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India has proved itself again in the India- New Zealand test series winning it by 3-0 and regained its number one position in Test matches. Whenever the Indian team was facing problems during the matches somebody always stood up for the team and Indian team again started playing with motivation and positive attitude. It did not allowed New Zealand for a comeback in the series.

Let us check out the top performers of India – New Zealand test series.

R Ashwin

He has proved himself again by becoming the highest wicket taker in the series which is a great achievement for him. He achieved 27 wickets in the series and has also become the second largest bowler in the test cricket who has added 200 wickets in his kitty. He has outstandingly performed in the series by troubling batsman of New Zealand especially Kane Williamson.

He took 5 wickets in an innings 3 times and 10 wickets in a match twice and also took wickets of the New Zealand captain 4 times. In the final test match held in Indore he collected 13 wickets in total. He became man of the series 7th time and was also awarded man of the match which he truly deserved to be.

Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja has also performed brilliantly in the India- New Zealand series. The first test match of the series was held in Kanpur where he scored 42 and 50 runs which boosted the confidence of Indian Team. He also did bowling which was immense as he picked 5 wickets in the first innings paving way to the new course of the match. In three matches he took 14 wickets his combination with R Ashwin proved deadly for the New Zealand team in the entire test series. They both took 41 wickets which is a great performance by both of them.

Chetshwar Pujara

He has proved that he holds a special place in the Indian cricket team by playing a key role in the series which whitewashed the New Zealand team. In total he scored 373 runs in 6 innings with one century and 3 half centuries. In the first test match held in Kanpur he scored 62 and 78 which proved beneficial for Indian cricket team and was enough to take the team to a next level in confidence boosting. He helped India to recover in the first and second innings when Indian team was struggling for the run rate.

He showed his caliber by scoring 41 and 101 not in the last test match. He performed his task very well and made Indian team proud.

Ajinkya Rahane

He has again proved himself as the India’s most dependable batsman in test matches by playing a vital role in scoring against New Zealand. In the first match he scored 18 and 40 runs but in the second test match at Kolkata he scored 77 runs which helped a lot to the Indian cricket team to come out of poor position running at that time. In the six innings he was able to score 347 runs and proved himself as one of the most member of the Indian cricket team.