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Crusader against big dams bestowed with prestigious Ramnath Goenka excellence in journalism award.



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The recipient of the coveted Ram Nath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism, sr journalist n news anchor in NDTV Sushil Bahuguna deserves all appreciation n applause for his outstanding work in making documentaries on peoples’ problems especially those pertaining to the environmental hazards and displacement of poor n hapless villagers of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand as well as other states reeling under abject poverty and becoming the incessant victims of the loot of the powers that be who arbitrarily accord massive contracts for huge dams thus leading to gigantic environmental hazards n displacement of civilisation.

Sr. investigative journalist of NDTV is the first journalist who had despite carrying out his usual duties as an anchor n newsreader in NDTV for several years has left no stone unturned to visit the high mountaineous terrains with his camera crew under unforeseen n challenging circumstances in 2013 June’s massive eclogical disaster and captured exclusive situations exposing the corrupt administrations n negligent officers n the system to ensure that due justice n relief is accorded to the actual sufferers.

His outstanding coverage and documentaries on ecological disaster of 2013 in Kedar valley, massive migration n exodus of villagers to cities, towns n metropolises from the Uttarakhand villages highlighting the abject poverty n woes of women thereafter and aftermath consequences of Pancheshwar Dam on the River Mahakali in the Kumaon n Nepal region likely to displace more than 30 thousand families living there since ages have been lauded and appreciated by one and all.

The prestigious GOENKA AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN JOURNALISM bestowed on him by the union home minister Raj Nath Singh in the new year 2019, for the third consecutive year is indeed a matter of immense pride for the jornalistic fraternity of the country as well to the oppressed n depressed people of Uttarakhand who are unfortunately becoming the dire victims of the huge dams considered to be anti environment as well as anti civilization but unfortunately continued to go ahead with such coffer dams.

While wishing Sushil Bahuguna all the very best for this coveted recognition I wish, the successive governments learn lesson while awarding journalists like Sushil Bahuguna by putting a permanent full stop on the big dam projects in the country, once for all in the near future.

Primarily belonging to Garhwal, Uttarakhand, Sushil Bahuguna carved a niche for himself in journalism by his hard, dedicated n intellectual commitment to his profession by being a journalist with impeccable integrity. Today, he is a name of professional integrity in Indian journalism who’d taken up the cause of the poor, hapless, down troddens n the neglected with his hard n dilligent work. His third recognition speaks of this hard fact.

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Sunil Negi hails from Uttarakhand and is a veteran journalist and author. He is a prolific writer and has carved a name for himself in the media world. He received the 'Golden Achiever Award' in the '90th AIAC Excellence Awards 2019' for his book ''Havoc in Heaven'' based on the tragedy that struck Uttarakhand in which thousands of people lost their lives. He is also the President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and majorly writes on Politics, Current Affairs, and Social Issues.

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Sr journalist writes to CM on FB post, says if his laptop n other items get stolen, the loss will have to be compensated from the CM’s salary



Sr journalist Rajiv Nayan Bahuguna driving his jeep
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A senior accredited journalist of Uttarkhand dares the chief minister not to stop his vehicle at the state secretariat in future cautionng him that if his lap top, camera, books and other expensive material gets stolen while his car is parked outside as the government order prohibits his entry, then the entire loss will have to be borne by the CM from his salary.

The journalist seems to be annoyed with the chief minister after his car was stopped at the state secretariat’s gate on 31st January by the security people citing the reason that the state’s higher ups have issued fresh orders not to allow the state’s accredited sr journalists go inside in vehicles.

The senior journalist is none other but a renowned author n scribe Rajiv Nayan Bahuguna who posesses the chequered journalistic carreer spanning four decades and is also the son of internationally popular environmentalist Padma shree n Padma Vibhushan nonagenerian Sunder Lal Bahuguna. Rajiv is too a popular name in Uttarakhand n country’s journalistic circles who is considered to be a roving journalist with progessive ideology. The veteran journalist has no other way to vent his grievance or anger/ protest but to write a hard hitting letter to the chief minister on his FB post.

According to the letter written in pure hindi addressd to Uttarakhand CM ( also covered by Himalayan discover) which I am translating verbatim in english for the convenience of avid english readers the contents are as below. The contents of the letter are quite interesting and daring.

The Chief Minister, Uttarakhand

Dear Sir,

Yesterday, on 31st January, Thursday I was stopped at the main entrance of the secretariat prohibiting my entry with my vehicle. Got to know that these orders were issued by the higher ups. It’s quite obvious the high ups is none other than you. Respected Sir, I usually travel in an open jeep. I do so from the point of view of maintaining transparency, because I am not the journalist accompanying the brief case full of notes and girls inside the car with tinted glasses ( black film) You also know that I am not the sting doing journalist and consider sting as an unethical affair.

You also maintain transparency/ integrity and do not stop my vehicle at the gate. My car contains laptop, camera, books n bottles of scotch. If these items are stolen due to my vehicle beng parked outside, the entire loss will have to be borne from your salary. There are hardly 10 accredited sr journalist in Dehradun with four wheelers. They never visit the secretariat together.

I myself had gone there after three months. There won’t be crowd escalation in your Durbaar due to our cars. Instead of preventing my vehicle, the vehicles of those KHAU , bureaucrats should be restricted entry inside the secretariat who are getting fat day by day due to over eating n have been advised walking to reduce over weight. Please do note. I should be treated as a king treats another king. Failing which I will return back the the officially granted/ sanctioned entry pass of the state secretariat.

With affection n due Regards
Rajiv Nayan Bahuguna

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NDTV journalist Bahuguna comes out in open defence of NSA Doval n his sons in his FB post. Says those who’re serving the country honestly are being unnecessarily targetted



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It sounds interesting and transparent that a senior journalist of NDTV and three time recipient of prestigious Ramnath Goenka Award Sushil Sharma has taken the courage to openly come out in defence of the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and his two sons who’ve recently been allegedly labelled as D Company by a magazine Caravan, published from New Delhi in his face book post in Hindi titled : RIGHT LEFT KE JHAGDE MEIN FACT KI MAUT AUR PATRAKARITA MEIN SIYASAT KA GHAALMEL. ( Death of fact in the quarrel of Righ left and mishmesh of politics in journalism). According to senior journalist Sushil Bahuguna, in the present day blind/ desperate politics the tirades have so badly taken the front seat that truth and facts get disappeared forthwith.

In the quest for accusing the arch rival and being desperately vindictive nobody is taking the pain to get the facts substantiated. Even journalism has got converted into Red, saffron, blue and green in view of squeezed political considerations. What’s black n white, nobody is least interested to know. This desperation becomes criminal when even those people are brought under its cover who are not related to politics directly.

Those who are honestly connected/ associated with the service of the country and the society. The current issue is connected with the targetted National Security Advisor Ajit Doval who is doing a great service to the country with full integrity as per the prestige of the post he is holding.

Just imagine as to what will be the mentality of those writers who don’t hesitate to accuse those who are serving the nation with commitment, determination and morality. Where should we bring words to criticize or condemn people with such derogatory mentality.

Those interested to hurriedly target Modiji should have at least found the credible evidence before inflicting such baseless charges or accusations on the NSA and his sons( duo).

On the top of that if ethical, intelligent and knowlegeable politicians like Jairam Ramesh start losing their tempers that one would be constrained to believe that the bad days of politics have indeed started.

However, now a criminal defamation case have already been launched against the website Caravan and politician Jai Ram Naresh. All the facts have been brought in the knowledge of the honourable Court.

Now rest of the work is of the Court. Vivek Dobhal has submitted all his economic documents of the last 18 years to the court. Now those who’ve accused the NSA n his sons will have to find the logics behind their accusations n prove them. When logics are buried down then the factories of generation of arguments come up.

Let’s hope that justice will arrive soon so as to bring those to justice who’ve levelled fabricated n concocted charges on the people doing their honest duties.

This would be a lesson for them. Let Modi, Rahul n others do their politics but such personalities ( like NSA Doval) should be kept out of the poisionous or venemous accusations. At least there should be some people on whose behalf the country may run smoothly writes Sushil.

It may be recalled that sr journalist of NDTV n News Anchor Sushil Bahuguna is the third time recepient of prestigious Ram Nath Goenka Award for his outstanding work to highlight the plight of people of Uttarakhand n those living in border areas due to incessant exodus to the cities, town n metropolises from Uttarakhand villages making them peopleless.

He also made documentaries on the demerits of big dams like Pancheswar and subsequent displacement of more than thirty thousand people. Sushil is also credited with thoroughly higlighting the peoples’ agony in the 2013 ecological catastrophe of 2013 Kedarnath tragedy. He is an outstanding journalist of electronic media commanding tremendous respect in the journalistic fraternity.

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Good news for the journalists of Uttarakhand. Will get pension and priority in Govt housing schemes !



pic of Nainital High Court/ judgement's copy n the advocate who ably presented the case on behalf of the journalists of Uttarakhand
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There is indeed a good news for the journalists of Uttarakhand. The Uttarakhand High Court has today given several significant directives to the state government asking it to grant the journalistic community of Uttarakhand all those facilities and privileges which the scribes of other states are getting.

The decision of the high court includes government pension and priority in allotment/ sanction of plots and housing accomodation in govt schemes to the working journalists as per the seniority.

The verdict was given today on a petition filed by advocate Dushyant Mainali who fought the case brilliantly as an amicus curie of the scribes who presented the matter very strongly by presenting the relevant statistics and supportive documents to the jurists hearing the matter.

The verdict of the Nainital High Court is bound to provide relief to good number of working journalists, reporters, stingers, digital journalists, feature scribes n media employees.

According to the final judgement the court directed the respondent ( the government of UK) to improve the conditions of the journalists/ reporters/ correspondents as per the notification dated 11th November 2011 and as per the working journalists and other newspapers employees ( Conditions of Service) and the Misclleneous Provisions Act, 1955.

While directing the state government to frame a scheme for providing certain reservations in housing / flats in government housing schemes the court also issued directives for enhancing the pensions of elderly journalists/ reporters/ correspondents on the basis of the fluctuations of the consumer price index.

The court added that these recommendations are necessary to provide security in the pursuit of fearless and professional journalism.

It also directed the state government for framing of the Welfare fund rules on the analogy of Andhra Pradesh n Orissa etc for the welfare of the journalists of the state.

Showing its immense concern towards the senior journalists who posess no financial security after supperanuation the court directed the UK govt to frame a policy for the health and pension benefits for the journalists of the state.

While delivering this historic decision the Nainital High Court justices Sharad Kumar Sharma and Rajiv Sharma concluded by mentioning in the judgement a quote of the famous English author of 1839 namely EDWARD BULWAR LYTTON ,” The Pen is Mighter than a Sword”.

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Among prime ministers Rajiv Gandhi was the most caring PM for scribes and press photographers says Praveen Jain



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The iconic photo journalist and the associate editor of India Express ( Photo), famous for his outstanding and rare photographs spanning his challenging career of more than three and a half decades Praveen Jain says that among the ten prime ministers he has covered during the last 35 years as a photo journalist, Rajiv Gandhi was the best among all as he was not only physically and mentally smart, intelligent, affable and tremendously caring his face was also extremely photogenic followed by the present prime minister Narendra Modi who’s hectic political activities, engagements, eloquence and mood swings as the most mobile PM accord tremendous opportunities for photographers like him to capture unique pictures thus bringing interest to the profession.

Rajiv Gandhi was too caring for journalists n press photographers in addition to his other unique qualities as a politician and a good human being whereas no other politicians cared for the journos accompanying them compared to concern Rajiv had for the scribes n photographers added Jain.

Praveen Jain was answering to the questions of the budding young trainee journalists who’d visited his photo exhibition at the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society at Rafi Marg, New Delhi.

Today was the fifth day of his exhibition titled ” 200& One” inaugurated by the union minister Ram Vilas Paswan on 2nd of November.

Praveen Jain whose exclusive pictures of Hashimpura, UP massacre of the eighties when Rajiv Gandhi was the prime minister, used by the court to punish the 16 jawans of Provincial Armed Constabulary for life convicted of murdering several innocents of the minority community primarily hails from Rohtak, Haryana having started his journey as a budding photographer under the charge of the then photo editor of Indian Express S. Paul thirty five years ago from now.

Today he is an established name in the photo journalism of the country having worked in Indian Express, Sunday Mail, Delhi Recorder, Surya Magazine n several other journals.

Having covered 10 prime ministers and several presidents including parliament for more than three decades Praveen is also a main witness in Babri Masjid demolition case of 1992 which he covered for several days despite his camera and valuable equipments having been broken n damaged in the attack by the unruly mob.

Praveen’s exhibition is displaying about 100 to 150 rare photographs depicting various moods, shades and events of prime ministers, presidents, union ministers, their families, chief minister and head of the foreign countries.

The former prime minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh who appreciated Praveen for his outstanding clicks and candid photography was however always scared of him, apprehensive of being captured in an ineasy pose or moods.

Praveen’s pictures showing Laloo Prasad Yadav’s family living in Janata Quarters of Patna in a very modest lifestyle with Rabri Devi holding her children on her lap, former PM Deve Gowda literally napping while sitting with the then chief justice of India in a function, PM Modi with the former France PM Francois Hollande with a caption ” Deal Fixed” , PM Narendra Modi with former deputy PM Lal Krishna Advani in a very simple posture raising slogan in his historic Rath Yatra for Ram Temple and with Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi in Kashmir Valley at the time of hoisting the national flag n today he is a PM with both Joshi and Advani out of the political frame etc. are some of the rare appreciable pictures in the exhibition with 100 other outstanding clicks.

Today the union minister of child and women development Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, visited the exhibition . The exhibition has captured the various moods and shades of former and present prime ministers, union ministers, chief ministers, foreigh heads of the state, sons n daughters of politicians of eminence, riots of Hashimpura, Babri Masjid imbroglio, earthquakes, actor turned politicians like Amitabh Bachchan and socio political events.

His work of photography with precision covers political developments of the last three and a half decades. A must see exhibition. Prominent amongst others who had so far visited the exhibition are the former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, union minister Menaka Gandhi, CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yachury, Union minister Ram Vilas Paswan, associate consulting editor of Indian Express Coomi Kapoor, Shekhar Gupta, Chief editor The Print and for editor in chief The Indian Express, the Bofors fame investigative journalist Chitra Subramaniam earlier in Hindu stationed at Geneva, Ravish Kumar of NDTV and the former prime minister late Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s daughter Namita etc and had penned down their appreciations for Praveen Jain’s valuable contribution in photo journalism.

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Various shades of political ups and downs during the last 35 years in Pravin’s photo exhibition at AIFACS gallery



Photo journalist and associate editor of Indian Express (Photo) Praveen Jain with Atalji's daughter Namita at his photo exhibition
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A unique, distinctive and an outstanding photo exihibition of the associate editor of India Express (photo) under the title of ,” 200 & one,” exhibiting about one hundred and fifty exclusive and rare photographs of the last three and a half decades pertaining to various political developments of the country showing all the important political leaders in different postures rather evocative n outstanding images, was inaugurated today at All India Fine Arts Theatre Arts Gallery by the union minister Ram Vilas Paswan in the presence of the late prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s fostered daughter Namita, the Consulting chief editor of Indian Express Coomi Kapoor, leader of the NCP and MP Devi Prasad Tripathi, eminent journalists, photo journalists and his friends and colleagues of the media fraternity.

Praveen Jain is a recognised name in photo journalism in the country who carries behind him a chequered career of more than three decades as an outstanding photo journalist having covered ten prime ministers, eight presidents, amassing offbeat photos of an array of political leaders.

As per the version of the Consulting editor of Indian Express Coomi Kapoor with whom Pravin Jain worked for several years the latter began his career in 1981 as a helper to S. Paul, the chief photo editor of Indian Express. Paul and Jain both hailed from Rohtak, Haryana, which has spawned a large share of the Capital’s news photographers.

The primary work of Pravin then was to carry the camera, equipment for Paul and make tea including performing sundry other odd jobs. In return to his dedicated services Pravin was taught the basics of photography.

According to Coomi Kapoor he blossomed fast and soon made a unique reputation as an nationally acclaimed photo journalist having worked thereafter in Surya Magazine, Delhi recorder, Sunday Mail, the Pioneer Daily and then again in Indian Express till date in his capacity of an associate editor ( Photo) .

Pravin Jain is one photo journalist who is the one of the prime witnesses in the Babri Masjid demolition trial and was greatly instrumental in leading to several erring policemen getting life sentences in the Hashimpura Messacre of 1987. According to Rebecca Mammen John the lawyer of Jain in the Hasim Pura massacre case :

“Sometimes, the most innocuous piece of evidence are captured like the horror of Hashimpura which later on become the credible evidence. Praveen Jain , the iconic photographer took the unique pictures at ground Zero at Hasimpura while hiding behind bushes ,on 21 st May 1987, , showing the men of Hashimpura being taken away by the PAC . These photographs were part of the court record. Praveen Jain appeared as a witness in the trial and even produced negatives of all the photographs taken . The surviving eyewitness used these photographs to identify the other victims of the crime which finally resulted in getting the erring policemen the life sentences for the murder of the innocent people in this episode which was termed as the most talked about Hashimpura messacre.

The pictures of Pravin Jain’s exhibition were unique in the sense that most of them are the vivid description of the tale of politics of the last three and a half decades.

A pioneer in photo journalism Praveen Jain has covered wide range of breaking stories in India as well as abroad. He travelled to Si Lanka in 1995 to record the ethinic riots, been to Pakistan to cover its national election including the Lahore declaration and various other international conferences. On the domestic front he covered almost all the significant events of the eighties and nineties – from the riots of Bhagalpur, its arbitrary and tortuous human bl8ndings to the eathquake of Latur to the massacre of Sikhs in 1984 to the demolition of Babri Masjid, its rehearsal to the plaque in Surat including the earthquake of Gujarat, opetation Black Thunder in Punjab and the Kargil war of 1999 as well. His last exhibition in 2000 was inaugurated by the prime minister VP Singh who said that he has always admired his outstanding work but has alwaysbeen scared of his candid camera.

While congratulating Praveen Jain for his precious collection of rare photographs of his special work of the last three and a half decades I would advice one and all to visit the rare collections of Jain’s photographs at AIFACS ART GALLERY ON ANY DAY till 7th of this month and have a feel of the political nerve, various shades and postures of political dignitaries of the last 35 years several of them have left of their eternal homes or rest retired from public life like presidents, prime ministers, union minisers and mass leaders etc. . Hats off to you Praveen Bhai.

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DD correspondent Dheeraj reveals, how they were ambushed by the Maoists in Dantewada losing a precious friend Achyutanand Sahu



Doordarshan correspondent Dheeraj and assistent cameraman M. Mukut explaing the incident of Maoists attack in Dantewada
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A reporter of Doordarshan Dheeraj and the assistent cameraman M. Mukut who’ve come alive from Dantevada, a highly naxal infested zone in Chattisgarh on 1st of November were present in the condolense meeting of their colleague and cameramen Achyutanand Sahu at Press Club of India premises.

The doordarshan team comprising of Dheeraj the correspondent, cameraman Achyutanand Sahu and assistant cameraman M. Mukut were assigned the official responsibility to cover the elections of Chattisgarh and the fearless team members preferred to do an investigative story of a village, 50 miles away from the Dantewada township/ city and apparently sought the permission from the Dantewada district magistrate and the senior police officials to shoot and interact with the poor, economically deprived and hapless tribals who had in the last several decades never participated in any election due to their apprehension of being killed by the naxalites under whose terror they were leading a highly complex lifestyle amid deprivation.

It was this time that the village tribals had shown courage to participate in the state elections. The Doordarshan reporter Dheeraj finally made up his mind to do the story on these village tribals who’d been deprived of their fundamental right to vote n join the mainstream.

When Dheeraj revealed his intention of doing the story on these tribal villagers living in the Maoist area of Dantewada several kilometres inside jungles ruled by the hardcore Naxals whose full fledged writ ran there, the courageous cameraman Achyutanand agreed feeling quite happy and confident to cover it saying to Dheeraj that it’s indeed a very nice story.

There started for this tribal village having made up their mind to face every challenge even if it allegedly means risking their precious lives. The senior most police officers and the district administration have however cautioned them that there is tremendous risk to their lives as even if they reach the two kilometre area inside, away from Dantewada city, the Naxals may attack them even costing the precious lives.

But says Dheeraj: they want to show the people of the country as to how these poor, oppressed and economically deprived tribals have for the first time shown courage to participate in democratic elections despite the terror of the Maoists risking their lives and the lives of their families.

The Doordarshan team and about six paramilitary jawans n an officer were a shield to them but when they were nearer to the village after covering just two kilometres they were surrounded by the Naxals n ambushed.

The firing between the paramilitary troopers and the naxalites continued for several hours in which three valiantly fighting Jawans who included an officer and the cameraman Achyutananda were slained by the bullets of the Naxalites.

The DD correspondent Dheeraj and the assistent cameraman M. Mukut could luckily save themselves by lying on the ground in that jungle where the cross firing continued for several hours. M. Mukut who was without camera at that point of time used his cell phone to record the entire sequence/ scene of cross exchange of fire between the Maoists and the troopers and had even recorded a message for his mother that he may perhaps not come alive as they have been surrounded by armed naxalites uninterruptedly firing on them n the security forces.

His vedio was shown in all the television channels of the country and had become viral on the social media with infinite number of shares.

In the picture/ vedio the Doordarshan correspondent Dheeraj is seen explaining the situation at ground zero when they were surrounded by Maoists firing on them thus losing one of their colleagues’ Achyutanand and three security persons.

It may be recalled that several media organisations from all over Delhi protested on 1st November after holding a condolense meeting at PCI in support of Achyutanand and three jawans of security forces in Dantewada and thereafter marching in a candle light procession till India gate demanding complete stoppage to the killings of journalists n innocent people by Maoists, granting of insurance cover to journalists send to cover the Maoist and terrorist infested areas, adequate financial compensation to the tune of Rs. 50 lakhs to the martyrs and a permanent government job to the next of the kins or the widowed wives of the slained.

Our salutes to these bravehearts and the martyrs and condolenses to the bereaved families. Om Shanti

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Had the Pauri hospital been in better condition L Mohan Kothiyal could have been saved, says sr journalist Moudgil ?



scribe Late Lalit Mohan Kothiyal n sr. journalist Arvind Moudgil from Pauri Garhwal
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Read Time: 4 minutes

My heart goes with the bereaved family of the senior journalist and associate editor of prestigious Magazine of Uttarakhand, Regional Reporter Lalit Mohan Kothiyal, founded and edited by the veteran journalist late Uma Shankar Thapliyal. Hard lucked and unfortunate Kothiyal breathed his last at the Srinagar, Garhwal’s Base hospital today after suffering from a massive cardiac arrest.

Late L Mohan Kothiyal was the resident of Pauri township where he suffered the attack today and was rushed to the Pauri district hospital under critical condition. The senior journalist of Hindistan Times and an old colleague of late Kothiyal, Arvind Moudgil was informed of his severely deteriorating health condition and he too rushed to the hospital but was really aghast to see the negligence of the staff and the doctors concerned who literally did nothing to admit him in ICU n ventilator perhaps because it was’nt in the working condition or lacking the necessary machine/ equipments and was immediately referred and shifted to the Base hospital in Srinagar, Garhwal, the constituency represented by the number two in the Uttarakhand’s political hierarchy after the chief minister namely Dhan Singh Rawat.

Almost unconscious and in critical condition it took one hour or more to shift late Kothiyal to Base hospital where after little check ups he was declared dead after not being able to get revived despite best efforts of the doctors.

Had the Pauri district hospital been equipped with a fully functioning ICU having adequate ventilator machine and other facilities critical Kothiyal could have been put on the ventilator and his precious life saved but unfortunately, in the absence of the immediately required services and a well equipped ICU with a ventilator machine and a senior cardiologist, the deceased journalist was referred to Srinagar Garhwal where almost more than one and a half hours were wasted and the latter, in extreme critical stage had to embrace death.

This is really shocking and brutal. It’s rather a diabolical death of a journalist in the absence of the ICU/ ventilator machine and an efficient cardiac surgeon.

Had these facilities existed in Pauri district hospital, the patient of cardiac arrest could have been saved by way of addmitting him in the ICU and putting him on ventilator immediately. But it did’nt happened the way it should have been.

Cardiac arrest occurs due to the blockade of arteries going to the heart supplying oxygenated blood. If the flow is stopped due to blockages of the arteries or high blood pressure the cardiac arrest takes place. The patient thereafter is immediately shifted to the ICU and put on ventilation machine to give him or her artificial respiration/ oxygen to revive the system till other alternative treatments like heart surgery or planting of stunts into the arteries to remove the blockade could be arranged.

But in the case of hard lucked and unfortunate journalist late Lalit Mohan Kothiyal, not only had the Pauri district hospital not addmitted him in ICU n ventilation due to the absence of the facility but was referred to Base hospital, Srinagar, Garhwal which was an hour or more distance away from Pauri township.

By the time he reached there it was all over and the doctors/ cardiologists at the Base Hospital could not revive him and declared him as dead, rather brought dead. In the words of a senior journalist and a close friend of late Lalit Mohan Kothiyal, Arvind Moudgil which he posted on his timeline in the state of shock is as following:

पता नही क्यों मुझे लगता है कि ज़िला अस्पताल पौड़ी थोड़ा भी बेहतर होता तो ललित भाई को बचाया जा सकता था ,,,
रेफर कर दिया , एम्बुलेंस दे दी , बस हो गया ,,, ऐसे ही बहुत से मेरे करीबी चले गए और हम हमेशा यही कहते रहे कि शायद इतना ही लिखा था हो सकता है ये भी सच हो पर फिर भी ,,,, upset हूँ बहुत

Don’t know, why I feel that had the district hospital been in better condition, even a little bit, brother Lalit could have been saved.
The hospital reffered him, provided Ambulance, that’s it.
My several close friends have departed like this n we’d always been saying that perhaps they were destined to leave this world. May be this is true, but even then… I am badly upset
Arvind Moudgil

This statement from a senior journalist friend of the deceased is enough to prove home the point that how people in critical circumstances in the hill areas are at the mercy of God, in the absence of governmental medical facilities despite the fact that the state government boasts too much of its achievements on the health, education and employment fronts whereas the situation is just topsy tervy even after 18 years of the state achieving the separate existence after the sacrifice of 43 or more precious lives of our sisters, brothers and friends.

The Uttarakhand Journalists Forum demands an impartial judicial enquiry in the sad demise of senior journalist Lalit Mohan Kothial due to lack of medical treatment in time and his non addmission in the ICU at Pauri Hospital in order to immediately put him on the ventilator machine to revive or continue his respiration. And believe me, the Pauri Garhwal is the district from where hail the chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, NSA Ajit Doval, the UP CM Yogi Adityanath and ofcourse the politically most influential and number two in the Uttarakhand cabinet Dhan Singh Rawat etc. What’s your take friends?

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Sr journalist and activist of CHAKBANDI no more ! Dies after cardiac arrest



Kothiyal with Ganesh Singh Garib n Agriculture minister Uttarakhand Subodh Uniyal releasing a document on Chakbandi ( land holding consolidation in UK)
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Read Time: 2 minutes

Garhwal, Uttarakhand has today lost a senior journalist with progressive leanings who fought and wrote on people centric issues and actively participated in the movements of separate Uttarakhand, Chakbandi ( consolidation of land holdings in Uttarakhand ) and movements for free press, journalists’ security and bringing the late bludgeoned journalist of Amar Ujala’ Daily late Umesh Dobhal’s diabolical murdurers to justice.

A journalist of ethics, values, ideals and tranparency Lalit Mohan Kothiyal today breathed his last in the Base Hospital Srinagar, Garhwal after suffering from a massive cardiac arrest.

He was currently working as the Associate editor of the prestigious political magazine Regional Reporter founded and edited by veteran journalist late Umashankar Thapliyal.

According to sources , Kothiyal developed acute pain and uneasiness in his chest in the morning and was shifted to Base hospital at Srinagar Garhwal from Pauri township, where every effort to revive him failed, finally being declared dead.

One of the leading journalists’ of Uttarakhand primarily hailing from the Pauri Garhwal district Lalit Mohan Kothiyal was a well known journalist having contributed his impressive articles in various national dailies and regional periodicals on the burning issues of socio political, cultural and economic significance.

He was the secretary of Umesh Dobhal Smriti Trust , an organisation of journalists from Uttarakhand and other parts of India which held seminars every year in the memory of the late journalist killed by the then liquor mafia of Garhwal, Uttarakhand and also felicitate one of the leading scribes’ with an award for outstanding journalism n literature.

Apart from this, Lalit Mohan Kothiyal was also one of the chief architects’ alongwith the founder Ganesh Singh Garib of the significant Chakbandi Andolan ( movement for consolidated land holdings) for the socio economic and agricultural betterment, benefit n develooment Uttarakhand and its people.

Late Kothiyal was highly instrumental in organising talks, seminars and meetings on this issue and highlighting this cricial issue in the media through his writings and journalistic dexterity.

He succeeded in getting the CHAKBANDI issue approved by the government of Uttarakhand as the recognised programme of the state on which the government was actually devising a fool proof system to implement it in phased manner in entire hill state. Kudos to the tireless efforts of Ganesh Singh Garib n late Lalit Mohan Kothiyal to make this long standing dream a true success n reality by convincing the state government implement it in totality.

In the sad demise of Lalit Mohan Kothiyal Uttarakhand has lost a most ethical journalist, an author and relentless fighter and a social activist as well. In a way it’s an end of an era.

The Uttarakhand Journalists Forum while expressing its heartfelt tributes to this selfless journalist and activist urges upon the government of the state to compensate his bereaved family with adequate financial compensation and a government job to one of the eldest family members, probably his traumatic wife.

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Digital Media

The “Indigo Story” by Sr. journalist Shelly Vishwajeet published by Rupa Publications



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Senior business journalist, political commentator and author Shelly Vishwajeet has come out with an outstanding book on the Aviation sector after tremendous indept research and protracted analysis of the Aviation history titled as THE INDIGO STORY published by the prestigious publishers the Rupa Publishing House.

According to the publishers, “The IndiGo Story,” is a fascinating analysis of the manner in which an unknown entity entered the perilous Indian sky and became its undisputed leader both in terms of market share and profitability.

Lucidly written and sharply argued, this book highlights the company’s formative years as a fearless start-up and its evolution into one of India’s most game-changing, profitable brands.

Going into great detail and with a deep understanding of the airline industry, the author uncovers little-known facts about how the airline displaced old players and new competitors, and proved the doomsday predictors wrong in double-quick time.

Shelly Vishwajit says:

‘The IndiGo Story’ is the outcome of the work of deep research and hard labour.

It ‘s also also the first of its kind book on Indian aviation sector that takes the readers through the early days of India aviation to the rise of low-cost carrier (LCC) phenomenon globally and in India; and the reasons for the emergence of IndiGo Airlines as the Rockstar carrier amid all odds.

According to the author the work covers the entire journey of Indian aviation sector since 1911, major global aviation landmarks from the 1950s onwards, analysis of hundreds of DGCA, IATA, data for the last 30 years and much more!

The language has been deliberately kept non-academic, novel kinda to make the reading enjoyable for a broader audience but without compromising on hard facts or academic analysis.

According to Shelly, for people /students /management grads interested in getting a real deep insight into the dynamics of aviation will find THE INSIDE STORY, particularly a good read!

So what was the magic IndiGo wielded? What was the secret mantra of their success? How did they get it right when most failed or struggled?

One can uncover all this and much more in book this book authored by Shelly Vishwajeet a senior journalist, political commentator and author.

He has been associated with media platforms such as Business India, The Observer of Business & Politics, Star Television Network, Aviation World, and the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.

He is currently a Doctoral Research Fellow with TERI School of Advanced Studies.

Shelly Vishwajit is also credited with co authering his first book titled: SUPERBRANDS INDIA: AN INSIGHT INTO 101 OF INDIA’S STRONGEST BRANDS.

Wishing Shelly Vishwajeet all the very best for this insightful book on India’s aviation history and Indigo’s plunge in the aviation sector and its significant contribution in terms of refining the Aviation Sector.

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600 Year Old historically significant coins found in Khidki Masjid by ASI



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A news about unearthing of precious 254 coins of the medieval times, probably of Tuglak era of the year 1600 in an ancient mosque built in the year 1380 about 620 years ago, has become viral in the social media which has been confirmed by the team of India TV by visiting the site at Khidki Gaon in South Delhi and confabulating with the senior officers of the Archeological Survey of India today.

According the news report the Khidki Masjid was constructed by the then prime minister Ferozshah Tuglak about two hundred years before the construction of historic Juma Masjid.

All the prominent Sultans and Kings of that era and thereafter as well had offered namaz in this ancient historic mosque built in a vast area with a magnificient ancient moghul architecture with good number of tombs and pillars.

Today the huge mosque is in a dilaphidated condition with its ceiling coming down and number of strong pillars in sorry state of affairs.

There are hundreds of bats hanging against the ceilings of the tombs of this mosque with their shit making it completely ugly and unhyginic giving an unbearable foul smell.

The Archeological Survey of India had started its renovation work on the mosques’ side walls digging the base when the team found an earthen pot beneath the heavy stone steps, full of 254 coins of gold, silver or other metal holding tremendous archeological significance.

It 2003 also the ASI had unearthed about 64 coins. These medival era coins bearing scripture on Arbi and Farsi languages on its both the surface are believed to be of the Sher Shah Suri inheritence/ family (Vanshaz) of the 16th century.

According to the ASI all the coins have been sent for detailed and micro examination or deciphering to its laboratory to asses their actual value and the historic archeological significance.

It may be recalled that the news about this vital finding had become viral in social media few days ago and was later on substantiated as true/ real by the India TV team of reporters.






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