Nine benefits of fasting

Nine benefits of fasting


In these Navratri’s be prepared to do fasting there are lots of benefits which you can attain and get some positive effects for your body and mind. What happens when we do fasting? Our digestive system gets rest and because of this many pf our health problems gets cured. Fasting is very good for body and so let us checks out the benefits of fasting.

Healthier Skin

During the fasting our digestive system has no work to do and other functions of our body starts working efficiently and due to this our skin also starts glowing and become healthier.

Good for Heart

When you do fasting than the stored fat is used for generating energy and blood circulation becomes better which reduces workload of Heart and it functions better.

Weight Loss

During the fasting period our body starts burning the stored body fat to provide energy which leads to weight loss. Even if you do not eat for few hours then also our body starts burning stored body fat so if you are not able to do fasting for a day then you can do it for  at-least few hours.

Improved Brain Function

During the fasting our body produces a special kind protein kind BDNF which saves brain cells from the damage and our brains functioning becomes better. Fasting also enhances memory power.

Add years of life

Fasting improves metabolism and better metabolism results in better functioning of body and reduces chances of heart diseases, obesity, diabetes which adds years to your life.

Better Digestion

During fasting our digestive system gets relieved from the pressure. The more we eat more pressure is put on our digestive system so it is necessary to give it some rest so that it can again start functioning in a better way.


Fasting also impacts the Insulin sensitivity because when body needs glucose at that time it uses the blood sugar which controls the sugar levels.


When you fast for one day then your body starts working on eliminating the oxidants from Liver, Kidney and from other body parts.

Immunity increases

Fasting enhances the immunity power of the body because during this time white blood cells starts building up which fights with various types of infections and this result in better immune system. It also saves you from cancer.

Above are some benefits of doing fast but there are also some precautions which should be taken care of if you do not want to be negatively impact.

Some precautions which should be taken while fasting are:

Avoid physical activity and try to avoid those works which uses more energy as it may lead to hunger and you may feel dizzy and fatigue.
Do not take stress or get angry with anyone as it will lead to high blood pressure and other problems.

Eat more fruits and less oily food otherwise you will not get maximum benefits of fast and is possible drink coconut water, buttermilk to get required and nutrients and energy.