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The demand for Gairsain to be declared as a permanent capital of Uttarakhand, the state which came into separate existence after incessant struggle of years together that claimed 43 precious lives including the one of Baba Mohan Singh Uttarakhandi who died after indefinite hunger strike in support of the above demand has finally achieved a new momentum as people of Uttarakhand living in Delhi have also started tightening their belts across party and ideological lines to give fillip to this movement which has spread like wild fire in the mountaneous valleys and the interior villages of the Himalayan State for the last few months.

The higher reaches of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand like Karnaprayag, Rudraprayag, Pauri Garhwal and the entire Kumaon region are in the grip of the ferocious movement for the declaration of Gairsain to be declared as the capital of Uttarakhand and the youths, students, the women power including the senior citizens are up in arms demanding ” AAJ DO ABHI DO HAME GAISAIN RAJDHANI DO” holding protest rallies, hunger strikes and mass demonstrations in various blocks and district headquarters of Uttarakhand and Gairsain.

In Delhi, too the intellectuals, journalists, social activists, organisations, women and youth have started holding corner meetings in various parts of Delhi to unify the Uttarakhandies living in various nooks and corners of Delhi and NCR. Recently a meeting of independent journalists, UKD and some splintered socio political groups was held at the Press Club of India and reached at a consensous to further this demand on a war footing attented by the representatives of different social organisations.

On 27th January an impressive meeting was held at Dilshad Garden, Delhi participated by good number of youths, women and representatives of various social and journalistic organisations prominently addressed by the senior journalist and renowned social activist Charu Tiwari, President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum Sunil Negi, President of Akhil Bhartiya Uttarakhand Mahasabha Vinod Nautiyal, women activist Hansa Amola, veteran theatre activist Sushila Rawat, Amit Rana, representatives of Dilshad Garden Bhratra Mandal, Jai Singh Rawat and several other dashing young leaders.

Mr Charu Tiwari in his long and impressive address has blamed the Congress and BJP of betraying the trust of innocent Uttarakhandies during the last seventeen years and said that Gairsain being equidistant from both the Garhwal and Kumaon divisions is a most genuine and transparent demand which needs to be fulfilled and addressed at all costs. He appealed to the youth, students and the women power of Delhi and Uttarakhand to forgo and forget their ideological differences and come forward unitedly to make this dream come true. Charu said: relentless struggle is must to achieve any credible demand like that of Gairsain capital and therefore now time has arrived when we have to stand united to achieve this by all means.

Mr. Sunil Negi while exhorting the Uttarakhandies living in Delhi and NCR to give fillip to the Gairsain movement of Uttarakhand said that the way thousands of people of the capital have provided money, mass and moral support to the movement of Uttarakhand during 1994 till 2000, the time has come that we’ll have to come forward, similarly in a united fashion to compel the current BJP government kneel down under our pressure to finally acede to this long pending demand for Gairsain as UK’s capital. Negi said both Congress and BJP have betrayed the trust of the people of Uttarakhand during the last seventeen years and led the state towards anarchy with a fiscal deficit of staggering 40 thousand crores with literally no productive income from its own sources. He added: if the state has gained anything during the last 17 years, its massive unemployment, enhancement in the unholy nexus between the corrupt bureaucracy, contractors, building, land, mining and liquor mafia thus leading the state towards unending corruption and total bankruptcy.

He said: Gairsain capital is a symbol of decentralisation of socio political and economic development. Hence it’s a mandatory demand which needs to be addressed and conceded at all costs. A unanimous decision was arrived at the meeting to hold such corner and decentralised meetings in support of Gairsain in entire Delhi and NCR to finally make it a massive movement in capital in order to strengthen the simultaneous mobilisation in the hills of Uttarakhand as well.

In addition as a sequel to the ongoing mobilisation a meeting cum seminar has been organised on 3rd February at 2.30 pm at Press Club of India in support of Gairsain to be addressed by prominent petsonalities of UK in Delhi by All India Uttarakhand Maha Sabha.
Time has also become ripe for all the pro Gairsain ideological parties to give up their narrow vested political and other interests and come together under single umbrella unanimously on the Gairsain capital demand forthwith. They have already committed several deliberate mistakes and lapses in the past this giving handle to the national parties exploit Uttarakhand, its people and the natural resources but now its enough n the saturation point has come to an end. If not now it will be never in the future.
Sunil Negi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum


The zig zag and unreliable attitude of the current government on the pivotal issue of Gairsain capital despite being in power at the centre and Uttarakhand carrying more than absolute majority is something not expected from the BJP on whom the people of Uttarakhand have shown and exhibited so much of faith and confidence by according it a historic majority for the first time in the history of the seventeen and a half year of seeking separate statehood.

The issue of Gairsain capital is a passionate demand raised for the first time by the eminent revolutionery veer CHANDRA SINGH GARHWALI who revolted against the British and himself belonged to Dudhatoli, Gairsain, Garhwal, Uttarakhand to be later on followed by the regional political outfit of Uttarakhand, the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal. Even Baba Uttarakhandi Mohan Singh sacrificed his precious life for this pivotal demand that represents the sentiments and passions of millions and millions of UKites in and outside Uttarakhand.

The issue of Gairsain as the new capital of Uttarakhand is significant primarily from the point of view of the philosophy of the decentralized socio – political, economic, industrial, agricultural, cultural, horticultural and health related development of Uttarakhand which has been the basic brain child of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and political stalwart late H. N. Bahuguna who always favored development of the last village of the country and Uttarakhand. What’s happening today is : by sidelining the pre election promise of GAIRSAIN as the integral and only capital of Uttarakhand which is equi distance from Kuman and Garhwal, the politicians, contractors, mining mafias, builders, landlords and the corrupt bureaucrats ate ruling the roost. In case Gairsain become the actual capital of Uttarakhand the profits of these interested people would come down drastivally in all sectors and will habe to move into the distant interiors devoid of all facilities, comforts and luxuries.

Hence those at the political and administrative helm seem to be negligibly bothered to implement this long pending demand despite the unambiguous fact that the BJP is powered at the centreas well in the state and as such has no dearth of funds as well to develop the new infrastructure of the would be state capital.

It is learnt that at the stretch a capital of 10000 crores would be required for the new state capital. In the meanwhile, the Vidhan Sabha bhawan of the new capital and its administrative secretariat is already ready which started its work in the year 2012 during the tenure of the then Uttarakhand chief minister Vijay Bahuguna who took the initiative on the popular peoples’ demand and to politically counter the onslaught of his then political detractor, the former CM Harish Rawat. What seems to be shocking and astonishing is the fact that the successive governments of both the Congress and BJP have been putting this pivotal demand on the back burner as ninety percent of the lawmakers, former CMs’, ministers and bureaucrats including the land, mining and building mafias have managed their palatial bungalows and properties in Dehradun and are not, least or negligibly interested to acede the peoples’ demand for GAIRSAIN as the permanent capital. So many committees like Kaushik committee on Gairsain were intentionally extended by every CM so as to arbitrarily pull on the matter to finally reach a dead end.

But the recent public furore, demonstrations, protests and hunger strikes in support of this demand seem to have reached a final saturation point compelling the BJP governments at the centre and the state to do something concrete and credible to declare GAIRSAIN as its permanent capital. To be very honest, the bJP has a golden opportunity to register its name in the annals of Uttarakhand’s political history as the party responsible for giving GAIRSAIN. Of it does do it will not only re establish itself in Uttarakhand next time but will also make a permanent mark in history as a political party to be trusted upon, failing which no power on earth can stop it from losing the Himalayan state from the grass roots.

Now the choice is theirs? Do they want to come back or become a history as a loser. I am sure it’ll choose the first option.


The long pending issue of declaring Gairsain as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand has gained tremendous momentum with people of the state, especially the various anti BJP and anti Congress socio political organisations of the seventeen year old state witnessing series of demonstrations, hunger strikes and dharnas all over the state.

The current capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun today witnessed a massive demonstration and a vociferous march with anti BJP government slogans from Gandhi Maidaan till Ghanta Ghar. The extremely furious pro Gairsain capital processionists holding playcardsand banners in their hands raising slogans deploring the government of the day and demanding declaration as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand converged at Ghanta ghar warning the BJP ruled state and central government for being prepared for the sevete and serious consequences in case they dose not declare Gairsain as the capital of Uttarakhand instead of Dehradun.

Extremely angered and annoyed all the processionists wanted Gairsain as capital at all costs who feel completely ditched by the both the Congress as well as the BJP governments who’d ruled this Himalayan state for the last seventeen and a half year but always betrayed the people despite promising the issue in their pre election menifestoes. The chief minister of the state was in Delhi a day ago to meet the central leaders and discuss this issue which has become the subject of tension for the current state government.

The demand for Gairsain which was being feebly raised earlier gained momentum recently from Rudraprayag and Gairsain the sparks of which later on engulfed the entire state. The young journalist Mohit Dimri and others has played a key role to gave it a special momentum and energy by holding protest meetings and demonstrations in Rudra prayag and the adjoining areas including mobilising the media, print, electronic and social networking sites.

Even the once defunct regional political party, the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal has became too active and is organising sit ins at district and block headquarters alongwith the general masses and the social organisations.

Today’s massive rally in Dehradun from Gandhi Maidaan to Ghanta ghar and burning of CM’s effigy has proved beyond doubt that the sparks of Gairsain issue has now assumed the shape of a widespread fire and the demand, if not met or fulfilled at the earliest mayresult in one more statewide massive movement against the present BJP government of Trivendra Singh Rawat. What do you say friends?


A massive movement is brewing up in Uttarakhand on the pivotal issue of capital Gairsain. The passionate issue of Gairsain to be declared as the capital of Uttarakhand is very much in the news these days with people in and outside this 17 year old state protesting on roads and holding seminars demanding fulfilment of this long pending emotional demand.

Baba Mohan Singh Uttarakhandi, a renowned movement activist gave up his precious life by undertaking indefinite hunger strike at Gairsain in support of this unanimous demand. Uttarakhand movement activists, intellectuals and socio political activists from all over the country held a brain storming session in Dehradun two days ago and demanded declaration of Gairsain as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand whereas some people in Gairsain sat on indefinite hunger strike to compel the present BJP government acede to their long pending demand. Demonstrations are also being held in various parts of the state to impress upon the current political dispensation do the needful at the earliest.

It may be recalled that Gairsain is situated in Chamoli district and is equi distant from Kumaon as well as Garhwal geographically. The demand was first raised by the Indian freedom fighter and revolutionery late Chandra Singh Garhwali who belonged to Dudatoli, Gairsain and was later on included in the menifesto of the regional socio political outfit UTTARAKHAND KRANTI DAL and other progressive organisations then fighting for separate Uttarakhand state. During the first election of Uttarakhand state at the time of the state’s formation both the Congress and the BJP included this pivotal issue in their respective menifestoes but after coming to power in state both these parties literally forgot to fulfill this long pending popular demand.

However, after the constant pressure and protests of the Uttarakhand andolankaries in and outside the state and mobilisation in the print and electronic media the Congress government was compelled to declare it a partial summer capital of Uttarakhand during the chief ministership of Vijay Bahuguna during the previous regime later on followed by Harish Rawat. A central fund of Rs. 500 or more crores was sanctioned for construction of a huge i.e. a palatial VIDHAN SABHA which was ultimately constructed after lots of hiccups and reluctance. Since then few sessions of Vidhan Sabha satr were organised here to divert the peoples’ attention and make them happy temperorily.

But what make the situation worse is the fact that the present government has outrightly issued statements denying to make it a permanent capital annoying the people, intellectuals and socio political activists of Uttarakhand. BJP says that this demand was not in its agenda and is of wavering mind on this emotional issue with its leaders issuing self contradictory statements from time to time to the discomfiture of the state’s electorates.

Since the current political dispensation headed by Trivendra Singh Rawat is in absolute majority, rather more than that, it dosen’t have any vulnerability in terms of governments destabilisation and as such they are over confident of continuing their rule for complete five years while the Congress party being in the opposition is taking the full advantage of publicly accusing the BJP government as anti Gairsain thus winning the support, confidence and sympathy of the anti BJP socio political forces and the general masses. Time is not far when the state of Uttarakhand may witness a massive statewise movement on the issue of Gairsain in the near future.

Finally Deepawali festival will come to an end to night. But what makes us worrisome is the fact that despite the directives of the honourable Supreme court of India completely banning firecrackers in the capital city of India and fixing the last deadline at 10.30 PM for bursting of firecrackers if one is having the old stock in house, the Delhites have not shown respect to the extent the health conscious citizens of NCT had expected.

The positive impact of the court orders was undoubtedly observed yesterday and today till 8.30 PM. but what happened thereafter is anybody’s guess. From 8.30 onwards till 11.45 acrimonious and high volume noice of firecrackers could be easily heard everywhere and environment full of smoke pollution making respiration inhale a tedious task.

Thanks to the honourable court that at least the usual sale of firecrackers in Delhi was not the common scene as used to be every year earlier but clandestine sales at several place did took place say the sources.

Those fond of firecrackers even managed to purchase firecrackers from the adjoining states. sThe picture above have been clicked by me in Rohini at 11.25 PM on 20th October amid exploding of fire crackers and emitting of tremendous smoke entering environment.

The pictures clearly show the sorry state of affairs in the skies about the prevailing smoke pollution leading to difficulties in inhaling fresh air. As expected after the apex courts orders the situation, though may be perhaps, comparatively lesser polluted than last year but was no less satisfactory as Delhites haven’t exhibited the expected restraint but continued with their fire cracker exploding exercise.

What makes the situation even more worse can be gauged from the fact that even in the morning the electronic channels were flashing news about the environment of Delhi being completely polluted with PM 2.5 going out of limit, on Diwali evening the situation had gone from bad to worse creating problems for the patients already suffering from cardiac, asthamatic, lungs related deseases in the capital city of India.

The crux of the matter is when would we, the educated and literate Delhites learn lessons to get ourselves rid of increasing pollution effecting our healths badly. Delhi is already in the grip of dust, chemical, diesal amd other forms of pollution with enhancing mortality rates and despite the honourable Apex courts intervention, caring for our good health and well being, we deliberately try to ignore the serious warnings. Nobody is restraining us from celebrating festivals and performing spiritual rituals but bursting of firecrackers leading to deteriorating health is no answer to please our Gods.

Let’s honestly and with a sense of responsibility adhere to honourable Apex court’s warnings and get ourselves educated and educate our children as well to celebrate environment friendly Deepawali by exchaging sweets, flowers and lightening of earthern lamps and giving up disasterous fire crackers for our good and good of our children n the forthcoming generations. What do you say friends?