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Britain has got its first 360 degree roller coaster restaurant in Alton Towers which has definitely brought a new meaning to fast food as customers will get their ordered food via a 400m roll coaster.

It is an amazing and totally new concept adopted by the restaurant where diners can even see their dishes coming through a roller coaster ride in front of them.

roller-coaster-foodOnce customers’ orders the dish they would like to have, Chefs prepare them and place them at the top of the ride then the dish travels about 400m at higher speed directly to the restaurant table.

All the dishes which are served in the restaurant have been tested extensively in order to see that they can withstand the force. This restaurant also provides some premium dishes and amazing dining experience to its guest staying at the hotel.

According to Gill Riley at Alton Towers this type of unique concept of dining experience that they are offering to the guest is not offered by anyone else in the entire UK and they are the first one to attempt this unique serving of the dishes.

food-served-through-roller-coasterThe restaurant has become an attraction in itself where people are coming to see the intricate network of troops tracks which look awesome and each diner gets to enjoy a full 360 dining experience at their table.

This new concept of serving food has definitely given a new challenge to the other restaurants in Britain but also to the others in the World as it is very difficult to choose something like this concept which gives a different eating experience to the people visiting the theme park.