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do excercise to relieve stress\


Life has become hectic and we easily gets stressed out in many situations so it is very important to get out of these situations and work towards becoming relaxed and we can easily achieve this by following some steps.

If you generally get stressed out easily then try to laugh at something because if you do so then more oxygen will flow to your organs which will result in increased blood flow and stress will automatically reduce.

Spend some time with your pet if you have one because even if you spend some time with your dog or cat, your body releases good hormones like serotonin and prolactin which will also decrease the damaging stress hormone.

Clear the clutter from your surroundings as the constant exposure to messy surroundings brings unwanted anxiety. So if you want to d-stress then d-clutter your surroundings and start feeling soothing and satisfying.

Enjoy your favorite work it could be listening to music, doing some work at home or make a list of all work which you want to do. If you engage yourself in some work then you will burn some calories and pending work will also be completed. This will make you busy in some work and you will be less stressed.

Some researchers are of the opinion that if you drink juices rich in vitamin C can actually help you manage stress because vitamin C lowers the stress hormone like cortisol.

Do some exercise as it is the best way to get d-stressed because when you will start doing exercise your body will release endorphin which will make you feel relaxed.

Do sex as it is also one of the best exercise which will help you to ease stress and lower blood pressure, boosts self- esteem and increases the feeling of intimacy with your partner.

Yoga is also very option to relieve yourself from stress as meditation and Yoga solves almost most of the problems related to mind and body.