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bad posture and digestive diseases


We live in world where working for at-least 8 to 9 hours is minimum requirement and if it is a sitting job then it means sitting for long hours in front of computer screens and after reaching home seating in front of TV which results in a hunched back and a hunched spine.

This sedentary lifestyle is affecting our healthy life badly especially our body posture which invites many diseases.

Let us discuss the impact of bad posture on our health and life

By posture it means alignment of the spine with its adjoining structures and incorrect posture which means not sitting straight or slouching in the chair or sofa with hunched shoulders leads to misalignment along the spinal and disrupts the musculoskeletal system. This leads to neck and back pains, headaches and also impacts the blood flow which can impact concentration, memory and cognitive ability.

People who are in siting jobs are more likely to have bad posture

Bad posture can affect people of ages even youngsters are also complaining of chronic back pain because of sitting in a wrong posture for long hours every day. Even school kids who carry schools bags exceeding 10 to 15 percent of their weight can develop bad posture and also have greater risk of back-related disorders.

It is also extremely important to maintain a good posture during pregnancy because it will be good for the baby also and it can reduce lower back pain and pelvic pain. It also makes room for the baby to grow.

Poor posture not just affects the physical health but it also affect mentally because the human body was not designed for sitting for long hours and when we do so we start developing fatigue, depression, headaches and pain. So it is always advised to sit straight by our elders.

Bad posture is also responsible for creating and stress and worsens depression. This was confirmed by a study conducted by San Francisco State University. In this study it was found that when we slouch our body it prevents from working optimally which results in poor mind.

And we sit for long hours internal process slows down which results in energy decrease and person starts feeling tired, irritable and lungs are also forced to work hard. This is not it heart and lungs also have to work hard to pump blood and circulate oxygen in the body which results in creating undue stress on our internal organs.

Sitting for long hours and bad postures also affects our digestive system because our intestines also constricts while sitting which can cause lot of issues like acid reflux, heart burn and even hernia in some cases.