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Tyres never get tired: Brilliant Ideas For Recycling Tyres!!!!



Read Time: 2 minutes

Are you aware that every year one tire is discarded per person? In Europe, only half of the discarded care tires are recycled and rest is burned or simply thrown. Keeping this in mind I have come up with great ideas to transform the unwanted tires into useful items. Let’s learn.

Things required:
An old tire, wooden board, a jigsaw, acrylic paint, sandpaper and brush, pencil, measuring tape and rope.

Let’s do it:
Step 1: Measure the diameter of the tire.

Step 2: Draw a circle on the wooden board.

Step 3:
Cut the wooden board by using a jigsaw and polish the edges by using sandpaper. Then paint it on both sides. Use the same to cover the bottom of the tire.

Step 4: Paint the tire.

Apply a primer on the tire to seal the surface well to prevent it from cracking. Then paint the outside with the paint of your preferable color. Finally, place the cushion over the wood board.

You can also make a coffee table using the same method.

Not limited to sitting arrangements, tires can also be used as beautiful planters as below.

Another brilliant idea of using the old tires is making a cute cozy bed for your pets.

Happy DIY 🙂




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Sonali Patnaik is majorly into secondary research and report writing. She is an avid reader and reads a variety of novels, a music lover and a movie buff. She also loves to travel and fond of cooking experiments. She expresses her views on various topics and does so through her well-researched articles.



DIY Hot & Sexy Palm Leaf Convertible Halter-Tank Top!



Read Time: 2 minutes
Material Needed:
  1. White T-shirt of your size (Any light color Tshirt)
  2. Scissors
  3. Palm Leaf Stencil (You can make it at home)
  4. Tulip Color Shot Fabric Paint
  5. X-acto knife
  6. Cutting board
  7. Trash bag
  8. Wax paper
  9. Four pieces of card stock or heavy paper
  10. Tape
  11. Chalk or Pencil

Let’s begin.

Place the shirt down and mark lines, where it needs to be cut.

Now, cut the shirt along the traced the lines.

Take another old T-shirt and cut out the bottom hem for the tie that goes around the neck. You can also take a ribbon for this purpose.

Next, tie that the hem piece or ribbon around your neck. Then, tie the front strips to the piece tied around the neck just like the image below.

Now tie the front and back straps to the neck string. Refer to the images.

Front side-


Now, the ties can be brought together for a halter look.

Or spread the ties apart for a tank top.

Now let’s give this white with some color. For example, select a beautiful Green Palm leaves picture from the internet and take a printout of it.

Now, cut out the palm leaf with the help of x-acto knife.

Place a garbage bag down on the table then place the shirt on top of the bag. Now, place wax paper in between the shirt.

Taped5 pieces of card stock around the picture for overspray.

Here Tulip Color Shots in Green and Neon green have been used.

First, spray an even coat of Green, then spray the neon in the center for a highlight effect.

Now, repeat the spraying steps as many times as you want. Then, wait half an hour before wearing it.

You can wash it in cold water after drying it for 24 hours

Now, it is all set to wear.


Pair it with cool and stylish embroidered denim…

Let’s have some flower fun on denim!!!




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DIY No Sew Five-Minute Shrug or Drape!!



Read Time: 1 minute

Yes, you read it right. It literally takes five minutes or less to make this vest. Let’s check out how we can make this.

Things Needed

  1. A larger Scarf (Minimum dimensions should be approx. 35 inches x 35inches
  2. Scissors
  3. Dinner plate
  4. Chalk or a Washable Pin

Let’s begin.

Step 1: Fold your scarf into half.

Step 2: Now, find the middle line.

Step 3: Then place the dinner plate in the middle and trace it using the chalk.

Step 4: Next, cut out the circle.


Now, it’s ready to put on. You can pair it up with any T-shirt or top. Check the below images for better vision.


Isn’t it spectacular? Pair it with a beautifully braided neckpiece.


The Braided Bead Necklace

Happy DIY!!

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DIY Mobile Holder from Toilet Paper Roll!



Read Time: 2 minutes

It is a real hassle to constantly look down at your phone, rearranging the position of the phone while reading recipes or blogs or watching movies. That’s why here are some simple steps for DIY phone holder.

Materials you need:
  1. Toilet paper roll
  2. Washi tape
  3. 4 push pins or board pins
  4. Marker
  5. Scissors

Let’s begin.

Step 1:

Place your phone on the toilet paper roll and with the help of markers trace around it. This will be the opening where your phone will sit in when completed.

Step 2:

Now, with the help of scissors cut the slit out of the roll.

Step 3:

Then, wrap the washi tape all around the roll covering the slit as well. You can also use different colors of tape or any type of fabric/cloth/paper and glue it to the roll to make it a pretty design.

Step 4:

Next, cut out the tape covering the slit.

Step 5:

Now, push those 4 board pins into the bottom of the roll, which will act as ‘legs’ to hold it sturdy. Make sure that the pins are pushed on the outer edge of the roll so that they don’t come close to the phone when in place and scratch it.

Now enjoy! Happy DIY!!!

DIY: Hold your phone while charging!


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DIY: Hold your phone while charging!



Read Time: 3 minutes

Let us try to make a mobile phone holder out of the ordinary lotion bottle that you usually throw in the trash or in the storeroom after using the content in it.

Materials needed:

  1. Plastic bottle (It should be wider than your phone)
  2. Scissor or plastic cutter
  3. Marker
  4. Sandpaper or filer
  5. Fabric cloth, any old clothing that you are not using anymore will do
  6. Mod Podge
  7. Brush to apply the Mod Podge
  8. Box cutter/Exacto knife

Let’s begin.

First, take the plastic bottle and mark the height of the holder you want. Make sure how safe it can hold your phone. For reference, see the picture.

Cut the bottle along the line with scissors or a box cutter until you get the phone holder shape.

Next, draw a curved box shape on the back of the bottle towards the upper part.  Then cut it out, so that we can hang wherever we want. Smooth out its rough edges by using sandpaper.

Then, sand the surface of the whole bottle.  This will help to rough up the surface so that the Mod Podge will stick well.  Also, it is better to sand the printed ink so that it will not be visible from the other side.

Then, cut a piece of fabric, big enough to wrap around the phone holder and keep an inch or two extra on the top and bottom.

Then apply a substantial layer of Mod Podge to the front part.

Next, place the fabric right on top at the center.

Then, apply more Mod Podge around the side of the container and continue to wrap it with the fabric downright against it, pulling it tightly.  Make sure to pull the fabric down around the curve of the bottom of the bottle so that it will keep the fabric flat and smooth.  Use good amount of Mod Podge in the process.

At the back of the holder, overlap one of the edges over the other.  Be sure that the fabric is smooth all around the bottle and then cut a straight line up the back of the container, trimming off the excess fabric.

Now, apply a nice thick layer of Mod Podge over all of the fabric and seal all of the edges of the fabric with the Mod Podge, ensuring the fabric won’t peel off.

Lastly, measure and cut fabric to fit the bottom of the bottle.  Apply a layer of Mod Podge on the bottom of the bottle, attach the oval shape fabric on the bottom and then apply another coat of Mod Podge on it.  Now keep it upside down in a way so that it can dry, without touching anything.

Once it gets dry, cut out the fabric on the square opening at the upper part of the holder using a box cutter/Exacto knife.  Once it is cut down, apply more Mod Podge around the opening and allow it to dry again.

Then use the box cutter/Exacto knife and run the blade right along the edge of the phone holder all the way to remove any stray threads or chunks of dried Mod Podge.

And the phone holder is ready for use.




Happy DIY!!!


DIY Simple Mobile Holder from Popsicle Sticks!


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DIY Simple Mobile Holder from Popsicle Sticks!



Read Time: 2 minutes

Holding a mobile phone in hands for long hours, while watching a movie or on a video call becomes irritating. And if you have sweaty hands, then it’s another issue. The best solution for this problem is to have a mobile phone stand that holds the mobile. So, here is a stepwise procedure to build a mobile phone stand using some recycled popsicle sticks. Yes, you read it right! Popsicle sticks … 😉

Let’s begin.

Materials you will need- Recycled Popsicle Sticks (6-7), Glue Gun, Crafting Scissors, Markers (For Detailing).

First, place two popsicle sticks angled in the shape of an ‘A’ without the bar in the middle as shown in the image.

Now add some glue and stick the two sticks at the tapering edge.

Now take another popsicle stick and attach it across the ‘A’ shape almost near the bottom by using glue. Make sure there is sufficient ground clearance.

Then attach a small piece of popsicle stick across the ‘A’ joint on the top. This will provide better support to your stand.

Next, add more hot glue on this newly made joint and place another popsicle stick on it as shown in the image. Bend it and keep the angle as per your desired angle and let it dry.

Now the mobile phone holder is complete. However, you can paint it with your favorite color or use a marker to make some random designs on the stand.

Now, this is ready to use. Happy DIY!!!

DIY: Hold your phone while charging!


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DIY Gorgeous Cake Stands



Read Time: 2 minutes

You can convert or repurpose your basic flower pots and saucers into lovely dessert stands with these simple and easy steps.

Materials Needed: 12″ saucer, ruler, a 4″ pot, super glue, pink chalk paint, gray chalk paint, white paint, water, paintbrush, painter’s tape, gold liquid gilding, sanding block, alphabet stamps, ink pad, food-safe wax and cloth.

Now let’s do it.

First, measure and mark on the center of the 12-inch saucer.

Then, attach the 4-inch pot to the center mark of the saucer with super glue.

Let it dry overnight.

Once the pot is fixed with saucer, start painting the pot with pink chalk paint and let it dry. Once the paint gets dried flip it and start painting the saucer with gray chalk paint.

Mix two thirds white paint and one-third water, and paint the saucer again.

Then cover the rim of the saucer with painter’s tape and coat the outer edge in gold liquid gilding. Let it dry and then remove the tape.

Lightly distress the top with sandpaper until the gray paint and terra-cotta peek through.

Next, add a cute line with the alphabet stamps and ink pad.

Use a cloth to buff on food-safe wax over both the saucer and the pot.

Your new cake stand is ready to serve.

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Make Invisible Bookshelves!



Read Time: 2 minutes

All home décor fans love using wall space effectively. Let us do some cheap and yet cool décor on the wall. We will try making an invisible bookshelf that really creates a stylish hover effect and also saves money and space. Follow these instructions.

Materials needed:

  1. 1 L shaped metal wall brace (the bigger the stronger, however, it should not be longer than the width of the book)
  2. Screws
  3. Stud Finder
  4. A drill
  5. Velcro strips
  6. A book that you don’t read anymore

First, take a sticky Velcro strip and stick it in the center of the back cover of the book. Similarly, stick another strip to one of the exterior sides of the metal brace.

Now, find a stud in the wall and mark it with a pencil.

Let’s begin drilling the holes. Ensure the brace is straight, and also make sure that the velcro is facing the floor.

When you have it level, mark the holes, drill the top one first. Make sure that it goes straight into the wall to avoid breaking off the bit. Similarly, do for the other holes.

Now, set the book to the bottom of the brace by sticking the velcro strip on the back cover hanging down.

Now, stack the books on top of the shelf.


  1. Make sure that the diameter of the drill is a little smaller than the screw.
  2. Putting the top screw in the brace on the wall first before drilling the second hole is a lot easier, it makes it less difficult to keep it level.
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Make Your Old Heels Glitter!!!



Read Time: 2 minutes

A pair of sexy glitter heels are must-have-footwear for every girl. Sometimes, we hesitate to buy them because of their high prices. Therefore here is a way how we can make our own glitter heels.

Things needed: Pair of old footwear, Mod Podge, Glitter of your color preference, Paintbrush, Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze.


Let’ begin the magic.

Step 1

First, paint a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the footwear, one section at a time.

Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the footwear.

Step 2

Then, sprinkle fine glitter onto the Mod Podge liberally.  Gently tap or shake the footwear to remove the excess glitter.

Sprinkle fine glitter onto the Mod Podge liberally.

Step 3

Similarly, repeat the process until the entire shoe is covered with glitter.  For better results, you can do additional coats once the first coat gets dried.

Repeat the process until the entire shoe is covered with glitter.

Step 4

Let it dry for a couple of hours, and then spray it with the Krylon Triple-Thick Clear Glaze, to make the glitters fixed so that it won’t leave a glitter trail everywhere it goes.

Spray it with the Krylon Triple-Thick Clear Glaze.


If you don’t have the Krylon spray, you can use another coat or two of plain Mod Podge over the top of the shoes to seal in the glitter.

Before you start the glittering affair, don’t forget to place a newspaper or foil on the area where you want to do an experiment to avoid drips or spills on the floor.


*A web collection...
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Making Scented Candles at Home!



Read Time: 2 minutes

All of us love things that smell good, especially in winter when most of us like to spend time indoors. Charismatic aroma is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a romantic candlelight dinner. Good fragrance really soothes mind and acts as a good refresher. Here are steps to follow in order to make your own scented candles


2kg soy wax or paraffin, scented or essential oils, mica or candle powders in various colors of your choice (optional), double boiler or you can use a heatproof bowl and a saucepan, thermometer, candle moulds or you can use small glass jars, tins and pots, spray oil, wicks and hairdryer.


  1. First, grate or chop the wax or paraffin. Chop it as fine as you can, so that it will take lesser time melt. In case you are using a double boiler, get it set up. Or else, boil some water in a or saucepan, then set a heatproof bowl on top of the saucepan.
  2. Now, add the chopped or grated wax to the top of the boiler or the bowl and let it melt. Don’t forget to stir frequently. Ensure the temperature of the wax does not exceed 90°C by using the thermometer.
  3. Once the wax gets melted completely, add desired oil or combination of oils and powder for the color of your preference. Try to do this over the heat, very quickly, so that the coloring agent gets combined easily.
  4. Then remove from the heat and set aside.
  5. Now prepare your mould. Spray it with a little oil for easy removal. Then, insert the wick by tying the wick to a pencil and keep the pencil horizontally across the top of the mould so that the wick hangs vertically at the center of the mould.
  6. Now, pour the wax to about 2cm from the top. Use a hairdryer to dispel any air bubbles or divots, and smooth the top.
  7. Cut off the wick and leave the candle for at least 24 hours before removing from the mould.

Happy DIY!!!

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Make Soda Can Bracelets!



Read Time: 3 minutes

Have you ever thought of wearing jewelry made from waste like those Pepsi or Coke cans? Oh yeah! Today I am going to show you how to make bracelets out of a soda can.

Things Needed: Soda cans, ribbon or some fabric scrap, jewelry glue or metal glue or super glue and Modge Podge

Let the fun begin …

1)  Take a soda can and with the help of the scissors, cut two strips of equal width. Make sure that the width of the can strips are smaller than the width of the ribbon you are using.

2)  Then glue the strips together like one on top of the other to make it a little durable. Let it dry.

3)  Wrap the ribbon around can strip to measure the exact length of the ribbon you need.  Then cut the ribbon about 1/2 inch longer than the exact measurement.  Similarly, cut another strip of ribbon of the same length.

4)  Now paint the outside of the can strip with Modge Podge and paste the ribbon around on top of the strip. Make sure that there is an extra ribbon of equal length on each end of can.  This is needed to overlap and fasten bangle.

5)  Similarly, repeat the procedure to paste the ribbon strip inside of the can strip with Modge Podge. Now, let this dry. You can use clothespins to hold it till it gets dried.

6)  Now, smear Modge Podge over ribbons on both the outer and the inner side and let it dry.

7) You can use it as it is else you can give it more décor. Take another thinner ribbon of contrast color to the previous ribbon and use Modge Podge or fabric glue to paste it around the center of the bigger ribbon.  Or else you can be more creative and do whatever you want.

8)  Measure the bangle by checking what size you need it so that it will slide on and off over your hand.  Then use fabric glue or Modge Podge to join one end on top of the other hand at the appropriate size.  Hold together with a clothespin until it dries.

9)  Use Modge Podge to attach two other ribbon ends – one of them covers the place where the can was joined together.

Next time, don’t just drink the coke, try wearing it. Below are some more designs for your reference.

Happy DIY!!!

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