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Our phone and other portable devices are like a personal diary which contains our personal information and in most of the cases the financial passwords too. They reveal a lot about us and if they were to fall into wrong hands then someone could use this data which is very important.

Anyone who has access to your portable device or mobile phone can check the notes, web browser history, photos, social networking sites, emails we send and receive and not just this even the apps we use. So we should be cautious about this fact that anyone could misuse the your phone data and it is always safe to secure it and should use the password to lock it but most of the people do not follow this step because it is not convenient because it takes time to unlock the screen by entering the password each time we want to check the phone.

As in market new apps are coming so we need to make sure that our devices and phones are secured so how do we do it?

Use Anti-Virus Software

Many people believe that Anti-Virus software’s are meant for laptops and computers only and does not makes sense to use them in the smartphones or other devices as they are not much useful but malware and virus poses equal threat to these devices also so it is very important to use Anti-virus software’s in phones otherwise in this digital we may end up losing our personal data as well as financial details also like credit card information and account details.

Use remote wiping feature

This feature is now coming in almost all phones which allow you to wipe out the data and lock with hard to crack password if the phone is stolen. If you use this feature then all data be lost and will not be recovered by anyone again. This feature can be used remotely locking the phone through internet.

Use App locker

If you do not use the password for unlocking the phone then at-least you can lock some apps which you use.  Always protect your media files and other applications with app locker to guard your personal information.

Use only trusted apps

Download only those apps which are trusted and checkout the reviews which other people have already downloaded. Do not download apps from untrusted source as most of the apps are the new method of data theft.