Sea, it has not even spared the United States of America and is even forcibly trespassing in the sea waters of Vietnam, Seychelles and several other countries of the subcontinent with an eye to expand its trade manifold.

The US has strongly reacted to the China’s misadventures in the South China sea and has warned it of dire consequences in case the later does not mend its ways. Now take the recent instance of the resolution of the seventy days old standoff between India and China which has been welcomed by India in all earnestness but the Chinese officials and politicians at the helm are still not controlling their tone and tenor and are behaving in an irresponsible fashion. This is really absurd and against the international diplomatic standards.

As per the news dispatches from the Chinese capital Beijing the Chinese foreign minister instead of welcoming the gesture of the amicable settlement of the Doklam issue is hell bent upon issuing statement of warning to India saying that India should learn lessons from the recent standoff of Doklam and should in future never ever try to intervene or intrude into the land of any country claiming Doklam to be in the legal occupation of China whereas the fact remains that it is the Bhutanese territory and Thimpu has already signed a treaty with it {China} for maintaining a status quo and non interference or carrying out any activity in the Doklam plateau. But expansionist  China would never relent. It still patrols this area and claims it to be in China’s vicinity. The Chinese foreign minister issued this statement while addressing the media giving briefings on the upcoming summit of BRICS NATIONS being held in China.

This three-day summit will be chaired by the Chinese president Xi Jingping and addressed by all the heads of the BRICS nations. Sounds shocking and surprising that instead of expressing satisfaction and happiness over the amicable settlement of the 70-day old Doklam standoff between India and China the China foreign minister prefers to issue warning or lessons to prevent such misadventures whereas it was the dragon that committed the blunder of trespassing the Bhutanese territory and building road in the Doklam plateau, not India. Say the news analysts: the stand of China on Doklam against India is vitriolic and highly scathing.


The visit of prime minister Narendra Modi to China in the first week of September to participate in the BRICS SUMMIT would definitely be a successful endeavor as the complex stand off between both the countries on the Doklam issue stands resolved to the satisfaction of both the countries.  
The prime minister will be in China on 5th and 6th September and would visit Myanmar on 7th. The heads of India, China, Russia, South Africa and Brazil are participating in this significant meet on security matters and other issues of mutual significance.
Being the largest democracy of the world and a super power in the making India holds an important position in this venture. Though China too is a very significant country being a highly progressive nation in terms of trade, technology and man power. Relations of India had been at loggerheads with China since 1962 war on border differences and there have been umpteen instances of China breaching the bilateral border agreements putting the Indo-China relations in further quandary.
The dragon has not only back stabbed  India in 1962 defying the established principle of peaceful co- existence and the popular slogan of HINDI-CHEENEE BHAI BHAI but has also intruded into Indian territories at Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Ladakh, Barahoti, Uttarakhand and border of Bhutan recently at the China, Sikkim and Bhutan Tri Junction thus posing a direct threat to our Siliguri corridor of the North Eastern States. There had been a number of bilateral visits of Prime Minister Modi and Chinese president Xi Jingping in India and China, respectively but to no avail. The national security advisors of both the countries too visited each other and held a number of bilateral talks but nothing fruitful happened except the latest settlement of the military and diplomatic stand off of two and a half-month-old  Doglang/Dokalam issue. Now the visit of prime minister MODI  to China on the sidelines of BRICS SUMMIT is being viewed as an extremely significant one that would perhaps open doors for more viable results in terms of the settling of border disputes and promote trade relations to new levels.
It may be recalled that China had been opposing India’s attempts to seek membership of  NSG and SC of UN since long and massively aiding and abetting Pakistan our arch rival, politically and militarily and has also invested 40 billion dollars in POK in it’s over ambitious China Pakistan Economic Corridor project. It has made its military base in POK to be used against India in the eventuality of war either with Pak or China. Let’s hope for the best that Prime minister Narendra Modi’s China visit helps in cementing good and trusted relations with the dragon and a new chapter in Indo-Sino relations takes shape in the near future. After China prime minister Modi will also visit Myanmar and meet its head of the state including noble laureate Aung Sung Kyi and sign bilateral trade agreements. Myanmar is an important neighbor of India and acknowledges tremendous amount of economic and trade help from INDIA.
CHINA is trying hard to influence Myanmar but the latter trusts India than to fall into the deceitful trap of the former.


There have been reports on the Chinese social networking sites particularly Weibo users etc that  the withdrawal or disengagement of the Chinese troops from Doklam and simultaneously by the Indian military without seeking or expressing apology from the Dragon for illegally and arbitrarily entering the Doklam plateau at the Sikkim, Bhutan, Tibet tri-junction is nothing but a sort of Indian victory and Dragon’s moral defeat. 

News relating to such sentiments of the Chinese active in social networking sites are pouring in particularly after the official Chinese media and other government sponsored hawkish press has through its disinformation campaign during the last one and a half months badly influenced their populace that India has forcibly and clandestinely entered the Chinese territory in Doklam with troops and obstructed the PLA and other Chinese construction workers making the road on their own territory. The fact of the matter is India has always been calm and tranquil on border matters despite Chinese provocative actions Barahoti, Chamoli Garhwal when they twice entered India’s territory in a year.

The expansionist and hegemonic Chinese also tried to encroach on Indian territory on Finger 2, 3, and 5 at Ladakh recently and even went to the extent of attacking our soldiers with iron rods and pelting stones. Even in Arunachal the PLA has intentionally created skirmishes with peaceful Indian soldiers number of times but the Indian side has always exercised calm and restraint honoring international commitments and bilateral pacts between both the nations.  If we really go by the records the Chinese have arbitrarily encroached our borders at several points several hundred times but India has always believed in resolving the issue peacefully but unfortunately the dragon have mistaken our silence and taken it as our weakness.

It was only because of this reason that Indian government and the Army have taken a serious, bold and courageous action on Doklam issue as expansionist China was pre-strategically trying to construct a permanent road on Doklam plateau which was not only a direct threat to India as it comes near its Siliguri chicken neck leading to the seven North Eastern states but also poses  threat to Thimpu which claims the DOKLAM plateau as its own territory. The stand off between China and India that started in mid June that remained active for two and a half months till 27th August during which the dragon lost no opportunity to accuse India of baseless allegations and pressurizing India of unilateral withdrawal in order to start the negotiation for amicable settlement of this vexed issue but  this time India too was strong and adamant and was keenly desirous of safeguarding its borders and sovereignty as was China at all costs. The visit of Indian NSA to China on the side lines of BRICS, NSA summit and his subsequent meeting with Chinese counterpart and thereafter with its president Xi Jinping could not accompany positive results despite the best efforts of Indian NSA Ajit Doval.

However India and its most capable NSA Ajit Doval and Army Chief Vipin Rawat continued their best efforts and finally had been successful to pressurize the dragon to relent and submit to India’s pressure who was fully and publicly assured by US, FRANCE, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, BRITAIN, GERMANY and several other countries of the  world siding fully with India in the eventuality of any pressure or war from the Chinese side on or against India. However today every Indian  is highly lauding the Chinese leadership and prime minister Narendra Modi respectively for resolving this vexed issue of military and diplomatic stand off between India and China particularly just few days before the Indian PM’s visit to Beijing to participate in important BRICS SUMMIT where heads of the states of Britain, Russia, China and South Africa will join him.



This is a great news and this development I believe will make every Indian jubilant. Indian foreign ministry’s tweet that both India and China have agreed to disengage their respective troops from the Bhutan, Tibet and Sikkim tri junction at Doklam after three months of long stand off and levelling of charges and counter charges by both the countries, particularly the dragon even going to the extent of intimidating India of possible war.

The process of withdrawal of Army units by both the countries have started slowly but gradually. It may be recalled that the diplomatic efforts by India and China were on the fast track ever since this stand off started in the month of June compounded with harsh statements and intimidatory statements from China. But India always maintained calm and composure and never retaliated either militarily or verbally except on few occasions when India’s defence minister Arun Jaitley in one of the interviews to AAJ TAK said that China should not be under any misconception as India of 1962 is quite different from India of today, a sort of a warning to the dragon who too retaliated verbally saying that India too should keep in mind that China of today is far more militarily advanced from the CHINA of 1962.

Thereafter China attacked India through its state sponsored media like Global Times casting serious aspersions on India and even going to the extent of going to war in case Indian troops did not withdraw from Bhutanese territory Doklam which China illegally and arbitrarily claims to be its own. There after India’s NSA Ajit Doval visited China on the side lines of BRICS security summit and spoke to Chinese NSA and President Xi Jingping but all in vain. But India’s  international pressure on China through US, Japan, Australia and almost all western nations and Europe standing with India whole heartedly in any eventuality and India’s obstinate stand not to pull out from Doklam and Indian Army’s full readiness to fight China has finally pressurized Dragon to accede for the pull out from Doklam, though India has already said that it is ready for it provided China also maintains the status quo but the latter was adamant all the way. 

In a nutshell this seems to be a great victory for India as prime minister Modi is likely to visit China shortly. However, my personal opinion says though the problem has been laid to rest for the time being, expansionist and hegemonous China can’t be relied upon for ever. What do u say friends?