The clearly inferior classic car not only still exists, but is positively thriving these days. Why?



In most cases, classic cars are rubbish. As James May once said, if they were any good, they’d still be made. Modern cars are faster, better handling, more reliable, more comfortable, cleaner, safer, more economical, and mostly cheaper to purchase, too. Basically, they’re better in just about every way. Yet despite this, the clearly inferior classic car not only still exists, but is positively thriving these days. Why?

There is no simple answer to this, but instead a combination of factors that each play a part.

First, there’s the design of the car itself. Classic cars were created very much in an analogue world where designers used pencil and paper to create elegant shapes and flowing lines that would just not be possible on the computer-based design software used by modern car designers. Take the front wing of a Jaguar XK120 or the profile of a Ferrari 250 GTO, for example.

These designs are beautiful in every way, but are shapes that no modern designer would create nowadays—often, the way the metal frame underneath the bodywork used during the prototype stage (and even “bucks” used to shape bodywork) would have a direct influence on the car’s form.

These designs belong to a previous age—an age that many people fondly look back on, where designers were unencumbered by constraints such as crash tests, or aerodynamic drag coefficients, and instead created shapes that reflected the mood and trends of the time.

Modern production techniques have also removed much of the character from new cars. Mass production “systems” complete with soulless computers and robots on the production lines producing identical parts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, are focussed on one thing: meeting the targets and quotas set by the car manufacturers to maximise efficiency and shareholder profit.classic-cars-2

Classic car production, on the other hand, was largely a manual process performed by craftsmen using simple tools complemented by decades of experience to create panels by hand and by eye. The results of this are creations that have withstood the hardships ofdaily usage and weathered the passage of time. Not all are like this, of course. Some were very poorly designed, and built with even less care, but this is what separates classic cars from cars that are merely old.

Mechanically, they are quite different, too. Modern car engines are effectively a sealed unit, comprising of components that are largely unserviceable by the average person. Simply speaking, most components are controlled by a central electronic brain, which takes inputs from the driver, and then filters thclassic-cars-3em through systems such as the drive-by-wire throttle system, the traction control, electric steering, electronic clutch, the torque vectoring system, the ABS system, and so on.

All of these systems are designed to improve efficiency and safety, but on some level, they often rob the car of its feel and character. Older machines, in contrast, are the real deal. They are delicately balanced mechanical systems comprising hundreds or thousands of individual parts, all tuned to work together in harmony. The driver is a direct extension to the machine, providing inputs and receiving direct, unfiltered feedback through the controls, resulting in an authentic experience that is just not possible with the modern equivalent.
Driving a classic car requires a great deal of manual input from the driver, from adjusting the fuel/air mixture manually with the choke, to selecting gears and controlling the engagement of power to the wheels with the clutch.

All this nclassic-cars-7eeds to be done in a way that gets the best out of the engine and transmission—but proper technique also protects the longevity of the ageing components. Getting all this right is inherently more challenging than the modern equivalent of electronic ignition, automatic transmissions and electronic driver aids, but a far more rewarding and satisfying experience.

Classic car owners mostly don’t embark upon a journey to reach a destination, but instead the journey is the destination.classic-cars-5

Nostalgia also plays a large part in the appeal of classics. They all have a history, be it interesting or not. Some have achieved great things in their lives, such as competing in and winning races, expeditions or endurance events, whilst others have overcome challenges that are far more mundane but no less important to the owner. These machines were great enablers of a better life and provided mobility and freedom back in a time when such qualities were rare. They accompanied their owners on major life events, and consequently became indelibly associated with those events.

Classic cars all have a story to tell about what they have accomplished in their lives, where they have been, and whclassic-cars-4y they are still in operation. The cracks in the leather or the scratches on the paint are seen by some as imperfections, but to aficionados of classic cars, these are a record of the car’s history, adding to its character and chronicling its life. Automobile manufacturers play heavily on the pedigree and heritage of their brands, but classic cars are the real-life objects that defined that heritage and established the reputation of the brand in the first place.classic-cars-8

Then there’s the individualism. Owning any new car is easy—all it takes is money, and with cheap credit and easy finance, even that is not very difficult any longer. Classic cars however, are no longer in production and are therefore inherently limited in supply, consequently holding a far greater and ever increasing level of exclusivity. No amount of money will get you a brand new Ferrari Daytona, for example, and even if you want an old one, you still have to find someone, somewhere who is willing to sell you theirs.

The greater effort of acquiring, owning and maintaining a more exclusive product promptsclassic-cars-9 questions of the owner’s passion for that product and his or her motivation for going to these additional lengths when owning a new car is so much simpler and easier. A culture has emerged surrounding classic cars, comprising of events such as classic rallies, road trips, historic racing, and classic car shows. Owners of classic cars gain great satisfaction from exhibiting their cars at these events and use them as a means to show off not only the car but also their own personality and taste.

Purchasers of modern cars typically calculate their ownership period of anything between 6 months and 5 years before they move on to something newer and better, but classic car owners see it the opposite way: the cars will exist beyond their tenclassic-cars-10ure, and they are merely temporary custodians of something that has a life beyond theirs.

So will this continue, or is it just a passing trend? New cars are likely to get better and better with each passing year, so the 3 year old car that you have today is likely to be already outclassed by the new model just released.

Classic cars, however, compete on a completely different level. it’s not about efficiency and speed, but about the experience, style, exclusivity and craftsmanship, all of which are universal and timeless. Classic cars not only appeal to car lovers, but also to lovers of engineering, design, art and history.

That is the reason why people do, and always will, love classic cars—and long may it continue.

Article Courtesy : Niralee Nirlipta, Senior PRO & Content Writer

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Mahindra Marazzo to take on Maruti Ertiga



Mahindra & Mahindra had unveiled the all-new Marazzo, a 7-8 seater people carrier, which has been introduced as a direct rival to the ageing Maruti Ertiga in the MPV segment.
Mahindra Marazzo is built on a completely new platform and is first of the three launches of the year committed by the company. It has been designed and engineered using M&M’s three resources based in India, the US (Mahindra Automotive North America) and Italy (Pininfarina).
The Mahindra Marazzo is ready to take on its rivals including Maruti Suzuki Ertiga but does it have the goods when it comes to specifications?
Have a look at the comparison between Marazzo and Ertiga
Exterior and styling
The Marazzo is inspired in its styling cues by a shark, something which is evident all around the vehicle. The grille gets vertical slats as seen on other Mahindra products, but with shark-like teeth appearance. The bumpers has stylish air damps while the twin-barrel swept-back headlamps add to the aggressive fascia. There are LED DRLs on the fog lamps with chrome inserts and lots of black treatment. The MPV sits on 17-inch alloy wheels with disc brakes on all four corners. The large shark-fin-like tail lamps dominate the rather simple-looking rear.
Considering Ertiga, The large wrap-around headlamps, chrome inserts on the grille, Swift-like bumpers and small tail lamps make the design to appear a little outdated. The design has remained the same since its introduction in 2012 except some very small changes three years back.
Interior and features
The cabin of the Marazzo car has a well laid-out dashboard with seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system and the gear-lever dominating the centre console. The instrument cluster is all-new with a unique purple backlit integrating a multi-function display screen between the twin pod clusters. The buttons and switches have been appropriately laid out within reach. The middle row seats can be folded flat as per convenience. The third row also seems to be very spacious . The new feature is the longitudinally-roof-mounted rear AC.
The all-beige cabin of the Ertiga makes it look more spacious than it actually is. The dash is simple with everything designed to make it more practical and appealing. It has the new infotainment screen which is a big benefit. The instrument cluster and steering wheel are all functional with no confusion at all. It also gets a decent standard feature list as well.
Engine and performance
The Marazzo is introduced with a 1.5-litre diesel engine that produces 123 HP and 300Nm of torque. The transmission is only a six-speed manual at the moment, but a petrol variant and automatic versions will be available soon . The transverse mounted FWD setup engine has been designed by AVL.
The Ertiga gets two engine options. The petrol is a 1.4-litre unit that produces 94bhp and 130Nm which can be had with a five-speed manual or a four-speed AT. The diesel, on the other hand, is the 1.3-litre Multijet unit that produces 90bhp and 200Nm of torque and has been mated with the five-speed manual. It comes mated to the SHVS hybrid technology as well.
In terms of pricing, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga starts at Rs 6.77 lakhs while the top-spec diesel is priced at Rs 10.95 lakhs. The Marazzo, on the other hand, starts at Rs 9.99 lakhs and go all the way up to Rs 13.90 lakhs.
Mahindra Marazzo’s superior shark-inspired design is truly unique and is bound to emerge as a head-turner on the roads. Marazzo is competitively priced and has several of the advanced features that add comfort and luxury for users.

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Incidents of fatal roads and vehicular accidents on the rise in Uttarakhand



The dreaded accidents of motor vehicles killing people on the spot is on the uncontrolled rise in Uttarakhand with not a single day left when incidents are not occured in this hilly state. There are head on collisions, accidents of buses, jeeps and cars falling in deep gorge, rash driving by unwary drivers, driving under the influence of alchohal, using cell phones while driving or over working hours that leads to their napping n finally fatal accidents killing innocent passengers for no fault of theirs.

Just yesterday a car heading towards Kotdwar from Shrinagar, Garhwal met with a dreaded accident killing three persons of Patti Jaintolsiun, Pauri Garhwal on the spot with injured dead bodies beyond recognition. The speeding car fell deep down in the gorge near historic Jwalpa Devi temple, near Dugadda, Satpuli yesterday.

The impact of the fall of the speeding car was so powerful that the car chasis has been badly smashed like a badly hammered vehicle making it shapeless and fully squeezed as a bundle.

The picture below is enough to prove home the point as to how serious and severe, the accident was.

Such accidents are very common in Uttarakhand with the killing of entire marriage party comprising of 45 people, on the spot, as witnessed few months ago.

The transport department of Uttarakhand and the concerned authorities has to take serious suo motto of such incidents and ensure that such accidents do not occur or at least reduced in future by way of giving adequate training to drivers, erecting precautionery signboards on every dangerous turns in the hill areas, strictly restricting the drivers to consume liquor and using mobile phones while driving and giving them limited or fixed hours of driving duties etc.

But it has been experienced that the transport department, the local police and the government of the state is least concerned or bothered to rectify the situation by being alert or duty bound on this front.

It’s shocking and anguishing to note that not a single or negligible number of deceased (s) killed in such accidents have been adequately compensated by the transport department of Uttarakhand government, despite the legal n constitutional obligations to do so. It’s primarily the responsibility of the state government to financially compensate the families of the deceased who are usually from the poor and economically deprived classes.

If we go by the figures of these accidental deaths, the statistics present a grim picture.

In the first eight months of 2016, there were more than a dozen deadly road mishaps in the hills of Uttarakhand. In all, there were 1075 road accidents in the first eight months of 2016 in which 641 deaths took place and over 1,000 injuries.

In 2015, there were 955 accidents in which 584 persons died and several hundred injured, most of them permanently disabled.

According to official data published in TOI earlier,, the number of road accidents has increased over the years.

In 2001, 698 people died in road accidents across the state and the number rose to 962 in 2016. In 2015, 913 people had been killed in road accidents while 878 lives were lost in road accidents in 2014.
Interestingly, in almost all the accidents, the drivers were locals, who are well acquainted with the routes. ”Some may be over-confident, others negligent,” revealed sources.

Often, drivers ferrying tourists make haste on these roads, trying to complete a 10-day package in eight days, resulting in such ghastly mishaps. Then there are those who are drunk or drive rashly. Overloading is another problem.

A drive from Rudraprayag till Kedarnath shows that the state government has also not done enough. At several vulnerable places, there are no crash barriers, which can be life-saving.

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How car tyres are profitable to purchase from online web-based interfaces?




While purchasing auto tyres on web-based interfaces the auto holders sporadically have various choices. Different tire brands are accessible on the web according to the span of the feels burnt out on bicycles and autos.

It is vital to choose the correct auto tires as a frightful determination of tyres won’t put an impact on the financial arrangement of a man and furthermore the individual proceeds with sufferings for a considerable length of time. Subsequent to making legitimate research which will suit the best to your auto then just it is smarter to purchase auto tires on the web.

Auto tyre disappointment can be a frightful and ruining background. Tyre issues speak to around 10 percent of all deteriorations. There are couple of straightforward things which you can proceed with an arranged separation from them. In the event that you have a cut at that point there is a cost of having the tire supplanted and furthermore makes issue of not ready to get where you expected to go.

Tyres, for example, JK tyres, CEAT tyres, MRF tires and Apollo tyres thus numerous these are a portion of the brands which are accessible.

Customers can buy tyres from online in a centre range costs and furthermore applaud the advantage of productive arrangement and pocket cordial cost.It is a major preferred standpoint against purchasing tyres at a shop in which one will surely impact from specialists and paying additional money.

When purchasing auto tyres online they are frequently put into intrude paying arrangement, scopes of premium and in modest classes. The purchaser picks the finest tyre by looking at the various brands of benefits the one by various certainties like cost and reimbursements, and furthermore spares time as obtaining is done from home from online interfaces, and get a tremendous data from different sources or destinations.

While choosing the tyre measure the vast majority of the purchaser winds up getting confounded what tyre will fit to them when they don’t know about the brand.

New tyres ought to be bought when it is required, for example, when it gets punctured or in a basic state. Tyres ought to be acquired online with same expansiveness of the present tyres and which is adept to the auto ID. Also, it is imperative to take assistance from tire authorities. The tyre expert organize tyre on web. He additionally gives important bearings which helps the purchaser and makes him/her the best usage of tyre for a drawn out stretch of time.

Experts propose the purchaser who purchase auto tires online ought to favour utilized tires as they are less extortionate in fetched and furthermore performs well. At the point when orders are set it can be sent to carport too or at home it absolutely relies on the purchaser. In the event that the purchaser needs his/her request delivered to the carport he/she got the advantage of having them direct fitted in the auto.

Purchase auto tyres in the India is advantageous to the person as the individual appreciates the advantage of security as it gives better execution on street while working. A decent mileage of the auto additionally benefits the person.

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What makes you buy bike tires on the web?



Drivers at purpose of time challenge different options while purchasing bicycle tire on the web. There are different brands of tires accessible web based by created size and utilization of the tires and cruisers.

It is phenomenally fundamental to choose the right tires, in light of certainty that an awful determination of tires does not put an impact on the money related arrangement of a man. It’s smarter to analyse bicycle tires cost in the wake of knowing the privilege created subtle elements and size from the handbook of bicycle tires.

When you see bicycle tires online a purchaser can look at changed tires brands, cost and pick the best one for them. Which can pick up a man from different focuses like cost and reimbursements, merchandise order; efficient as obtaining is done from home and data is accessible in various source and locales.

What’s more, online buyers can purchase their tires in medium scale costs and can appreciate the pick up of sensible cost.

Everybody can see for bike tires online tranquilly from their home while looking on the changed selections of destinations. People select their tire estimate and gets befuddled on which brand of tires are appropriate for them.

The arrangement is sans issue with instalment technique like online instalment passages. Tires ought to be changed when required in the event that it gets old, get punctures or in terrible conditions. New tires ought to be bought from online which are of same broadness as the present tires and which adhere to the bicycle depiction. It is imperative to take counsel from tires pro, who knows how to sort out for particular tires mark from the web. He/she can give fitting bearing to a man which can make culminate use of new tires for dependable time.

Purchasing another bike tires can give a decent execution on street while driving, likewise give a decent position of security and an expansion mileage of cruiser with great hold in all condition.

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Going Electric: Musk launches his first Truck in LA



The vision of Elon Musk has always been for his company ‘Tesla’ to be more than a car company. Musk has wanted to shift the world to using sustainable energy, like electricity generated by the sun which can then power a range of vehicles, from cars to busses, and even, heavy trucks, including the gigantic 18 wheelers.

Musk has been planning to release a line of trucks for a while. He made a Master Plan, Part Deux, which is a mission statement for Tesla he had published in July 2016, in which he said that he wanted to widen the line of electric vehicle products to include all major segments. First part of this mission will take place tonight, on November 17, 2017, when Musk will reveal his all-electric semi-truck at 8pm in LA.

In a post on Instagram, Musk jokingly said that his truck will transform into a giant robot, fight aliens (like Transformers), and last but not least, make latte. Musk will probably design the truck to be 100% battery powered, with lithium ion cells laid along the floor, same as with Tesla’s cars. This keeps the centre of gravity low, and also helps with handling issues. This kind of thing is very important in a vehicle having a high side that has to drive through strong cross winds which might cause it to overturn.

Tesla has always focused largely on aerodynamics, and Musk has cited the physics of air resistance very often. The air resistance increases with the square of speed. That is why overpowering the air resistance is a huge power drain for a vehicle. Even a sleek car like Tesla’s, employs retracting door handles to make the vehicle as slippery as possible and cut through the air barrier at high speed. A Tesla truck will definitely employ the latest aerodynamic technology uncovered by Tesla itself. We can expect it to have active spoilers and deflectors that can adjust their angle to give the truck the best performance that is possible.

Even with all this technology to make the drive smooth, the trucks will still need charging. Considering the amount of electricity required to power such a vehicle, this issue is critical for the success of the Truck. The best Tesla can do with batteries is to stuff the Truck with them to give the Trucks a range of a few hundred kilometres. The current model of Tesla’s Superchargers can recharge a Tesla Model S car in 40 minutes, but such a giant truck is going to need a comparatively larger charger and the charging time needs to be as short as possible.

The company might suggest that the vehicles may be uses on routes where they can be charged before leaving and after arriving on their destination or it can suggest that the trucks might need to sit at a charging point overnight.

What Tesla needs to take into account right now is that, truck operators don’t buy them for fancy looks or high-tech features. If they want their truck to be a big hit they need to match their features with the requirements of the operators.



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Delhi Government sprinkle water on roadside to keep check on pollution



Air pollution in Delhi has crossed all the levels which no one expected. Is it a fault of Government or general public? Who is responsible for the situation which arises every year and the environment is worsening with each passing day reaching dangerous levels.

What would happen to our younger generation who are breathing this poisonous air?

They will not be healthy as our generation is or our grandparents generations who were lucky to breathe fresh air.

The major cause of this air pollution and gas chamber situation is number of vehicles in the Delhi city. You won’t get a space to walk properly on the road because of so many vehicles and traffic jams.

When we know that this situation arises every year then why not everybody is doing something about it and do their part to reduce the air pollution in Delhi which has made lives hell in the city.

Delhi Government sleeps for the whole year and wakes up in the winters making the situation more badly and by taking steps which are of no use. Even the Diwali cracker ban has not helped to overcome this horrifying situation forcing all Delhi ties to breathe poisonous gases locked in a chamber like thing.

Is this what we expected our lives to be in Delhi which was beautiful just 15 years back and now has become unbearable? People of other cities are circulating jokes on social media about the situation in the Delhi city and the alarming pollution levels.

We all have to do something urgently and should not depend upon the Government.

What can be done to fight pollution in Delhi?

Well Delhi Government has planned to sprinkle water on roadside and trees which are choked from pollution but this is a just a temporary solution which will last for some hours only and no fixed solution has been found by the Government. In fact the NGT has told to the Delhi Government that they will not take over from here and will take some preventive steps.

Till now no one has been able to provide a solution for the current pollution level in Delhi.

If you have any suggestions please suggest

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Royal Enfield launched two bikes Interceptor 650, Continental GT 650



Royal Enfield has revealed the looks of its newly launched interceptor 650 and Continental 650 bikes. The bikes are loaded with 650 cc engine which will give a smooth and powerful city ride and highway ride.

These bikes are being manufactured in European market and then these will be launched in other parts of the world. In India bikers have special craze royal Enfield. These two bikes were launched in Milan Motor Show and during the show it was told that these two superb bikes would be available in the market in April next year.

Royal Enfield CEO Siddhartha Lal said “The bikes are in last stage of production. We expect to launch in some markets starting April next year and then through the year across various global other global geographies. Royal Enfield aims to lead and expand the mid weight (250 cc -750 cc) motorcycle segment globally. These two new bikes would help grow this segment.”

The prices of these bikes are still not fixed as these are in pre-production phase.

Both bikes truly carries the Royal Enfield DNA as the interceptor 650 has a higher handle bar to give a smooth highway cruising experience whereas Continental GT 650 is designed in way so that it looks lean and give impression of cafe racer.

The engine comes with 6 speed gearbox with slip assist clutch to reduce your lever work. It can easily go on for 120-135 kmph with 47PS of peak power at 7,100rpm and 52nm torque at 4000rpm. The twin engines looks nostalgic and like Royal Enfield used to have in 1940’s.

Mr. Lal further said “The 650 twins offer a very evocative option to customers in mature motorcycle markets such as Europe, Australia and North America. For us this marks the beginning of a new chapter at Royal Enfield.”

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Top10 technology of 21st century



Technology has played a crucial role in performing an art of expressing.It has rebuild opportunities which defines the transformation of knowledge and skills to the next level. Here are some of the coolest technology gadgets which have changed the surface for the human race : 

1. Hover Board or Self Balancing Scooter.

A Hover Board or a Self Balancing scooter is a personal transport vehicle consisting of two motorised wheels and supported by a pair of pads for the placement of human feet. It is subjected to technology by the Chinese which is nowadays one of the most convenient sources of transport for a single person. This device can cover a speed of 9-21 kmph and is strongly recommended to use safety gears while using the vehicle. Powered lithium-ion battery pack, this vehicle is fully automatic and the operator has an advantage of user friendly assistance. In some developed countries like the U.S.A ,Russia or China, this vehicle is high on demand from celebrities to teenagers. But it is yet to overcome minds of many. 

2. A Flying ‘Drone’.

Drones are generally aerial vehicles which can take off into the air without an actual pilot. Drones are generally controlled by remote control system or a ground cockpit. Drones are generally equipped with different technological features including infra-red cameras, GPS and laser technology. The use of a drone is specially conducted with military operations through which navigation gets more easier via such an aerial aircraft. Though it has been involved with trend to capture images for bloggers, film makers and other useful communicative activities. A drone comes in many sizes, shapes and price depending on the work purpose and is specially fitted with a camera for 360 coverage and also live video broadcast. A drone is specifically built in with a wireless FPV transmitter built in along with an antennae and depending on the type of drone, the live video signals are transmitted wither by a remote controller, a computer, a tablet or a smart phone device. With the latest drones coming on, cellular networks such as 4G/LTE can be directly connected with the drones for live video streaming which is nowadays used for events, music shows and blogging for social media promotions and activities. These flying objects are a boon to the human world as is possibly one of the most advanced form of technology in today’s world.

3. Virtual Reality (VR).

Virtual Reality in scientific terms, is a computer technology which are used in Virtual Reality created headsets which is actually a combination of physical spaces or multiple projected environment generating sounds, sensations and images simulating a user’s physical presence in an imaginary or virtual world. These VR headsets are head mounted goggles insisted with a fold strap to get fitted with the human head and a screen in front of the human eyes. Some VR headsets includes inbuilt audio and sound features and some are manual via speakers or headphones. VR headsets like the Playstation VR or the Oculus Rift are often referred to as the HMDs (Head Mounted Displays).The actual aim of the hardware is to create what appears to be life size,3D virtual environment without boundaries. Therefore, whatever we watch, the screen mounted to the face always follows. This is more of augmented reality which involves the work of graphics in the view of the realistic world. The lenses focus and reshape the picture for each eye and create stereoscopic 3D image. This Virtual Reality device is high on demand and is one of the most innovative devices in the modern world.

4. Nintendo Switch

With the tag line of Freedom to have fun. Wherever. Whenever, Nintendo-The Mario Developer has designed the latest Nintendo Switch which has transformed the home gaming console to a portable gaming system which has certainly enabled gamers to play games for more duration. With the latest features involved the Nintendo Switch consists of two controllers vertical and sideways with motion sensing controls and buttons adding total gaming flexibility. It also involves multiplayer option by just pairing up with a friend. The Nintendo Switch includes sense of touch as well as HD rumble. It also comes up with an IR Motion Camera in Joy Con which can detect shape, movement and distance of objects which are captured by the camera generating more advanced game play. The overall system comes up with the Nintendo Switch Screen, Switch Dock, Joy-Con(Controllers),Joy-Con Grips and Joy-Con Straps. The 6.2 inch screen is built in multi-touch captive with display resolution of 1280 x 720. It also includes 32 GB internal memory with expandable micro SDHC or SDXC card slot. Outstanding Battery Life of more than near about to 5 hours. The weight of the fully loaded device is approximately 300 grams with built in NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor and is also enabled with Bluetooth 4.1.The video output via HDMI is up to 1080p. It also consists of Lithium-ion battery of 4310 mAh. The Nintendo Switch also comes up with exciting new colours that fascinates the modern gaming trend.

5. Snapchat Spectacles.


The Snapchat-connected spectacles is proving to define social media experiences to a next level. These spectacles can record a ten second video which can be added to memories via wireless networking. This technology is trending and one would love to get involved with activities using these sunglasses. The spectacles can save about 200 snaps.Social media gets more interesting with such devices on the edge.

6. Fly board.

A Fly-board is the latest trend for obsessive water sport and which is actually a hydro-flight device that supplies energy to drive the Fly-board up into the air. In the Fly-board,the rider stands on a board that is connected by a hose pipe from the water craft.The water is now forced by nozzles to a boots pair that is underneath which actually allows thrust for the Fly-board rider to fly in the air up to a level of approximately 50 ft and a splashing dive under water to 8 ft. A Fly-board world championship was also held in Doha,Qatar 2012. A Fly-board is considered to give one of the most sophisticated and trailblazing sensation to a human soul.


It is an electronic head band with EEG Brain sensing function,Integrated health tracking sensors,auto learning software algorithm,audio-visual stimuli through RGB LEDs and compact pillow speakers as well. It also provides a human mind with pre-loaded audios, and it provides sleep statistics and improvement suggestions too. This headband is a strap consisting of high quality soft fabric for superior comfort.It comes up with Bluetooth 4.0 to get directly connected with a smart-phone. RGB LEDs also comes up with customized color patterns. The bluetooth also allows to check sleep statistics.

8. Go PRO – HERO 5


An American technology which is all fired up with portable cameras,mobile applications and video editing softwares from the year 2002 has newly developed a 4K action camera specifies with 4K Video recording at 30fps, Ultra HD,electronic video stabilization and voice control as well. It can also capture 12mp photos in single,burst and time lapse modes.It also insists WDR photo mode capture with added details in shadows and highlights in the scene. It is also enabled with Advanced audio processing that captures left and right stereo audio channels.It is also GPS enabled.The Go Pro Hero 5 is actually proved to be sitting in the co-pilot sit for some real time heroes who covers action,adventure and travel from time to time.


An outstanding effort by the Motiv’s developers for such a tiny techno wearable to add an amazing experience towards the fitness tracking wearables. The titanium encased wearable can track sleep and fitness,steps covered,calories and distance.It also comes up with am optical heart rate sensor, a well organized battery life managing a period of three to five days.Yes, this fitness ring is waterproof upto 50 metres and it comes up with 7 different sizes. It includes colors like gray and rose gold and also features an LED band for charging and synchronizing notifications. This fitness ring can outburst as a pocket size dynamo in this no time world very soon.


Unbelievably fast,the Kawasaki Ninja H2R is launched and to get considered as the new supercharged super-sport motorbike manufactured by Kawasaki that features a variable speed centrifigual type supercharger.With a racing weight of 216 kg,the Ninja H2R comes up with a 17 litre fuel tank and can run wild 0-400kmph in just 26 seconds,twice the speed of Lamborghini Aventador. A 1000cc engine comes up with 6 speed, 16 valves, dual injection, liquid cooled, 4 stroke in line four cylindrical. Come up with Maximum power of 310 PS @ 14000 rpm and Maximum Torque of 165 NM @12500 rpm. The brakes are Dual semi floating 330mm discs,4 piston calliper single 250 mm disc, 2 piston calliper. The suspension includes 43mm inverted fork with rebound and compression damping new Uni-Trak with gas-charged shock,Piggyback reservoir and dual range. The Kawasaki H2R is believed to be the fastest 1000cc motorbike till date.Thanks to Kawasaki for putting forward this 4 cylindrical monster to the never ending roads of technology.


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The Tata Nexon is Tata Motors’ first attempt at cracking the sub-4 metre compact SUV segment, where it faces established rivals like the Maruti Brezza and Ford Ecosport. Expected to be launched in a price range of Rs 6.5-9.5 lakh, it is available with two turbocharged engines. The Tata Nexon petrol is powered by a 1.2-litre turbocharged Revotron petrol motor (110PS/170Nm), while the diesel uses a new 1.5-litre Revotorq diesel mill (110PS/260Nm). Both the engines will be mated to a brand new 6-speed manual gearbox, while a 6-speed automated manual transmission (AMT) will be introduced at a later stage (by or before April 2018). As of now, Tata Motors has not revealed the mileage figures for either version of the Tata Nexon. The Tata Nexon comes with front-wheel drive only and an all-wheel drive variant is unlikely to be introduced. Length x width x height x wheelbase dimensions come in at 3,994mm x 1,811mm x 1,607mm x 2,498mm, while the unladen ground clearance is rated at 209mm. It has a fuel tank capacity of 44-litres, while the boot space comes in at a healthy 350-litres (expandable to 690L with the 60:40 split rear seatback folded down). Apart from a unique styling package, the Tata Nexon also comes equipped with an expansive list of features. To begin with, it gets dual front airbags, ISOFIX child seat mounts and ABS with EBD and CSC (corner stability control) as standard, which is a great move by Tata Motors. Further, it offers goodies such as a 6.5-inch ‘ConnectNext’ HD touch screen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and multiple driving modes (Eco, City and Sport). It also gets features such as projector headlamps with daytime running lights, an 8-speaker sound system (4 speakers and 4 tweeters) and automatic climate control with rear AC vents. Tata Motors is also expected to officially commence the bookings in a few days time. The Nexon launch is most likely to happen either this month or next month.


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GOING ELECTRIC: Shunning the combustion engine



All car models rolled into market by Volvo after 2019 will either be fully electric or hybrid cars. This was said by the Chinese-possessed organization Geely on Wednesday, making it the primary major conventional automaker to set a date for eliminating vehicles which are powered exclusively by the interior combustion engine.

While electric and hybrid cars are relatively new concept, they are making strides at the top notch end of the market, where Volvo and Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors has been an immaculate play battery car producer from the very beginning. As new innovations roll out and costs fall due to increased supply and competition, numerous think tanks in automobile industry anticipate that mass-advertise selection will take the trend.

According to Volvo Cars CEO Hakan Samuelsson, the organization will roll out five new models in 2019 -2021, all completely electric. Volvo has put vigorously in new models and plants, after Geely of Ford purchased it in 2010. Some portion of its procedure has additionally been to grasp developing innovations that permit higher execution electric cars, inevitably, self-driving automobiles.

The Sweden-based organization will keep on producing immaculate combustion engine models propelled before that date, yet this turn flags the inevitable end of combustion engine by Volvo. Volvo presently hasn’t built even a single completely electric car however as of now it offers five hybrid models that can be driven a couple of dozen miles electric power before changing to a regular motor power. Tesla’s Model 3 is set to be presented to clients this month. According to Jaguar its all-electric vehicle, I-Pace, will go at a bargain, one year from now, while Audi will offer two premium electric autos in two years, that year that Mercedes-Benz is also planning to dispatch its first fully electric sports car under its EQ mark.

Comprehensively, the market for completely electric cars is small, yet it is developing rapidly. On the off chance that the development rate since 2013, were to continue to 2030, by that time, eight out of 10 cars sold would be plug-ins.

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