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British Glam model photos


A report has claimed that British glamour model, Kimberly Miners had converted to Islam and now her new name is Aisha Lauren al-Britaniya.

She was already on radar of the British agencies and was continuously been ISIS related terror watch-list after she used social media to communicate with a group of people and according to the reports she has now been arrested the police.

She became famous after she posed topless for “The Sun”. It is believed that she secretly converted to Islam and has been sharing ISIS related videos on the Web. This behavior of her triggered an investigation by the Britain’s anti-terrorist police and also by MI5 secret service.

According to the Sunday times she was detained on Friday for alleged offences under the terrorism Act 2000 after officers had repeatedly warned her about her contact with terrorists online.

The police also investigated her home in Bradford, West Yorkshire. She is just 27 year old and was released on bail last evening pending further investigations against her.

A spokesperson of North East Counter Terrorism Unit told that as a part of ongoing investigation, officers have arrested the 27 year old glam model from Bradford on suspicion of the possession of terrorist material.

It was also revealed by the newspaper that in last month that she posted some photos of Muslim women carrying guns and other weapons on the social media. In these photos it can clearly be seen that she fully veiled herself and only her blue eyes could be seen, but in public she wears skinny jeans and leaves her blonde hairs uncovered.

She has claimed that the social media accounts were fake profiles made against her and she was not the one who used the social media to post those photographs of Muslim woman carrying rifles and other dangerous weapons. The investigations are still going on and she is now out on bail.