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CBI officers visit accident site to collect relevant evidences at Rae Bareilly



CBI headquarter in New Delhi
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The supreme court of India has tightened its grip over the Unnao rape and the subsequent alleged conspiratorial accidental murder case of the 21 year old rape survivor and her lawyer who are battling for life after the gruesome head-on collision of their car by a truck coming from Banda to Rai Bareilly killing two of the aunts on the spot.

The apex court has while taking cognizance of the case directed the central bureau of investigation to investigate the matter within 15 days and submit the final report to the court including directing the fast track court in Delhi to pronounce the sentence to bring the culprit to justice in 45 days.

Meanwhile, the apex court has also directed the UP government to shift the uncle languishing in Sitapur jail to Tihar prison in Delhi at the earliest.

The court had earlier asked all the cases pertaining to the Unnao rape matter to be shifted to Delhi.

After the apex court’s chief justice Ranjan Gogoi’s furiousness in adopting laxity in the matter and reprimanding the law enforcement agencies, the officers of this premier investigating agency CBI today visited the crime scene of the accident and minutely studied the entire circumstances leading to this alleged conspiratorial accident, causing two deaths and critically and vigorously injuring the rape survivor and her lawyer.

Just two days ago after excessive media hype the state government’s police and forensic department’s investigators had also taken necessary samples and evidences from the crime scene through the Uttar Pradesh police was till the last proclaiming the accident as real and prima facie accident, not conspiracy, despite the fact that the trucks number plate was covered with grease and it committed the deadly head-on collision from the wrong side allegedly giving every indication of a doubtful murder than a plain incidental accident.

The rape survivor’s aunt who got killed was a prime accused in this case. The accused MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar now expelled from BJP after two years of so much of hullaballoo is currently languishing in Sitapur jail as undertrial but having all facilities as charged by the sister and mother of the rape survivor whose family was allegedly threatened during the last fortnight by the MLA’s goons and henchmen with dire consequences in case they do not retract and withdraw the case.

There is a nationwide outrage in and outside parliament on this issue with protests in different parts of the country including at parliament premises.

The brother of the lawyer who is injured in this incident has openly accused the MLA of hatching a conspiracy inside the Sitapur jail to eliminate his brother and other witnesses.

Similar charges were rapped by the rape sirvivor, her sister and mother who’d lost two nearest relatives and a father n husband while relentlessly struggling to get justice for the last two years running from pillar to posts.

Certain media news channels have even allegedly shown recorded films of the MLAs near and dear ones’ visiting the Sitapur Jail premises at odd hours by allegedly greasing the palms of policemen guarding the jail just two days ago after the tragic accident of the rape survivor.

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Sunil Negi hails from Uttarakhand and is a veteran journalist and author. He is a prolific writer and has carved a name for himself in the media world. He received the 'Golden Achiever Award' in the '90th AIAC Excellence Awards 2019' for his book ''Havoc in Heaven'' based on the tragedy that struck Uttarakhand in which thousands of people lost their lives. He is also the President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and majorly writes on Politics, Current Affairs, and Social Issues.



25 year old businessman shot dead in Karol Bagh



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The deteriorating law and order situation in the capital can be easily gauged from the fact that a budding young businessman Vinay was shot dead at Tank Road in Karol Bagh at 11.30 PM yesterday, while the road was still full of traffic.

Vinay was just 25 years and had a readymade garments business at Tank Road. The desperadoes, allegedly four in number were reported to have pumped four bullets from close range on Vinay, who was running desperately to save himself, with nobody coming to his rescue.

There was commotion all around in Arya Samaj Road and the nearby areas of Karol Bagh after this shoot out, which people thought was a gang war. The police have reported that they have already arrested two of the accused. The police are actively on the lookout for the other two accomplices and are hopeful of catching them very soon.

The police have also recovered the fired bullet covers. According to the police, the quarrel between the victim and the killers was the result of a loan of Rs. 15 thousand perhaps taken by Vinay from another businessman. The altercation was regarding this non-repayment of debt. However, the family and the father of the deceased have refused to admit this police theory.  The deceased’s father has accused a local financer of allegedly killing his son.

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Chidambram finally arrested by CBI after two days of unprecedented drama



Read Time: 5 minutes
The former finance minister P. Chidambaram was finally arrested last evening from his Jor Bagh House in New Delhi. All attempts to block the CBI had failed and after a 55 minutes drama, Chidambaram was finally arrested. He is to be grilled by the Economic Offences Wing. He has been taken to the CBI headquarter in New Delhi for interrogation.
Former finance minister P. Chidambaram has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the INX media case which happened during his tenure as the union finance minister. The former minister’s son was consulting for INX media and had used his father’s influence, who was the finance minister of the country at that point of time to favor the company. It is alleged that about 7 lakh dollars were illegally transferred into his son’s account.
This is an economic office of grave nature. The proprietor of the INX media Peter Mukerjee is already in jail on murder charges. Mr. Chidambaram had filed two anticipatory bail applications in Delhi high court which was turned down yesterday. Yesterday evening, the CBI and ED officers went to the former’s residence to arrest him, who had evaded them for some time. It was learned that he had been busy with a senior advocate and Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi.
Mr. Singhvi had filed a petition on behalf of  Chidambaran in Supreme Court. After not getting any relief from Justice Ramanna’s bench in Supreme Court, the CBI arrested him from his Jor Bagh residence on Wednesday evening. Mr. Chidambaran dramatically appeared at AICC headquarter prior to his arrest and addressed media at 8.19 PM. Later on, he came to his Jor Bagh residence from where he was arrested. The CBI officer’s had to climb the gates of his Jor Bagh house to arrest the former minister. The former finance minister was taken for a medical check-up as per protocol from the CBI headquarters where he had been taken after his arrest.
Earlier while rejecting the anticipatory bail of P. Chidambaram yesterday the Delhi high court said that it seems that the former finance minister was the kingpin in the entire episode and the economic offense is of grave nature. The supreme court in its order said that keeping in view the grave nature of the case the nonarrest bail can not be given. It may be recalled that a case of money laundering was registered against the former finance minister in 2018 and his arrest has finally materialized on Wednesday evening.
During his press conference at the AICC headquarter prior to his arrest the coterie of senior Congress leaders and senior advocates Kapil Sibal, Abhishekh Manu Singhvi, Salman Khurshid, Ghulam Nabi Azad, etc were present to provide Chidambaram moral support.
Karti had misused his father’s power when he was a minister. After his father’s arrest, Chidambaram’s son Karti Chidambaram addressed the media outside his Jor Bagh house and accused the ruling party of misusing powers and arresting his father for political vendetta. Karti went on repeating his lines and latched on to the vendetta cry. On the one hand, the Chidambaram was evading CBI from questioning him, and now they are stating it is a vendetta.
The hearing in Supreme Court will resume tomorrow and Chidambaram’s army of senior advocates including Kapil Sibal and Abhishek Manu Singhvi will appear on his behalf. They will do everything possible to get their tainted colleague out on bail.
Congress staged protests outside the AICC’s 24 Akbar Road headquarter against Chidambaram’s arrest. Corruption is corruption, Congress should not turn it into a revolution and should stop pro-corruption protests.
However, hopefully, justice will prevail and the guilty he will be put behind bars.
In the meanwhile, Congress goes after the judiciary and has slammed the supreme court apart from off course attacking the government. Congress has a history of attacking the judiciary as well as the governmental agencies.
Chidambaram had said that law shall take its own course. Now the law is taking its own course. They went to the court and their plea was rejected. CBI just wanted to talk to Chidambaram and had given due notice, but Chidambaram had been running to pillar to post, even his own party did not know where he was. If he has done no harm, then he has nothing to fear. Nobody is above law. As such, Chidambaram has an army of lawyers to save him.
So far, Congress has only one line of defense, that it is just political vendetta. Meanwhile, it is has learned that Congress and the opposition support and give a platform to the fake news icon, Shehla Rashid, of the Tukde Tukde Gang, who was earlier exposed by the army. She had admitted that she has no evidence. No facts, high drama.
Congress and Corruption have become synonymous. As per sources, CBI has stated that Chidambaram answers are evasive and he not cooperating with CBI. The CBI might seek remand as there was an enormity of evidence and paucity of time in interrogating him.
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Supreme court directs CBI to submit Rai Bareli accident case report in 15 days



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The Supreme Court of India has directed the Uttar Pradesh government and the judicial services to transfer the most controversial rape case of the 19-year-old Unnao girl. She is admitted in the Intensive Care Unit of King George’s Medical College in Lucknow along with her lawyer who is grievously injured in the accident at Rae Bareli in a head-on collision of a truck with her car. The accident also killed her two aunts on the spot.

The apex court’s chief justice has taken suo motto cognizance of the letter sent by the rape survivor and her sister accusing the jailed MLA of Unnao, his brother and 13 others for allegedly threatening them of elimination in case the rape survivor did not withdraw the case.

The chief justice Ranjan Gogoi has also reprimanded the registry officials of the supreme court for not bringing the letter to his notice and that he came to learn about it in the newspapers this morning. He immediately took cognizance of the complaint and asked for the placing of all the facts before him immediately.

The apex court has directed the case to be tried in the fast track court and asked the CBI to punish the guilty within 45 days by finalizing the investigations. The Court also directed the Uttar Pradesh government to shift the rape survivor and her lawyer to Delhi for the best possible treatment who are battling for life in a Lucknow hospital and are on a ventilator. Furious with the CBI, it also directed it to investigate the Rae Bareli accident matter within 15 days and submit its report to the court.

Meanwhile, the government of Uttar Pradesh has announced a financial compensation of Rs. 25 lakhs to the rape survivor. It may be recalled that the 19-year-old rape survivor was raped by the Unnao MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar in 2017 / 18.

The victimized brave girl had complained to the police about the MLA outraging her modesty but the police under the influence of the MLA did not file an FIR. After the rape survivor tried to immolate herself in front of chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath’s house, did the media came into the picture and hyped the issue.

After great efforts finally, the CBI did intervene and the erring MLA was caught on the rape charges and sent to Sitapur jail. The case is currently in court. During this process, the father of the rape survivor also died in police station due to excessive physical torture.

Her uncle was allegedly framed in a false case who is also currently in jail. Just a few days ago the main witness in the case the rape survivor’s two aunts had been killed in an accident in Rae Bareli by a truck whose number place was covered with grease including grievous injuries to the rape survivor and her lawyer.

Due to excessive media hype, the CBI has registered cases of attempt to murder, criminal intimidation and conspiracy to murder them.

Meanwhile, the apex court’s chief justice has now taken the suo moto cognizance of the matter and has directed shifting of the case to Delhi’s fast track court including finalizing it within 45 days with the UP government giving financial assistance of Rs. 25 lakhs to the rape survivor.

Meanwhile, BJP has finally expelled the criminal MLA, currently in jail for rape case of the Unnao rape survivor.

Lauding the Supreme Court, the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted: Landmark Supreme Court order in Unnao victim case. This enhances the faith of people in the judiciary and will serve as a lesson to those who make a mockery of the law.

As expected, the Congress general secretary also hailed the apex court’s decision and tweeted: Grateful to the SC for taking cognizance of the ‘ Jungle Raj” being unleashed in UP.

Meanwhile, the BJP acknowledged having empowered a criminal and took corrective action by expelling him from the party and moves in the direction of justice for the young woman who has suffered immeasurably.

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Delhities protest at India Gate demanding justice for the Unnao Rape Survivor



Hundreds of Delhites protesting at India Gate demanding justice for Unna rape survivor
Read Time: 4 minutes

Reminiscent of the massive nationwide outrage and protests against the obnoxious Nirbhaya gang rape of 2012 and subsequent diabolical murder, hundreds of Delhites today protested at Amar Jawan Jyoti against the brutal killings of two aunts of the rape survivor of Unnao and grievously injuring her in an alleged premeditated conspiracy hatched by the undertrial MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar from jail as has been  accused by the rape survivors mother and sister.

Meanwhile, at the behest of the grievously injured rape, survivor’s uncle who is under treatment in Lucknow hospital an FIR on murder charges have been registered against the undertrial MLA of Unnao Kuldeep Singh Sengar.

At India Gate today evening hundreds of Delhites young and old under the leadership of Swaraj India president and popular psephologist gathered and silently protested using mobile lights against the alleged abominable murders of the two aunts of the Unnao rape survivor and grievously injuring her and her lawyer who were the prime witness in the case currently under hectic investigation by the premier investigation agency of the country CBI.

The furious and angry protestors were holding a banner mentioning: We are all united with the rape survivor and her traumatic family in this hour of grave crisis. You are not alone.

The amount of massive outrage can be gauged from the fact that hundreds of protestors had gathered at India gate by just a single message of Swaraj India president Yogendra Yadav.

The senior advocate Prashant Bhushan was also present in the protest demonstration. Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh police who is still terming it as a mere accident due to rains has assured of the minutest investigations in the matter.

The number plates of the truck which made a head-on collision with the car coming from the wrong side in which 4 relatives including the rape survivor was traveling killed two women on the spot and grievously injured two.

The police claim that the number plate of the truck was covered by grease because the owner wanted to ditch the bank financiers from whom he had got the truck financed but could not repay the loan.

The team of forensic experts had visited the crime scene and has very minutely studied the circumstances under which the accident happened and also collected various minute evidence.

There had been tremendous media hype of this tragedy including the issue being raised in parliament by the SP president Akhilesh Yadav demanding a CBI inquiry in the whole episode. It must be remembered that it is the same Akhilesh Yadav who did not raise any objection when sexist comments were passed by his colleague and serial offender Azam Khan on the speaker. Also to note Akhilesh Yadav also supports Triple Talaq.

The Congress general secretary Priyanka Vadra also grabbed the opportunity to question the CBI investigation in this case and also asked as to why was the security policemen not with her.

The ruling Bhartiya Janata Party which is on the back foot due to the obnoxious deed of his MLA has stated that nobody would be spared in this matter if found guilty and also announced that the entire expenses of the treatment of the rape survivor would be borne by it.

It may be recalled that the brave rape survivor has till now lost her father and two aunts while relentlessly struggling to seek justice since June 2017 against all odds. The grievously injured girl is on a ventilator fighting for survival.

The mother, sister, and uncle of the rape survivor had accused the jailed MLA’s henchmen of threatening them with dire consequences in case they did not withdraw the case against Kuldeep Singh Sengar.

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Akhilesh demands CBI enquiry in the truck accident killing the Unnao rape victim’s aunt and lawyer



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The Unnao rape case has again come to the fore after the accidental deaths of two of the immediate relatives of the Unnao rape victim who’ve also been admitted in a hospital grievously injured, unconscious and not able to give any statement to the police.

Those brutally died in the accident with the truck are the Unnao rape victim’s aunt while the rape victim and her lawyer have been grievously injured.

THE FATAL ACCIDENT had occurred yesterday in Rae Bareilly by a truck coming from the wrong side with its number plate covered killing two immediate relatives ( aunts) on the spot by hitting the car they were traveling in and grievously injuring the Unnao Rape victim n her lawyer. Both ofthem have been addmitted to the Lucknow hospital’s trauma centre.

The sister of the rape victim has openly accused the Unnao MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar who is in Jail at Sitapur, UP as undertrial of conspiring from jail to get her relatives and sister killed as they have turned police approver and therefore the main witness of the case.

The sister of Unnao rape victim has questioned as to why was the truck coming from the wrong side with its number plates covered which unambiguously states that its allegedly a premeditated murder planned by the accused lawmaker from jail.

Meanwhile, the matter has been badly hot up with the SP leader, MP and former UP CM raising the matter in the Lok Sabha with a Kaam Roko Prastaav. The Unnao rape case, however, has been under the CBI investigation.

The Director-General of Uttar Pradesh police has assured the victimized family of full justice saying that the entire episode is being investigated minutely in order to nail the culprits if any.

However, the police say that prima facie it’s looking to be an accident. The entire controversy has been highlighted in the media, national and regional, and the opposition parties have fully geared themselves up to corner the BJP politically in and outside the parliament as Uttar Pradesh is being ruled by the saffron party government and the rape accused Kuldeep Singh Sengar MLA, currently in Sitapur jail also belonged to the ruling party.

Meanwhile, in order to get political mileage, the Eastern UP in charge and Congress general secretary Priyanka Vadra has tweeted on her twitter handle expressing serious concern over this incident killing two persons and severely injuring the rape victim of Unnao.

Priyanka Vadra, Congress general secretary tweeted: The tragedy of accident of the Unnao rape victim is colossal. Where had the CBI investigation in this case reached? Why is the accused MLA still in BJP? Why is there looseness in the security of the rape victim and the witnesses? Can justice be expected from the BJP government without seeking answers to these questions?

The SP president and MP asked for the CBI inquiry in the matter while raising his voice in parliament.

According to sources, to score brownie points a good number of SP and Congress leaders have started reaching Unnao to express their solidarity with the aggrieved family.

As per the latest news, a five-member CBI team has reached the Lucknow trauma center to meet the grievously injured rape survivor and her lawyer.

The Delhi Women Commission’s chairperson who had visited Lucknow hospital and met the victim has stated that the condition of the survivor of rape is serious and should be taken to Delhi for better medical treatment and care.

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Cows smuggled at Indo Bangladesh border are fitted with locket and socket explosives



Cows being smuggled
Read Time: 3 minutes

The cow/ cattle smugglers extremely active at the 4016 klmts Indo Bangladesh border who sell thousands of cows to the slaughterhouses of Bangladesh from Bengal having a border of 2216 kilometres with Bangladesh have now adopted a new and extremely dangerous modus operandi in order to kill the Border Security Forces Jawans trying to stop the cow smuggling at the Indo Bangladesh Border.

The cow/cattle smuggling is on the rampant rise at Indo Bangladesh border with thousands of cows illegally sent to slaughterhouses of Bangladesh by smugglers of West Bengal in collaboration with Bangladesh authorities.
The BSF has created a strong network at the border resulting in the exposure of the illegal cow smuggling network and subsequent stoppage to it to a great extent.
This has shaken the confidence of the highly profit-oriented smuggling activity of the  Cow/ cattle Smugglers on both sides of the Indo Bangladesh Border who illegally smuggle lakhs of cows to Bangladesh especially during monsoons, finally sending them to the slaughterhouse for procuring beef meat for indigenous consumption and well as selling them in the international market.
According to news pouring in these worried smugglers of Bengal have now started fitting locket or socket IEDs ( explosives) on the body of the cows near their throat with ropes or sockets.
This means when the BSF troopers will try to separate these IEDs unknowingly from the throat of the cows it will burst/ explode killing them in large numbers including the cows/cattle.
This fatal modus operandi has not been used in the past. So far the Border Security troopers have saved hundreds of cows likely to be smuggled to Bangladesh at the Indo Bangladesh Border.
During monsoon, these cows/cattle with explosives tied to their throat are pushed into the river flowing towards Bangladesh in large numbers. On the other side of the border, the smugglers procure these cows and sell them to slaughterhouses.
The cow/cattle smuggling business to Bangladesh from West Bengal have been flourishing for the last several decades but after the assumption of office by the NDA 1 & 2 government at the centre special emphasis has been made that cow smuggling leading to slaughter of cows should be brought down considerably and those involved in this, must be severely punished.
It may be recalled that due to the vigilant efforts of the Border Security Force at the Indo Bangladesh border there has been a decline in the cow smuggling till July as the BSF has recovered nearly 24000 cow heads. The cow smuggling enhances during the Eid festival to Bangladesh from Assam and West Bengal as there is myriad consumption of beef meat in Bangladesh during the festive season.
The illegal cow smuggling has been going on for decades and hundreds of thousands of cows are illegally smuggled to Bangladesh through river routes and other clandestine routes at Indo Bangladesh border.
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Truck driver who had caused the death of 2 youths of Pauri Garhwal nabbed



CM Uttarakhand and the seriously injured boy / pic samay
Read Time: 3 minutes

The recent deaths of two youths namely Ramesh Singh 23 years old and Vir Singh aged 22 years old at Sarhaul border, Gurugram hailing from Kathur and Salon respectively from district Pauri Garhwal was not a murder but accidental deaths.

One of their friend from Ghulek village who was grievously injured is still in hospital under critical conditions and recovering gradually.

Today more than 150 people of Uttarakhand from Delhi and different parts of Haryana gathered at Udyog Vihar police station in Dundahera, Haryana to register their peaceful protest demanding immediate arrest and stringent action against the culprit. The culprit who had caused this accident three days ago at the wee hours of the morning because of his rash driving – had fled the scene instead of helping the grievously injured youths who could have been saved had he ferried them to the hospital in time.

The third injured youth was lucky and had survived was rushed to the hospital by the locals available at the accident spot.

According to a video released in a WhatsApp group by some social activists these deaths were the result of a dangerous accident that occurred last Monday early in the morning while these three youths namely Ramesh Singh (23), Verr Singh ( 22) and Narendra Singh were returning back from their respective duties from Empire club in MGF Mall Gurugram.

It has not yet been known as to why these youths had gone to Sarhaul border. While they were walking a vehicle at extremely high speed ran over them grievously injuring all the three. While two youths namely Ramesh Singh and Veer Singh died on the spot succumbing to grievous injuries, the third one Narendra Singh was admitted to hospital where he is still under treatment.

There was shock wave all around amongst their families and amongst the people of Uttarakhand community. Photos of these dead and injured youths with news about their alleged murder were loaded on various social media platforms and went viral. The cause of these deaths could not be ascertained earlier. However, after a day the Udyog Vihar police had revealed that they were accidental deaths but nobody was willing to accept the police version.

They were angry that even if it was an accident the driver of the vehicle who killed these youths so brutally under his vehicle should not have fled the scene and instead should have informed the police or at least helped the injured to the hospital. But by fleeing from the scene of the accident after two deaths he behaved like a killer. However, due to excessive media hype and the Haryana CM’s directives after Uttarakhand CM Rawat’s request to him, the erroneous and rash truck driver involved in this fateful accident has been caught, as per sources.

The chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat had spoken to Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khatter requesting him to direct the police to bring the culprit to justice at the earliest.

The Udyog Vihar police of Haryana has shown immense vigilance and dedication in nabbing the culprit within a couple of days. However, this has happened only after media hype and peoples’ pressure. Further Haryana CM’s intervention after the request of his Uttarakhand counterpart helped in the quick resolution of this case.

This is the tempo driver nabbed by the Palam Vihar, Gurugram police namely Neeraj Bhatt of Nepal.

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Diabolical death of two youths of Uttarakhand in Gurugram Haryana



Third boy who was lucky enough was injured badly but saved his life. Addmitted in hospital with serious injuries. He is from village Ghulek, Garhwal, Uttrakhand.
Read Time: 4 minutes
Breaking News
Two young boys primarily hailing from Raath area of Garhwal Uttarakhand, specifically from Kathyud and Kuthkhal villages have been diabolically under mysterious circumstaces  on the 14th of July.  Some say they were brutally murdered while the Gurugram police claim their death through accident. They were serving in Gurugram, Haryana in a Hotel.
This tragic news has created a sensation amongst the people of Uttarakhand community in Delhi and Haryana with the news about these diabolical deaths going viral in social media as well.
These young boys were serving in a private hotel and earning their livelihood for their families living in Kathyudh and Kuthkhal villages in Raath area of Garhwal Uttarakhand.
The exact reason for the abominable murders/ deaths has not been ascertained yet.
However, the SHO Udyog Vihar police station Gurugram says that it’s a case of rash accident at midnight by a tempo driver who fled after hitting these boys.
Sounds strange, shocking and dubious too.  Even if it’s an accident as claimed by the police, its equivalent to murder as no law gives the right to take away innocent lives especially of the guilty driver flees the accident spot instead of helping the injureds.
However, after postmortem, the dead bodies have been kept in the Gurugram mortuary even after two days of the incident.
According to sources, both these boys have been brutally killed at midnight in Sikandarpur area of Gurugram in Haryana on 14th July at midnight which the police claim to be an accident. The CCTV footages are being minutely examined to ascertain the real cause of these brutal deaths.
These boys were returning back home after performing their respective hotel duties in the night.
While on the way both these boys were mercilessly killed either by some goons or through accident while the third one was grievously injured . The exact cause of the death is still a mystry.
The rescued boy hails from the village Ghulek in Pauri Garhwal, reveal sources.
He has been admitted to a Gurugram hospital and doctors are monitoring his condition. Police are waiting for his version that may shed light to the actual cause of the tragedy. Furious inhabitants of Uttarakhand in Delhi and Gurugram are questioning the integrity of the lical police which has still not bern able to find out the actual cause of these grusome young deaths nor have they been able to trace out the culprits.
There are thousands of migrated youth working in the metropolises of the country earning their livelihood for their poor families living in the villages.
Last year one such youth was killed in Haryana and  Bangalore at night after being looted,  while they was coming back to their quarters from his duty.
The member of Parliaments of Uttarakhand in Delhi including the union HTD minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank should use their good offices and help the bereaved families by arranging adequate financial compensation for the decased’s traumatic parents and pressuring the DG police of Haryana to bring the culprits to justice at the earliest.
Uttarakhand Journalists Forum demands immediate action against the culprits of these gruesome killings and severe punishment to the murdurers.
Meanwhile the Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has expressed his serious concern and dissapointment over this tragic incident and has telephonically spoken to the Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khatter to intervene in this matter personally to ascertain the real cause of deaths of these two youths and instruct the police to bring the culprits to justice at the earliest. Mr. Khatter assured the CM of his all possible help to nail the culprits at the earliest.
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Rape of a 5 year old once again puts spotlight on the increasing crime graph in Uttarakhand



pic Asianet Telugu
Read Time: 4 minutes

The crime rate in the hilly state of Uttarakhand has been on an upward swing despite several claims by the state government of enhancing the police budget and therefore the subsequent improvement in the crime graph.

The most worrisome fact is that the cases of women rapes, murders, dowry deaths, and immolations are on the rise and adolescents too are the regular victims of these obnoxious rapes.
Citing one of such tragedies which people of the state are fully aware is the stalking of an 18-year Pauri girl and her subsequent immolation in broad daylight. A number of such shameful incidents has happened in Kotdwar, Satpuli, Pauri, Haldwani, Pithoragarh and Chamoli districts etc last year.
Several incidents of women assaults and harassment are not reported in the interior villages due to social stigma and the fear of criminals.
There are also no definite or authentic figures available if one asks for the crime statistics.
Yesterday the brutal and obnoxious rape of a mere five-year-old girl and subsequently viciously injuring her came to light in Raiwaala, Dehradun – the capital city of Uttarakhand state.
The rapist fled from the crime scene after raping and injuring the innocent girl who is in an extremely critical condition.
The incident occurred yesterday under the Raiwala police station’s jurisdiction in Haripurkalan area.
According to sources, the police have got the severely injured child rape victim admitted in a government hospital of Haridwar and are on the lookout for the culprit, who is still at large.
There is tension all around and the local residents are extremely furious. This incident has once again put the spotlight on the rising crimes against girl child and women in Uttarakhand.
According to a report in TOI last year,  a look at the FIRs registered in the police stations across Uttarakhand, tells us that on an average there are about eight cases of crime reported in the state every day.
What is more worrisome is the fact that the cases of dowry-related deaths and rapes reported in 2018 have doubled from the previous year, while cases of molestations have also doubled compared to 2017.
As per TOI, data assessed from the police department from January to October 31, 2018 – 2,498 cases of crime were registered against women.
While during the first ten months of 2017, 2045 cases of women related crimes were registered in various police stations, in 2016 this figure was less than 2000 i.e. with 1745 cases.
As per the TOI report of 2018, the incidents of rapes increased to 438 while in 2017  the rape count was 237 and this figure was even less in the preceding year i.e. 2016 when 278 cases were registered.
In 2018 a 14 year mute and deaf girl was raped who also gave birth to the child while in Dehradun a 15-year-old student was raped by her seniors resulting in shock and sensation all around.
According to a news report, Haridwar and Dehradun are the worst criminally affected districts in terms of rape cases with Haridwar reporting 132 rapes cases followed by Dehradun with 110 cases in 2018.
Similarly, the incidents of molestation are also on the rise across the state as per police records showing 67 cases of molestations in 2018 which has increased from 29 in the year 2017.
According to recent information,  in 2019-20 the Uttarakhand government has allocated 4.2% of its budget for the expenditure in the police which is considered to be the highest than the allocations in other states (3.9%) in 2018-19.
The point is mere allocation of the budget is not enough as the state police machinery from top to bottom will have to be more vigilant and action-oriented in curbing the rising crime graph across Uttarakhand, especially ensuring the safety and security of women considered to be the most vulnerable lot of the society.
It’s a common saying that Uttarakhand has become a safe haven for outside and domestic criminals.
The efficient police of this hilly state will have to use its acumen and intelligence to crush the criminals and rapists who are nothing but parasites on our society.
The chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat had last year assured that his government will soon bring legislation to award death penalty to the rapists of the minor girls but what nothing has happened regarding this.
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Sharp shooter hotel management graduate arrested by special cell of Delhi police



In the picture are sharp shooter Sonu Jat ( face covered) carrying a reward of Rs. 1 Lakh, ACP Crime Branch, special cell, Delhi Police Attar Singh and Inspector Amulya Tyagi who nabbed the sharp shooter and gangster Monu Bajitkar and Don of Delhi Neeraj Bawana
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A known gangster namely Sonu Jat on whose head there was a reward of rupees one lakh and wanted for a long time by Delhi Police, has been finally nabbed by the special cell of Delhi police after an encounter in Shahbad Diary area of North West Delhi.

This is indeed a big catch for the special cell of Delhi police who’d been behind this hardened criminal and sharp shooter  for a long time but not able to catch him despite best efforts.
He was desperetely wanted by Delhi police for several broad day light murders.
The special cell unearthed a .32 bore automatic  pistol from hs possession.
What’s special about this gangster is that he is a hotel management graduate who fell in the criminal activities due to his maternal uncle’s criminal involvement, finally becoming a professional sharp shooter of infamous gangster’s right hand man namely Monu Bajitpur gang.
Nabbed by the South Zone’s special police’s  Assistant Commissioner Attar Singh led team comprising of Inspector Amul Tyagi and Chandrika Prasad infamous  gangster Sonu Jat alias Sonu Cheeri belongs to Rohtak, Haryana. He was caught by the special police team of Delhi police led by ACP Attar Singh on the basis of a clue on the road of Mukundpur going towards Bhalasva Diary after an encounter that lasted for several hours.
Sonu Jat was absconding in several cases of murders, including an attempt to murder crime  committed at Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.
He was rated as one of the most wanted killer of Delhi having a reward of Rs one lakh on his head for being caught dead or alive.
As per the deputy commissioner of police  special cell,  sharp shooter Sonu Jat had in league with one of his criminal associate Shamshuddin illegally, through force captured a piece of land at Haiderpur,  North West Delhi.
This illegal encroachment of land led to the murder of Sonu Jat’s associate Shamshuddin.
After this murder highly enraged Sonu Jat alongwith with his two associates namely Manoj and Sanjiv attempted to kill Mohit’s brother Ravindra who was lucky enough to save himself.
Mohit had killed Sonu Jat’s friend Shamshuddin who’d illegally captured the Haiderpur land.
This attempted murder case was registered in  Shalimar Bagh Police Station.
However, after some days  sharp shooter Sonu Jat alongwith his gang members killed Mohit who  killed his one time associate Shamshuddin.
This matter was also registered in Shalimar Bagh police station. The  police had no option but to announce a reward of Rs one lakh on his head.
While absconding Sonu Jat alongwith his gang members attempted another killing on 1st February in Holambi Kala area of Delhi.
The deceased’s name was Vicky. Vicky was killed on the direction of another infamous gangster Monu Bajitpur.
It may be recalled that Sonu Jat was caught alongwith his gang members viz Sandeep, Sunil alias Sonu and Mukesh Bajitpur for the first time while committing decoity at Shalimar Bagh Petrol Pump in the year 2010.
After being released on bail Sonu Jat involved him in his Hotel management studies but simultaneously continued his criminal activities.
While on bail he however completed his hotel management degree. In December 2012 he alongwith his criminal associates Surajpal, Ravi and Deepak again looted the passengers of a Santro and Chevrolet cars at gun point at Shahbad Diary, Delhi and Bahadurgarh , Haryana areas.
He was however nabbed by the Gurugram police after some days with arms, ammunition and the looted cars.
Sonu Jat had come into the contact of dreaded gangster Shamshuddin and both of them later became trusted friends.
After being released from the prison he started working on  agricultural fields in Rohtak with his father.
In the year 2015 Sonu Jat was again nabbed by the police in Kharkoda police station area for being in illegal possession of  arms and amunition.
After being released from jail Sonu Jat alongwith hardened criminal Shamshuddin, Narendra Kal, Sonu Laadarawan and Yavinder involved themselves in illegally and forcefully encroaching private lands under gun point.
It was during 2015 Shamshuddin was killed by his rival gang member  Mohit and his friends in connection with disputed land rivalry.
Sonu Jat than retaliated and tried to kill Mohit and Ravinder. In this attack while Mohit  saved himself Ravinder was killed.
According to special branch ACP  of Delhi Police Attar Singh, twenty eight year old  hardened criminal Sonu Jat has two brothers namely Satish, Sanjay and a sister.
Sonu Jat was earlier pursuing BA degree course at Jat  college, Rohtak but he left the BA course in between and came to Delhi to pursue Hotel Management from Inderlok, IPLT Delhi.
After seeking addmission he came to village Soti at Sonipat and started living with his maternal uncle at Sonipat.
He used to commute from here to Delhi and vice -e-versa  daily.
Since his maternal uncle was himself involved in criminal activities Sonu Jat also followed his uncle’s footsteps and entered the world of crime.
It was then that he usually went to Bajitpur to meet hardened criminal Dushyant alias Monu Bajitpur alongwith his uncle Sunil alias Sonu.
Thereafter Sonu Jat met several gangsters viz Happy Bajitpur, Ashok Pradhan and Rajesh Bavania.
He thereafter became the active and most trusted gang member of Monu Bajitpur gang consisting of Surajpal alias Bhagat, Deepak alias Rancho, Ravi alias Bretly, Narendra alias Kala, Kuldip Bajitpur, Sukhvinder alias Sanju etc.
After becoming the trusted man of Monu Bajitpur, Sonu Jat actively participated in the gangwars between Neeraj Bawana and Rajesh Bawana gangs added ACP special cell Attar Singh.
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