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Destiny 2 release date: Consoles – 6 September 2017, PC – October 24, 2017.

Formats: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

Developer: Bungie

Here’s all the very latest information, rumors and red-hot speculation we have on Bungie’s action-packed sci-fi sequel. Destiny 2 is coming to PS4 and Xbox One two days earlier than first announced: the new release date is September 6, 2017. The PC version is currently set to debut on October 24.

To celebrate the confirmation, Bungie released a teaser trailer featuring Hunter Vanguard, Cayde-6. It seems the proverbial has hit the fan and things are no longer quite so serene at The Tower, or the last city on earth below. There are Red Cabal smashing down walls, robot bartenders, and plenty of wisecracks to be had, and – naturally – it’s up to you to sort it all out.

You might expect a Destiny sequel to just keep on building on the same fundamentals the original has refined over three years of real-world experience. But it sounds like Bungie has decided to set much all of that aside and go for a relatively clean slate instead.




Once again, your Guardian’s story kicks off on Earth in a new location called the EDZ – European Dead Zone. Described as something of an early basecamp – and a retreat for ordinary humans, not just Guardians, it seems – it’s where the human race settles after, sniff, the destruction of The Citadel, the Last City on Earth.And that’s not all. We’ve also seen new zones Titan and Io – ostensibly tracking vanguards Zavala and Ikora Rey respectively – plus Nessus, home to the Vex, who are busy transforming the planetoid into a machine. So, that sounds nice. While the original Destiny broke down weapon categories into Primary, Special, and Heavy, Destiny 2 will recategorise your many, many guns  into Kinetic weapons, Energy weapons, and Power weapons.That may sound like a simple switching of names, but during Bungie’s gameplay reveal, we saw a character switch from an Auto Rifle to a Pulse Rifle, so weapons are also getting shifted around.

There’s also all-new subclasses:

  • Dawnblade for Warlocks:which lets players float in mid-air on wings of fire as they toss out energy blades (made of fire) from their magical sword (which is also on fire);
  • Sentinels for Titans: which – the internet reckons – transforms you into Captain America. You get an impenetrable shield, which you can also toss into enemy’s faces and bounce off of them. It looks very, very cool;
  • Arcstrider for Hunters: Hmm. This doesn’t look dissimilar from the Hunter’s current Super, Arc Blade, but for this you’ll use a fancy staff to whack people with. Tidy.

In the livestream reveal, Bungie announced that every team mode will now cons




ist of 4v4 rather than 6v6, and promises a more informative Crucible UI, helping you track enemy stats, including super and special ammo.There’ll be new Strikes, Raids and Nightfall challenges, and for those of you lamenting that you could never matchmake for the latter two in Destiny 1, there’ll be a more social-focused approach to matchmaking called Guided Games. Clans can be formed in-game (enabling someone to jump in and join a vacant spot), customise their own banners and messages, and each player will contribute to the clan’s status, sharing rewards across the team.Yup – even your clan gets to level up now!

As for servers? Well, Destiny 2 won’t exclusively use dedicated servers but that doesn’t mean it will suffer from all the same lag-related problems as the first game. A mind boggling version of gaming that has proved in the core and is still awaited as one of the top charted game of 2017.


Check this out for the official trailer of DESTINY 2 :