PM Modi’s laudable initiative, indeed

PM Modi’s laudable initiative, indeed


I am a human being too and I also feel like celebrating Deepawali festival with my family and this why I am here in your midst said the prime minister while addressing the Army Jawans at Gurez Sector of LOC in Kashmir today where he stayed with them for two hours, interacting, sharing experiences of life and knowng every detail of how the armymen safeguard our difficult borders under extremely challenging circumstances.

Dressed in am Army uniform and giving an impressive look as one of them prime minister Modi while boosting the morale of our patriotic soldiers said that when he shakes hand with them, it’s not that he is doing a mere formality but in fact a new sense and spirit of confidence and energy percolates in his veins and body.

This warm and hearty gesture of prime minister taking out time from his pivotal busy schedule and being in their midst literally feeding sweets in the mouth of each soldier and posing for individual and group photograph on every Deepawali is a gesture never ever witnessed earlier say the news analysts.

While the political rulers of the neighbouring country Pakistan encourage hardened extremists like Hafeez Sayeed demoralising their soldiers the heartiest warm gesture of Indian prime minister of hugging Indian Army soldiers, feeding them with sweets and lauding their dedicated efforts and actions to safeguard our tense borders by being in their midst on every Deepawali unabiguously speaks of the fact as to how much caring and genuinely concerned is the India head of the state is for our Armymen and para troopers who are 24×7 risking their lives and countering our enemies to ensure that 135 crore Indians live a comfortable and safe lives. This is not the first time that prime minister Modi had been in the midst of our brave soldiers diring the deepawali festival.

He celebrated Deepawali with Army Jawans a Siachin glacier, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab Indo Pak border earliar and stayed with them for a pretty long time exchanging plesentaries, sweets and thus boosting their morale.

After having been elected as the prime minister of the country Narendra Modi has declared that he will always celebrate this festival of lights and symbolic of victory of the good over the evil at the nation’ s borders with the Army Jawans and the para troopers who guard our borders under extremely challenging and extraneous circumstances without caring for their lives and being away from their families during popular festivals like holi and Deepawali and lateron kept his promises intact.

He also won their hearts by implemented the long awaited demands of Armymen pertaining to one pension, though in a phased manner. This warm, healthy and the ambivalent gesture of the prime minister has won him tons of accolades amongst the countrymen. In view of the incessant hostility from across the border and continuous ceasefire violations by unrelenting Pakistan and its terrorist outfits including expansionist China’s border interventions, clandestinely eyeing on Indian territories, prime minister Modi’s initiatives of keeping the Indian Army’s moral high holds tremendous national significance which has even kept his arch political rivals tight lipped.