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demerits of long sittings


According to a study conducted in 54 countries it was found that nearly 4% of all deaths around the Worldwide per year are due to the fact that people spend more than 3 hours sitting down. So it is very necessary that we should do some kind of physical activities if our jobs require long sitting hours.

It was also found in this research that the estimated proportion of deaths attributable to the chair effect using data from 2002 – 2011.

One of the lead authors of the study Leandro Rezende from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil said that it is important to minimize sedentary behavior in order to prevent premature deaths around the Word. He further explained that if the amount that we sit is cut down than we could increase the life expectancy by 0.20 years in the countries.

We all know that we should not be sitting for long hours and try to take small breaks in between because it will help to maintain our body posture and also give rest to eyes if working on computer or laptop. The result of this shows that 60% of people around the World spend more than 3 hours a day sitting and this is the main cause behind 3.8% of deaths which makes 433, 000 deaths per year.

It was also noted in this study that more deaths in the regions of Western Pacific, followed by European countries, the Eastern Mediterranean, US and Southeast Asia.

Lebanon has highest rate i.e 11.6 %, the Netherlands has 7.6% and Denmark has 6.9%, while Myanmar has 1.3%, Mexico has the lowest rates with 0.6% and Bhutan has 1.6%.

According to the researchers if the amount of time we sit reduces by about 2 hours then it would mean 2.3% decrease in mortality that is three times less.

A lack of exercise is also a major factor for causing pre-mature deaths and sitting for long hours makes a deadly combination so inactivity is the culprit behind 6-9 % of total deaths across the globe.