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You must have heard of Ad sense and the best way to earn from it is make videos and upload them on YouTube and start monetizing them.

After you have made videos second step is to make a YouTube Channel and monetize them with Google Ad sense.

Everything will work smoothly till the time you have good views of the uploaded videos.

If your videos are not getting popular watched by large number of people then there is a need to promote your YouTube Channel and bring more viewer to increase your earning.

So let us checkout some ways to promote your You Tube Channel because please understand t is very much important to promote You Tube Channel otherwise how will people know about it and you would be wasting your time and energy because without promotion there will be no earning.

After you have made and uploaded a You Tube video make a good thumbnail for it.

A good thumbnail represents the type of video which you have uploaded for example if you have uploaded a video to repair mobile phone then obviously you do not want to show the thumbnail of your table in that.

Thumbnail shows a glimpse of the video which the viewer gets and expects from it and the correct thumbnail will let the viewer click on your video.

Create a clear and compelling profile

A profile having clear and compelling description of what your channel is about makes it more popular and brand. Just remember that when you are making a profile try to make it similar to youro other social channels and custom banners. So to make people recognize your channel they should feel connected with you.

Send newsletters with videos

Sending newsletters to your subscribers is a great way to let them know about your latest videos and one thing to be kept in mind is that you add your video in the newsletter.

Use the best promotional tools

There are lots of promotional tools and some of them are paid and some are free to use and if you are low on budget then go for the free ones so just use them as much as you can to increase the audience base.

You can use your Facebook Account and make a page or community to promote them so that more and more people can see them and not just these they may even share them and make them viral.