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Apple iPhone 8 price and details leaked online.

Apple’s 1st generation iPhone was a game changer when it was launched back in 2007. It was the 1st touch screen smartphone that came with an advanced operating system for that time. Since its launch, Apple iPhone has been a class apart from its competitors whether it’s the design, operating system, camera or wide variety of apps to choose from, in its native App Store. For years, the iPhone hasn’t seen much design changes and has stuck with fat bezels and ugly antenna lines. With the launch of Samsung’s S8 with its beautiful edge to edge display, Samsung was able to set a new design benchmark for the mobile market and a lot of tech giants have already started launching new phones with an edge to edge display and new aspect ratio of 18.5:9. The iPhone 8 will feature the latest A11 chipset, augmented reality compatibility, 3D facial recognition and wireless charging.

iPhone with a new design

iPhone has also been known for its leaks. iPhone leaks for this year have been quite promising as it features Apple’s take on the new benchmarked market design. The leaked renders show a beautiful edge to edge display with a dual camera setup on the regular iPhone which will be a first for iPhone as last year’s 7plus got the extra camera and not the regular iPhone 7. The display in the leaked renders has an edge to edge design with a weird cutout for the front facing camera and other phone sensors at the top. In other leaks, the new display is said to introduce a new software feature which is expected to utilise each and every inch of the new iPhone.

iPhone 8 will come with iOS out of the box

Chinese social media site, Weibo recently leaked the prices for the upcoming iPhones and the leak hints at a plus model which means that Apple is all set to launch 4 iPhones this September.
The iPhone 8 just like any other iPhone has been leaked on many forums ahead of its launch. iPhone 8 is expected to come with the bezel less design from its competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the LG G6, or the newly launched essential phone. The iPhone like its predecessor will not feature a headphone jack, will come with iOS 11 and will be compatible with Apple home pod. As per the leaks, the iPhone 8 will also come with a new colour-bronze.

iPhone 8 leaked prices

The iPhone 8 is expected to be the costliest iPhone ever and the recent leaks support the fact in every possible way. The iPhone 8 will come with iPhone 7s and 7s plus. The leaked prices for the base iPhone 8 with 32GB storage is ¥6288 (~$945), and going up to ¥7888 (~$1185) for the 128GB model.
The iPhone 8 plus on the other hand will be priced at ¥7288 (~$1095) for the base 32GB model, and going up to ¥8888 (~$1340) for the 256GB variant.