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coke and pepsi not safe to drink


The Government agency picked some PET bottle samples of cold drinks and these samples are of Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sprite and 7Up and after checking them it was found that all of them were having toxins in them.

After studying these samples several toxins and heavy metals, lead chromium and cadmium DEHP were found in them which are being produced by two big companies, Coca Cola and PepsiCo.

This study was conducted by the Kolkata based All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health which works under the Health Ministry.

These results are shocking as earlier we heard that some cold drinks contains pesticides and now after this study it has been found that they contains different toxins and metals which are very harmful for us.

The results of these tests were submitted by the AIIH and PH to Director General of Health Services and chairman of DTAB, Jagdish Prasad a few days ago.

On this scenario the spokesperson of PepsiCo India, said that they have neither received any intimation nor a copy of the cited test reports and without an understanding of the methodology used, would be unable to comments on the reports. He further said that they would like to reiterate that all of their products conform to Food Safety and Standards Regulations and they would like to reiterate that their products comply with the permissible limits for heavy metals as laid down by these regulations.

The AIIH and PH picked 4 bottles of 600 ml size as samples by using stratified random sampling method and these samples were handed over to the Kolkata based National Test House, (NTH).

During the performance of tests of these heavy metals from the PET bottles the levels of heavy metals were found to increase with the increase in room temperature.

Even World Health Organization has also told that the lead and cadmium are two chemicals which are used in these cold drinks and pose a major health risk. The WHO has also told that children who drink these cold drinks are at major health risk as they are defenseless to harmful effects of lead.

WHO further explained that lead is very harmful as it directly attacks the brain and central nervous system which can even cause coma and in extreme cases death also. And children who survive from the lead poisoning may be left with mental retardation and other behavioral disorders.

And cadmium chemical is so toxic that it directly affects the kidneys, skeletal system and respiratory system.