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chankya tips for happy married life


Chanakya tips for a successful married life

The Great Scholar and economist gave some tips for a successful married life and how can husband and wife live together peaceful life even in this modern age.

He said that understanding women is very important in a married life he said in the second chapter of Chankaya Neeti that the basic nature of women are speaking false, starting a work without giving it a thought, deceitfulness, foolish acts, greed, cruelty and impurity.

In Arthashastra he mentioned that marriage means two individuals blindly trusting one another and it is enough to spend life together.

For a good social life marriage is very important and every person must live a successful married life if he wants to live happily and in peace.

He said in the Chanakya Neeti that every man wants to marry a beautiful woman and it is not wrong but he should not marry that woman who does not belong to a good family because she will ruin your life.

Man must send a marriage proposal to a family which has equal status in the society or if it is not possible then lower, but should never send a proposal to a girl above his social status or else he will lose respect in the eyes of the others.

If a girl is not beautiful but have all good qualities and nature, holds family values, will prove a successful liaison and would be healthy for both families.

Both women and man should put equal efforts to love as this is the first and last thing in the marriage which keeps it going for a lifetime.

Chanakya advises wives to duly serve their husbands because it is the heaven for her and on the same hand no man should ill- treat his wife or take undue advantage of her under his shelter or ese he will lose his status and respect in the society.

He said that a honest and clever women is a good wife for a husband. She should love her husband and always try to bring peace and harmony in the family.

A husband must not hurt or mistreat his wife, or else shall be ready to bear her harsh brunt which is not good for a happy married life.

Men must not fight or talk about other women in the family, as it will bring sorrow to the family and this will strain their relationship.

Men should check the family background of the women and see if she is from a good family or not, it does not matter even if she is very beautiful because such type have potential to break the family of men in future.