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disadvantages of sleeping in day


You may want to change this bad habit because going late to bed and waking up late on weekends may led you to social jet lag which is related with an increased risk of heart disease with poorer health and worse mood swings.

A research was conducted by the University of Arizona on social jet lag and health outcomes.

In this research it was found that each hour of social jet lag is associated with an 11% increase in the likelihood of heart disease.

When we sleep in daytime and wake up in night it changes the sleeping pattern and we are not doing justice to our body by causing change in the natural rhythm.

When social jet lag becomes a habit then it may lead to poorer health, fatigue and sleepiness.

Social jet lag was assessed using the sleep timing questionnaire and then was calculated by subtracting weekday from weekend sleep midpoint.

Social jet lag also leads to obesity and overweight problem which may also be accompanied with heart related diseases.

So it is advisable that an adult should only sleep about seven to eight hours per night on regular basis for a good health and should avoid to sleep during the day time for long hours.