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How long will the riots claim innocent lives ?



pic from UttarPradesh.Org
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The diabolical killings in Bulandshahar UP gives an unambiguous indication that the ominous signs of dividing the society in the name of majoritarianism are taking apparent shape in the near future with fundamentalist forces raising their head above to allegedly derive maximum political advantage in view of the forthcoming national election of 2019.

When the saffron clad devout Hindu politician of BJP, MP from Gorakhpur took the oath of office as the chief minister of the largest state of the country and even before that, while he was campaigning for his party candidates in the assembly election of UP Yogi Aditya Nath had literally pledged to make the state crime free where socio communal peace will prevail in all earnestness.

Despite being a devout Hindu, the chief minister had assured one and all of communal harmony n resurrection of the deteriorating law and order machinery of the state inherited from.the previous government in UP.

After assuming the office he relentlessly declared encounters of the hardcore criminals and claimed that this will led to complete peace in the state and emergence of real Ram Rajya.

But what happened ultimately ? The complaints of alleged fake encounters and the recent killing of two innocents including a police inspector Subodh Singh at the hands of mob lynchers some of whom are alleged to be from his own party or Bajrang Dal as being given to understand from various media reports have unambiguously exposed the ruling political dispensation of the state and led people to believe that an open game of polarisation in the name of allegedly creating communal division in the name of cow vigilantism or fabricated rumours have taken the front seat while issues of development, employment, peoples welfare, women security n communal harmony a back seat.

The all of a sudden though pre strategic occurance of communal riots in Bulandshar on account of the rumours of cow slaughter which is ban in Uttar Pradesh on the day when the UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath was addressing people in Rajasthan assuring electorates of allegedly ousting the Owaisies from Hyderabad for their alleged communal oratory in case the saffron party wins in Telengana, killing two innocents and loss to properties worth crores of Rupees is infact a very dangerous trend that is emerging in our country comprising of diverse culture, languages, heritage, religions and communities believing in secularism and peaceful co existence.

What is more worrisome is the fact that despite the earlier occurances of certain deaths in view of rumours in the name of child lifting and cow vigilantism in various states of the country, Uttar Pradesh again witnesses another riot taking the toll of two and creating rukus in the otherwise peaceful environment of Uttar Pradesh which has hardly come to terms after the massive Saharanpur n other dreadful riots of the state.

According to the political analysts the highly communal versions and speeches of some leaders of political parties and various communal outfits at work at the grass root levels play a major role in fomenting such communal troubles which has only one aim to divide the society on communal lines and polarise the entire society to beget votes and win elections thus playing with the peoples’ sentiments.

The most sorry state of affairs in such situation is the utter failure of the state’s intelligence agencies, the local intelligent units and the police force who fail to gather pre emptive information about the possible mishappenings in the future.

Had the intelligence apparatus of the state police or the Bulandshahar district been quite vigilant before time in assessing the situation and the possible provocation, the state’s police force, riot police or the PAC could have been alerted in time and the aweful sitiation could have been averted before going out of hand.

The way the state’s law and order apparatus have shown alertness and enthusiasm in grabbing 30 rioters having booked them for murder and rioting and is still trying to bring more men to justice, after the commission of the riots, the police force could/ should have been vigilant prior to this grave mishappening as well.

But this has not happened n Bulandshahar was literally on fire by the mobsters. Time has come now, that the election commission of India and the law enforcing agencies at the central as well as the state level including those at the helm of the political dispensation will have to take urgent initiatives to exercise setious restraint on the leaders as well as the lawmakers to discourage them from issuing inflammatory communal speeches or statements which not only encourage the rank n file of the respective parties to create division in the society on communal lines but also lead to riots that claim lot of innocent lives as was the case in Bulandshahar in Uttar Pradesh.

Let’s all therefore pledge to maitain peace, calm, harmony, brotherhood and amity in the socirty n give rebuff to religious and narrow communal considerations and issues in the near future.

In fact, some political observers feel that extremist section is being intentionally and pre meditatedly encouraged to fabricate riots in the state for political gains. It is highly harmful for the nation. It certainly proves the lethargic and lopsided functioning of the govt machinery. People are questioning: How long will the riots claim innocent lives ?What’s your take friends?

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Sunil Negi hails from Uttarakhand and is a veteran journalist and author. He is a prolific writer and has carved a name for himself in the media world. He received the 'Golden Achiever Award' in the '90th AIAC Excellence Awards 2019' for his book ''Havoc in Heaven'' based on the tragedy that struck Uttarakhand in which thousands of people lost their lives. He is also the President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and majorly writes on Politics, Current Affairs, and Social Issues.

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Kejrival expresses serious concern over five murders yesterday in Delhi. Delhi police says they were due to personal enmity



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The chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejrival who is usually at loggerheads with the central government ruled by BJP and the Delhi police which is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of home affairs has expressed his serious concern over the five back to back incidents of killings in various parts of Delhi yesterday.

Delhi Chief minister has tweeted that Five murders have taken place in Delhi in the last 24 hours and is extremely serious situation. I appeal to @ Lt GovDelhi & @ HMO India to urgently look into the law and order situation of the national capital.

The Delhi police taking special note of the Delhi chief minister’s tweet has replied to Arvind Kejrival, Lt governor Delhi and Home minister,, India in the twitter handle of Delhi police : The murders have all been confirmed to be personal enmity related. Accused previously known to victim and already arrested in some cases.

Overall heinous crime in 2019 is down by 10.5% . Crime by use of fire arms are down by 5.65 % . Crime against women are down by 11.5%.

The Delhi police through the tweet meant that it was not the breakdown of the law and order situation or negligence of the Delhi pokice as the five murders in diffetent locations of Delhi took place due to personal animosity, not due to the lack on the part of police authorities. Instead it patted itself saying that the crime graph in the capital has rather come down compared to the previous years.

There is not a iota of doubt that despite the best efforts of the Delhi police incidents of murders, snatchings, thefts and robberies are incessantly happening n peoples’ life in jeopardy.

The solution ratio is comparatively quite less and good number of cases in the context of chain and mobile snatchings including eve teasings and women assaults are also not reported adequately for the apprehension of retaliation from criminals.

You open newspapers every morning and you’ll find number of cases pertaining to frauds, murders, assaults, rapes, chain snatchings and women insecurity.

The shortage of Delhi police staff and majority of the Delhi police being involved in VIP patronage and security is also one of the reasons for non resolution of cases and spurt in crime rate.

The AAM AADMI government of Delhi has been demanding separate state hood of Delhi since long but of no awail. The law and order is the central subject and the Delhi police is under the union government’s ministry of home affairs with Delhi’s leutenant governor as its chief. The relations between Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival and the Delhi police has not been in good terms due to the latter’s being under the centre’s influence.

Kejrival has recently raised a controversy in the media by saying that he is afraid that he may be attacked by his own body guards who are from Delhi police as was late prime minister IndiraGandhi was assasinated.

In the past too Arvind Kejrival had quarrels with senior Delhi police officials and the union government on certain issues hyped too much in the media.

The recent concern of Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival regarding five murders in Delhi through a tweet while raises the law and order issue in the public domain but the reply of Delhi police about bringing some of the culprits to justice and lessening of heinous crime and women related crime rate in Delhi this year definitely gives some relief to Delhi citizens.

But it remains to be seen whether the law and order situation in the capital city of Delhi really improves in the near future as well to the fullest satisfaction of all its citizens or not.

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Liquor baron late Ponty Chadda’s son arrested while boarding flight for Thailand by EOW



Liquor Baronlate Ponty Chadda with his son/ pic Dainik Bhaskar
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While the Indian government is already tied up to extradite economic offenders Vijaya Mallya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and Lalit Modi from abroad who’d siphoned off thousands of crores of Indian Tax Payers money and clandestinely took refuge in foreign countries, the son of infamous liquor baron of the country late Ponty Chadda was today disembarked from the plane and arrested by the police officials of the Indian Offences Wing at Palam International Airport, Delhi in connection with an alleged multicrore scam worth several crores of Rupees on the basis of the look our circular issued against him by the EOW of Delhi police.

Just a few days earlier similarly, wanted in one of the economic offences’ cases of the enforcement directorate, the former Chairman of Jet Airways Naresh Goyal and his wife were also dis embarked from a plane heading for Dubai from where they were slated to go to United Kingdom without informing the authorities.

According to the latest news pouring in, son of late liquor baron Ponti Chadda, Manpreet Singh Chadda was arrested today from Palam International Airport by the sleuths of Delhi police’s Economic Offences Wing from where he was likely to fly abroad.

After the arrest he was brought to Mandir Marg Police station in New Delhi for detailed and indepth questioning.

A look out circular was issued against him by the EOW in one of the cases’ of duping several investors of Rs 6 crores which could allegedly go further to 100 crores say the latest news.

According to the news, the Economic Offences Wing had registered a case of economic fraud against some persons earlier.

According to the case history a vast tract of land was allocated by UP government in Ghaziabad for a hi tech city. A South Extention based company owned by Manpreet perhaps, claimed it as their land and started collecting money for sale of land from the prospective customers through advertisements and middlemen employed by the company.

Several prospective buyers who included K. Ramesh and Kaveri as well, applied in this company to buy the land in the year 2005.

They paid a handsome amount in lakhs n crores to this company. But they were not given the possession of the land despite repeated requests from the applicants.

After dillydaying for several years the applicants were told that the company has finally got the allotment in the name of Web City.

The applicants became hopeful and thought that now they will get their land but after repeated requests when they could not succeed and finding themselves to be duped, these customers approached the Delhi police’s Economic Offences Wing and filed the written complaint which was converted in the FIR in 2018 as per the version of the EOW officials say the latest news.

The company had given the applicants 15 months’ deadline for allotment of the land but after not getting the possession, they were constrained to get their FIR registered.

The police said that Manpreet Singh was caught while he was trying to board the plane for Thailand from Palam International Airport.

It may be recalled that Manpreet Singh’s late father an infamous liquor baron was murdered few years ago in a property dispute by his own brother who had hired the prefessional killers in his farm house in Delhi.

They are now undergoing life sentence.

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Journo Amit Sharma brutally thrashed, urinated in mouth by Railway police and locked in police station in Shamli. Shame



Amit Sharma being inhumanely thrashed by GRP in Shamli who was urinated in the mouth and locked in the police station yesterday
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A journalist in Shamli Uttar Pradesh Amit Sharma was brutally thrashed, abused, kicked repeatedly, urine put into his mouth and put inside the police lock up by the drunk GRP police and SHO Rakesh Kumar Upadhyay in broad day light.

The mobile phone of the journalist has been thrown apart. The fault of the journalist was that he had gone to cover an incident of the derailing of three coaches of a train in Shamli Uttar Pradesh and a story on hawkers inside the railway station n trains.

According to journalist Amit Sharma one of the cop was heavily drunk. The police were behaving like goons and left no stone unturned to ensure that journalist Amit Sharma is brutally beaten in broad day light and taught a lesson.

The inspector has been suspended after the vedio became viral and has been repeatedly telecast in various media channels.

The local media in Shamli staged protest demonstration and Dharna outside the police station where Amit Sharma was arbitrarily put behind bar in a lock up after being brutally thrashed, abused, urinated in mouth and his mobile damaged in broad day light and was also asked to strip in the police station.

The DIG came on the Dharna site and assured the protesting journalists that he will bring the erring policeman to justice and FIR lodged against him.

After incessant pressure and media blitkriez the police authorities were compelled to suspend the police inspector responsible for attack on the journalist.

The UP police and GRP seems to have gone berserk in the state and is arbitrarily infringing upon the constititional rights of free will and free speech of journos without any fault of theirs.

It may be recalled that the Supreme Court has recently granted bail to an arbitrarily arrested journalist who was sent to 11 days remand by Uttar Pradesh police.

The court was shocked and questioned: was he a murder accused, send on 11 days remand. It also questioned as to how can a journalist be arrested for simply tweeting in his twitter handle ? The UP police has come to the Delhi house of free lance journalist Prashant Kanojia and arrested him without giving his wife Jagisha Arora opportunity to even speak to her terrified husband.

The journo was maltreated as if he was a hardened criminal involved in a murder.

The apex court has questioned the arbitrary attitude of the Noida police in infringing upon the right of a journalist for free speech and expression.

Two other journalists of Nation Live news channel Ishika Singh and news editoe Anuj Shukla had been arrested for airing the news and the vedio of a women casting aspersions on the UP CM Yogi Adityanath with out checking the facts and corroboration of the incident.

Today’s incident of brutal thrashing of a Shamli journalist in broad day light has send shock waves through the spines of countrymen This brutal attitude disolays the barbaric character of UP police towards journalists. Several other journalists are behind bars in UP for face books posts against the ruling party administration.

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Extortion racket in alleged collusion with UP police busted in Noida.



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A fake extortion racket in collusion with some police personel of Noida police under the jurisdiction of Sector 44, Noida police station has been busted today and in all 15 suspects that included three constables and two seniors as well.

The two women posing as lift seeking women who would later on extort money with the help of local UP policemen from the car drivers has also been arrested.

The gang comprised of five persons. According to the latest news this extortion gang was earlier operating in Faridabad but later on changed thearea of operation from Faridabad to Noida. According to the news pouring in the mdus operandi to extort money from the drivers of vehicle was quite unique.

The two women of the gang would seek lift from the car divers under the Noida 44 police station’s jurisdiction area under one pretext or other and after accompanying the car driver they would extort money under the pretext of complaint to the police about outragungtheir modesty or sexual assault.

In case the driver parts with the money it’s okay otherwise they would call the local police who were already hand in glove with them.

The police would immediately come to the spot on her complaint and threaten thecardrivers ofserious legal consequences.

Fearing severe punishment under the charges of sexual assault of alleged rape attempt the driver or owner of the car were compelled to part with a handsome amount so that they are set free. This fake extortion racket was running for quite a long time and on the complaint of one of the drivers a trap was laid by the SP Noida/ senior officers and thewhole racket busted.

In all 15 suspects have been arrested including five policemen, three constables and two sub inspectors, a police gypsy driver as well.

Sounds shocking thatthe custodians of law on whom lies the responsibility of protecting the citizens from the wrong doers and criminals are themselves involved in such illegal criminal activities.

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People demanding death for Aligarh rapists and killers but the killers and brutal rapists of Nirbhaya of 2013 still not hanged ?



Pic India Today
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Read Time: 5 minutes

There is tremendous outrage all over the country over the obnoxious rape and brutal murder of a three year old fragile and innocent girl in Aligarh a few days ago. The entire community is up on their heels to demand capital punishment to the two human beasts arrested in this connection.

The criminals of the 8 year old Kathua girl gangraped and diabolically murdered have also been convicted by the apex court of the country with the hope that these human beasts would also be accorded death penalty.

The entire nation protested on this brutal rape and murder that took place a year ago in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir. The nation is shocked to see such obnoxious cases happening one after another despite the signing of an ordinance by the president of India granting death sentence to the culprits responsible for the rape and murder of adoloscent girls below eight years of age.

The government and the criminal justice system of the country claims to have fast tracked the legal process to grant stringent punishment to the rapists and murderers post rape but all in vain as the gruesome murderers and rapists of the 2013 globally infamous rape n lynching of a girl Nirbhaya are still languishing in jail but have not been hanged till date.

This raises several doubts and questions about our legal system as well as the fast track courts in the country.

The rapists and murderers of the Nirbhaya of Najafgarh, a Garhwali girl living in Nazafgarh, Delhi who was gangraped and horrendously killed with 21 deep wounds and shamefully a broken bottle inserted into her private parts as was the case with Nirbhaya of Vasant Vihar as well, are still waiting to be hanged despite having been awarded death sentence by the Rohini Court.

The Nirbhaya of Nazafgarh was gangraped and butally murdered by three human beasts in 2012 , a year before the infamous Nirbhaya case in Vasant Vihar that shook the entire humanity globally.

Sounds shocking that in just a single day on Sunday i.e. 9th of June a series of heinous crimes , especially those of rape, with victims being minor girls were reported from Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

As a sequel to the Aligarh case two other cases of the rape and murder of two minor girls were exclusively reported from Uttar Pradesh.

In the three cases of Uttar Pradesh where the government of BJP is in power, a twelve year girl was dragged from her house on 9th June and allegedly gangraped by six men in Khushi Nagar district.

In addition, a 15 year old adolescent girl was allegedly raped inside a seminary by a teacher in Kanpur and a naked body of a seven year girl was found in an agricultural field in Jalaun in Uttar Pradesh.

Though the four of the six suspects have been arrested in this case but it remains to be seen as to when would these alleged criminals be stringently punished for their horrendous acts.

In Madhya Pradesh too a ten year old girl was raped and murdered horredously sending shock waves in the state n the country.

The incidents of obnoxious rapes of minor girls are on the increase in Uttar Pradesh and other states of the country and the police machinery has so far proved incompetent to tackle this menace.

There are hundreds of cases of missing children in Uttar Pradesh as well, as gangs involved in child and human trafficking are extremely active and literally ruling the roost but the state government and the police authorities despite their best efforts, as claimed by them, have not been successful in cracking these gangs of human traffickers and child lifters who sell the girls to childless parents against huge price, force them into prostitution and beggary for monetary gains. Their hands and legs are allegedly amptuated to enrice people inorder to give them alms. This is indeed shocking and horrensous in a democratic society where shamefull such gangs operate in alleged collusion with corrupt system.

Kashish Rawat a four year old beautiful girl mysteriously missing from her Noida house is still untraced after the lapse of three years despite lodging of FIR, presentation of several memorandums to Home minister Rajnath Singh, UP CMs former Akhilesh Yadav, Yogi Adityanath and to all the successive SSPs of Noida. The case has not been transferred to the Crime Branch till date. This speaks of the police apathy and negligence towards a noble cause. The NHRC should intervene in such sensitive matters forthwith.

There are hundreds of other such cases locked in police files with no fruitful outcome.

The state and central governments should genuinely revitalise their official machineries and fast track the cases of rape and murders of adolescent girls and ensure that the culprits get most stringent punishment especially death sentences at the earliest so as to send across a strong legal deterrent to avoid such tragic mishappenings in the future.

The government should fulfill the vacancies in police departments and specialise them with adequate hi tech training to crack the cases within no time and bring the culprits of these heinous crimes to justice by all means. What’s your take friends?

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South Delhi women assaulted in Metro. Incidents of women harassment, pick pocketing and mobile grabbing on the rise



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Incidents of harrasment of women especially the young – office and college going girls usually take place in Delhi metro despite the fact that there are CCTVs, metro rail corporation’s police ( CRPF) and its vigilant staff.

In addition incidents of mobile snatchings and pick pocketting are also on the rise in metro trains but the authorities hardly come to the rescue of its passengers.

During the evening rush hours and at late night the women are the most vulnerable lot.

The increasing rush on various routes of Delhi metro give rise to such obnoxious incidents of women harassment and sexual assaults including incidents of pick pocketing and mobile/ cell phone snatchings as unwanted elements find the rush hour most suitable opportunity to conduct their illegal operations.

Even organised gangs of women pick pocketeers in groups are active inside metro train nicely dressed so that no passenger can doubt on their credentials. They allegedly operate both in Ladies as well as general coaches.

The pickpocketeers usually operate while passengers are emerging out and entering the train at main junctions like Rajiv Chowk, Guru Gram and Kashmiri gate stations etc where hundreds of communters are always in a hurry and rush.

On 8th June a South Delhi women was eve teased and harrased by a man between IFFCO Chock to Gurugram main city centre station caught on the CCTV camera and caught after the woman complained to the police.

The culprit had been caught earlier as well assaulting women passengers in the Metro.

The incident happened today and due to the woman’s boldness, the eve teaser could be apprehended.

The Gurugram police has arrested the man and charged him under the relevant sections of the law.

Number of incidents of women assaults, harrasment and eve teasing have been reported in Metro trains and its vicinity but no credible efforts have been intiated by the metro authorities. There is only one reporting centre at Kashmere gate and few others but hardly any defaulter or culprit is caught on complaints at these centres nor the lostor robbed material ever recovered.This is really absurd and uncalled for.

Though there have been separate women coaches for women passengers but sometime male passengers are seen sitting there or gazing women passengers.

The metro should increase the bogey/ coaches of women pasengers and they should be asked to avoid general coaches usually.

Today’s incident of woman assault in the metro train within IFFCO chowk to Gurugram city centre raises certain question marks on the metro authority’s credibility.

If these incidents of women harrasments, assaults, pickpocketing and mobile phone snatchings etc are not stopped forthwith and with a heavy hand the credibility of Metro Rail Corporation will be at stake in the near future.

The crux of the story is that Delhi metro is earning handsome profits through more than 35 lakh commuters who travel by metro daily. The metro fares too are quite exorbitant not within the reach of the commuters hailing from the lowest ebb of the society.

But in terms of providing safety and security to women passengers and getting rid of molesters, pick pocketers and mobile snatchers the metro authorities have proved incapable of showing fruitful results. Whats your take friends?

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Rahul and Priyanka tweet : It’s a horrific crime. The culprits should not go unpunished



This tweet of Madhur was retweeted more than 10000 times
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The Uttar Pradesh government has asked the Special Investigation Team to probe the most heinous and brutal death of a three year old girl in Aligarh who was killed by her neighbour after strangulation and her hands chopped thrown in a dustbin and body later on dragged by the stray dog.

This was disclosed today by Anand Kumar, Director General of Law and Order Uttar Pradesh police.

There is a national ourage over this most diabolical and obnoxious incident demanding death to the culprits of this gruesome act. The child was allegedly killed on 6th June in Aligarh over the monetary dispute that the deceased girls father had with the accused who were the neighbours.

Both the killers have been arrested. The Congress president Rahul Gandhi has expressed his shock over the shameful incident and demanded strict action saying that the culprits should not go unpunished at any cost.

Rahul Gandhi today tweeted: The horrific murder of the little girl in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh has shocked and disturbed me. How can any human being treat a child with such a brutality ?

This terrible crime may not go unpunished.The Uttar Pradesh police must act swiftly to bring the killer to justice.

The general secretary of All India Congress Committee Priyanka Gandhi too while expressing her serious concern over this incident terming it an unspeakable and inhuman crime tweeted :

The brutal murder in Aligarh is yet another inhuman, unpeakable crime against an innocent child. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain her parents must feel. What has become of us ?

A tweet by one Madhur with a playcard in his hand mentioning : 3 year old raped and murdered by Md. Jahid in Aligarh, body mutilated, eyes gouged out, acid poured on the body.

All this during Razan. I feel ashamed, Do You was retweeted more than ten thousand times in twitter.

This unamgiguously speaks of the fact as to how widely is the outrage spreading nationally against this brutal murder of a three year old innocent girl for no fault of her.

However, after the conduction of the post mortom on the dead body it has been revealed that the deceased was not raped as reported in the social media.

The father of deceased three year old girl blamed the police for not taking swift action in time.

He demanded death to the culprits. The DG law and order Anand Kumar assured the father that the entire Up police is standing with the family at this critical juncture and said that the case will be fast tracked to give death penalty to the accused.

The Uttarakhand Journalists Forum demands stringent action against the culprits not less that death penalty.

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Speeding car crushes people offering Namaz on Eid at Khurezi Khas area of Delhi



Damaged buses and pieces of bricks n stones
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Read Time: 3 minutes

While several muslims were busy celebrating Eid in Delhi and various parts of the country, in Khureji Khas area of Delhi an errrant driver of Honda city crushed and subsequently injured several persons outside a mosque, offering Namaz.

The shocking incident happened in Jagatpuri area’s Khureji Khas Maszid this morning when several persons after offering Namaz and celebrating Eid exchanging pleasentaries were hit n injured by a speeding Honda city car.

There was pendemonium all around. The people gathered on the spot of this mishappening started raising slogans against the police demanding immediate stringent action against the culprit who is still at large.

According to the news pouring in, this morning, a person driving a Honda city car at Khureji Khas injured some persons outside the Mosque who were offering Namaz.

The police has barricated the area and there was traffic snarl. As soon as the police opened the traffic by removing the barricades a speeding Honda car crushed several Namazies who had just finished offering their prayers.

The irate and badly furious locals, residents and the passers by gathered at the scene within no time and started pelting stones and raising anti police slogans demanding action against the culprit who seems to be at large still.

They also gheraod the Jagat puri Police Station having gathered in large numbers and raised slogans against the police demanding immediate arrest of the culprit under the stringent sections of IPC.

About three DTC buses have been damaged by stone and brick pelting. People were complaining that the local police has not taken any suitable action to grab the culprit in time despite the fact that they were present in the same vicinity.

The Honda city driver after injuring the namazies drove his car speedily in panic inside the squeezed lanes of Khurezi Khas with people following him on foot and on motor cycles.

There is tremendous tension in the area and the police has assured the angered people about bringing the culprit to book at the earliest.

The injureds have been addmitted in hospital n some released after first aid. The police have retrieved the CCTV footage in which it is clearly visible as to how the car driver is trying to evade arrest after crushing the people on the Eid day outside the Khurezi Khas Mosque and getting off.

Lots of police force have been deputed at the disturbed area to avoid further tention and riotous situation.

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17 year old Md. Shariq killed Jammu grenade attack belonged to Haridwar n went to Jammu to earn livelihood for his family



tweet of IGP Jammu on Shaqir's sorry death
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Read Time: 3 minutes

A seventeen year old Mohammed Sharik has succumbed to his grievous injuries at the government Medical College hospital and about 29 have been injured, with several of them in extremely serious condition having been grievously wounded. The police has not been able to make any break through.

About ten persons with suspicious backgrounds have been nabbed by the local police to ascertain the facts. This is the third grenade attack in a years time at Jammu.

Jammu bus terminous where the explosion has occured is the extremely busy area with buses coming n going in various parts of J& K n outside the states.

Jammu being close to Katra and the famous Vaishno Devi Shrine this bus terminous is the main venue where people n Mata Vaish Devi pilgrims come in large number either by train n buses to board further buses for Katra.

May be the the terrorists wanted to target a large number of Hindu pilgrims at Jammu bus terminous reveal police sources. The grenade attack took place at around 12.00 PM.

Sources reveal that perhaps it can be the retaliatory affect of the air strikes against Pak terror camps in Balakoti or in protest against crackdown on Hurriyat leaders n several other home grown terrorists captured by the J& K police and the Indian Army.

It may be recalled that this is the second attack after the massive n deadliest attack in Pulwama martyring our 45 CRPF valiant troopers.

Police has confirmed that the extremists have hurled a grenade towards or under the stationed bus that had just parked at the Jammu bus stand killing one n grievously injuring 29 others.

Those killed in this grenade attack were the passengers, local shopkeepers n fruits n vegetable sellers. It is believed that 17 year old Sharik has bern identified but more details are to be revealed after the proper investigations that are being carried out very minutely n with immense dexterity.

The senior police officials including the DG police, the top Bomb squads and the representatives of the governor have reached the spot and the area has been cardoned off with high alert declared in entire Jammu region.

The furious people of Jammu Kashmir raised anti Pakistan n anti Mehbooba Mufti slogans blaming her for encouraging terrorists in the state by her objectionable statements. They demanded immediate adequate financial compensation for the deceased n the grievously injured.

People n the locals accuse the J&K police and administration for complete intelligence n law and order failure resulting in the Jammu blast killing on n severely injuring 29 people.

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Saffron clad Bajrangi Sonkar who thrashed a Kashmiri in Lucknow arrested under non bailable crime



Saffron clad youth beating a Kashmiri in broad day light in Lucknow while the onlookers curiously look on
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See how two saffron clad disgruntled elements in broad day light in Lucknow under the guise of being hindu protagonists are literally thrashing an innocent Kashmiri roadside petty businessman in Lucknow not caring for law of the land.

Their violent unlawful protest seems to be against the Pulwama attack n anti terror activities going on in Kashmir. This incident has literally shamed us as countrymen n ofcourse the ruling party in Uttar Pradesh whose chief minister himself is saffron clad but could not unfortunately protect innocent Kashmiris being badly beaten n thrashed with hand n leg punches n lathies in broad day light in a democracy that guarantees equal right to live n secular credentials of a country like India.

The man badly beating the innocent Kashmiri who is now behind bars alongwith one more fellow in saffron clothes isnon other than a hardened criminal against whom one case of murder and election other cases are lodged in various police stations.

After the media trial when the shameful incident of the tortuous thrashing by saffron clad Bajrangi Sonkar was telecast on television channels then did the Lucknow police came into action by arresting these criminals claiming to be hindu protagonists n the ruling party supporters.

The senior police officer said that their ideology does not permit them to take law into their own hands and absove them of their culpability in a serious crime. The police will never tolerate such criminals under the guise of being hindu fundamentalists or the ones’ professing a particular ideology.

There were several passers by when the innocent Kashmiri dry fruit seller was being badly thrashed. The victim said that he had been coming to Lucknow to sell his dry fruits for the last twenty years but has never ever faced such an awful situation of being abused n badly thrashed by Bajrang Dal workers or by the volunteers of any party.

There have not been a single word of condemnation against this inhuman act of Bajrangi Sonkar by any BJP leader till yet. The National Conference president Omar Abdullah n Owaisi had strongly criticized this act of vandalism against the innocent Kashmiris in Lucknow and several parts of the country and said that the government of the day should strongly n fiercely act against such goonda elements under the guise of saffron clothes.

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