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Teej Festival 2017: 4 Delicious food to celebrate this auspicious Festival



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NewDelhi, July 26: The marvelous land of India is renowned for their festivals so Is the Hariyali Teej, which is celebrated on the third day of Haryali Amavasya after the full moon in the Shravana month, usually two days before Nag Pachami. 

Hariyali Teej is primarily a north Indian festival which holds great significance for Hindus women across the Northern states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar.

This festival is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva which symbolizes the reunion of Shiva and Parvati mata.

On this day, they visit their parent’s home, and dressed up in green Sari and with green bangles and then performed puja, after that group of women enjoy the festivals by singing Teej songs with some delicious food.

Here’s a fully-planned reciepe to enjoy this Teej Festival.

Ghewar :


Ghewar is the popular savory of the Rajasthan and without which Teej festival is incomplete. There are four varieties of ghevar plain ghevar, malai ghevar, kesar ghevar and kesar-malai ghevar.

Malpua :


Malpua is a pancake as a desert. The batter made by crushing ripe bananas, adding flour, and water or milk. The mixture is sometimes delicately seasoned with cardamoms then fritters are fried and dipped in syrup.

Coconut ladoo :

Coconut ladoo

Coconut ladoo is made with khoya and condensed milk, in round shaped balls and stuffed with cashews and almonds.

Mango and mint Kheer :

Mango and mint Kheer

All-time favourite Indian sweet, kheer. Rice is cooked in milk and saffron, blended with mango puree and mint leaves and garnished with nuts.

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5 Yoghurt​ ​Recipes​ ​for​ ​the​ ​Perfect​ ​Dessert



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Saturday, 30/3/2019: The rising popularity of yoghurt has incited chefs to come up with new yoghurt recipes. It is not just linked to its extraordinary taste and versatility, the smooth dairy nourishment is additionally useful for the body.

Yoghurt is a great source of important supplements and vitamins required for the body to work ideally. The good bacteria found in yoghurt enhance the body’s retention of basic supplements, and prevent the growth of unsafe microbes in the body. Yoghurt not only aids digestion, it also smoothens the skin and soothes the stomach.

Making Desserts with Yoghurt

Drinking plain yoghurt can get rather exhausting but, not to worry, there are numerous approaches to incorporate yoghurt in your eating routine particularly as desserts. Indeed, you get the chance to appreciate a healthy and sweet bowl of treat with yoghurt as the primary ingredient.

Let’s take a look at 5 delicious Yoghurt recipes that can be made from yogurt.

1. Fresh Fruits and Yoghurt Parfaits

Fresh Fruits and Yoghurt Parfaits

Yoghurt parfait is a healthy and tantalizing dessert treat. Typically, a yoghurt parfait comprises of layers of yoghurt, grains, nuts and fruits. It contains low measures of fat and calories and is an ideal treat after a delightful feast.

How to make:
  • To stir up this scrumptious parfait, add a couple teaspoons of honey, nuts and grain of choice to your most loved yoghurt flavour.
  • Stir to mix and garnish with fresh natural fruits like apples, strawberries or raspberries.

2. Mug Cake

mug cake

This mug measured cake is significantly healthier than a regular cake since it’s made with yoghurt and almond milk and contains little sugar.

How to make:
  • Whisk together yoghurt, margarine, almond drain, egg, lemon separate, vanilla concentrate, and sugar with a fork.
  • Include some flour and whisk until the blend is of a smooth consistency.
  • Mix in a few tablespoons of your favoured toppings, also sprinkle more toppings around the sides of the mug and over the batter.
  • Microwave for around three minutes until firm. Serve with a glass of sweetened yoghurt. Twofold treat!


3.  Yoghurt Frosting

Yoghurt Frosting

The yoghurt takes the place of butter or most fatty ingredients found in traditional frosting recipes, yet adding the creamy texture without all the unhealthy fat.

How to make:
  • Blend some whipped cream, yoghurt, powdered sugar and vanilla extract together until completely smooth.
  • If a thinner frosting is desired, add a little milk of choice to thin it out.

This yoghurt cream icing can be used in icing cakes or treats like cookies and doughnuts, and is best served instantly after frosting.

  1. Peanut Butter Dip

Peanut Butter Dip

Here is a quick and effortless approach to jazz up fresh fruit.

How to make:
  • Whisk Hollandia yoghurt, peanut butter, and any sweetener of your choice together and you’ve got a creamy dip for apple and banana slices, strawberries and more.

It’s not only an additional exciting twist to eat fresh fruit, but it also adds some protein to the snack.

5. Yoghurt Pretzels

Yoghurt Pretzels

Yoghurt-covered pretzels are a great snack. They give off a sweet and salty taste with just a tiny bit of tanginess that comes from the yoghurt. To make yogurt bark you need sweetened yoghurt as well as one special thickening ingredient, yogurt powder.

How to make:
  • Break up pretzel pieces, add sweetened Hollandia yoghurt, yoghurt powder, melted white chocolate and diced strawberry.
  • Pour the mixture out onto the prepared baking sheet and top with extra pretzels.
  • Bake until you get the desired result and serve with fruit juice.


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Now you can Zomato your food via Paytm: Details inside



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One97 Communications Limited, the parent firm of Paytm on Thursday announced that it has partnered with Zomato to enable food ordering and delivery service through its mobile app.

With this addition, users can now browse their favorite restaurants within the Paytm App and order food instantly. This service is currently live for Delhi-NCR customers on the Paytm Android app and will soon be made available across India and on the Paytm iOS app as well.

Paytm has a strong user-base across tier 2 & tier 3 cities who use its services for a wide array of everyday payments. With this integration, Paytm would introduce the convenience of online food ordering to its customers which will further augment the growth through a strong uptake among its large user-base.

Renu Satti, Senior Vice President-– Paytm said, “Our association with Zomato is a valuable addition to our platform in bringing the convenience of ordering food online through our app. A vast majority of our customers are from the tier 2 & tier 3 cities, with this new addition we are confident of driving the growth of online food ordering further. It is also an important step towards enhancing the overall offerings to our customers. We will continue to invest our efforts in this direction.”

Mohit Gupta, CEO – Food Delivery, Zomato said, “Paytm is the most popular digital payments platform, with extensive reach across the length and breadth of the country. We are excited to be partnering with them to integrate our online food delivery service with their mobile app. This will allow us to reach a much larger user base and add to the overall experience of ordering from Zomato.”

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World Food Day



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World food day is celebrated on 16th October every year across the globe. It’s celebrated annually in the honour of the inaugural date of the Food and Agricultural organisation that was launched by the United Nations in 1945. World food day is also celebrated by other organisations which are related to food security like International fund for Agricultural Development, the World Food Program, and others.
Why World food Day is celebrated ?
The primary reason behind the origination and celebration of World Food day is to secure and facilitate the food security over the world, most importantly during the period of crisis. The celebration of the World Food day all over the world helps in increasing understanding of the critical requirement for efficacious food and agriculture policies to be executed by Governments of different nations to assure there is adequate food available for everybody worldwide.
World food day: Millennials want healthy food
People are becoming more conscious of their health in today’s era and the same thing is changing the food habits of the young people. They are more aware of the ongoing health trends around the world and are more sensitive to body perceptions. While they are changing their food habits out of consciousness, their diet is unconsciously influenced by changing trends in the fitness industry. Today, the food habits of young people are more adventurous and they do not feel shy to try out different cuisines on the domestic as well as international levels. While they experiment with different cuisines, they do care of a healthy diet plan.
What is a healthy diet?
Healthy diet includes food rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fibre. These foods nourish our bodies by fulfilling those requirements that keep you healthy. Include foods that are rich in nutrients:
• fruits and vegetables
• whole grains like oats, brown bread and brown rice
• nuts and seeds
• Beans
• Low fat milk and other dairy products like yogurt, cheese or other substitutes
• Eggs, seafood, lean meats
Food processing industry: sunrise sector

The food processing industry of India is a sunrise sector that has gained importance in recent years. The adequate availability of raw materials and changing lifestyle
lifestyle along with mitigation in policies has given necessary platform for the growth of the industry. The industry is a connector between agriculture and industrial segments of the industry and supporting this link is of utmost importance because it will help in improving the greater value of the current agriculture production; ensuring profits to the farmers and creating fair demands of Indian Agricultural products worldwide.The food industry is one of the most critical and important part of the economy, with food being 30% of the consumers basket. The food processing sector provides exciting business opportunities for domestic as well as international competitors.
Food adulteration

Food adulteration is the process where quality of food is lowered by addition of poor quality, inferior or harmful or unnecessary substances to foods. This act of spoiling destroying the nature and quality of food products is known as food adulteration. It is one of the serious challenges in the society. Despite of several measures taken to prevent adulteration, the problem is still a big challenge for the country.

  1. Rumours about plastic rice and egg
    Plastic eggs and plastic eggs are simply rumours and hoax created by people to create fear in people’s mind. There are messages circulated on social media about such fake products available in Indian markets. This is also considered that the rumour created by some organic or special food lobby to put their products in market. There is a possibility if this kind of hoax are created by some anti-national elements to create confusion in country and thereby putting blame on the government on importing food products from outside. Whatever the motive of such rumours, there is no truth in them.
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Navratri 2018: 5 Navratri Mouth Watering Recipe You Can Enjoy While Observing Fasting



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Nine day festival season is in full swing are filled with devotion and reverence.

Symbolizing victory of positivity over negativity, Navratri  explicated as ‘nine nights’ and the most celebrated Hindu festival devoted to Goddess Durga symbolizing purity and power.

Navratri festival combines puja and fasting and is followed by celebrations for nine consecutive days and nights.

With Navratri, the festival of peace, joy & prosperity, the celebration are incomplete without sweets and food in traditional India.

Join in and experiment this mouth watering dishes with different flavours and spices.

1.      Shakarkandi Chaat

Shakarkandi Chaat

Fruit chaats are always goodto have during Navratri, this time tried the shakarkandi chaat? Made with boiled sweet potatoes and topped with rock salt, chaat masala and lemon,  shakarkandi chaat is one of the most popular Navratri special foods.

2.    Sama ke chawal Uttapam

Sama ke chawal Uttapam

Sama ke chawal ka uttapam is a fasting recipe which can be made best navratri festivals durind fasting. It provides lots of nutrients and is considered to be one of the most digestible and non-allergenic grains.

3.    Sabudana Kheer

Sabudana Kheer

The amazing festive dessert made with sabudana) is a vrat classic. Flavored with saffron cardamom and topped with some nuts.  Serve at a dinne rparty on special occasions or juts make it as a post dinner dessert. It’s a quick and simple snack or breakfast to make.

4. Kuttu ke atta ki puri

Kuttu Atta ki Puri
These puris made with Kuttu ka Atta are the best accompaniments to Aloo Tamatar Bhaji. You can also have this with a bowl of chilled curd.

5.  Sabudana Vada


Sabudana vada is a crispy, delicious and light snack that is usually prepared during the fasting days on Navratri festival. You can also have this with green chutney.

On this auspicious festival, NewsViewsNetwork wishes everyone a very Happy Navratri.

NewsViewsNetwork Bureau


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Healthy food makes Healthy lifestyle



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It is appropriately said that bliss is an impression of your wellbeing in light of the fact that lone a decent solid life can make a man dynamic additionally wellbeing is the primary abundance of a man. A decent wellbeing prompts cheerful and pleasant life. Each individual should think about the significance of wellbeing in their lives. Having legitimate sustenance and rest is the key of sound life. It doesn’t imply that a sound life implies just physical prosperity it likewise conveys mental strength and inward tranquillity of a person.


Remaining fit and sound incorporates admission of supplements rich sustenance, adequate rest, staying away from garbage nourishment and exercise. What’s more, if an individual isn’t having appropriate eating routine it will eventually influence their psychological, physical and enthusiastic wellbeing. Likewise, an individual must drink bounty measure of water as it enhances digestion and discharges poisons.


The eating regimen one ought to include are green veggies, eggs, drain, vitamins, vegetables, organic products, and proteins which makes an individual more advantageous additionally if an individual does customary exercise and yoga it keeps up resistance level, glucose and wellness as well. An unfit and unfortunate way of life causes such a large number of medical problems like dejection, visit fever and so on. Undesirable way of life likewise prompts sudden passing.


Doing customary exercise, cycling, running, strolling lessens the issue of corpulence and makes an individual fit. Presently a day’s young age is confronting such a large number of issues like coronary illness, heftiness and diabetes in view of unfit and unfortunate ways of life. Wellbeing is the basic resource of a person which one should deal with that.


A sound soundness of an individual is the key of bliss, achievement and accomplishments and makes the individual more settled and looks after persistence. One must make great propensities excessively like washing their hands previously having nourishment and ensure that the earth must be spotless and clean. Along these lines, wellbeing absolutely relies on what we eat and drink. One ought to abstain from devouring destructive substances which incorporates drugs, liquor, cigarettes as it straightforwardly prompts genuine medical problems in future.


Accordingly, a decent wellbeing thoroughly relies on what an individual devours.

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The wildest food habits of Nagaland



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The Nagas are one of the wildest tribes who eat anything that moves. They do not spare insects and worms. But what they relish most is the meat of wild animals. Warriors as they are by nature, the Nagas love hunting, and the meat of wild animals fills them with great delight.

Rice is their staple food, which is taken with meat. The meat is mostly pork, beef and chicken, but it can also be snakes, snails, rats, squirrels, dogs, cats, mithuns, buffaloes, deer, spiders, birds, crabs, monkeys, bee larvae, shrimps, red ants, and almost everything that is wild. Elephants included. No part of an animal is wasted — even blood, skin and intestines are eaten. Occasionally, however, they let the skin be, and use it to make shields.

Hunting is something the Nagas have practiced for ages and it’s a matter of pride for a hunter if he has the highest number of kills. There are 16 recognised tribes and a number of sub-tribes of Nagas in Nagaland. They also have a sizeable population in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur and eastern Myanmar. Their food habits are different from those of other tribals in the Northeast — both in terms of the animals they eat, and the style of cooking. They smoke their meat at home over a kitchen fire and apply axone (fermented soya bean) to create a pungent aroma in the dishes. Some love their meat with anishi (a preparation made of dried yam leaves).

Most meat dishes are boiled with suitable ingredients and spices. Frogs, bee larvae and insects are cooked till dry (with ginger, garlic and chilly). Snail is cooked with a lot of chillies. For dog meat, the best spices are ginger, Naga pepper and dried red chillies. Meat is also cooked with lettuce and spinach leaves. Chilly, mostly ‘bhut jolokia or Naga mircha’, and bamboo shoot are equally popular. Not all species of dogs, frogs, snails, worms and insects are eaten. The Nagas say frog meat tastes like chicken. The‘Wednesday Bazaar’ in Dimapur is very dear to these tribals for the array of animals, insects and worms sold here. A dog is sold alive for Rs500-Rs600. Frogs and river snails cost Rs200-Rs250 a kg. The river snails, which are very small in size, are cooked with ‘daal’ and sucked. The bazaar teems with customers every week. The sellers are mostly locals and they deal in local fruits, animals, insects, worms, vegetables, traditional utensils, garments, ornaments, handicraft items, etc. Nagas from all walks of life — some from remote areas — come here for shopping.

I remember one of my trip to Tuli-Nagaland, where I alongside few friends when we stopped near a river side and we saw couple of naga men were having bonfire,smoked meat and some local rice beer.We too were carrying some wine and ‘chaknas’ while they offered us to sit with them and have some drink. Popped our minds, we were literally excited and began to flow to their direction over the river side. The meat was so yummy that we started and finished it with split seconds alongside local beers.

The Nagas also believe that the meat of wild animals, insects and worms can cure a number of diseases. “Frog, snails and bee larvae are eaten when one is injured (believed to quicken the healing of skin and bones), local chickens and legs of pigs are eaten during pregnancy, and dog meat is believed to be a cure for pneumonia.”

The Naga Tribe is one of the authentic hill tribe and is believed to be one of the most skilled warrior tibes of the North-East India.


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Pizza Cones are getting popular worldwide



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Pizza is a run of the mill fast food thing in Europe and North America. A pizza is overall finished with the toppings of meats and vegetables. Pizza is a sort of a flatbread round perfectly healthy. They have a place ordinarily with the west, and now they are supported by a tremendous people in various countries also.

Above all else let us attempt to think about what all is a pizza cone about? Pizza cone is only a Pizza in a Cone. Yet, this sole component is not in charge of its being not the same as other nourishment things; it has numerous other recognizable attributes as well. Thus, commonly saying, Pizza cone is a cone made up of the fillings, fixings, and garnishes that are utilized as a part of the instance of flatbread, ordinary pizzas.

Pizza cones are not only becoming popular in the USA and Europe but also gaining popularity worldwide. Slowly and slowly they are becoming a wholesome preference of the majority population in other countries too. Pizza cones are a new and a unique way to present the Pizzas. Their formation has proved to be a mouth watering item for the people.

Pizza in a cone is a truly helpful eatable that gives an individual a sharp way to deal with eating all the more a Healthier Pizza. The pizza cones have somehow brought a change in the Pizza Industry.

Their unique features are making them popular worldwide. So, various different characteristics of the Pizza Cones are:

1) Ease of take away:

The Pizza Cones are easy to take away. They can be easily carried home by an individual. A person can hold multiple Pizza cones in his or her hands at a particular point of time, thus they are easy to handle.

2) Eat on the go:

No need to stand still at a place to eat the Pizza Cones. Pizza cones can be enjoyed while walking too. Their formation doesn’t allow the fillings to spill over anything. Enjoy them wherever you are, without and worries of messiness.

3) Fresh:

The Pizza cones are baked fresh with fresh ingredients. The machines in which they are prepared are made up of stainless steel. Thus, they are healthy and not fatal for any person’s life. These food items remain hot for a much longer period of time and thus, can be eaten by the person at any time.

4) Small Space:

Eating the Pizza cones does not need any seating arrangements. They can be eaten while walking and can be taken to the home. Thus, due to no requirement of the sitting arrangement, the pizza cone stores can be opened even in small spaces. No need of any big space to sell the Pizza Cones.

5) Cater wide varieties of cuisines:

Pizza cones cater a vast variety of cuisines or dishes. Cone pizza has an unending reach from picking dough base to the fixing of the client’s preference. A customer can get the ingredients and fillings in the Pizza Cone done according to his or her liking and taste. Thus, it leads to the formation of a variety of new cuisines in a Pizza Cone.

So, Cone Pizzas are majority’s cup of tea. They have simply proven to be a heartthrob for many and are continuing in doing so, worldwide.

Being exceptionally flavourful, pizza cones serve as a prevalent fast food. Pizza cones are an amazingly dynamic thought with an intention of hitting other countries’ business sectors as well. Each one of the restaurants, vendors, shop, retail outlets and shopping centers must begin serving to stay in such a remarkable focused market.

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People who love to eat are the best people and people who love to cook are better than best. 😉

Here are few creative recipes that you will love to prepare.

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Friday Feast with Low fat recipes



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Let’s make something special this weekend. Keeping in mind all the healthy chicken lovers, we are presenting two low fat chicken recipes to you. So, eat healthy, stay healthy…..

Low fat Yoghurt Chicken

Yogurt chicken

Ingredients: Half kg boneless chicken, two and half cups yogurt, one tsp cumin (zeera) powder, one tsp fresh garlic paste, half tsp red chilli powder (optional), one fourth tsp turmeric (haldi) powder, one fourth tsp garam masala, green chilli slits (as per your taste), two onions (chopped), one tomato (chopped), half a bunch of Coriander leaves to garnish (as per your taste), two tsp oil and salt to taste

In a bowl take the yogurt and add cumin or zeera powder, fresh garlic paste, haldi powder, salt to taste, garam masala and red chilli powder. Mix all the ingredients to make it a smooth paste like batter. Then add chicken pieces into the same and also add slits of few green chillies. Keep the marinated chicken aside for 30 minutes. Now, in a pan or kadai heat two tsp oil and then add the chopped onion. After the onion gets soft and translucent add chopped tomatoes. As soon as the tomatoes become soft and paste like consistency add all the marinated chicken. Keep cooking till the gravy reaches the consistency you like. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves. The dish goes best with zeera rice if the gravy is more and with roti or garlic naan if you dry it up.

Veg people can try this with paneer or half boiled potatoes or half boiled chhole instead of chicken.

Healthy Hariyali Chicken Tikka

Hariyali tikka

Ingredients: Half kg skinless, boneless chicken (medium size cut), one cup finely chopped fresh cilantro or coriander leaves, half cup finely chopped fresh mint leaves, one tablespoon ginger garlic paste, one tablespoon lemon juice, one tablespoon green chilli paste and salt to taste.

In a large bowl, grind together the cilantro or the coriander leaves, mint leaves, ginger garlic paste, lemon juice, green chilli paste, and salt. Add the chicken pieces to it, mix well and cover the bowl to refrigerate for two to three hours. Preheat the oven broiler. Then, lightly grease a baking tray. Place the chicken pieces in the baking tray, and broil for 20 minutes. Your tikkas are ready, serve hot with mint chutney.

Veg people can try this with paneer or mushroom, boiled sweet potatoes or other steamed vegetables instead of chicken.

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Indian chutneys : Quick and easy recipes



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Chutney: a sauce or dip in the Indian cuisine. It is an essential combination for many popular Indian dishes like idli, dosa, rice, vada, chila, dhokla etc. These chutneys vary in taste, texture, ingredients, and cooking method across India. Below are few chutneys recipes.

Onion Tomato Chutney

Two large onions, chopped
One tomato, chopped
Four to five dry red chillies (as per taste)
Two cloves of garlic, crushed

Few curry leaves
Half tsp of asafoetida or hing
Two tsp of oil

Salt to taste

  1. Heat the oil and add the chopped onions. Keep frying until it gets light golden brown in color. Then add garlic, red chillies and hing and keep frying until the garlic gets cooked. Now, add chopped tomato and salt. Mix well and cook until the tomatoes turn soft and the mixture is moist.
  2. Remove from the stove and set aside to cool. Grind without adding water to a smooth paste. Temper it in some oil, mustard seeds, dry red chillies and few curry leaves.

Tomato Mint Chutney

One cup of packed fresh mint leaves, chopped
Two tomatoes, chopped
One large (or 2 medium-sized) onions, sliced
Half cup of roasted gram dal
Three to four of dry red chillies
One fourth tsp of asafoetida / hing
One tbsp of oil
One fourth tsp of mustard seeds
Half tsp of urad dal

Salt to taste

  1. Heat oil and add the mustard seeds. Once mustard seeds begin to pop, add the urad dal and keep frying until it turns golden brown in color.
  2. Add the onions and cook until it turns golden brown (about 4-5 mins), add red chillies, and the chopped tomatoes. Mix well and cook for another 5-6 mins until the tomatoes turn soft.
  3. Once the tomatoes are cooked, add the chopped mint leaves and cook for three minutes until the leaves get cooked. Then, add the roasted gram, salt, and hing. Mix well all the ingredients together and remove from fire. Cool it off and grind without adding any water. You can temper it in some oil, mustard seeds, dry red chillies and few curry leaves.

Coconut Coriander Chutney


  • Three fourth cup of grated coconut
  • One cup of packed coriander leaves
  • Two red chillies and one green chilli
  • A small piece of tamarind
  • Half tsp of urad dal
  • One tsp of oil
  1. In a pan, heat oil and add the urad dal. Fry until golden brown. Then, add chopped coriander leaves and saute until it gets cooked.
  2. Then add the red chillies, green chilli, coconut and some salt to taste. Sautè until the coconut loses its moisture (about 3-4 mins). Turn off flame, add tamarind, and let it cool down.
  3. Grind to a smooth chutney using only a little water required for the grinding.

Brinjal Chutney


  • One large eggplant or  brinjal chopped/diced
  • Two green chillies
  • three tsp of oil
  • Half  tsp of black mustard seeds
  • Three fourth tsp of urad dal
  • A pinch of hing or asafoetida
  • One dry red chilli
  • Three fourth tsp of tamarind paste or small piece of tamarind
  • Three to four minced shallots or two tbsp minced onions
  • A few curry leaves
  1. Heat a pan and add one tsp oil and add the mustard seeds.
  2. Once the seeds are spluttered, add the chopped or diced eggplant. Saute until the it gets soften. Remove to a plate and set aside to cool.
  3. Add one more tsp oil to the same pan again and add sliced green chillies, dry red chilli, and half tsp urad dal. Cook until the dal turns golden brown.
  4. Now blend or grind all the ingredients including cooked eggplant along with roasted ingredients from above, tamarind, and salt to taste.
  5. Temper the smooth paste with the last tsp of oil, sliced shallots/onions, hing, and one fourth tsp urad dal and curry leaves.

Ridge Gourd Chutney


  • Ridge gourd, peeled and chopped – two cups
  • Fresh coriander leaves – half cup, chopped
  • Green chillies to taste
  • Chana dal / bengal gram – two tsp
  • Urad dal – one tsp
  • Cumin seeds / jeera – one fourth tsp
  • Hing / asafetida – a pinch (optional)
  • White sesame seeds / til – one tbsp
  • Tamarind paste – one tsp (or use 1 tbsp lemon juice)
  • Salt – to taste
  1. Cook the chopped ridge gourd with half cup water and salt to taste, until it becomes soft and mushy. Once it is cooked, remove it from fire and set aside to cool down.
  2. Dry roast the chana and urad dal in a pan until it turn golden brown. Then, add the sesame seeds and keep roasting until they become brown in color and smell good. Add jeera and hing when the pan is still hot and set aside to cool.
  3. Grind all the above ingredients along with cooked ridge gourd, coriander leaves and tamerind paste. Temper the smooth paste paste with oil + mustard seeds + dry red chillies + curry leaves.


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