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do not us mobile for sometime


Next time try leaving your mobile phone at home and check how you feel and would be able to manage things without it. I know that it becomes quite difficult to manage without it as you have become so much dependent on for checking the weather updates, business emails, business meetings on the go even the alarm clock in the morning.

Growing in older days was totally different as no one was dependent on these kinds of devices which tracked everything and even provided all information related to the market in your hands. Now everything is tracked and monitored in some way with help of apps which have enhanced our lives but it has also changed the way we used to live and it has made us bit lazy in our lives.

Here are some reasons why we should free ourselves from the smartphones for some time to connect ourselves.

Less distraction

We all know the fact that we have become used to our mobile phones so much that we keep checking it even if it is not ringing or vibrating which makes distract us from doing the current task and our focus is disturbed. So it is becomes necessary to have work life balance which has become a rare thing these days.

Have some peaceful time for yourself

Yes by switching off your mobile phone for some time will give you mental peace the only thing you have to do is that focus on other activities and enjoy the quietness and listen to the natural sounds like chirping of birds and hear the wind, it will definitely refresh you and connect you to the nature.

Take out time for real people

Go out and meet real people make relations with discuss about anything instead of texting and snapchatting with people sitting on Web. Go to some sports event or musical concert where you can see real people and enjoy with them just go with the flow.