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Daab Chingri: The Authentic Bengali Recipe



Read Time: 2 minutes

Daab Chingri or Chingri Daab is a Bengali cuisine which is basically prawn curry, cooked and served in a green coconut. It is a very creamy dish that melts in mouth like a dream. Daab Chingri is generally prepared during the some of the Bengali festive occasions.

Ingredients: Prawns peeled and deveined 1 cup, Tender Coconut, Tender coconut 1 small, Salt to taste, Turmeric powder 1/4 teaspoon, Mustard oil 1 tablespoon, Panch phoran 1/2 teaspoon, Onions sliced 2 medium, Ginger paste 1/2 teaspoon, Garlic paste 1 1/2 teaspoons, Green chillies slit 4-5, Coconut scraped 1/4 cup, Tender coconut flesh (malai) chopped 1/4 cup, Whole wheat flour (atta) dough as required

  1. First, chop the onion, garlic, and green chillies. Then, scrape out the coconut flesh and grind it to a smooth coconut paste.
  2. Next, take a pan and heat oil over medium flame. Once it is heated, add panch phoron to it. Let it splutter.
  3. Then, add the chopped green chillies, garlic cloves and onions. Fry till it softens.
  4. Take it out in a large bowl and add mustard paste, coconut flesh paste, turmeric and salt to taste. Then, add the raw prawns and mix well and keep it aside.
  5. Now, cut the bottom or base of the coconut shell evenly in order to make it stand properly inside the pressure cooker.
  6. Then, put the prawn mixture in the shell and cover the top with the wheat dough.
  7. Take a pressure cooker and add some water in it. Make sure that the level of water should be around half the height of the coconut shell.
  8. Then, carefully place the coconut shell inside it.
  9. Put the cooker lid on and allow it to cook over medium flame for 3 whistles.
  10. Then remove the cooker from the flame and keep it as it is for 10 more minutes.
  11. Then, take out the coconut shell and remove the wheat dough seal.
  12. Serve hot with steamed rice.

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Enjoy the yummy Daab Chingri!!

Traditional cuisine of Odisha.

Maachha Patropoda (Baked Fish in Banana Leaf)

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BS Yeddyurappa takes oath as Karnataka CM for the 4th time



Read Time: 5 minutes

The Karnataka political imbroglio finally came to an end, though still in a state of confusion.

But the BJP’s former chief minister and octogenarian B. S. Yeddyurappa has been sworn in today for the fourth time as the Saffron party’s lawmakers have assured the governor of the Southern state and the BJP chief and union home minister Amit  that the party would definitely muster the requisite majority by 31st July, the time schedule accorded to the fourth time CM by the governor.

Sounds interesting and ironical as well that after so much of hullaballoo for so many days and two days of hectic speeches in the Karnataka Assembly the speaker had to finally bow down and give Yeddyurappa a chance to become the CM though not wanting to do so.

The Karnataka imbroglio is the best example of the Aaya Ram Gaya Raam politics literally throwing to winds the democratic norms and rules of anti-defection law implemented at the behest of the ex-prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.

In an open defiance to the anti-defection law the 13 Congress and 3 Janata Dal lawmakers of the previous ruling coalition under the influence and clandestine collaboration of BJP had resigned from their legislative seats giving  the saffron party a safe chance to destabilise the Congress JD( S) combine government which has never ever happened in any state of the country. Two more Congress MLAs and an independent too resigned later on.

All the dissidents who’d send their resignations to the speaker and extended support to the BJP had been holed up in a Mumbai hotel since the day political drama started in Karnataka.

All attempts and drama by the ruling Congress JD ( S) alliance failed to convince them.

Sounds irrational and undemocratic that lawmakers of two political parties forget their responsibilities to serve the masses of their respective constituencies who’ ve duly elected them some months ago with the hope and aspirations that they will contribute their best in their welfare and well being.

But to the utter dismay and shock to the electorates of their respective constituencies, these lawmakers under the guise of certain greed, political or otherwise had while shirking their democratic and constitutional moral responsibilities preferred to resign to open a safe channel for BJP to form its government by destabilising a democratic elected government of Congress JD( S) majority thus making the mockery of the constitutional and democratic institutions of the state and the country.

The question is, had the electorates of their respective constituencies given them the right to resign without seeking their permission. Till today, if we see history of electoral politics no elected representative of any party has sought the electorates permission to resign or to change party.

Sounds really shocking.

Meanwhile, after the acceptance of three resignations of lawmakers n the rest of the dissidents, the strength of the Karnataka assembly has come down to 222 in total and the majority required by the newly sworn-in chief minister B. S. Yeddyurappa of BJP  is total 112 lawmakers whereas he has the total favorable strength of 106 as of now.

The BJP has the strength of 105 lawmakers of its own whereas one independent is supporting them as well.

However, the strength of the Congress JDU has come down from the earlier total 118 to 100 lawmakers giving quite an edge to BJP.

This means the BJP’s chief minister B. S. Yeddyurappa will have to muster the additional support of six more MLA by 31st July to attain the majority of 112.

It remains to be seen whether he will be able to gain the requisite numbers or not. However, sources reveal that the saffron party is quite confident of gaining the requisite support of 6 MLAs. Let’s keep our fingers crossed till then.

The Karnataka Congress chief Gundu Rao has termed the swearing-in of BS Yeddyurappa as the new chief minister of Karnataka as unethical and unconstitutional as a result of horse-trading and corrupt practices.

Prior to going to meet the governor of Karnataka to stake claim to form government B. S. Yeddyurappa tweeted :

As instructed by our National President Shri@ Amit Shah Ji and working president of BJP Shri @ JP Naddaji, I have met his excellency governor of Karnataka to stake claim to form a government. I will take the oath of CM today at 6.00 PM.

Meanwhile, Yeddyurappa has also stated “We are not indulging in any poaching. It is CM HD Kumaraswamy who is indulging in horse-trading, not BJP. CM himself is offering money and ministerial posts,” Yeddyurappa said.

BJP State President BS Yeddyurappa has claimed on Friday that several JDS MLAs are willing to join his party as they are miffed with portfolio allocation. As we all know, there were multiple issues within the ruling JD (S) and Congress alliance with a lot of warring MLAs. They were unhappy with seat-sharing and the allocation of cabinet berth/portfolios. There was also a face-off between the two parties for Finance portfolio.

Meanwhile, Kumaraswamy had insulted the voters by saying that they are indebted to Congress and not to voters.

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Ghal-e-Ishq: EverIshqeen Top 10 Couplets of Mirza Ghalib



Read Time: 1 minute

Mirza Ghalib was one of the eminent poets in India during the last years of the Mughal Era. He is best known for his Urdu ghazals and many Persian poems. He was the last poet of the Mughal Empire towards its decline phase. Mirza was born as Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan on 27th December 1797 in Kala Mahal, Agra. His two pen-names were Ghalib, which means “dominant” and Asad which means “lion”. Few of his honorific work include Dabir-ul-Mulk and Najm-ud-Daula.
His lyrics on love, life and loss continue to enlighten and calm our heart and soul. Let’s see a few of his timeless shayaris which makes us feel the human emotions. Here we go…












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41.7% polling in Uttarakhand till 1’0 clock. Post Pulwama effect visible.



104 year voter Haji sahib voted today at Pauri Garhwal
Read Time: 4 minutes

By 12’O clock there had been about 22 % polling in various assembly segments of Pauri Garhwal parliamentary constituency.

The BJP’s parliamentary candidate Tirath Singh Rawat cast his vote at the polling station near his village in Kaljikhaal Block while the Congress candidate and son of the veteran BJP sitting MP n former union minister as well as two times Uttarakhand CM Major General retired, Manish Khanduri has cast his vote at the Montessori School booth, Pauri Nagar Palika at 11.00 PM along with few local leaders.

There was quite a silence on the roads of Pauri township not giving the impression as if any parliamentary election is taking place.

Though women n senior citizens n middle aged electorates are gradually turning up at the polling booths but by 12.00 clock the polling percentage could no go up more than 22%. However in Tehri Garhwal the polling percentage was 37% n in Uttarakhand 42% by 1.00 PM which is phenomenal.

Looking after the previous records, it was 62 % polling in the Pauri Garhwal constituency n elsewhere in Uttarakhand in 2014 general election as it was unambiguously a Modi n saffron party wave then.

However, keeping in view the post Pulwama effect, contribution of Uttarakhand soldiers in anti extremist operations in Kashmir n their sacrifices for the country compounded with Modi charisma percolating down to villages n town including the feeling of ultra nationalism does have an impact on the minds of the people across all sections of the society.

The state’s anti incumbency, though existing seems to have been diluted under the increasing Modi effect.

Moreover, the sizeable number of votes of the Armymen n the the exservicemen in Pauri constituency which are considered to be the deciding factor seems to be tilting in favour of the saffron party.

However, the foreign return MBA from US n senior journalist turned Congress candidate with a chequred career, Manish Khanduri has left no stone unturned to campaign extensively touching every assembly segment of the constituency despite being the late comer in the fray.

He is a well read politician having come in the election fray for the very first time from a national party against the ruling party candidate Tirath Singh Rawat, the national general secretary of BJP who started his political career under the guidance n blessings of veteran MP from Pauri BC Khanduri.

Sounds interesting,as today the one time desciple of Major general Khanduri is a major challenge to his own son Manish Khanduri contesting on Congress ticket.

The way polling is going on, it seems that the percentage of votes polled may be around fifty to fifty five percent at the most.

The voters of Uttarakhand, this time sound to be silent, having already made up their mind which will be secretive till 23rd May when the results will be finally declared.

However, it still remains to be seen as to what negative impact, the Supreme court judgement on the controvertial Rafale matter put on the ruling BJP in Uttarakhand n other parts of the country announced just a day earlier to the polling. Meanwhile a 104 year old gentlemen of Pauri namely Haji Abdul Wahid today voted in the Nagar Palika polling booth in Pauri township.

Haji WahidSahib migrated to Pauri township in 1930 n voted for the first time in 1952 after independence in the first democratic elections. Since then he’d been regularly voting in every asssembly n parliamentary elections.

In an interview to Ashutosh Negi n me he shared the past experiences of post independent days and also revealed how late H. N. Bahuguna n he were active in the pre independence anti British movements in Allahabad as well whenthe British fixed Rs. 10000 as reward to anyone giving clue about Bahuguna dead or alive who wasthen a great headache to the British rule in Allahabad n UP.

There are about 13 lakh votes in Pauri Garhwal constituency and approximately 68 lakhs votes in 5 constituencies of Uttarakhand viz Pauri, Tehri, Garhwal, Haridwar, Almora and Nainital Udham Singh Nagar parliamentary seats.

41.7% polling in Uttarakhand till 1’0 clock. Post Pulwama attack.

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Congress to go alone in Delhi. No electoral pact with AAP



Read Time: 3 minutes

Due to the obstinate attitude of the leaders of both Congress and AAP there does not seem to be any possibility of electoral understanding in the general election likely to be held in May n June.

Latest reports suggest that the Congress party has taken a unilateral decision of going alone in Delhi n contesting against the BJP n AAP in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

There were reports that Congress chief Rahul Gandhi had asked Delhi Congress leaders for their advice favouring alliance with Aam Admi Party in Delhi after the former was pressurised by various opposition leaders like Bengal CM Mamata Bannerjee and Sharad Pawar.

But latest news reveal that just today morning after the interaction of Delhi Congress leaders with Rahul Gandhi led by the state president n former chief minister Shiela Dikshit it was unanimously decided to contest singularly in all the seven parliamentary seats of Delhi making the Delhi parliamentary election a three cornered contest.

However, in politics nothing is final and it’s agame of possibilities. According to sources since the AAP Admi Party leadership was adamant on contesting on five seats conceding just two seats to Congress, this may be the major reason for the Congress going alone in Delhi.

However, it was also being said that earlier both the parties had agreed on contesting 3 seats each with the seven seat going to a concensus candidate like Shatrughan Sinha or Yashwant Sinha, both the BJP leaders n former union minister.

It may be recalled that there had been lot of bad mouthing by the senior leaders of AAP n Delhi Congress against each other pertaining to the electoral understanding.

While the AAP had already declared its candidates in all the six seats leaving one for the opposition candidate the Congress’s former Delhi chief Ajay Maken n the current president Shiela Dikshit too were deadly against any tie up with the AAP which had come to power after badly criticizing the then Congress regime of Delhi n the union government of varuious corruption charges such as Coal, 2 G Spectrum n the Common Wealth scams .

Not only this but the Delhi CM had in his campaigns started since the last two months strongly criticized both Congress n BJP, thus annoying the Congress party leaders.

But sources reveal that after the recent air strikes against Jaishe Mohammed camps in Pakistan to avenge the deadliest Pulwama masaccare n safe return of the wing commander Abhinandan to India from Pak’s captivity the political situation has changed in favour of the Modi led NDA government n BJP and as such unification of the anti BJP forces to avoid the splitting of opposition votes has become inevitable.

Therefore Congress chief Rahul Gandhi who too was against the alliance with AAP in Delhi earlier had now favoured formidable pre election alliance with AAP in order to give BJP a strong fight.

But what transpired in the meeting of Congress party to go alone in Delhi unanimously is anybody’s guess particularly at the time when Modi’s popularity graph is going up n the entire country is in a nationalistic fervour/ mood against Pakistan. What’s your take friends?

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Rashtriya Uttarakhand Sabha pays tributes to Pulwama martyrs in 16 states. To hold conventions in Uttarakhand on peoples’ issues



Vinod Nautiyal, Sunil Negi n MajorOnkar Singh addressing RUS convention at Chandigarh
Read Time: 2 minutes

The Chief of Rashtriya Uttarakhand Sabha Vinod Nautiyal addressed the organisation’s convention in Chandigarh today expressing the urgent need to expand the organisation at the grass roots level in various districts of Uttarakhand in order to to decisively fight for the rights of the suffering populace. Sunil Negi sr journalist n chief advisor also spoke on the ocassion and paid tributes to the martyrs of Pulwama by keeping two minutes’ silence.

According to Vinod Nautiyal the 16 state units of RUS paid their tributes to the martyrs of Pulwama by symbolic candle lightening as a mark of respect for the departed souls, demanding stern actions against Pakistan sponsored terror outfits n their perpetrators.

The newly appointed president of the Tri city Chandigarh Jagdish Aswal n Bharat Negi and other office bearers were felicitated and sworn in in the presence of a large gathering.

After the proper formation the body in Uttarakhand it was decided to hold several conventions in Kumaon n Garhwal divsions of Uttarakhand to involve the general masses n apprise the government of the burning issues concerning the grass root populace.

The central body of RUS would ensure that the organisation is set up at the decentralised level to reach maximum number of people at the lowest ebb of the society, especially the youth, women n ex servicemen.

The chief guest on the ocassion was the CMD of AMATEX who motivated the gathering by his enlightened speech. The convention was attended by the delgates of various states who also aired their views n grievances against the government of Uttarakhand on the ocassion. The meeting was presided over by Vinod Nautiyal and conducted by Bharat Negi. Prominent amongst those who expressed their views were Major (R) Onkar Singh Negi, Uttarakhandi, councillor of Chandigarh ward Geeta Rawat, RUS chief Vinod Nautiyal, Chandigarh president Jagdish Aswal, General Secretary Bharat Negi, president of Uttarakhand Journalist Forum Sunil Negi, Vinod Dhaundial of Alaknanda, Dinesh Rana, Sundliji n others

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How to make your employees happier and more productive?




Read Time: 3 minutes

In the present scenario of economic landscape, it is more important for companies to have happy and productive employees. But keeping the employees happy in a business is definitely a hard work. Because happiness is an inside job. In other words, happiness comes from within a person. Happy employees and professional environment result in higher productivity of the organisation therefore, it is important to create a happy environment in order to achieve the goal.
Here are some ways to keep your employees happy and motivated at workplace.
Appreciation and recognition
The deepest desire in human nature is to be appreciated. It does not matter every time how much you pay someone, everyone want to know that their efforts are being seen and appreciated, especially by their manager. A workplace becomes a happier place where there are policies and practices to ensure that the people are appreciated and acknowledged for their performances on a regular basis. When the employees feel that their happiness is important at their workplace, they become more productive.
Prioritise a good work-life Balance
Both the employers and employees share the common aspect of learning to balance good work with a good life. Understand the importance of work but also at the same time, embrace the importance of maintaining a healthy life. Employers should assign the right amount of work to their employees in order to achieve higher productivity.
Ask for feedback
Take ideas, opinions and suggestions from your employees. It induces a sense of ownership in them. Give your employees the chance to make decisions. They should always feel comfortable to share their feedback and opinion. By making them a part of company’s decision making process, they will feel valued and understand how their opinions and contribution are important for the organisation’s growth.
Be a Good employer
Being a senior, you are definitely more experienced and have more knowledge with you. You may try to guide the team members at every stage but this is not always the correct thing to do. Don’t behave like a strict boss every time. Rather, allow them to take decisions . Most people learn more from their failures. So assign them more responsibilities so that they can take actions on their own. If they make mistakes, they will learn things and also try to rectify errors on their own.
Respect and Trust
Employees want to be treated respectfully no matter what their job role is. Employees want to be able to trust management, and they also want the management to trust their jobs. By developing respect and trust, the employees feel content at their work place and this can improve their productivity.
In nutshell, happier employees tend to become more productive which is a final goal of every organisation.  (more…)

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Kejrival annoyed with IT raids on his minister’s 16 locations, calls it a political vendetta ?



Transport minister Delhi, Kailash Gehlot
Read Time: 3 minutes

The Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival seems to be too furious and annoyed over the income tax raids on his transport minister Kailash Gehlot’s residence and 16 locations in Delhi and Gurugram this morning compelling him to tweet in Hindi as well as in English asking the prime minister Narendra Modi to apologise. In a tweet in Hindi chief minister Kejrival has written: Nirav Modi aur Mallya se dosti aur hum par raid? Friendship with Nirav Modi and Maalya, and raid on us?

Modiji , aapne mujhpe, Satyendra pe aur Manish pe bhi to raid karvayi thi ? Unka kya hua ? Kuch mila? Nahi mila ? To agli raid karne se pehle Dilli waalon se unki chuni hui sarkaar ko nirantar pareshan karne ke liye maafi to maang lijiye?

Modiji, You conducted raids on me, on Satyendra Jain and Manish as well ? What happened to those raids? Did you get anything? Nothing was found ? So at least ask for apology from the Delhi people for constantly troubling the duly elected Delhi government ?

It may be recalled that since morning the news is pouring in that 19 locations, residents and offices of Delhi’s Najafgarh based MLA n now minister Transport, government of Delhi Kailash Gehlot have been raided by over 30 to 60 IT sleuths in some cases of tax evation related to his two companies, one related to construction and other connected with finance etc.

Kailash Gehlot is an MLA from Nazafgarh who was included in the council of minister as Transport minister about two years ago. Sources reveal that there had already been cases allegedly registered against the minister’s two firms/ companies regarding tax evasion and the raids were the sequel to those investigations.

It may be recalled that Delhi being just the national capital territory does not possess the status of a full fledged state with police, land, revenue etc with the central government.

In the recent past there had been raids against Satyendra Jain, the health minister, CM’s office and against the deputy CM. A case has also been registered against the Delhi Commission for Women pertaining to irregularities in appointments etc.

The Delhi CM is already allegedly involved in the assault of the Delhi chief secretary Anshul Prakash alongwith two MLAs at his house in the midnight few months ago and the matter is subjudice.

Some of his earlier ministers were involved in fake degree case and sexual molestation, having resigned from the cabinet imcluding cases against several other MLAs going on.

The Delhi state government and the centre have been on the fighting mode always, sometimes on LG issue, sometimes on lack of central budget, sometimes on turning down of the state’s pro peoole recommendations to the centre for approval via LG and sometimes, pertaining to actions by the Delhi police and the income tax authorities who happen to be under the centre’s charge.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival who is considered to be the arch BJP and PM Narendra Modi rival is trying hard to bring the PM’s strict opponents/ bete noires, Shatrughan Sinha and Yashwant Sinha, both union ministers in Vajpayee’s cabinet, into AAP’s fold and had already requested them to contest from Delhi’s two constituencies on AAP’s ticket. Both the Sinhas’ had already addressed a meeting in favour of Delhi CM n his party AAP and lauded his policies and achivement in the public, fully.

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Eminent social reformer Swamy Agnivesh physically thrashed and his clothes torned at Pakud, Jharkhand. No action against hooligans?



Read Time: 3 minutes

Two major incidents that happened today compel us to hang our heads in shame in acountry which boasts of an open and liberal democracy. Intolerance in the society has crossed every limit of decency and people of eminence or even woman are being phsically assaulted and subjected to extreme extreme and mental torture.

In one incident the prominent social reformer and a liberar thinker whose entire life has been dedicated for freeing the bonded child labours and serving the poor, hapless and the down troddens of the society n who was also instrumental in safeguarding several innocent lives during the1984 anti Sikh roits putting his own life in danger, alongwith the then socialist leader Chandra Shekhar and journalist Habib Akhtar erc, Swamy Agnivesh was today allegedly physically beaten and attacked by hoodlums and workers of the saffron party after showing him black flags in a vociferous deminstration.

According to seniour journalist Habib Akhtar, Swamy Agnivesh aged 78 years who lives at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi had gone to Pakud in Jharkhand to participate in the 195 th anniversary of Daamin festival in Litpadha. While he had left his hotel for the festival venue an enrazed mob showed him black flags,raised highly provocative slogans against him and torn his clothes after physically assaulting him.

This is the version of the police given to the BBC correspondent. This is indeed shameful and highly condemnable an act which demands stringent action against the culprits responsible for Swamy Agnivesh’s thrashing who isa peace loving social activist havingcome to LitpadaJharkhand to participate in an ancient festival.

In yet another shameful incident a woman in a debate in the Zee Hindustan studio was during a debate literally slapped by a person participating in the TV interaction. While the live debate was in the air on Zee Hindustan TV studio at Kaipur city, the discussion between the woman and the man took a vociferous turn with both of them shouting at each other.

Attempts were made by the anchor and other participants to pacify both of them but the maulana becameso furious and irritated that he publicly during the live show slapped the woman to the utter shock, surprise and dismay of the TV crew as well as the audience. The show had to be thereafter brought to an abrupt end. Sounds shocking, after all whats happening to the tolerencelevel of the people.

While the mob psychology is at work in some states physically harming, injuring or even lynching others the women are not safe even in Television studios.

Just yesterday the three Judge bemch of the apex court of the country led by honourable justice Dipak Mishra has taken an extremely serious view of these increasing incidents of individual and mob lynchings and had asked the union government to devise a new law to put an end to these horrendous killings under various false pretexts and rumour mongerings in cases like cow vigilantism and child liftings.

It is hightime that the various state governments and the union government should seriously look into these ill concieved designs and credibly counter these hate oriented attacks and killings.

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Read Time: 3 minutes

The prime minister Narendra Modi has expressed his grief over the deaths of several bus commuters in Garhwal Uttarakhand and have assured of all possible help to the bereaved families.

The prime minister has expressed his grief and condolensces by tweeting in his twitter handle this afernoon.

After the news started appearing like wild fire in the entire electronics and print media the state Chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has taken a very serious note of the anguishing situation that claimed 48 lives and has left for the accident spot in an official chopper to see for himself the circumstances leading to this critical accident.

The chief minister has also announced the monetary compensation of Rs. two lakh each to the bereaved families of those dead though the amount seems to be too meagre for the lives lost in this fatal accident.

Meanwhile, orders for the detailed and indepth enquiry has also been issued in this regard. It may be recalled that the bus possessing the sitting capacity of merely 28 was badly overloaded and it seems that the driver had lost the balance.

Even the chief minister TS Rawat has accepted on camera that the majority of the accidents in Uttarakhand are happening due to the over loading of private buses and his government would ensure that this trend is averted in the near future.

During the last two years there have been rapid increase in the accidents of heavy vehicles in Uttarakhand but the transport department of the state has been extremely complacent and untrust worthy towards the passengers as they never penalised any bus operator or the drivers for such fatalities nor have they initiated any efforts to avert these fatal accidents.

It seems as if there is literally no administration functioning in the state. In this particular case the entire state’s political and administrative appratus including the chief minister has come into action after prime minister Narendra Modi personally intervened in the matter and expressed his grief and condolences through tweet including financially helping the bereaved families.

The traffic in the Char Dham Yatra Marg has tremendously increased in Uttarakhand and the speeding traffic of the outsiders not exactly knowing the geography of the routes and not well versed with hilly roads as well, are also also responsible for such fatal accidents.

The blind turns of hilly roads are devoid of strong iron railings and the transport department is also lacking putting indication boards and hoardings in majority of the hilly routes resulting in the tourists not able to have exact idea about various road indicators.

These days Uttarakhand is the victim of severe road accident fatalities as well as the maneater attacks but little seem to have been done to provide relief to its inhabitants in both the above contexts.

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Five year waiting for cardiac surgery in AIIMS, NEW DELHI



Read Time: 4 minutes

The number of cardio vascular patients in India is increasing tremendously and this includes the heart patients waiting for cardiac surgeries. However, there is no dearth of private hospitals in Delhi conducting cardiac surgeries of all types for patients ready to incur heavy charges. Usually a package for the heart surgery in private hospital comes to 3.5 lakhs and in some cases even more ranging from cases of open heart surgeries to by pass operations to planting of stunts n even more critical cases of rheumatic heart deseases.

But these hospitals are full of patients of the rich, affluent and upper middle class or those requiring urgent surgeries. The majority of the patients hailing from the poor, backward and economically deprived classes including the middle class have to depend on the services of the government hospitals situated in the capital city of India, NCT of Delhi or in government hospitals in other metropolises.

However, the state and central government hospital employees have the facility of surgeries of critical deseases in private hospitals as they are on panels and are paid by the government but majority of the populace, particularly those in rural areas are totally bereft of these advantages. In Delhi and elsewhere the All India Institute of medical Sciences are considered to be the best central government hospitals in terms of conduction of cardiac surgeries and the AIIMS of Delhi is the one of the best suited where patients in millions throng for cardiac treatment and heart surgeries from all over the country.

The reason being that not only the cardiac surgery here is cheap and subsidised but the surgeons here are of top standards too. The AIIMS is fully equipped with all the latest hi tech machines and cardiac surgeons but is also no less in comparison to the best private hospitals in the town in terms of successful conduction of trivial surgery cases.

The maximum package of the heart surgery here comes to nearly 1.5 lakhs at the most for open heart surgeries or even less in case of stunts fixation n bypass surgeries and its infact a major boost for the enonomically deprived patients. That’s the reason that the institute is heavily over burdened with patients from all over the country with majority of them lying outside on pavements near the hospitals to wait for their turns.

One would be surprised to learn that despite the best possible efforts and intiatives of the AIIMS authorities in rendering best possible treatment to large number of patients, it’s not able to cope with the situation as the number of cardiac patients is rapidly increasing day by day and as a result the waiting for the surgery of the cardiac patients have gone ahead to 2023 meaning that if any cardiac patient needs a surgery, he or she will have to wait for five years at any cost and that to at the minimum. There have been several cases when the poor and needy patients have died waiting for their turn for heart operations, particularlty those needing expeditious operations.

The number of cardiac patients is rapidly increasing at an unabated pace and the situation has arrived at such a pass that even emergency cardiac patients who need urgent surgeries have no option but to go to highly expensive private hospitals by way of selling their lands, properties and house etc. in order to escape deaths. The government of India has during the NDA rule has opened number of AIIMS in other states of the country like in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh, Bhatinda, Punjab, Bhopal, Bhuvneshwar, Patna, Jodhpur n Raipur but these hospitals are still not fully equipped with facilities as compared to Delhi AIIMS and even if they are as the AIIMS OF RISHIKESH, the charges of cardiac surgeries are in commensurate with the charges of high profile private hospitals which is beyond the reach of the general masses i.e. the patients of the economically deprived classes, the poor, hapless and people of the middle and lower middle class.

The government of India should therefore give more impetus to the health sector and open more high profile government hospitals at the earliest to ensure that the back log of severe heart patients requiring urgent heart surgeries and surgeries for other critical illnesses are cleared at the earliest in order to save the precious lives of millions of such poor and hapless patients who can’t afford expensive operations to survive. What’s your take, friends?

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