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OYO Hotel rooms available for unmarried couples



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College students and young couple face lots of problems when they want to meet somewhere outside their colleges or maybe when they want to spend same time alone but now OYO rooms has solved this problem by giving hotel rooms on rent to those who are in relationship but not married so, from now on they will not have to worry when going for vacation.

In this league of providing safe heavens to the unmarried couples stay uncle was the first one to provide this kind of service in India.

This is a great solution provided by stayUncle and OYO rooms where couples do not have to worry about being troubled by police or any relatives. In fact it is one of the boldest steps taken by the startup StayUncle for making sure that the unmarried couples in India where the society is still conservative about pre-marital sex gets the space to spend some alone time without being hassled.

One of the major problem even the locals face is that they are not allowed to book hotel room and even if they get lucky in getting a room there is always a fear that some policeman or any relative or friends will catch them and may lead to a scandal. It is a welcome change where at-least two companies have come forward to sensitizing people towards the private moments of two consenting adults.

StayUncle has been founded by Sanchit Sethi, graduated from Pilani in BITS has done various hotels across the India and letting unmarried couples to take a room for even 1500 to 5000 for up to 10 hours.

How to avail this amazing feature of OYO rooms?

In oyo app you just have to switch on the relationship mode and once it is done OYO app will show list of those hotels which would be available for the unmarried couples.

One thing couples have to do to avail this facility is to provide the IDs of both to the hotel admin.

Still one suggestion for those who are looking for these kinds of rooms is that they should still be cautious because now the police will also have the same list of rooms which are provided to the unmarried couples as the list of these hotel rooms is still small.

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