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US State Department says detained Indian students were aware of their crime



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All 130 foreign students, including 129 Indians who were detained for enrolling in a fake university, were aware that they were committing a crime to fraudulently remain in the US, the State Department has said, days after India issued a demarche to the American Embassy in New Delhi.

The foreign students were arrested last week by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for enrolling at the University of Farmington allegedly to remain in America.

The fake university was set up by the DHS’s investigating unit in the Greater Detroit area to bust the “pay-and-stay” racket.

“All participants in this scheme knew that the University of Farmington had no instructors or classes (neither online nor in-person) and were aware they were committing a crime in an attempt to fraudulently remain in the United States,” a State Department spokesperson said in a statement on Monday.

The State Department’s response came after India issued a demarche to the American Embassy in New Delhi on Saturday, expressing its concern over the detention of Indian students and sought immediate consular access to them.

The External Affairs Ministry said India continued to closely monitor the situation arising out of the mass detention.

Eight of the individuals who ran this racket have been arrested and are either Indian citizen or Indian American.

The fake university which had no classes, a low tuition fee and gave work permits on the very first of the enrolments of the students had some 600 students, an overwhelming majority of whom are Indians.

The actual number of those detained is much higher. Some of the students who were released and many of those who escaped detention have left the country.

An unknown number of Indian students have been radio-tagged and authorities have put restrictions on their movement.

The Indian Embassy here has made an aggressive effort to reach out to these students and, with the help of the community leaders, is providing them with legal help.

Eminent Indian-Americans and some media outlets have also questioned the modus operandi of the US government in the detention of Indians in the “pay-and-stay” university visa scam, saying “trapping of innocent students” is a “crime, illegal and immoral”.

In the first reaction, days after the story broke out, the State Department had described it an unfortunate aberration in the proud history of India-US educational exchanges.

“More than a million international students’ study at US institutions each year, including approximately 196,000 Indian students last year. Instances of fraud schemes are rare, unfortunate aberrations in the proud history of educational exchange between the United States and India,” the State Department said.

The US government fully supports international education and is committed to facilitating legitimate student travel, it said in an apparent reference to the panic that the latest US move has created and reports coming out from India that students are now considering the option to study in other countries and not the US.

“International students are a valuable asset to our universities and our economy and enrich our communities through sharing their diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences,” it said, acknowledging that Indian students not only bring in about USD 6 billion per annum but also become instrumental in the creation of thousands of jobs in the US.

“It is unfortunate that some student recruiters and individuals seek to use the international student programme to foster illegal immigration status in the United States,” the State Department said.

Overseas Friends of BJO USA, in a statement, said that it was shocked to learn that 129 students of Indian-origin were arrested by the ICE, with about 600 students’ fate in jeopardy.

“It is very unfortunate that several students are affected by this University and the majority are Telugu students. Most of these students have joined to get their work permits without knowing that this college is not accredited and became victims of this. Their dreams are shattered now,” North America Telugu Association said.

The association has advised other students not to fall into the trap and instead work hard and get OPT/CPT from reputed universities as per the normal guidelines.

“If some university is offering a CPT without any course, it is not true at all,” it said.

The Indian embassy in the US has also opened a 24/7 hotline to assist 129 Indian students. It has appointed a nodal officer to help the students in distress.

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Followers bid last adieu to Sheila Dikshit at Nigambodh ghat



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The former chief minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit was today give final adieu at Nigam Bodh Ghat amidst chanting slogans like “Jab Tak Suraj Chand Rahega Shiela Tera Naam Rahega,” by her hundreds of followers and Congress workers from Delhi.

The Congress leader and former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh, UPA advisory council chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi,  Ahmed Patel and chief ministers of two Congress-ruled states Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh Ashok Gehlot and Kamal Nath also paid their last respects to her at Congress party office and later on at Nigam Bodh Ghat crematorium.
The former union external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and deputy PM  Lal Krishna Advani reached her Nizammuddin residence and paid their heartfelt tributes.
Late Smt Sheila Dikshit was the tallest leader of Congress party and had been a minister in PMO during Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure. She reigned Delhi for three consecutive terms as the chief minister Delhi from 1998 till 2013, implementing tremendous structural development of Delhi from Metro Rail project to several flyovers including successful conduction of Common Wealth Games.
She confronted the worst period of her political in 2013 when not only had the Delhi Congress lost awefully to Aam Admi Party by not winning a single seat in Delhi assembly but she herself lost to Delhi CM Arivind Kejrival at the hustings.
But highly courageous and active even being an octagenerian Shiela Dikshit never gave up to take the reigns of weak Delhi Congress in her hands and even contesting the election of member of parliament with full zeal, enthusiasm and energy though having lost it..
While three term CM of Delhi her dream was to make Delhi one of the best and the most beautiful cities’ in the world.
She was also the president of Delhi Congress twice and of UP once. Late Mrs. Dikshit was considered as the troubleshooter of Congress party who took the reigns of UP and Delhi Congress during the time of crisis and did her best to revive the party in both these states.
Born in 1938 Sheila Dikshit was witness to the pre and post-independent India who breathed her last on 20th July after suffering a massive cardiac arrest in a Delhi hospital in Delhi’s escort hospital.
President Ram Nath Kovind, prime minister Narendra Modi, Home minister Amit Shah, Defence minister Rajnath Singh including scores of ministers and political leaders across party and ideological lines were shocked on her untimely demise and extended their heartfelt tributes as  the late leader was extremely soft-spoken, affable and the one who had extremely good relations with even opposition party leaders.
The former chief of Congress party Sonia Gandhi while expressing her tributes to late Sheila Dikshit termed her a highly experienced mass leader who dedicated her entire life for the people of the lowest ebb of the society.
Her passing away has left a huge void difficult to be filled ever added Mrs. Gandhi.
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Three term CM of Delhi Sheila Dikshit dies at 81



late Smt. Shiela Dikshit, three time Delhi CM
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The three-time chief minister of the national capital territory of Delhi, 81-year-old Sheila Dikshit is no more.
She breathed her last today at Escorts hospital where she was admitted after a deterioration in her health. Her body has been brought to her Nizamuddin residence and would be placed at All India Congress Committee central headquarter tomorrow morning till 2.30 PM before bidding final adieu thus consigning to flames.
Sheila Dikshit was born in 1938 and was also the minister in PMO during the tenure of late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. She was the tallest leader of Congress party who was the Delhi Congress president twice and also the president of the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee.
The prime minister Narendra Modi expressed his immense grief over the sad demise at the passing away of Shiela Dikshit terming her the tallest leader and an affable human being. Former president of Congress Rahul Gandhi while expressing his grief over Sheilaji’s sad demise said that the party has lost a daughter of Congress party leaving a huge void difficult to be filled.
The union defence minister Rajnath Singh, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, veteran BJP leader Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi and scores of senior leaders across ideological lines expressed their shock over the sad demise of Sheila Dikshit. It may be recalled that the three-time chief minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit had been immensely instrumental for the revolutionary development of Delhi.
She was in true sense the unstinted leader of the masses who’d dedicated her entire life for the welfare and well being of the society especially for the good of the people of the lowest ebb of the society. Following allegations of corruption, she had lost the Delhi state elections of 2013 after ruling the state for three consecutive terms.

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Ownership rights to residents of unauthorised colonies in Delhi says Kejriwal



Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival
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The chief minister of the national capital territory of Delhi and AAP’s national convenor Arvind Kejriwal has made a positive announcement for more than fifty lakh populace of the unauthorized colonies of the capital regarding granting of ownership rights to the house owners through registries.
Till now the sale purchase of lands and houses in the unauthorised colonies was done  through power of attorney which was not fully legally tenable.
This announcement would benefit more than half a crore Delhites living in unauthorised colonies for years under shabby conditions without any adequate civic facilities.
The Delhi government will charge a minimum development charge of merely Rs. 6000 from each house owner before registering their power of attorney.
The Delhi chief minister said that the Delhi cabinet has passed a proposal to this effect and has sent it to the central government for clearance. Kejriwal is of the opinion that it will be duly passed by the central government after posing a few questions which will be clarified in a due course.
He thanked the union government for putting its seal of approval on his government’s recommendation.
In a tweet in Hindi Arvind Kejrival stated:
‘Kachi colonion mein rehne vaale logon ko badhayi. Jald aapko milega apne makaanon ka maalikana haq. Hamari sarkaar ke November 2015 ke prastaav ko kendra sarkaar manjuri dene ko tayyar. Jald registry karne ki tayyariyaan shuru. Dilli ke logon ki ore se kendra sarkaar ka bahut bahut shukriya.’
Translated in English: ‘Congratulations to the people living in unauthorized colonies. Soon you will get the ownership rights for the house you own. The central government is ready to give clearence to our government’s proposal of November 2015. Now, soon there can be a registry of your houses. On behalf of the Delhi people, I thank the central government very much.’
It may be recalled that there is not much time left for the Delhi elections due in February 2020. The Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is, therefore, throwing googlies after googly.
He had recently announced that in Delhi Metro, the women will be provided free travel facility. He had earlier also announced that a 1000 or more electric buses will be introduced in Delhi, which is greater than the commitment of all Indian cities put together. Now this googly from Kejriwal of granting of ownership rights to lakhs of residents of 1727 unauthorized colonies of Delhi.
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BJP MP Verma meets LG and hands over the list of minority religious structures on govt land



BJP MP Parvez Sahib Singh Verma talking to reporters after merting the LG Anil Baijal
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The Bhartiya Janata Party member of parliament from Delhi and son of the former chief minister of NCT of Delhi  late Sahib Singh Verma, Parvez Sahib Singh met the lieutenant governor of the capital Anil Baijal and submitted him a list of several mosques and Kabristans ( graveyards) on government’s illegally encroached lands and have demanded their vacation as well as severe necessary departmental action against the erring officials as well, under whose jurisdiction and negligence of these religious buildings and graveyards have been arbitrarily constructed.
According to the MP Parvez Sahib Singh Verma, the chief secretary of Delhi and several senior bureaucrats of the concerned departments were also called to his office by the LG.
The LG Anil Baijal had asked the concerned officials to cross-check the list presented by MP Parvez Sahib Singh Verma and submit the detailed report to the LG office at the earliest.
Speaking to media persons MP Verma has said that the Lieutenant governor of Delhi Anil Baijal gave him a patient hearing and assured him to do the needful by verifying his claims and also initiating necessary action against the erring officials if found guilty of negligence in this regard.
When asked by reporters, especially of Aaj Tak about the allegations on him by opposition parties about selectively pursuing the matter of mosques and graveyards thus allegedly doing the politics of religion and not targeting certain temples and Gurudwaras of the majority community built on government lands, Parvez Sahib Singh Verma said that he had asked people to inform him about the mosques and  graveyards being built on illegally encroached government land but has not received any complaints about temples and Gurudwaras built on government land illegally.
The politics have hot up by this selective approach of the BJP MP say sources and questions are being asked by individuals as well as some minority organizations of targetting the minorities willfully which is not acceptable.
This issue is too sensitive as it involves the minorities versus majority implications say, certain political analysts.
Some people say that in case of action is taken on this complaint against mosques and graveyards built on unauthorized government land, the relevant authorities should definitely take due action but then the law should be equal for all religions and religious structures built on encroached land arbitrarily irrespective of any particular religion.
Such matters of religious implications that derive different political connotations should be strictly dealt with by the honorable courts than through political interventions as at the base of religion lies politics say some political analysts.
The protracted issue of Ram Janmabhoomi has not been resolved since several decades despite the intervention of successive governments after independence, finally arriving in the honorable supreme court for final resolution. What’s your take friends?
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CM Arvind Kejrival inaugurates CCTV camera installation ceremony in New Delhi



Chief minister Arvind Kejrival speaking to reporters in New Delhi after inaugurating the installation of CCTV cameras
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The chief minister of National Capital Territory of Delhi Arvind Kejrival expressed his serious concern over the increasing deterioration of law and order situation of Delhi with the incidents of rapes, snatchings , murders, gangwars and women assaults going on unabatedly.
He disclosed that the Delhi government has started the process of installing high resolution and highly modernised CCTV cameras in three lakh numbers in various locations of the eleven revenue districts of Delhi in order to control crimes and ensure the women ‘s safety in particular including the safety and security of  of entire Delhi residents.
Answering queries of reporters after launching of the first CCTV camera installation in New Delhi constituency , chief minister Arvind Kejrival said that Delhi despite being the capital of the country has become crime prone as incidents of burglaries,  muders  and women insecurity are on the rise.
On the question of his being soft towards the Delhi police and the centre as compared to his raslier harsh stand despite increase in the crime graph in the capital, Kejriwal asked the reporter as to what does he meant by being soft.
He refused the charge and said that the state government was duly performing its duty and the centre should do its duty to contrl crimes in Delhi.
He said he has recently visited a six year old rape survivor in Delhi’s Safdarjung hospital and met her traumatic parents. The rapist has been caught  within 24 hours.
But had there been CCTV cameras in the area the crime could have been averted as these CCTV cameras work as deterrent for the criminals or anybody committing the wrong acts.
Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal assured that after the installation of three lakh cameras by the Delhi government as promised earlier, the crime rate  would come down considerably as these high resolution cameras will work a the biggest deterrents, prohibiting the criminals to commit crimes.
After the installation of these CCTV cameras the chances of criminals being caught will enhance tremendously thus working as strong deterrents in the near future.
He urged upon the union government and the Delhi police to transparently perform their duties to improve the deteriorating law and order situation in Delhi.
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How long will the sewage workers continue to die?



A sewage worker submerged in a gutter emnating poisionous fumes with saving equipment risking his life for a meagre amount. pic classic
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A shocking incident of three possible deaths of vulnerable sewage workers in Keshopur drain in Delhi has once again raised a vital question about the safety of these poor workers who risk their lives entering the most deadly drains for various cleaning and rescue operations.

There had been in total, according to conservative estimates, 666 sanitation workers death from 1993  to 2018 while cleaning sewers which seems to be too less a number according to the All India Safai Karmachari Commission working under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt of India.
In terms of providing statistics about the deaths of sanitation workers at the pan India level, the concerned ministry is completely elusive in giving the definite detail which unambiguously shows as to how pathetic and unconcerned  are the concerned departments and government agencies towards these most inhuman deaths.
What is more worrisome and shocking about these sewer deaths is: they are never equipped with life saving jackets, clothes, oxygen cylinders and other relevant equipments including their possible insurance.
During the past few months and years, there had been several deaths of sewer workers working under private and government contractors in Delhi and Noida having been highlighted in the media tremendously.
The Delhi government as well as the ministry concerned have been talking and assuring so much of providing necessary safeguards to the victims but of no avail.
Regarding providing financial compensation too, the private contractors and the government agencies are extremely apathetic.
Most of the sewage cleaning workers belong to the Dalit families with extremely poor financial backgrounds earning two ends meal by cleaning sewers under highly bad and challenging conditions inhaling life taking poisonous fumes devoid of any life saving equipments and jackets getting a negligible amount in return for their hard work.
In the case of the Keshopur, Delhi incident in which one sewer worker Shahruk had died due to asphyxiation while entering in the deep sewer along with two others, now missing but must have died for sure, for welding a mesh inside the deep sewer, has again raised the vital question about the safety of such vulnerable workers in the future.
In the past few years as well, a large number of sanitation workers have died of asphyxiation due to the exposure to poisonous fumes and gases while cleaning sewers several feet down from the ground.
The compensation aspect in such tragedies from the government’s side is also extremely pathetic as the illiterate parents of the dead hardly had connections and knowledge to pursue their respective cases.
On March 24th 2014, the Supreme Court in its judgement of Safai Karmachari Andolan Vs the Union of India directed the government to identify the people who lost their lives while cleaning deadly sewers since 1993 onwards and pay each of the deceased Rs. 10 lakh as monetory compensation, setting a precedence.
But had it really worked is anybody’s guess. Sounds shocking and pathetic that the price of a sewege worker is mere Rs. Ten lakh and that too not sure whether the sewage deceased workers’ bereaved families really get the prescribed compensation as directed by the apex court.
Meanwhile efforts to trace the dead bodies of two sewage workers viz Devinder and Ankit are in full swing inside the Keshopur drain which is several metres long. Divers of NDrF are on the job with the chief minister Arvind Kejrival visiting the accident spot and holding meetings with the concerned officials. The police has arrested the private contractor Sanjay under the relevant sections of the law for not providing the sewer workers the life saving equipments etc mandatory in such cleaning jobs.
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Hundreds of Sikhs gather outside Mukherjee Nagar police station demanding stringent action against erring policemen.



Policemen thrashing the sr citizen auto/ gramin sewa driver in Mukherjee Ngr, pic vedio PTC
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The shameful incident of obnoxious and brutal thrashing of an old Sikh auto / gramin sewa driver in Mukerjee Nagar has become the breaking news of all the television news channels of India.

It is being said that the custodians of law have turned into breakers of law. A Delhi police asistent commissioner of police Mr. Tyagi has been beaten badly in full public view by the protesting sikhs.

Similarly the vedio of the old sikh auto/ gramin sewa driver and his son being badly beaten, thrashed, kicked and abused by the Delhi police personels in uniform is being telecast in all the television channels of the country.

The incident is of Mukerjee Nagar that happened in the broad day light and according to the Delhi police the old Sikh allegedly brandished and attacked the policemen with his sword.

The police thereafter retaliated in good number and taught him a lesson by publicly thrashing him to the hilt, inflicting brutal injuries to the auto driver and his son. The case of attempt to murder has been registered against the auto/ gramin sewa driver.

In retaliation not only had the enraged people of the sikh community of Mukerjee nagar retaliated by gheraoing the police station but had also thrashed the assistent commissioner of police Mr. Tyagi.

There are different versions on the incident. But the way the policemen in uniform instead of arresting the old sikh auto/ grameen sewa driver attacked him physically in full public glare in broad daylight is something never heard of before. There is condemnation all around.

The vedio and photographs of the old sikh auto/ gramin sewa driver being mercilessly thrashed by policemen in uniform shamelessly and brutally has gone viral in social media and thereafter in the entire news channels of the country.

People are questioning the integrity of the policemen involved in this brutal act who are supposed to be the custodian of law and order of the capital of India.

The chief minister of national capital territory of Delhi Arvind Kejrival has condemned the incident in strongest possible terms.

According to the ANI tweet: Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival termed the incident of thrashing of the senior citizen auto sikh driver in Mukherjee Nagar as an unfortunate incident and condemned it urging the LG and Home Minister to take strict against against the accused police officers.

Meanwhile the Delhi police has suspended three policemen of Mukherjee Nagar Police station.

Highly annoued, furious and shocked hundreds and thousands of people of Sikh community have protested in front of Mukerjee Nagar police station and are still sitting in protest before the police station demading stringent action against the erring police officials not less than jail sentence under the strictest sectiins of the law. They also demanded withdrawal of section 307 against the sikh driver.

The Delhi chief minister visited the injured Sikh auto driver at his residence and assured of fullest support and cooperation.

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Dr. Harisuman Bisht receives Uttarakhand Shiromani Sahitya Samman in a function to felicitate Uttarakhand MPs.



Sunil Negi President Uttarakhand Journalists Forum congratulating Dr Hari Suman Bisht on his receiving the Uttarakhand Shiromani Sahitya Sammaan
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Uttarakhand’s newly elected members of parliament were felicitated on 16th June by the Uttarakhand Film Artists Association in New Delhi.

It was the first ever reception given by the Uttarakhandies living in Delhi to the newly elected Bhartiya Janata Party central lawmakers after their election.

A good number of people from various localities of Delhi participated including journalists, NGO activists, artists, actors of regional films and intellectuals despite the India Pakistan cricket match.

Out of the total five, three members of parliament viz Tirath Singh Rawat from Pauri Garhwal constituency, Ajay Tamta, former union minister for textiles and MP from Almora, and BJP Uttarakhand chief and Nainital MP Ajay Bhatt were present on this ocassion.

The union minister HRD and MP Haridwar Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank and Tehri MP Maharani Rajya Lakshmi could’nt make it due to being out of station and abnormal health condition.

The MPs were presented Shawl, bouquets and trophies as a mark of respect by the office bearers of Uttaakhand Film Artists Association.

The chief guest of the event was a renowned entrepreneur from Uttarakhand based in Gujarat Mr. Pandey who runs a two hundred crore turnover company employing 500 people with fifty percent of them hailing from Uttarakhand.

The Editor in Chief of Uttarakhand’s prominent news channel Kuleen Gupta, Narendra Ladwal leadung entrepreneur, M S Rawat, Chairman Mayur Public School and IRS Rattan Singh Rawat were the special guests of honour on this ocassion.

Addressing the enthusiastic crowd the former union minister and member of parliament from Almora praised the inhabitants of Uttarakhand for their outstanding courage, valour and dedication in the service of the nation in defence forces as well as in all the sectors of the country and appealed to those living in metropolises and cities outside Uttarakhand to come back to their birth place ensuring reverse migration for the good of Uttarakhand.

He said out of the total population of 1.25 crores more than half of our population has migrated to plains.

The time has come now to repariate back to villages of Uttarakhand to keep our himalayan state alive and prosperous.

The BJP’s national secretary and MP from Pauri Garhwal Tirath Singh Rawat also dwelt on the problem of migration. He said migration is necessary for progress, prosperity and economic development but it’s not necessary for unnecessary migration.

Rawat said : had the Army chief Vipin Rawat’s family not migrated years ago he would not have been the chief of India army. NSA Ajit Doval, RAW chief Dhasmana and former Chief of Military Intelligence Anil Bhatt etc would not have achieved the the top positions thus enhancing the prestige of Uttarakhand and India.

Therefore constructive migration is must and a positive feature but since now there is no dearth of hospitals, educational institutions and propects of progress in Uttarakhand noe, the hill people should migrate back to villages at all costs.

BJP Uttarakhand chief and MP Ajay Bhatt praised his government’s efforts to improve the lot of the people of Uttarakhand and appealed one and all to return back to their birth place if not now that at least after retirement.

Many prominent personalities in the field of literature, acting, singing, writing and theatre hailing from Uttarakhand were also felicitated on this ocassion by Ajay Bhaat, Ajay Tamta and Tirath Singh Rawat( all MPs).

Dr. Harisuman Bisht, former secretary of Hindi and Maithli academy and an author of several books was felicitated with Uttarakhand Shiromani Sahitya Samman while eminent veteran writer Lalit Keshwan, singer Amit Sagar, Asha Negi and renowned legendary singer Hira Singh Rana were also felicitated with prestigious awards for their outstanding contributions in their respective fields.

Prominent Uttarakhandi rock singer Amit Sagar also presented his CHAITU KI CHAITULI song on this ocassion with two short plays and promos of a new Uttarakhandi movie MANGAL and the ongoing movie Major Nirala. The programme was ably conducted by Hem Pant and Ajay Bisht.

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Kejrival expresses serious concern over five murders yesterday in Delhi. Delhi police says they were due to personal enmity



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Read Time: 4 minutes

The chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejrival who is usually at loggerheads with the central government ruled by BJP and the Delhi police which is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of home affairs has expressed his serious concern over the five back to back incidents of killings in various parts of Delhi yesterday.

Delhi Chief minister has tweeted that Five murders have taken place in Delhi in the last 24 hours and is extremely serious situation. I appeal to @ Lt GovDelhi & @ HMO India to urgently look into the law and order situation of the national capital.

The Delhi police taking special note of the Delhi chief minister’s tweet has replied to Arvind Kejrival, Lt governor Delhi and Home minister,, India in the twitter handle of Delhi police : The murders have all been confirmed to be personal enmity related. Accused previously known to victim and already arrested in some cases.

Overall heinous crime in 2019 is down by 10.5% . Crime by use of fire arms are down by 5.65 % . Crime against women are down by 11.5%.

The Delhi police through the tweet meant that it was not the breakdown of the law and order situation or negligence of the Delhi pokice as the five murders in diffetent locations of Delhi took place due to personal animosity, not due to the lack on the part of police authorities. Instead it patted itself saying that the crime graph in the capital has rather come down compared to the previous years.

There is not a iota of doubt that despite the best efforts of the Delhi police incidents of murders, snatchings, thefts and robberies are incessantly happening n peoples’ life in jeopardy.

The solution ratio is comparatively quite less and good number of cases in the context of chain and mobile snatchings including eve teasings and women assaults are also not reported adequately for the apprehension of retaliation from criminals.

You open newspapers every morning and you’ll find number of cases pertaining to frauds, murders, assaults, rapes, chain snatchings and women insecurity.

The shortage of Delhi police staff and majority of the Delhi police being involved in VIP patronage and security is also one of the reasons for non resolution of cases and spurt in crime rate.

The AAM AADMI government of Delhi has been demanding separate state hood of Delhi since long but of no awail. The law and order is the central subject and the Delhi police is under the union government’s ministry of home affairs with Delhi’s leutenant governor as its chief. The relations between Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival and the Delhi police has not been in good terms due to the latter’s being under the centre’s influence.

Kejrival has recently raised a controversy in the media by saying that he is afraid that he may be attacked by his own body guards who are from Delhi police as was late prime minister IndiraGandhi was assasinated.

In the past too Arvind Kejrival had quarrels with senior Delhi police officials and the union government on certain issues hyped too much in the media.

The recent concern of Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival regarding five murders in Delhi through a tweet while raises the law and order issue in the public domain but the reply of Delhi police about bringing some of the culprits to justice and lessening of heinous crime and women related crime rate in Delhi this year definitely gives some relief to Delhi citizens.

But it remains to be seen whether the law and order situation in the capital city of Delhi really improves in the near future as well to the fullest satisfaction of all its citizens or not.

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Liquor baron late Ponty Chadda’s son arrested while boarding flight for Thailand by EOW



Liquor Baronlate Ponty Chadda with his son/ pic Dainik Bhaskar
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While the Indian government is already tied up to extradite economic offenders Vijaya Mallya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and Lalit Modi from abroad who’d siphoned off thousands of crores of Indian Tax Payers money and clandestinely took refuge in foreign countries, the son of infamous liquor baron of the country late Ponty Chadda was today disembarked from the plane and arrested by the police officials of the Indian Offences Wing at Palam International Airport, Delhi in connection with an alleged multicrore scam worth several crores of Rupees on the basis of the look our circular issued against him by the EOW of Delhi police.

Just a few days earlier similarly, wanted in one of the economic offences’ cases of the enforcement directorate, the former Chairman of Jet Airways Naresh Goyal and his wife were also dis embarked from a plane heading for Dubai from where they were slated to go to United Kingdom without informing the authorities.

According to the latest news pouring in, son of late liquor baron Ponti Chadda, Manpreet Singh Chadda was arrested today from Palam International Airport by the sleuths of Delhi police’s Economic Offences Wing from where he was likely to fly abroad.

After the arrest he was brought to Mandir Marg Police station in New Delhi for detailed and indepth questioning.

A look out circular was issued against him by the EOW in one of the cases’ of duping several investors of Rs 6 crores which could allegedly go further to 100 crores say the latest news.

According to the news, the Economic Offences Wing had registered a case of economic fraud against some persons earlier.

According to the case history a vast tract of land was allocated by UP government in Ghaziabad for a hi tech city. A South Extention based company owned by Manpreet perhaps, claimed it as their land and started collecting money for sale of land from the prospective customers through advertisements and middlemen employed by the company.

Several prospective buyers who included K. Ramesh and Kaveri as well, applied in this company to buy the land in the year 2005.

They paid a handsome amount in lakhs n crores to this company. But they were not given the possession of the land despite repeated requests from the applicants.

After dillydaying for several years the applicants were told that the company has finally got the allotment in the name of Web City.

The applicants became hopeful and thought that now they will get their land but after repeated requests when they could not succeed and finding themselves to be duped, these customers approached the Delhi police’s Economic Offences Wing and filed the written complaint which was converted in the FIR in 2018 as per the version of the EOW officials say the latest news.

The company had given the applicants 15 months’ deadline for allotment of the land but after not getting the possession, they were constrained to get their FIR registered.

The police said that Manpreet Singh was caught while he was trying to board the plane for Thailand from Palam International Airport.

It may be recalled that Manpreet Singh’s late father an infamous liquor baron was murdered few years ago in a property dispute by his own brother who had hired the prefessional killers in his farm house in Delhi.

They are now undergoing life sentence.

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