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consider these tips if you are going to Bangkok


Thailand is a popular destination for youngsters who want to enjoy their vacation fullest but remember to take care of these ten things when making a plan of visiting Thailand.

According to a survey last year Thailand received about 30 million tourists which is indeed a great number of people and it also tells that there is something very special about this country so why not give it a try next time you are planning for holidays.

Let us checkout some 10 travel tips which would be very helpful for you when you are in this beautiful country.

Basically Thailand is considered as calm and friendly country where almost all kind of tourist could be found including the gay/ lesbian, trans- genders. Thailand is full of food plazas, entertainment zones and beautiful landscapes if you are nature lover.

Visiting Thailand is not expensive and it is quite cheap to visit this happening place. We are not saying that you should visit this place because it is cheaper place to enjoy but because of lot of activities and water bodies it has where you can calm yourself without spending hell lot of money. It is also referred as the paradise of the Southeast Asia.

Thailand is also known for its openness and also because it is still a Buddhist country and this one reason is more than enough for those who are looking something on spiritual side.

First thing you should always keep in mind while visiting the temples in Thailand is that you have to wear appropriate clothes because temples in Thailand in general are the most visited places and people are very specific especially women should wear neat and proper clothes. A pair of T shirt and trouser would be fine.

Second suggestion is also for women and that is you should try to avoid standing near monks or touch them and if possible refrain from having conversation with them because it is considered taboo.

Third is never speaking anything against King of Thailand and avoid defaming royalty. It is because Thai people admire king and Royalty very much and they are very popular in Thailand, you can also there poster everywhere in Thailand.

Fourth tip is never handling their flag in inappropriate manner because nobody wants to see their national flag into a joke and this is very much true for Thai people. So avoid to have any dresses having flag printed on them.

Fifth tip is related to personal behavior in public like rubbing heads is usually considered as showing kindness and love but in Thailand people does not like this as they consider head as the noble part of the human body and touching others head is a big no no.

Sixth thing you should keep in mind is that people in Thailand do not like a person keeping feet and legs on table and it is considered as very lowly part of the body so try to avoid this gesture or they may feel easily offended.

Taxis in Thailand do not is meters and there are chances that they may overcharge you so be careful before using them. Some drivers may even refuse to use the meters even if they have meters installed in their taxis so be prepared about this fact.

Eighth tip for you is that if you like whistling then avoid it in night because people in Thailand thinks that bad spirits are attracted by whistling in dark or night and it also bring bad luck not just for you but also upon your friends.

Speaking loudly in public places is considered bad and try not to speak at higher volumes in restaurants and shopping centers if you want to mingle with local people.

Tenth tip is that always avoid getting intimate in public or Thai people do not like this behavior at all.