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We welcome Citizen Journalism on the site and also welcome Guest Posts. You can contribute to almost any topic under the sun. To contribute an article, please write and share all the details at –

NewsViewsNetwork Article Submission Guidelines

  • The article should be a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 1100 words. We have analyzed that the articles of 500 plus words tend to do well on NewsViewsNetwork.
  • Spelling and grammatical correctness in the article are highly appreciated. You can install Grammarly to help with your grammar and proofread your article before submitting.
  • Structural correctness and the logical flow of the article is highly appreciated. Use headings, subheadings or lists to structure your writing.
  • The article must be original content and cannot be published elsewhere. Your post should be 100% exclusive to NewsViewsNetwork (found nowhere else on the Internet).
  • Articles should be accompanied by a few photos. If the authors do not have their own pictures, they can source them from the web, but after taking adequate permission from copyright holders.
  • The article must not be an advertisement or promotional in nature. You can provide a short bio and photo at the end of the article with a link to your site.
  • All posts are reviewed by editorial staff before being published on NewsViewsNetwork. Submissions are considered for the timeliness, relevance, originality, and constructive commentary. Not every submission is published. Any submissions which have been, or are under consideration for publication elsewhere, are not considered.
  • Kindly note that your post may be edited to meet NewsViewsNetwork’s style and standards and to improve the search engine visibility, though we will make every reasonable attempt to respect the writer’s work and maintain the sense of your writing. Changes may be made to the title, text or any images provided.
  • All freelance content samples including graphic submissions submitted to the editor or web admin become the property of NewsViewsNetwork. NewsViewsNetwork is entitled to use the same for its sites in whatever way deemed suitable, but proper bylines will be given to the copyright owners.
  • How to submit? Send your pitches or completed article together with your full name, a short bio, and a headshot to You are also invited to include a personal website address and any social media handles you wish to have included along with your profile. We prefer article submissions as Word documents, but we also accept a Google Doc.
  • If you need commercial link/s in the article, opt for a paid guest post from us.
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