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bangaldesh do not to play matches in pakistan


India has clearly told to Pakistan that no matches will be played between the countries as the relations are not good because it is not possible to play cricket on ground and on the same hand Pakistan keeps pushing terrorists at the borders.

Now Afghanistan have also cancelled proposed home and away cricket fixtures with Pakistan after a bomb attack backed by Pakistan. So now the whole World clearly knows that Pakistan is a breeding ground of terrorists and even the Muslim countries are getting angry with Pakistan so it is not related to just India but country like Afghanistan has come forward for the first time to stop cricket association with Pakistan.

Cricket team of Pakistan was about to play their first 20-20 match in Kabul this year and this sport event was being seen as the major event which would ease up the tension but the decision of Afghanistan has again pressurized Pakistan. It is a clear message of Afghanistan to Pakistan that they will not tolerate terrorism like India and there can be no sports until Pakistan do something about their terrorist factories.

The Kabul match was set for July or August but now there will be no matches. Afghanistan Cricket Board has taken a right decision to cancel the matches followed by the bomb attack in which 90 people were killed.

Till now no terrorist group has taken the responsibility and Taliban has also denied their involvement.

The Afghan board posted in their FB page “The ACB hereby cancel all kinds of cricket matches and initial mutual relationship agreement with the Pakistan Cricket Board. No agreement of friendly matches and mutual relationship agreement is possible with a country where terrorists are housed and provided safe havens.”

This decision has left Pakistan cricket team in isolation in the region and the Pakistani officials re not at all with this move of Afghanistan. Not just this the condition in Pakistan are so bad that even Bangladesh do not want to send their cricket team in Pakistan to play matches.