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do not take honey in hot water


Food combinations which should be avoided

You must avoid some food combinations because if you do so then according to Ayurveda they will create toxins inside stomach. Even science has also proved that certain food combinations should be taken else these creates health problems and can affect the digestive system.

Let us see which foods should not be taken together and must be avoided

Yogurt and fruits

Yogurt and fruits should not be taken together otherwise it impacts the digestion because fruits are sour and when taken with yogurt it slows down the digestion process.

Peppermint with aerated drinks

Do not ever drink aerated drinks and eat peppermint together because when they combine together cyanide forms if certain proportions are mixed and you never know when proportion happens inside your stomach. So it is better to avoid this deadly combination.

Dairy products with anti- biotics

There are few anti-biotics which absorbs calcium and minerals from milk and hence should be avoided for better results.

Milk and Lemon

Never drink milk and lemon juice together if taken together it turns to acid and it is not the right thing to do if you do not want to hamper your digestion and stomach.

Honey with Lukewarm water

Never take honey in hot water as it turns honey into “ama” which is a kind of toxin and it is very difficult to remove from the body so it is better to avoid this combination. Also if you do so the honey loses its qualities and becomes toxic in nature which is definitely not good for you health.