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best qoutes of chanakya


The Great Scholar and economist Chanakya has mentioned the below points in the second chapter of Chanakya Neeti shastra which are becoming more and more famous with passing time.

If you do hard work then you will get food to eat, capability to digest it, and a beautiful wife.

A person who has obedient son, faithful wife, and who himself is satisfied with whatever he has got experience and enjoys a heavenly life,

A son is that who always his father, a true father is that who takes cares of his son, and honesty is the quality of a true friend.

According to Chanakya a person must stay away from those people who talk flattery in front of you, but try to harm at your back. Such kind friendship is not suitable and is like a poison with milk on its top so simply stay away from such people.

Neither trust a friend who is not good and should be avoided, nor trust a friend who has not proven bad yet. They may reveal your secrets to others when you do not have good terms with them.

Do not speak about your plans to others else others may try to hinder your regime. So it is suggested that you should continue doing your task without grabbing much attention.

  • Every hill does not have gems in it
  • Every elephant does not possess mani
  • Every place is not a home of a noble person
  • Every forest does not have sandalwood trees

A moral man is that person who acts as per the situation instead of continuing with the false assumptions and illusions. Also do not trust everyone.

A wise person is that who grooms his child wisely because only an educated person with high morale gets true respect in the society.

Those parents who do not care about the education of their children are their biggest enemies and growing up such children feel isolated from the society like a crane in a flock of swans.

If parents overindulge with their child, pupil and students then they will spoil them.

Do not allow a single pass away without learning something good and useful.

Friendship between people of equal status is considered as the best, serving under king is one of the best employments a person can get, trading is the best occupation and it is always best for a lady to stay in the safety of home.


Chanakya was an Indian teacher, great philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor. Traditionally he was also referred as Kautilya or Vishnugupt, who was considered the pioneer of the political science and economics in India.

A book called Chankya Neeti was written which has 17 chapters in it and below are some important and famous quotes from Chapter 1.

He said:

It is unwise to advice fool, caring a woman of loose character and to be in a company of a sad fellow.
House which has a venomous snake is not suitable for living. In the same manner a house having a wife who is ill tempered with low morale, deceitful friends and with impolite talkative servants is also not suitable for a living.

An intelligent person should always save money for the bad days and must protect his woman even at the cost of money that he saved for the bad days.

According to Chanakya money is one of the most significant assets a man must have because it brings the honor, support and also makes the person capable of dealing with calamities.

He quoted that there is no benefit to live in a country or region where a person cannot find an employment, respect, well-wishers and education.

A man should not live in a place where there is no law and order, where people are shameless, where no clever man exists and people who lack in spirit of charity also where no art exists.

One of the best quotes which i like from the chapter is below:

Do not even spend even a single day in those places where you cannot find following five:

  1. A prosperous Businessman
  2. Well versed Brahman
  3. Soldiers for protection
  4. River
  5. Doctor for treatment

You can test whether a wife is good or not when your wealth is lost, a friends when you are in need, relatives at the time of crises and a servant when you are on some important mission.

A person who cannot decide his goal cannot win.

Whoever helped you at the time of illness, famines, misfortunes and invasion is your true brother in real sense.