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Quirky Bridal Entry Ideas For The New Age Weddings



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Every girl dreams of her wedding day, her groom, the wedding dress. Bridal entry is one of the few tremendous moments of a wedding where all eyes are glued to the bride. Everybody from the groom to the guest, they all are waiting and holding their breath to get the first glimpse of the blushing bride all dressed in her bridal glory. That’s why a bride-to-be has to make sure that her bridal entry is dreamy and unique.

You have been dreaming about this moment since you were a child. Here we are going to share some extremely unique and creative bridal entry ideas for all the to-be brides so that you can also steal for your D-Day and make it more memorable.

 Let your pets announce your arrival

Are you Pet lover? If yes, what would be better than entering your mandap with a furry friend by your side? Why should the groom have all the fun with the baraat?  Also, you can pick up your furry lad or have them escort you as you walk under the phoolon ki chadar too.


Let your pets announce your arrival







Make an entry with your pet  










 The Royal Palki

A royal Palki will always be in trend. On your D-day, you deserve to be treated like a princess. If you love the traditional & classic way, an entry in Palki will be one grand affair. You can dazzle your way to the stage sitting in traditional rath and palki like the royal maharanis.


Regal Palki


Make a regal entry in Palki


Entry with some Thumka’s & Jhumka’s

Are you the pataka, crazy, bride who loves a loud and bold avatar? Make your entry with some tadakta bhadakta dance accompanied by some good wedding music. How cool is this idea for Bride’s Baaraat?


Make a tadakta bhadakta entry with a dance and song


Make an entry with dance and song

Make your entry with your first main man

Girls may have found their prince charming but your dad will always be their king. So, what better way to make your dad feel loved and on top of the world than by walking down the aisle with them?  More than a trend, it’s a precious moment to seal. So, ditch everyone and let your parents escort you for the most special walk of your life.


Let your dad escort you on the special walk of your life

Let your parents escort you on your most special walk

The 21st Century bride!

What about having your own Baraat? Coz you are the 21st-century BEBAAK  bride!

21st century

The 21st-century bride

The new-age bride

Entry with a delicate floral ki Chaadar

When we think about most popular bridal entry ideas, the first thing that pops into our head is a bride walking down the aisle under a delicate phoolon ki chaadar.


Walking down a phoolon ki chaadar

Walking down a floral chaadar


Make your way into the mandap with the man of your dreams!

Bridal entry should be all about you, but you can always take the offbeat route walk hand-in-hand with your bae with some dazzling fireworks or under a beautiful phoolon ki chaadar and leave everyone smitten with your love.

man entry

A walk with your bae

Make an entry with the man of your dreams

Entry With your bridesmaids

‘ A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride. ‘


Make an entry with bridesmaids

Make a grand entry with bridesmaids

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Basic rules of In-Laws Management!



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In India, a person doesn’t just marry another person; he or she marries her or his family. However, most of the dating couples never care to spend some time on thinking about their partner’s family even though the elders emphasize explicitly, “IN-LAWS DO MATTER”

The concern is not at all an irrational one. Even most of the surveys show that in-law relations are a key determinant of marital happiness.

Here are some of the basic rules to maintain a healthy and happy married life with your spouse.

Rule # 1: Loyalty is to your spouse

Once a person is married and starts his/her own family, the person’s priority changes and so the loyalty as well. The elders are unequivocal; so it is the duty of a person to support his or her spouse and to manage their own family. The basic rule of marriage is that the partners must present a cohesive front to both families, making it clear from the beginning that your spouse comes first. Even in the heat of a moment, an individual needs to stand by his/her spouse and not by respective families. All most all survey says, “In a conflict between spouse and family, always support your spouse.”

Rule # 2: Fix issues in marriage within the marriage.

One of the major mistakes that couples often do is sharing their relationship issues with their respective families. Of course, when people go through a rough patch, they tend to share their feelings with their close people. However, looking for a solution outside of the marriage is not a good idea. Therefore, the best way to find the right solution is by talking to your partner and not by turning away from your partner.

Always keep this in mind that venting to parents every time you’re angry or hurt will build a case against your partner. The conflict between a couple may get resolved after some time, but your close family never forgets the pain your spouse caused to you which may hold bitterness for your partner.

Rule # 3: Apposite boundaries are necessary.

There is a great saying that ‘Good fences make good neighbors.’ From a metaphoric point of view, consider your in-laws as your neighbors, and you need to create fences. Set boundaries and control their interferences in your married life. You are the only person to decide when they can come in and out of your life appropriately. You need to remember that you have got a finite amount of physical as well as emotional energy and when your in-laws are draining you then you need to change the limitations. However, reassure them that you are not closing them out.

Rule # 4: Talking about it, is essential

Privacy is one of the major demands of a marital relationship. If your in-laws are ramming into your married life and invading your privacy, perchance the reason behind this is you and your partner haven’t set limits or enunciated them. Talking to your parents is not as fragile as you think, so this is your job to set boundaries and talk to them about this.

Rule # 5: Deal with “the other woman” dynamic.

The first ‘other woman’ in any married man’s life is considered as his mother. In most of the couples it is quite common that partners often say, “Well, my mom does it this way…”; and of course, it is healthy, when you share your feelings or emotions related to ‘mother-son’  bond. However, husbands must not forget that the person with whom you are living in, is your partner for a lifetime. Your partner can not be the reflection of your mother because she is your spouse. Respect that and appreciate and accept her way of doing things as well. On the other hand, the wives must need to tell and make their partners realize that time has come where you come first not anything or anyone else.

Rule # 6: Know your role and do your best

If your partner has a problem with his or her mother-in-law, it’s your turn to step in. The person with the prime relationship that is the son or daughter required to act as the peacemaker. If a husband has some issues with his mother-in-law, then the wife’s job is to help him to resolve the problem. Similarly, if a wife is having problems with her in-laws, it’s the husband who supports her resolve it.

Rule # 7: Try not to criticize your spouse.

When you are with your parents, don’t forget that your partner is new to your family and he or she might take time to understand the emotion or bonding that you share with your parents. There may be parent/child dynamics that your spouse can’t see. So, this is the crucial time for him or her, where he or she may feel left out in the family. So, apart from staying with him or her, the first thing you need to do is try not to be overly critical and never criticize or make fun of your spouse in front of your family. Criticizing leads to more complications to understand your partner’s feelings and emotions.

Rule # 8: Don’t be a fighter always.

Most people tend to prove their point at the wrong time. It does not always need to be right during an argument, even when your in-laws are wrong from your perspective. The best way to face a fight or an argument is to stay calm. Research says the way you react to a situation adds fuel to the fight or the argument, which consequently overshadow your position. You need to keep this in mind that in a married life ‘being happy matters a lot than being right’.  

Rule # 9: Don’t involve kids.

Kids must not be used as pawns or weapons of war. Protect your children from being manipulated or emotionally spoiled by being in the mid of a war zone. Grandparents need to understand or else it is your responsibility to make them realize that even though their role is important in a child’s life, their involvement is a privilege, not a right. Also, they need to earn that privilege by keeping the kid’s interests above their own. Parents should make all efforts to maintain a healthy and loving relationship between a grandparent and grandchild.

In conclusion, In-laws management is not like staying away from parents.  Of course, you can love your parents and share a rich, active and healthy relationship with them but this should be and must be without involving them in your marriage.

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7 ways to make your mother feel awesome this Mother’s Day



Mothers day special
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Saturday, 11 May 2019: Mother’s Day is around the corner and its time thanks her, celebrate with her, make her feel extremely lovable and honor her. Because the bond mother and child shares are very precious and never-ending. All through the years, she gives selflessly so that we may prosper and grow.

A mother’s love is everlasting and unconditional. Mom’s are a blessing! And Now the day has come to make your maa feel special. You can pamper her with some special gifts and make her feel more loved by putting in some extra effort.

To help you with it, here are some ideas:

Handwritten notes/ poems

Write a handwritten note four your mom, anything that comes from the heart is just a beautiful. This should be heartfelt display of gesture and appreciation. Describe her the reason why you feel she is special. Also tell her how much she means to you in your and life and appreciate the efforts that she has made for the family.

Public Acknowledgement

Everyone loves appreciation so she is. Mommy’s never gonna ask you to brag, but she loves to hear you talking nicely about her. Give your mom credit for the person you have become today. Respect her among her friends and peers with your kind words of praise.


Mumma’s done so many things for you that even you don’t know. Every single thing she has sacrificed on your behalf deserves your respect. She has earned it! Treat her with the utmost dignity and honor.

 Shopping day

Surely every mom loves shopping because that the one thing my mothers loves to do. Handbags, jewelry, shoes, makeup, or what not. Shop your heart out this Mothers’ Day! With so many stores offering discounts on this day, we are sure she will not hold herself back and come bag with many shopping bags.

If you are not able to accompany her to shopping, give a gift card to her so that’s he can shop as per her liking and doesn’t have to swipe the credit card.

Home-cleaning Service

This gift will surely make your mommy happy and glad. Give her a day off ask her not to do any household things and instead book a professional service. Then make her sit in the sofa, give her the TV remote and ask her just to relax. Nothing could be more enjoyable to her than this.

Spend some quality time with her

Spend some quality time with your maa on this mother’s day. Take a break from your daily routine and spend the whole day with her. You may also prepare her favorite dish and give her a surprise. She will always remember these little things you do for her forever.

Pamper her

Your mother, in the midst of all the running, doesn’t realize how tired she gets each day.

Make her feel good both inside and out. Spa treatments such as manicures, pedicures, massages, or salon days are likely to bring a smile to your mom’s face.

Hope your mother loves this gesture!!!

Wishing all the mom’s a very Happy Mother’s Day. We love You & We Care for You!!!

NewsViewsNetwork Bureau

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Feminism is not a woman’s issue its’s a human issue.



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According to Oxford dictionary, feminism is a belief and aim that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men. But sadly, this isn’t something that’s happening in the real world.
Women have been fighting for equality since centuries but we still haven’t achieved complete success. The main reason behind this is people’s idea about Feminism.
People believe that feminism is a woman’s issue and it has got nothing to do with Men.
Men, Women, A gender, Non-Binary, Transgender, whatever you define your gender as does not exclude you from the feminist ‘club’. just because the word means ‘woman-like’ does not mean you can’t be a feminist.
Feminism doesn’t just seek to discover equality between all genders, it seeks to give back women everything they were denied.
 International Labour Organization, India’s Female Labour Force Participation (FLFP) has remained relatively low than other countries.
In rural areas, Women are still refused to provide even basic rights such as using toilets. All of this is happening because Women are not respected, they’re considered to be a slave. People believe that the role of a woman is to sit at home and do household chores and take care of her family.
Although, we are seeing some positive change towards gender inequality but it is very less when compared to the number of women that are facing inequality everyday.
People have attached a lot of negative stereotypes about feminism such as :”Only women can be Feminists.”
“Feminists think they are superior to men.”
“Feminists are Man-Haters. “
There are many who actually believe that all this is true. So let’s clear some things up,
Feminists are not Men haters, or they don’t believe that females are greater than males. Feminism is all about equality, all they ask is that everyone has the same rights as Majority.
If Men or any other gender start treating women as equals, we can put an end to a lot of crimes.
According to a survey, women in India earn 25% less than men.
One of the major reason behind less FLFP is workplace harassment.
Equality is something that should be provided to every individual, let it be a man, woman or anyone. Treating one gender superior to the other isn’t a healthy society and definitely not a fair society.
Thousands of women have come out of their house and have fought for Gender equality. Women have seen success in almost every field and have proved time and again that they’re equal to Men in every way. But still people believe that a Man is stronger than Woman. Though it’s a woman who goes through the pain of pregnancy, it’s a  woman who undergoes menstruation every month.
It’s high time we start respecting women and treat them as equals.
We often here people saying that the role of a Man is to protect Woman, for a change let us say that the role of people is to create such a society where women don’t have to be protected.
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Girl’s safety is a must



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Are Women truly safe over here? What do you think? Eve-prodding, rapes, assaults and so forth. India has turned out to be a standout amongst the most hazardous countries where it is excessively troublesome for the Females, making it impossible to venture out of their homes even. None is sheltered here, not even at daytime and not even around evening time.

All things considered, this really ought to without a doubt be acknowledged that these days, Ghosts are not the ones which frequent individuals but rather the men are. Men who have wrong eyes on the young ladies are the cheapsters who are in charge of making the general public not qualified to be lived in. Security of young ladies is a noteworthy issue remaining in the brain of every single individual of our nation.

Why are just the young ladies being rebuked for the rape that has as of late happened on them? Are the young ladies truly in charge of this? Try not to wear short garments, don’t venture out of your home during the evening, and don’t converse with this person and numerous other silly articulations. It is not the females who need to change but rather these are the men who need to change the way they see a young lady. It is the not the ladies who need to cover their body from making a beeline for toe yet the guys need to cover their eyes from the beginning until the end.

At any rate, ladies need to stand firm. Hush is the sole answer for this, raise your voice and represent your rights. All of you simply need to remember this, “Expectation generally advantageous yet simply be set up for the most noticeably awful that can happen whenever by any of the male guilty parties there in our general public keeping their eyes on you.”

What do you believe are the conceivable strides you can take for your security? The Delhi Commission for Women, Delhi is appropriate here for every one of the ladies confronting issues in any sense. Approach their helpline Number, disclose to them your issues they will be ideal here for you with an ideal arrangement in a matter of moments. Hello! Women, I have one more answer for you separated from the Government’s one and it is far too simple. Keep a Chili Pepper shower in your sack, at whatever point anybody tries to do anything hostile with you, this splash will come into the play. Utilize it and see the moment aftereffects of the disappointment of that individual before your eyes.

Indeed, cheers Girls! You simply should be as much certainty as you can be. No stresses. Do whatever you feel like, nobody can stop you. Simply know how to battle with anything that comes to your direction. Believe me, you will see the difference.

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One of the most painful and disastrous thing that comes with periods are menstural cramps. We can get rid of the “BHIN BHIN KARNE VALE MACHAR” but getting rid of these cramps is impossible.
Yea these mood swings are not actually according to our mood. One moment we are perfectly fine and the other moment we turn wild and voilent. We can have craving for an ice cream or can shout a full day.

We can never get rid of these pimples! “RISHTEDARO KI TARAH PICHA NAHI CHODTE YE BHI”.
And all thanks to hormonal changes because these changes don’t let us get rid of these pimples.
One of the dangerous thing we have to face is surprising blood stains. They are the red signal to tell us that “TAYAR HOJAO BETA BAND BAJ CHUKI HAI”.

No matter how we feel and how much it pains, solution to every problem is FOOD.
We can have our favourite ice cream or the street food and stay messy. “KYUNKI PERIODS KE TYM SAB MAAF HAI”.


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It’s Not Easy To Be a Woman



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Woman has many definitions according to the mindset of people. I would define a woman as a multi-tasker capable of maintaining a balance between professional and personal lives similarly like a man. Hence, ideally the stress of survival for a man and a woman should be equivalent however; in the real situation life of a woman is not easy.

Yes, it is not easy to be a woman and I can provide several facts proving this but herein, I am giving ten momentous reasons to prove this:-

  1. When a girl is born, many times, the families are not happy. The birth of a girl is considered as a liability while that of a boy is considered as a moment of pride. This is the reason why female foeticide is prominent in the states of Haryana, Rajasthan and others.
  2. Even if the girl is not killed inside the mother’s womb, she is killed at every moment of life when the father considers her as a liability. Her pain is heartfelt when she is not allowed to play and study as her brothers and male cousins. She finds it is inhuman treatment when her parents ask her to do the household stuff because she is a girl. Yet, she gets accustomed to the circumstances.

Well! Because of these two main causes, the girls suffer other kinds of discrimination also. Coming back to them: –

  1. The girl has to get accustomed to the circumstances which she does not find favorable otherwise, she is considered as a characterless woman. The girls are considered as the reputation of the family and hence, their life is amidst numerous conditions while boys are free. The girl has to wear clothes accordingly otherwise she might be a victim of eve-teasing. It seems as if it’s the responsibility of the girl to protect herself from all the unwanted stuffs and the most of the times she should bear the nasty comments because she is a girl. Well! This is a norm but boys are often not punished for eve-teasing a girl except of the case, when girl rises the voice and make an official complaint strongly.
  2. Girl should not enjoy the late night parties or else her character is judged. A woman can neither come late to her house. A lady should not oppose the wrongdoers or else they can contaminate her character. After all, rapes happen in our nation but the problem is that the character of a rape victim is subjected to judgment but not the deed of the brutal rapist. A rapist can get married and start a family but a rape victim can’t.
  3. A normal woman should be a super-heroine. She should take care of her parents, her in-laws, her husband, her kids, her job, her house and everything else. And above all, if she misses even a duty, she can be a subject of humiliation, or harassment. She is neither safe in her house nor at her workplace. She can be a victim of sexual harassment at her workplace and if she oppose, her character is again at the stake of judgment. Same happens, even in her house wherein she could be a victim of domestic violence, emotional harassment, dowry harassment, marital rape and what not but being a woman she should endure every adverse circumstance.
  4. From her home to her workplace, she is not at all safe. The people tend to judge her character on the basis of her clothes, her lifestyle. Thus, she has to live her life according to her families’ and her society’s customs and she is not independent to live her life as she wants and if she opposes, than it’s not at all good for her.
  5. She should be educated, beautiful, intelligent, and must be earning well. Her parents must also give hefty dowry in order to get her married. When, everything is required yet, if a girl belonging to a typical Indian family wants to step out of her hometown for studies or job, her professional growth is amidst the constraints of the societal norms.
  6. Such is the mindset of our nation that we have help-lines to protect women and we have laws to provide justice but the basic necessities for a woman are considered to be the items of luxury. The Personal Hygiene Items for a woman are subjected to 12% of GST and are considered amongst the item of luxury while the Family Planning Items are considered as necessities and are tax-free. The hypocrisy of our nation is clear.
  7. Scientifically, the woman suffers the pain equivalent to the pain suffered during a heart attack during the five days of her menstrual cycle. And during pregnancy, the gestation period is also associated with unbearable pain with long-term consequences. Apart from this, the labor pain during the delivery of the child has an extremely high density. Every woman suffers this stuff in her lifetime and moreover, she endures and emerges out of it. Yet, she is considered to be fragile. The fact is that she is the strongest.
  8. The fathom of a woman’s heart is unbelievable. She is so much attached to her family and loved ones that she has stamina and power to sacrifice her career, her life. Yet, at any moment she can hear that she has not done anything.

Well! I was compelled to write this article due to the hypocrisies in our nation. We tend to respect and worship a woman Goddess Durga during Durga Pooja yet in reality; we tend not to respect the women in our lives. We tend to mistreat our mothers, sisters, spouses, friends etc by judging them at various moments of the life or by not encouraging them following their instinct. Herein, I don’t want to preach about equality or discrimination. All I want is that the readers must give a thought and feel the pain of the woman’s heart when she finds her life to be difficult because a woman’s life is not easy.



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Things we get to know if we were a tomboy



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We can never understand girly things

The biggest problem is we can never understand girly things and understanding them is like facing big trouble. We can never be a part of girly talks, because they are not to be meant for us. We like playing cricket rather than playing with Barbie dolls!


We have more ‘Guyfriends’ than ‘Girlfriends’

Having guyfriends is common for us and we are comfortable with that! KYUNKI NAJA NAJA MITRAA TU DUR… having girls as friends is bit difficult for us and if we somehow manage to adjust with a girl that is something shocking.


Makeup is a big no for us

We can never dress up like a girl or can never imagine ourself like Katrina or kareena. We have only one attitude and that is “SWAG SADA DESI”. Putting a kajal is also a big achievement for us because the thing that we hate the most is makeup and having a mirror and lipstick in our hand everytime! And the thing that really makes us happy is that we don’t take hours to get ready.


Our parents always scold us to behave like a girl

It is somehow irritating for us to hear everytime to behave like a girl. The moment we behave little bit abnormal we come to hear various things from people around us like “LADKIO KI TARAH KYU NAI HARKATE KARTI?” “KOI LADKA NAHI PASAND KAREGA TUJE AGAR APNI HARKATE NAHI SUDHARI TUNE”!


We prefer T-shirts over tops

T-SHIRTS are the thing we feel really comfortable in. We can never manage to dress up in girly tops. And the funniest thing we face every time is when we go shopping  we like the clothes in the men’s section, because  that girly clothes give us goosebumps!


No matter what are shoes and dress are they are always a perfect match

Our love for sneakers is never ending… we cannot handle the trouble of buying matching footwear with our clothes because “HUMSE NA HOPAYEGA BETA”. This one thing always saves us from trouble because we don’t have to take time to decide what footwear we should wear. We never care to wear matching shoes and clothes.


And when we actually dress up we look like wow !

The moment we actually dress up like a girl no one can believe that it’s the same person. Our friends and family can’t get their eyes over us and that sudden change in us gives them a big shock KYUNKI UNKO ZOR KA JHATKA BHOT ZORO SE LAG GYA!


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Supreme Court Trashes Triple-Talaq



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In a 3:2 majority, Supreme Court on Tuesday declared talaq-e-biddat or instant and irrevocable talaq as a “manifestly arbitrary” practice. According to the SC, it is not protected by Article 25 of the Constitution which provides freedom of religion.

Chief Justice J.S. Khehar, who led the Bench, said that talaq-e-biddat is an integral part of Article 25 (freedom of religion). He also said that instant talaq does not violate the Constitution, and said it is the responsibility of the legislature to decide a law within six months. This view was also endorsed by Justice S. Abdul Nazeer.

The Chief Justice, however, also said that even the Muslim world has shed talaq-e-biddat and there is no reason for an independent country like India to lag behind. He has appealed to political parties and lawmakers to set aside their individual profits and give frame a new, suitable law.

Justices Kurian Joseph, U.U. Lalit and Rohinton Fali Nariman gave separate judgments against the validity of instant talaq. According to Justice Nariman, talaq-e-biddat  allows a Muslim man to “whimsically and capriciously”  divorce his wife. The practice according to him is “manifestly arbitrary” and does not enjoy the protection of Article 25.

Justice Kurian differed with Chief Justice Khehar and said that just because a practice has been around for 1,400 years, this fact does not make it eligible for protection under Article 25 of the constitution. Justice Kurian also started an uproar by suggesting an alternative that a Muslim bride, should be allowed to lay down a condition in the nikah nama that, in case the marriage hits a rough patch she would not be subjected to instant talaq.

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) holds that triple talaq is a matter of faith followed for 1400 years. The Centre had always claimed that instant talaq was not fundamental to Islam and it has promised to bring a new divorce law for Muslim.





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Once in a while someone must have given you the compliment that “ARE EKDAM KANGANA RANAUT JAISE LAGTE HAI TERE BAAL”
You need more time to get ready as compared to other people around you.
Annoying thing you must have heard from everyone is “TU NA REBONDING KARALE”
Hair brushes are your old enemies because combing curly hair is not an easy job to do!
Someday if your curly are just perfect, everyone dies to have hair like you and that moment is really shocking for you too!

You are sick of hearing boaring “DADI K NUSKHE “, YE KARLE VO KARLE BAAL SIDHE HOJAEGE!
Sometimes you just don’t have any solution to how to deal with your hair.
Many people are jealous of your curls, and that is the best thing that makes you happy!
You cannot handle your hair in summer time and suddenly your looks start matching “MONJULIKA”
Making brades for school/college is always a tough job.
But anyways you love your hair and proud of being a girl with curly hair because you are no less than other girls!




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Dear Bride-To-Be, Here Are 8 ways you will surely Miss your Mommy after getting Married!



mommy daughter
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NewDelhi, July 31: Getting married for a girl is life changing in so many ways, and the biggest change of all is leaving your home. And after that you will realise the value and the bond that you share with your mommy.

It is not easy to forget all those millions memories, and then to accept the fact that you may not see your parents every single day.

However,you miss your place and every member in your family, but it is your mommy whom you will miss the most.

Here’s are the reason why it is so difficult for girls to be without their mommies.

1. Late night gossips: 

late night gossip

So we can’t deny the fact that mom is our best campanion ever, and the time of night is something where you have a long chit chat with your mommy. Yes, you will miss the every discussion about what happened whole day, who said what, or how you feel for a particular incident happened to you. Well, you can even talk with your hubby too, but I bet you’d miss your mother’s touch anyway.

2. waking up on your own

waking up

Days are gone when you relied on your mom to wake you up every morning. You will when the morning alarm rings, and there is no one to whom you can say, “Mummy bas 5 minute aur.”

3. Your ‘maa-ke haath ka khana’.

maa-ke haath ka khana

You miss your maa ke haath ka khaana the most. And the diet concious you will not bother to eat two extra chapatis because the best chef in the world cooked the meal for you. Before marriage, your mom forcing you to eat ‘thoda sa’. Now you yearn for the same food. How times change!
4. You dress up but you have no idea how you look..

dress advicer

When you dress up and really want to know know how you look, you just give a call , “Mamma, yeh theek lag raha hai?” And she isn’t around to give an honest reply.

5. The love and affection

love and affection

When you realize you can’t throw too many tantrums anymore, Because your mommy isn’t around to pamper you.

6. When cooking is harder and not as much fun

Cooking 1

While cooking in your Sasural, you cannot ask her all time “Masala kon dalu?” or “Isko kitni der gas pe rakhna hai” or “Isme aur kya daalu?” “Maa taste karke batana ek baat.”

7. breakfast time doesn’t feel the same anymore

nashta krlo

You will no longer here the familiar voice “Naashta lelo beta, thanda ho jaega.”

8. Your shoping partner

shoping partner

You miss your shopping sprees with her, because It wasn’t easier to go catch a movie or go out shopping with your mommy earlier,due to the time and distance constraints all time.

Saying her Good Bye is the hardest Goodbye ever, No one will love you as your mommy do. 





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