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Anna Hazare who threatened to return back Padma Vibhushan calls of the 6 day old hunger strike after meeting Fadnavis n Radha Mohan Singh



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The social networking sites are abuzz with the news of the crusade against corruption Anna Hazare’s recent declaration about returning back the coveted award Padma Vibhushan in protest against the non fulfillments of his earlier demands especially appointment of Lokpal etc at the centre as well in other states of the country.

Highly dejected and critical of the BJP led NDA government n the top leaders Anna Hazaare says that he is now repenting of opposing the then Dr. Manmohan Singh government as the BJP n RSS has derived the maximum political advantage out of the movement against corruption organised in Delhi by way of dethroning the the earlier regime and acquiring power at the centre.

He catagorically said that it was the BJP which came to power at the centre in 2014 n Arvind Kejrival’s AAP a year later deriving entire political milieage from his nationwide movement launched by him at Delhi’ s Ramleela Ground n Jantar Mantar. He flatly refused to meet any centre’s emisary or minister to talk on any issue n said that if those at the helm are really serious they should transparently fulfill his demands especially the one related to appointment of Lok Pal.

He castigated the NDA government led by BJP n its political n administrative CEO of telling all lies n misguiding the people of the country and said that the time has come teach them a befitting lesson. It may be recalled that the renowned crusader against corruption Anna Hazare has been on indefinte hunger strike at his village Ralegaon Sidhi for the last six days in support of his demands n have threatened to return back the coveted Padma Vibhushan honour, the fourth highest civilian award of the country.

The indefinite Hunger Strike in support of the demands of farmers n setting up of Lok Pal was started by Anna Hazaare and his supporters in Rale Gaon Sidhi on 1st of January n today is the 6th day. His followers at pan India level organised deminstrations n sit ins in supoort of Anna’s demand in 136 places in Maharashtra n over 40 places in various parts of India.

Anna Hazare has however welcomed the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival to come at Rale Gaon Sidhi n join him in his noble endeavour but has unambiguosly said that he will not be allowed to share the stage with him.

He warned the union government that if the demands of the farmers of the country partaining to loan waivers and MSP etc including setting up of Lok Pals are not met he would have no option but to return back the coveted honour Padma Vibhushan forthwith.

As per the latest news Anna Hazaare has now given up his fast on the sixth day after having been assured by the Maharashtra chief minister Fadnavis and the the union Agriculture minister Radha Mohan Singh of fulfilling the major demands pertaining to the farmers.

After a marathon meeting with Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare called off his fast Tuesday. The 81-year-old said that he was satisfied with the promises made by govt on Lokpal, Lokayukta and agriculture pricings.

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Sunil Negi hails from Uttarakhand and is a veteran journalist and author. He is a prolific writer and has carved a name for himself in the media world. He received the 'Golden Achiever Award' in the '90th AIAC Excellence Awards 2019' for his book ''Havoc in Heaven'' based on the tragedy that struck Uttarakhand in which thousands of people lost their lives. He is also the President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and majorly writes on Politics, Current Affairs, and Social Issues.



To keep Congress morally up Rahul Gandhi should change the old guards with fresh, young and outstanding youth leaders



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The spate of resignations in the Congress party impressing upon the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi to take back his obstinate decision to resign as the party boss since the last one month after the party’s debacle at the hustings has made the mockery like situation in the political scenerio of the country.
The Nehru Gandhi scion is determined to resign but the party’s highest decision making body and all its senior leaders pass a unanimous decision requesting him to continue as the party president saying that it’s not his individual moral responsibility but the entire party is to be blamed for the defeat.
The CWC resolution has rather appreciated his sincere and dedicated efforts to revive the party which according to the senior leaders was at its lowest since 2014.
The Congress party’s drubbing at the pan India level has infact demoralised the party’s national head Rahul Gandhi as well as the rank and file to the greatest extent warranting the BJP to criticize the party for sticking to dynasty but not giving chance to a new incumbent as new party chief out of the Gandhi family.
But the coterie surrounding Rahul Gandhi and ten Janpath since long wants Rahul to continue despite the Congress’s drubbing at the hustings in 2014, 2017 and now in 2019 incessantly. The party has been defeated in at least 17 well this time.
The point is if Rahul Gandhi is adamant to resign then why is it that he is not formulating a new policy for giving the reigns to someone else in order to revitalise the party at the grassroots ?
Why is it that there is no overhaul of the party organisation at the grassroots as well as at the national level ?
What and who is stopping him to regenerate the party by kicking out the useless and primitive old guards who do politics in airconditioned rooms and bring forth the young leaders from states on the national scene to utilise their intellect, energetic acumen and abilities.
If Dr.Manmohan Singh can run the UPA 1 and 2 governments successfully for a decade on his own with  the then Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul holding the remote control in their hands, how come that after Rahul’s exit no other alternative president with outstanding intellect, agility and experience can run the party at the pan India level with Rahul, Sonia and Priyanka becoming the force from the back as inspiring icons of Congress party.
The time has come now that the party president Rahul Gandhi who is determined to resign either gives up his obstinate attitude to quit  or resigns to pave way for a new person as party president preferably a dalit and asks for resignation of all state party chiefs and central office bearers and refurbish the organisation right from the blocks, districts, state to the national level kicking out the leaders with criminal backgrounds and those not showing any activity.
Instead he should give deserving and educated youths more chances than the outmoded old Congressmen who are liability rathar than asset for the party.
There is obviously no doubt that old and outmoded leaders and state  party presidents of at least the seventeen states be held accountable for the party’s defeat at the hustings and changed immediately with new and powerful organisation in the new set up bringing energetc youths in their place .
Special care should be taken to accomodate capable youths with experience, intellect and energy from all communities, sects, castes and religion with special emphasis on represntatives of minorities and dalits.
If indeed Rahul Gandhi earnestly wants his resignation to trigger a clean up of the Congress organisation he should come out in the open to make it loud and clear and initiate a process of newer appointments of capable persons.
He should openly and daringly put accountability of defeats on old guards in the states and at the centre and should strongly and decisively come out with a new alternative framework to rebuild the 135 year old party.
The rank and file of the Congress party has never seen such a critical phase as now, under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi .
There is a time now to either quit and pave way for the new entrant or to get rid of the useless coterie of old guards and refurbish the organisation with young ones’ who are qualied, educated, capable, daring and compenssionate. In politics there is always a change and if the Congress party resurrects itself strongly and cohesively there is not an inkling of doubt that next time it will be their turn to rule ? What’s your take friends?
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How long will the sewage workers continue to die?



A sewage worker submerged in a gutter emnating poisionous fumes with saving equipment risking his life for a meagre amount. pic classic
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A shocking incident of three possible deaths of vulnerable sewage workers in Keshopur drain in Delhi has once again raised a vital question about the safety of these poor workers who risk their lives entering the most deadly drains for various cleaning and rescue operations.

There had been in total, according to conservative estimates, 666 sanitation workers death from 1993  to 2018 while cleaning sewers which seems to be too less a number according to the All India Safai Karmachari Commission working under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt of India.
In terms of providing statistics about the deaths of sanitation workers at the pan India level, the concerned ministry is completely elusive in giving the definite detail which unambiguously shows as to how pathetic and unconcerned  are the concerned departments and government agencies towards these most inhuman deaths.
What is more worrisome and shocking about these sewer deaths is: they are never equipped with life saving jackets, clothes, oxygen cylinders and other relevant equipments including their possible insurance.
During the past few months and years, there had been several deaths of sewer workers working under private and government contractors in Delhi and Noida having been highlighted in the media tremendously.
The Delhi government as well as the ministry concerned have been talking and assuring so much of providing necessary safeguards to the victims but of no avail.
Regarding providing financial compensation too, the private contractors and the government agencies are extremely apathetic.
Most of the sewage cleaning workers belong to the Dalit families with extremely poor financial backgrounds earning two ends meal by cleaning sewers under highly bad and challenging conditions inhaling life taking poisonous fumes devoid of any life saving equipments and jackets getting a negligible amount in return for their hard work.
In the case of the Keshopur, Delhi incident in which one sewer worker Shahruk had died due to asphyxiation while entering in the deep sewer along with two others, now missing but must have died for sure, for welding a mesh inside the deep sewer, has again raised the vital question about the safety of such vulnerable workers in the future.
In the past few years as well, a large number of sanitation workers have died of asphyxiation due to the exposure to poisonous fumes and gases while cleaning sewers several feet down from the ground.
The compensation aspect in such tragedies from the government’s side is also extremely pathetic as the illiterate parents of the dead hardly had connections and knowledge to pursue their respective cases.
On March 24th 2014, the Supreme Court in its judgement of Safai Karmachari Andolan Vs the Union of India directed the government to identify the people who lost their lives while cleaning deadly sewers since 1993 onwards and pay each of the deceased Rs. 10 lakh as monetory compensation, setting a precedence.
But had it really worked is anybody’s guess. Sounds shocking and pathetic that the price of a sewege worker is mere Rs. Ten lakh and that too not sure whether the sewage deceased workers’ bereaved families really get the prescribed compensation as directed by the apex court.
Meanwhile efforts to trace the dead bodies of two sewage workers viz Devinder and Ankit are in full swing inside the Keshopur drain which is several metres long. Divers of NDrF are on the job with the chief minister Arvind Kejrival visiting the accident spot and holding meetings with the concerned officials. The police has arrested the private contractor Sanjay under the relevant sections of the law for not providing the sewer workers the life saving equipments etc mandatory in such cleaning jobs.
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Governments of the centre and states should ensure that Bihar tragedy is not allowed to reoccur in the near future



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The union government led by prime minister  Narendra Modi has allocated a whopping budget of Rs. 61, 398 crores to the health sector signifying its serious and genuine concern for improvising the deteriorating health sector of the country and states falling under the jurisdiction of Indian union.

Our fortune makers i.e. our politicians, bureaucrats and the decision makers  talk so much and so high about improving the health of the nation’s citizens particularly the children and the women who are the vulnerables.
Incessant assurances are made by those in power about strong, cohesive, self reliant, economically independent and prosperous India, but what happened in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur and several other parts last week when about 124 children died of encephalitis for want of adequate treatment, medicines and medical care hangs are head in shame.
The tragic incident of 128 deaths and several other in the pipeline has degraded India’s image and reputation not inly in Bihar, the country but abroad as well where newspaper headlines vreated sham for India and its ruling government.
Had such dreaded deaths in such a large numbers been in any developed country above as was in Bihar, India last week and in Uttar Pradesh a year ago governments wpuld have changed due to national outrage but shamefully it never happens in India as peoples’ lives and lives of the poor children hold no relevance and value in Indian society.
There had been no remorse at the national level except media hype and trading of charges by political parties against each other in well designed television channels’ debate for days together.
There were no severe penalisation of the erring senior bureaucrats who finally covered the entire episode. The poor, hapless and the economically deprived sections of the society living in distant villages in various states of the country are doomed for such disaters with no ray of hope in sight.
The chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar who visited the Muzaffarpur hospital after 18 days of this mishappening have been winning in Bihar for the second time compounded with his maximum MPs winning in the general elections as well but the extremely pitiable and sorry state of the hospitals and primary health centres leading to the tragic death of 128 children has vindicated the hard fact that the Bihar government has literally failed on the health front thus down grading the image and reputation of the country in the eyes of world nations especially when we talk so much of making high and revolutionery strides in the International diplomacy.
Sounds shocking indeed.
The conditions of the government hospitals of Bihar with open filthy drains just lying adjacent to hospital buildings, non availability of beds, unhygienic beds, patients lying on the floors with dirty floors emitting bad and foul smell, patient being served rotten and unhygienic food, doctors unavailable and medicines disappeared from hospitals being sold in black in open market through private chemists.
Had the previous government of BJP led NDA part 1 emphatically concentrated its efforts on improvising the health services and conditions of hospitals and primary health centres in the country the aweful and grief stricken Bihar situation would not have arrived.
The union health minister Harsh Vardhan in whose presence an ailing child had died had visited this hospital in Muzagfarnagar in the past too and had promised to improve the conditions of hospitals in Bihar and increasing the beds but of no avail.
He never returned back thereafter but to see the children dying of encephalitis in extreme unhygienic conditions of the hospitals and complete lack of medical care.
The progress and development of any nation rests on the good health of its citizens, especially the children.
Education comes there after and then anything else. But in India unfortunately despite the tall talks of construction of so many AIIMS hospitals the condition of primary health centres and district as well as town hospitals run by the government are in extreme jeopardy and doll drums. It is undoubtedly appreciablethat the government led by Narendra Modi has allocated a whopping budget of Rs  61, 398 crores for the health sector with more than Rs 6000 crores for Ayushman bharat Insurance and mediclaim schemes for the poor of the country but it would be considered as futile unless it justifiably reaches the lowest echelons of the society to improvise health facilities in government hospitals for the good of the poor, hapless and the marginally deprived sections of the society.
The tragic and most shocking incident of 128 deaths of the children of Bihar is an eye opener for the second term elected BJP led NDA government warranting the prime minister to prioritise his agend of concentrating himself to fine tune the health sector of the country in order to ensure that such tragedies do not reoccur in the near future. What’s your take friends?
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Was Hemant Karkare a brutal, inhuman torture machine?



Read Time: 9 minutes

Was Hemant Karkare a brutal, inhuman torture machine? Did he act illegally to prove the theory of Saffron Terrorism? Was he a puppet of the congress party’s political leaders? Did he arrest and inhumanly tortured innocent citizens to falsely implicate them in the theory of Saffron Terrorism?

Sadhvi Pragya’s statements on this have created a political storm. People who suffered because of Saffron Terrorism and people who suffered because of 26/11 have divergent views.

But what is the fact?

I am putting lot of information in front of you to decide. This analysis does not show any political inclination or any religious bias. You read it and you decide.

I have done more than three years of research on 26/11 and I collected a lot of information from various sources. I am writing a blog “Failed Journey of Saffron Terrorism” and the following details are from the same blog.

Home Ministry Under-Secretary Mr. Mani in his book – Hindu Terrorism.

Home Ministry Under-Secretary Mr. Mani has written in his book “Hindu Terrorism”. He has said, one day in 2006 he got a call from the home minister’s office asking him to come to see Home Minister immediately. Since all his seniors were out of the office and he was the senior most officer, he went to the Minister, Mr. Shivraj Patil’s chamber, who was Home Minister. There were two more people in the chamber before Mr. Mani went. One was Madhya Pradesh chief minister Mr. Digvijay Singh and second was a new face to Mr. Mani. Digvijay Singh introduced the second person as Mr. Hemant Karkare, IPS officer from Maharashtra cadre. Mr. Mani was wondering what a Maharashtra cadre IPS officer Karkare doing here with M.P. chief minister? What is the connection?

Slowly these two started a discussion about Saffron Terrorism, a term totally unheard by Mr. Mani earlier. They were talking about a fire and a small blast in the industrial area in Nanded. Apparently, a small scale manufacturing unit had caught fire and there was a small blast of some industrial gas cylinder. Local police had arrested the owner of the unit, named Mr. Kulkarni. The local police had a suspicion that Kulkarni deliberately set the fire to claim insurance. Mr. Mani could not give any inputs on this case because the Home Ministry had never heard of this incidence.

But Digvijay Singh and Karkare were discussing the possibility of converting this fire and the blast as an act of some sort of Saffron Terrorism. At that time, Mani had no idea what “Saffron Terrorism” was. With the conversation going on between Karkare and Digvijay Singh, Mr. Mani understood that Hemant Karkare did try to arrest Kulkarni for Saffron Terrorism but could not find enough evidence to prove the charges against Mr. Kulkarni and they had to let him go. Basically, Karkare was trying to “FIND” evidence to make arrests for Saffron Terrorism.

While all this was going on, home minister Shivraj Patil was sitting in a different area in his office. Being a Home Minister, he was not part of these discussions.

Meaning, UPA government was trying to create a false case on Saffron Terrorism.

No congress party leader has refuted these observations so far. This means Karkare was indeed colluding with Congress leaders to create false charges.

Now let’s check other aspects.

Let’s look into Lt. Colonel Purohit’s arrest

Lt. Colonel Purohit was the active army officer at the time of the arrest. He was not a regular infantry Colonel but was working in the highly sensitive department of Military Intelligence, or popularly known as M.I. The purpose of MI is to gather intelligence within the country and outside the country about the different threat perceptions and neutralize them. It is a very secretive department where only select few are inducted after a thorough invasive background check.

Officers working under this department often have to go deep undercover in the terrorist organization to gather intelligence. This is a very risky job because any small mistake can blow up their cover and they get killed. The undercover officers cannot always choose the “Right” way because, in their world, everything is in the shades of gray. Hence sometimes they may have to cross the lines to earn the trust of the bad people. But they do it for the country.

Their undercover job is so bad that their family never knows where they are, what is their new identity, what is the phone number to call and what is the email to connect. They have no contact with their family for months!!! The family gets the updates from the military only.

Arresting such a decorated and trusted military officer under the changes of terrorism was unbelievable. Arresting a military officer by the civilian authorities is not simple. The local police have to follow the protocols, which are as follows. If the arrest is made outside the military camp then police have to inform military within the stipulated time. If the person of interest is inside the military camp then police have to inform military establishment, give all the details of the case and then Military Police (MP) handover the suspect to the civilian police. In each case, the military would conduct its own internal investigation. But in colonel Purohit’s case, he was detained w/o any warrant (abducted) by Maharashtra ATS headed by Hemant Karkare and military was informed about his arrest after a couple of days.

Colonel Purohit was illegally arrested as follows.

While Colonel Purohit was attending a training course at Panchamarhi, MP, his superior Colonel R. K. Shrivastava issued the travel order for him to go to Delhi on 29th October 2008. Colonel R. K. Shrivastava accompanied him to the Bhopal Airport. But before reaching Bhopal airport, Colonel Shrivastava took away cell phone from Colonel Purohit and did not give him air tickets. It was Colonel Shrivastava who did the check in at the airport. After check in, Colonel Shrivasta told Colonel Purohit that they were going to Mumbai and not to Delhi. After hearing this, Colonel Purohit asked for the cell phone to inform his wife but Colonel Shrivastava threatened him for using the cell phone. As per the military practice, if the travel plan is changed then a new travel order has to be issued. In this case, the earlier order was to reach Delhi but it was changed to Mumbai, and as such, a new order should have been issued but his official travel order was not changed! If it was official business then why so much secrecy?

After reaching Mumbai airport late in the evening, Colonel Purohit was pushed into a private vehicle and was driven to a bungalow in Khandala. Hemant Karkare and his ATS team were waiting there. Hemant Karkare, Colonel Shrivastav, ATS deputy chief Parambir Singh (IPS) and his staff tortured Colonel Purohit beyond third degree and in a very inhuman way for a week. He broke several bones and ruptured several tissues. Finally, on 8th November 2008, Maharashtra ATS formally announced the arrest of Colonel Purohit.

Please watch the video of Colonel Purohit’s wife narrating how her husband was tortured by the ATS team led by Hemant Karkare.

In 2013 Colonel Purohit himself wrote a letter to the Human Rights Commission about the illegal detention and torture and copy of this letter was sent to then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Please see this news clip.

Please read the ACTUAL HANDWRITTEN LETTER written by Colonel Purohit to the Human Rights Commission.
Warning – This letter has a very graphic and disturbing description of the torture hence read it only if you feel comfortable.

Shocking letter by Colonel Purohit to Human Rights Commission exposes how he was tortured

No one from NHRC or PMO cared to investigate the charges leveled by Lt. Colonel Purohit. Why????

Otherwise very active NHRC chose to keep quiet.

Please note, in his letter Colonel Purohit says, at one point of time, his boss Colonel R. K. Shrivastava and Hemant Karkare talked about parading his mother, wife, and daughter naked in front of everyone. They also talked about bombing his house to kill his entire family. This was of course done to terrorize Colonel Purohit so as to get his confession but this shows how low Colonel R. K. Shrivastava and Hemant Karkare had scooped! Really shameful.

It did not end just with illegal arrest and torture. Karkare raided Lt. Col. Purohit’s house and announced, he recovered RDX from his house in Pune.

Karkare claimed that Lt. Col. Purohit stole the RDX from the military stock.

Now realize the situation here with your common sense. Lt. Col. Purohit is a highly trained military officer who knows about explosive. Would he keep a highly explosive material like RDX at his home where his family lives? Will he risk his neighbors and community, which is mainly Hindu? And he was arrested for supporting Saffron Terrorism?

Army refuted the charges of stealing of RDX from its stock saying Indian military does not use RDX hence they don’t carry any stock.

Then Hemant Karkare changed his story and said, this RDX was seized in a raid conducted by Lt. Col. Purohit in Kashmir and he stole some quantity from this lot. The same was used in the bombing of Samjhauta express, Malegaon bombing and rest was seized from his house in Pune.

Military again said, that raid in Kashmir was a joint operation and many military officers, local police officers were in that raid. It was not just Lt. Col. Purohit that was present and every gram of seized RDX is accounted for and there is no missing quantity.

What does this show? Was Karkare fabricating the evidence to implicate Lt. Col Purohit?

If this is true then it is completely deplorable. Treating an army officer in this way is disheartening. It is a shame and disgrace to the police uniform.

Karkare is dead but Prarambir Singh and Col. R. K. Shrivastav are still alive. They must be arrested based on Col. Purohit’s charges of torture and must be investigated.

Please note, Sadhvi Pragya too has leveled similar charges of torture against Karkare.

Now the following are my views.

If multiple people level charges on Karkare about false cases, illegal arrests, collecting illegal evidence and brutal torture charges then it must be investigated.

If these charges are found correct then his Ashok Chakra medal, his status of heroic death, his pension and all his medals must be stripped posthumously.

Similar punishment must be given to all the other police officers who were involved in the torture.

Col. R. K. Shrivastav should also be court marshaled and punished.

No one is above the law and no one should be treated softly because they died in action or they are rich and powerful.

Kishor Katti.

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If Congress wants to score an equalizer against BJP give me Congress presidentship for two years : Khan



Read Time: 4 minutes

The Hockey Olympian and former Captain of Indian Hockey team, MP and minister of minority affairs during the prime ministership of PV Narsinha Rao, Aslam Sher Khan has urged the Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi to give the cudgels of Congress party in his hand for two years as its president if he thinks, he( Rahul)is not able to take on the responsibilty.

Aslam Sher Khan assures Rahul Gandhi that he will leave no stone unturned to make sure that the party scores an equilizer against the BJP in this two year stipulated time frame.

In a letter written to the Congress party chief Rahul Gandhi former Hockey Oympian Aslam Sher Khan has said that I feel there is a sense of great despondency amongst the rank and file of the Congress after the results of the 2019 general elections.

However in the true sporting spirit I believe that we should shed our apprehensions about the future of the party and instead focus our minds and body to revitalise the party in the next five years.

He adds that the party leaders should take lessons from their actions n constructive fashions and prepare themselves to play as underdog.

Fully agreeing with the sentiments of Rahul Gandhi to resign from the party presidentship in the CWC meeting saying that it is not necessary that a Gandhi should be the party chief and not holding him responsible for the party’s debacle saying that Rahul Gandhi did his best at the hustings, Aslam Sher Khan said it is however the preogative of the Gandhi family scion n party to accept his resignation or not but as a dedicated and experienced Congressman he ( Aslam Sher Khan) in all humility is ready to offer his services as the Congress party chief for two years in order to resurrect and rejuvenate the Congress party.

After two years he will resign on his own Aslam Sher Khan wrote in his letter to Rahul Gandhi.

Aslam Sher Khan further writes that his decision comes in view of his experience gained during his long stint as an international hockey player and as a politician.

Mentioning about the loss of confidence of the minorities of the country in Congress party at the time of demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992, International Hockey player, Oympian Hockey winner n minister of minority affairs during PV Narsimha Rao’s tenure, Aslam Sher Khan writes in the letter that after the demolition of Babri Masjid when the Congress party lost the confidence of minorities he was called by the then prime minister PV Narsimha Rao who requested me to join his council of ministers as minister of minority affairs, a part of Prime Minister’s Office.

With a very limited time left before the election, he approached the minorities at the pan India level and contained the erosion of support of minorities towards the Congress party.

He added that the Congress party though could not form the government but brought 140 seats then.

According to Aslam Sher Khan Mr. Rao had later on regretted saying that it would have been better had he included him in the cabinet two years ago.

Terming as BJP’s massive victory with 303 seats un Lok Sabha and absense of the viable opposition as grave injustice to the nation’s parliamentary democratic values, Hockey Oympian Aslam Sher Khan said it’s indeed a matter of grave concern for the Congress party.

He added that he had been airing his views and concerns from time to time by writing letters to the party leadership in order to revitalise the Congress with an urge to arouse collective decision and debate with the party. I am doing it again at this critical junction he added.

The need of the hour is to secure an equalizer against the BJP in order to bring back the Congress party back to the grass roots and into the hearts and minds of common masses once again says Aslam Sher Khan.

He concludes the letter asking Congress chief Rahul Gandhi : If you place your trust and confidence in me then I assure you that I will leave no stone unturned and make sure that the party scores the equalizer in two years time.

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PM Modi visits Guruvayur temple and offers Tulabhram before leaving for Maldives



Read Time: 3 minutes

The prime minister Narendra Modi today visited the famous Guruvayur temple in Kerala and paid obiesance to Lord Guruvayur.

The chants of Jai Sri Krishna rented the air during his visit in the historic ancient Temple. This is prime minister Narendra Modi’s second visit to Guruvayur temple, his first being in the famous ancient Kashi Vishwanath Temple in his constituency Varanasi after having been elected leader of the NDA in the central Hall of Parliament n subsequently the prime minister.

Narendra Modi is perhaps the first prime minister to have visited the maximum number of temples and ancient shrines in the country.

He has visited popular Kedarnath Shrine for the fourth time as prime minister, the last visit being on the last day of the election campaigning on 18th May when he also visited the 1200 year old Badrinath temple on 19th May after meditating for a full night at an ancient cave two kilometres away from the Kedarnath Temple.

Prime minister Modi has also sanctioned special budget for the renovation and reconstruction in Kedarnath vicinity for the convenience of the pilgrims as well as the temple priests and the local populace as the Kedarnath temple’s entire surroundings were damaged during the 2013 June’s ecological disaster claiming thousands of lives and collosal loss to the state’s ( Uttarakhand’s ) economy.

Prime minister Narendra Modi reached the Guruvayar temple this morning in the traditional temple attire and offered prayers at Lord Guruvayar’s feet. He offered TULA DAAN to the Lord by weighing himself against equal weight of Lotus flowers, the spiritual practice followed at Guruvayur temple. Usually any person, devotee or pilgrim who commits in front of Lord Guruvayur of revisiting the temole and performing Tulabhram after the fulfillment of his or her prayer. About 1200 kgs of lotus flowers were used in the ceremony reveal sources.

May be prime minister Narendra Modi has come to pay his obiesance to Lord Guruvayur n offer Tulabhram, after his prayer to become prime minister for the second time has been fulfilled by Lord Guruvayur.

What his interesting is the fact that both Prime minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi are in Kerala today, one paying obiesance to Lord Guruvayur and another finishing his last lap ( second day) thanks giving trip at Wayanad from where Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has won hands down though losing from his family borough Amethi parliamentary constituency against union minister for textilrs n Women and Child Development Smriti Irani.

Prime minister Narendra Modi later on addressed an Abhinandan Sabha mainly attended by the party workers, leaders and protagonists.

While thanking the people of Kerala for the party’s victory in the general elections prime minister Narendra Modi said that he will take along all even those who’ ve not supported or voted for his party.

Prime Minister Modi said though elections have a place of their own but after the victory the government has a larger responsibility for its 130 crore people irrespective of the fact as to who voted for us or not.

He added that Kerala is as dear to him as is Varanasi, the constituency he won from for the second cosecutive term.

From Kerala the Prime minister would go to Andhra Pradesh to visit one more ancient temple and thereafter to Maldives. Guruvayur is a 5000 year old temple of Lord Krishna situated in Thrissur district and is famous globally. Prime minister Narendra Modi was accompanied by union minister state of external affairs Murleedharan n other VIPs.

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NCP leader and fmr Civil Aviation minister summoned by ED on June 11



Former union civil aviation minister n NCP leader Praful Patel
Read Time: 3 minutes

The former union civil aviation minister and leader of Nationalist Congress party Praful Patel is in jeopardy these days. He has now been summoned by ED at its Delhi headquarter in Khan Market office.

The Enforcement Directorate has summoned him for today, the 7th June, as it was during the tenure of the former minister in United Progressive Front government under Dr. Manmohan Singh’s prime ministership Praful Patel that certain bureaucrats have allegedly arbitrarily played a pivotal role in help securing favourable air traffic for the foreign airlines at the cost of Air India thus causing huge losses to public exchequer at the behest of middleman Deepak Talwar.

The case against lobbyist Deepak Talwar in the above context as one of the main accused is already under process and the former union civil aviation minister was summoned to Delhi at ED office, Lok Nayak Bhawan for interrogation in this case having wider ramifications.

The National Congress leader Praful Patel has however requested the Enforcement Directorate for more time due to his prior engagements. He had requested for next date. The summons were for 7th June, Thursday but now he has been asked to appear on 11th June.

It may be recalled that Deepak Talwar had been the key man working as an intermediary to crack deals for the few foreign airlines secure air traffic in league with some senior bureaucrats in the civil aviation ministry during the tenure of the Nationalist Congress leader Praful Patel as civil aviation minister.

It was during his tenure that lots of private airlines were benefitted to the core and the entire Palam International and domestic airports got a complete and modern face lift.

Sources reveal that the ED officials have aceded to Patel’s request and has now summoned him on 11th June. Sources reveal that the role of some senior bureaucrats and ministers during UPA government are also under the ED lens who could be investigated threadbare in the near future.

While certain private airlines allegedly benefitted during the UPA tenure, the Air India ran in huge losses reveal sources.

Deepak Talwar the key middleman lived abroad and conducted his business from the foreign country. The Enforcement Directorate which earlier had the direct power to arrest the culprits in foreign currency arbitrary deals without bail was possessing criminal powers under Foreign Exchange Regulation Act but now it has become a civil law with amendments called FEMA ( Foreign Exchange Management Act) a bailable offence.

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Ajit Doval is NSA again with cabinet rank for another 5 years



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While on the one hand the formation of the BJP led NDA government after securing a landslide majority in the Lok Sabha for the second consecutive time has been completed with a 57 member two tier cabinet, elevating a career diplomat fmr IFS Subramanium Jaishankar as the Union External Affairs minister, the very close n most trusted leutinant of prime minister Narendra Modi and the country’s national security advisor Ajit Doval has also been accorded a second term as NSA for full five year term with a full fledged cabinet rank.

A five and a half decade old IPS Ajit Doval is most trusted bureaucrat of prime minister Narendra Modi who was called by him even days before prime minister Modi was officially sworn in as PM in 2014.

Ajit Doval had been the chief of the Intelligence bureau during the tenure of prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee n deputy prime minister and home minister Lal Krishna Advani n was in their good books as a highly intelligent officer with immense precision and dedication.

Ajit Doval after retirement have been looking after the work of Vivekanand Foundation as its chief and had served in highly risky assignments for years in Golden temple operation, in Pakistan as an Indian spy and in operations in North Eastern sector as well.

After serving in the Intelligence bureau for thirty three protracted years Ajit Doval is a 1965 year Indian Police Service Officer having been retired in 2005.

His appointment will be co terminus with prime minister’s term until further orders whichever is earlier as per the orders issued by the Appointments Committee Secretary PK Tripathi dated June 2nd.

Having been honoured with the highest military honour Kirti Chakra for his outstanding n exemplary services for the first time as a police officer, Ajit Doval has played an extremely vital role as NSA in planning a strategy in gunning down 12 or more Nationalist Socialists Council of Nagaland terrorists in the Myanmar territory after they ambushed the Indian paramilitary jawans in 2015.

His role in the context of Surgical strikes inside Pak territories against the Uri attack and post Pulwama operation in Balakot have been highly appreciated.

Ajit Doval also played a very outstanding role in resolving the Doklam Stand off by his diplomatic initiatives in convincing the Chinese leadership through his extraordinary diplomatic acumen.

Ajit Doval had played a vital role with immense dexterity and diplomatic acumen making suitable environment and ground for prime minster’s foreign visits in US, China , Myanmar and other global nations including his role in United Nations as well.

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BJP MLA from Gujarat physically abuses and thrashes a women publicly. Video goes viral



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It seems as if the proud of absolute power has climbed over the head of BJP politicians.

A most shocking and shameful incident took place in Narmada legislative assembly today when the arrogant and badly angered saffron Kurta wearing BJP MLA from this constituency not only slapped and thrashed a women protestor asking for water facility but also allegedly outraged her modesty in broad dayling alongwith his riffian followers not even thinking for once that in a democratic system it’s the moral n constitutional duty of a duly elected public representative to duty fully fulfill the public demands than topublic abuse, slap n thrash them alongwith his goonda followers in broad day light especially a hapless woman.

Shame on him. And this BJP MLA is so shameless that instead of repenting or feeling apprehensive for his highly wrong, anti women and criminal act he bravely speaks before the media cameras smilingly that it happened because of the circumstancial situation in anger n I do admit it but had never thought of doing so. It was just a reflex action n since he has expressed regret, he should be let off.

The Bhartiya Janata Party has however condemned this incident n avoided being blamed for this highly anti woman obnoxious act of its MLA from Narmada constituency of Gujarat. The name of this criminal MLA is Balram Thanvi.

The Gujarat administration and the police has taken no action against this erring MLA nor has he been arrested till yet under the relevant sections of the law.

The video of this MLA opening thrashing n abusing the woman in broad day light has gone viral in the social media with several television channels too airing it repeatedly as a breaking news. According to the injured woman, she alongwith her few colleagues she had gone to the MLAs office with water grievances but instead of listening to her voes the MLA Thanvi alongwith his goonda supporters started abusing her badly n slapped her followed by repeated thrashing by legs.

The entire public was watching a woman being beaten by an MLA n her modesty putraged but not a single person except one, came to her rescue. One of the passer by or may be in the crowd shot the vedio n planted it on facebook which went viral within no time.

Sources say that the humiliated n physically assaulted woman is local NCP leader who had gone to the MLA with her supporters to get the water grievance resolved but met with thrashings and leg hits of MLA Balram Thanvi finally felling on the ground.

The central n state leadership of Bhartiya Janata Party should take serious not of this shameful incident and should expell the MLA out of the party including his forthwith arrest under the strictest sections of the law. What’s your take friends?

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Uttarakhand man eaters : Will Trivendra Singh’s government formulate a credible policy to save precious human lives ?



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The Uttarakhand state is under the incessant grip of forest fires and maneater attacks resulting in loss of flora fauna and human livesas well.

The depleting forest cover due to the increasing incidents of forest fires have resulted in not only loss of animal flesh inside the jungles but has also complelled the cheetas, leopards n tigers move towards human settlements near villages n local towns hunting for human beings. This has become an order of the day.

This is a most disturbing trend and a direct unpredictable threat to human lives in the interiors of Uttarakhand hills.

Since pre independence days when British ruled India n Uttarakhand, then undivided part of Uttar Pradesh, there lived a famous British hunter based in Nainital n Kaldhungi called Jim Corbett who is known to had killed 31 maneaters in Garhwal and Kumon divisions.

During those days there weren’t laws for conservation of wild life so strong and credible as are now and hunting animals was the hobby or adventure of interest for the affluents, Maharajas and the professional hunters.

According to old sayings Rudraprayag in Chamoli district had the grave terror of a maneater which had killed several people including children, elders and women as well.

There was terror all around n Jim Corbett was specially called to kill that maneater and he did succeeded in killing it after several days of hard efforts.

During his entire stay till independence before shifting to Kenya where his sister lived Corbett tracked and shot a total of 33 man eaters, the cheetahs, leopards n tigers.

Of the 33 maneaters killed, two of them were dangerous maneaters ” leopards”.

According to a news report of January 2016 only a dozen of these killings have been properly documented. These maneaters had killed more than 1200 people who included men, women n children working in agricultural fields, while in roadside homes and on jungle lonely sites.

After the formation of separate Uttarakhand state 19 years ago in the year 2000, there have been hundreds of casualties of the children, senior citizens and women who are most vulnerable.

Uttarakhands Garhwal and Kumaon divisions’ newspapers are full of news of maneater attacks every week but the successive governments seemed to be more worried for the conservation of wild life n the depleting endangered spieces of leopards, tigers n cheetas than to worry for the safety and security of human beings.

They go to foreign countries to seek training on wildlife conservation on highly expensive government budgets but are least bothered for the safety of human lives from the attack of these dreaded carnivorous animals.

The contruction activities inside or near the jungles like buildung of resorts, Hotels and increasing load of traffic creating sound pollution compounded with the increasing jungle fires resulting in the depleting forests, the carnivorous animals have been badly disturbed constrained to approach near the human settlements in search of human prey to fulfill their hunger.

The greatest alleged bottleneck in this context was the was the order of the Uttarakhand High Court of 2016 in which it strictly imposed a blanket ban on the killing of tigers, leopards and panthers that were declared maneaters/ predators/ rogues. While imposing the complete ban on the killing of these carnivorous animals the court also directed the forest and wild life department officials to catch the maneaters alive by tranquilising and capturing them simultaneously and either keep them in Zoos or release them in the nearby forests in their own habitats. It was indeedanice n concrete directive.

In addition, he court also restricted them to hire the private hunters for killing these man eaters.

It was after this order of the High Court, inview of the increasing incidents of maneater killings, the then state government of Uttarakhand was constrained to approach the apex court of the country which granted it a stay.

The government’s constant stand was that the big cats are a serious threat to human lives in Uttarakhand.

However, in special cases the state government has to seek special permission from the High Court to execute killings of the maneaters who’d been a constant threat to human lives.

The maneater of Bageshwar n some parts of Pauri Garhwal who’d created havoc bykilling several innocents including children, had been killed with court’s permission by the professional hunters’ like Joy Ukhil.

Hukil is a government appointed hunter who has by now during his lifetime killed about 31 maneaters and is summoned in cases of repeated man eater attacks in Garhwal and Kumaon divisions.

Just recently few days ago a ten year old girl was killed by a maneater in Paabo block of Pauri Garhwal while she had gone to the agricultural field where her mother and another women were involved in the work.

The maneater looking for the human pray cladestinely pounced on her and grapped her body by the throat.

The poor girl died on the spot after her dead body was forcibly snatched by both the women literally fighting the maneater n getting injured themselves.

As per the 2008 survey about 2300 leopards presence was shown in the Uttarakhand hills as per an old news paper report.

However a separate survey was carried out in 2015 but the wild life department was unable to furnish the latest statistics.

However the latest reports suggest about the presence of 400 leopards, panthers n tigers in entire Uttarakhand with half of them becoming man eaters n few of them extremely active thus posing a direct threat to human lives especially children, school going kids, women n age olds.

The government of the day should formulate credible ways n means in the shape of a formidable policy to ensure safety and security of human lives from maneater attacks in the Uttarakhand hills which has increased manifold these days.

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