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People demanding death for Aligarh rapists and killers but the killers and brutal rapists of Nirbhaya of 2013 still not hanged ?



Pic India Today
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There is tremendous outrage all over the country over the obnoxious rape and brutal murder of a three year old fragile and innocent girl in Aligarh a few days ago. The entire community is up on their heels to demand capital punishment to the two human beasts arrested in this connection.

The criminals of the 8 year old Kathua girl gangraped and diabolically murdered have also been convicted by the apex court of the country with the hope that these human beasts would also be accorded death penalty.

The entire nation protested on this brutal rape and murder that took place a year ago in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir. The nation is shocked to see such obnoxious cases happening one after another despite the signing of an ordinance by the president of India granting death sentence to the culprits responsible for the rape and murder of adoloscent girls below eight years of age.

The government and the criminal justice system of the country claims to have fast tracked the legal process to grant stringent punishment to the rapists and murderers post rape but all in vain as the gruesome murderers and rapists of the 2013 globally infamous rape n lynching of a girl Nirbhaya are still languishing in jail but have not been hanged till date.

This raises several doubts and questions about our legal system as well as the fast track courts in the country.

The rapists and murderers of the Nirbhaya of Najafgarh, a Garhwali girl living in Nazafgarh, Delhi who was gangraped and horrendously killed with 21 deep wounds and shamefully a broken bottle inserted into her private parts as was the case with Nirbhaya of Vasant Vihar as well, are still waiting to be hanged despite having been awarded death sentence by the Rohini Court.

The Nirbhaya of Nazafgarh was gangraped and butally murdered by three human beasts in 2012 , a year before the infamous Nirbhaya case in Vasant Vihar that shook the entire humanity globally.

Sounds shocking that in just a single day on Sunday i.e. 9th of June a series of heinous crimes , especially those of rape, with victims being minor girls were reported from Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

As a sequel to the Aligarh case two other cases of the rape and murder of two minor girls were exclusively reported from Uttar Pradesh.

In the three cases of Uttar Pradesh where the government of BJP is in power, a twelve year girl was dragged from her house on 9th June and allegedly gangraped by six men in Khushi Nagar district.

In addition, a 15 year old adolescent girl was allegedly raped inside a seminary by a teacher in Kanpur and a naked body of a seven year girl was found in an agricultural field in Jalaun in Uttar Pradesh.

Though the four of the six suspects have been arrested in this case but it remains to be seen as to when would these alleged criminals be stringently punished for their horrendous acts.

In Madhya Pradesh too a ten year old girl was raped and murdered horredously sending shock waves in the state n the country.

The incidents of obnoxious rapes of minor girls are on the increase in Uttar Pradesh and other states of the country and the police machinery has so far proved incompetent to tackle this menace.

There are hundreds of cases of missing children in Uttar Pradesh as well, as gangs involved in child and human trafficking are extremely active and literally ruling the roost but the state government and the police authorities despite their best efforts, as claimed by them, have not been successful in cracking these gangs of human traffickers and child lifters who sell the girls to childless parents against huge price, force them into prostitution and beggary for monetary gains. Their hands and legs are allegedly amptuated to enrice people inorder to give them alms. This is indeed shocking and horrensous in a democratic society where shamefull such gangs operate in alleged collusion with corrupt system.

Kashish Rawat a four year old beautiful girl mysteriously missing from her Noida house is still untraced after the lapse of three years despite lodging of FIR, presentation of several memorandums to Home minister Rajnath Singh, UP CMs former Akhilesh Yadav, Yogi Adityanath and to all the successive SSPs of Noida. The case has not been transferred to the Crime Branch till date. This speaks of the police apathy and negligence towards a noble cause. The NHRC should intervene in such sensitive matters forthwith.

There are hundreds of other such cases locked in police files with no fruitful outcome.

The state and central governments should genuinely revitalise their official machineries and fast track the cases of rape and murders of adolescent girls and ensure that the culprits get most stringent punishment especially death sentences at the earliest so as to send across a strong legal deterrent to avoid such tragic mishappenings in the future.

The government should fulfill the vacancies in police departments and specialise them with adequate hi tech training to crack the cases within no time and bring the culprits of these heinous crimes to justice by all means. What’s your take friends?

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Sunil Negi hails from Uttarakhand and is a veteran journalist and author. He is a prolific writer and has carved a name for himself in the media world. He received the 'Golden Achiever Award' in the '90th AIAC Excellence Awards 2019' for his book ''Havoc in Heaven'' based on the tragedy that struck Uttarakhand in which thousands of people lost their lives. He is also the President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and majorly writes on Politics, Current Affairs, and Social Issues.

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Truck driver who had caused the death of 2 youths of Pauri Garhwal nabbed



CM Uttarakhand and the seriously injured boy / pic samay
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The recent deaths of two youths namely Ramesh Singh 23 years old and Vir Singh aged 22 years old at Sarhaul border, Gurugram hailing from Kathur and Salon respectively from district Pauri Garhwal was not a murder but accidental deaths.

One of their friend from Ghulek village who was grievously injured is still in hospital under critical conditions and recovering gradually.

Today more than 150 people of Uttarakhand from Delhi and different parts of Haryana gathered at Udyog Vihar police station in Dundahera, Haryana to register their peaceful protest demanding immediate arrest and stringent action against the culprit. The culprit who had caused this accident three days ago at the wee hours of the morning because of his rash driving – had fled the scene instead of helping the grievously injured youths who could have been saved had he ferried them to the hospital in time.

The third injured youth was lucky and had survived was rushed to the hospital by the locals available at the accident spot.

According to a video released in a WhatsApp group by some social activists these deaths were the result of a dangerous accident that occurred last Monday early in the morning while these three youths namely Ramesh Singh (23), Verr Singh ( 22) and Narendra Singh were returning back from their respective duties from Empire club in MGF Mall Gurugram.

It has not yet been known as to why these youths had gone to Sarhaul border. While they were walking a vehicle at extremely high speed ran over them grievously injuring all the three. While two youths namely Ramesh Singh and Veer Singh died on the spot succumbing to grievous injuries, the third one Narendra Singh was admitted to hospital where he is still under treatment.

There was shock wave all around amongst their families and amongst the people of Uttarakhand community. Photos of these dead and injured youths with news about their alleged murder were loaded on various social media platforms and went viral. The cause of these deaths could not be ascertained earlier. However, after a day the Udyog Vihar police had revealed that they were accidental deaths but nobody was willing to accept the police version.

They were angry that even if it was an accident the driver of the vehicle who killed these youths so brutally under his vehicle should not have fled the scene and instead should have informed the police or at least helped the injured to the hospital. But by fleeing from the scene of the accident after two deaths he behaved like a killer. However, due to excessive media hype and the Haryana CM’s directives after Uttarakhand CM Rawat’s request to him, the erroneous and rash truck driver involved in this fateful accident has been caught, as per sources.

The chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat had spoken to Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khatter requesting him to direct the police to bring the culprit to justice at the earliest.

The Udyog Vihar police of Haryana has shown immense vigilance and dedication in nabbing the culprit within a couple of days. However, this has happened only after media hype and peoples’ pressure. Further Haryana CM’s intervention after the request of his Uttarakhand counterpart helped in the quick resolution of this case.

This is the tempo driver nabbed by the Palam Vihar, Gurugram police namely Neeraj Bhatt of Nepal.

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Diabolical death of two youths of Uttarakhand in Gurugram Haryana



Third boy who was lucky enough was injured badly but saved his life. Addmitted in hospital with serious injuries. He is from village Ghulek, Garhwal, Uttrakhand.
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Breaking News
Two young boys primarily hailing from Raath area of Garhwal Uttarakhand, specifically from Kathyud and Kuthkhal villages have been diabolically under mysterious circumstaces  on the 14th of July.  Some say they were brutally murdered while the Gurugram police claim their death through accident. They were serving in Gurugram, Haryana in a Hotel.
This tragic news has created a sensation amongst the people of Uttarakhand community in Delhi and Haryana with the news about these diabolical deaths going viral in social media as well.
These young boys were serving in a private hotel and earning their livelihood for their families living in Kathyudh and Kuthkhal villages in Raath area of Garhwal Uttarakhand.
The exact reason for the abominable murders/ deaths has not been ascertained yet.
However, the SHO Udyog Vihar police station Gurugram says that it’s a case of rash accident at midnight by a tempo driver who fled after hitting these boys.
Sounds strange, shocking and dubious too.  Even if it’s an accident as claimed by the police, its equivalent to murder as no law gives the right to take away innocent lives especially of the guilty driver flees the accident spot instead of helping the injureds.
However, after postmortem, the dead bodies have been kept in the Gurugram mortuary even after two days of the incident.
According to sources, both these boys have been brutally killed at midnight in Sikandarpur area of Gurugram in Haryana on 14th July at midnight which the police claim to be an accident. The CCTV footages are being minutely examined to ascertain the real cause of these brutal deaths.
These boys were returning back home after performing their respective hotel duties in the night.
While on the way both these boys were mercilessly killed either by some goons or through accident while the third one was grievously injured . The exact cause of the death is still a mystry.
The rescued boy hails from the village Ghulek in Pauri Garhwal, reveal sources.
He has been admitted to a Gurugram hospital and doctors are monitoring his condition. Police are waiting for his version that may shed light to the actual cause of the tragedy. Furious inhabitants of Uttarakhand in Delhi and Gurugram are questioning the integrity of the lical police which has still not bern able to find out the actual cause of these grusome young deaths nor have they been able to trace out the culprits.
There are thousands of migrated youth working in the metropolises of the country earning their livelihood for their poor families living in the villages.
Last year one such youth was killed in Haryana and  Bangalore at night after being looted,  while they was coming back to their quarters from his duty.
The member of Parliaments of Uttarakhand in Delhi including the union HTD minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank should use their good offices and help the bereaved families by arranging adequate financial compensation for the decased’s traumatic parents and pressuring the DG police of Haryana to bring the culprits to justice at the earliest.
Uttarakhand Journalists Forum demands immediate action against the culprits of these gruesome killings and severe punishment to the murdurers.
Meanwhile the Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has expressed his serious concern and dissapointment over this tragic incident and has telephonically spoken to the Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khatter to intervene in this matter personally to ascertain the real cause of deaths of these two youths and instruct the police to bring the culprits to justice at the earliest. Mr. Khatter assured the CM of his all possible help to nail the culprits at the earliest.
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Rape of a 5 year old once again puts spotlight on the increasing crime graph in Uttarakhand



pic Asianet Telugu
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The crime rate in the hilly state of Uttarakhand has been on an upward swing despite several claims by the state government of enhancing the police budget and therefore the subsequent improvement in the crime graph.

The most worrisome fact is that the cases of women rapes, murders, dowry deaths, and immolations are on the rise and adolescents too are the regular victims of these obnoxious rapes.
Citing one of such tragedies which people of the state are fully aware is the stalking of an 18-year Pauri girl and her subsequent immolation in broad daylight. A number of such shameful incidents has happened in Kotdwar, Satpuli, Pauri, Haldwani, Pithoragarh and Chamoli districts etc last year.
Several incidents of women assaults and harassment are not reported in the interior villages due to social stigma and the fear of criminals.
There are also no definite or authentic figures available if one asks for the crime statistics.
Yesterday the brutal and obnoxious rape of a mere five-year-old girl and subsequently viciously injuring her came to light in Raiwaala, Dehradun – the capital city of Uttarakhand state.
The rapist fled from the crime scene after raping and injuring the innocent girl who is in an extremely critical condition.
The incident occurred yesterday under the Raiwala police station’s jurisdiction in Haripurkalan area.
According to sources, the police have got the severely injured child rape victim admitted in a government hospital of Haridwar and are on the lookout for the culprit, who is still at large.
There is tension all around and the local residents are extremely furious. This incident has once again put the spotlight on the rising crimes against girl child and women in Uttarakhand.
According to a report in TOI last year,  a look at the FIRs registered in the police stations across Uttarakhand, tells us that on an average there are about eight cases of crime reported in the state every day.
What is more worrisome is the fact that the cases of dowry-related deaths and rapes reported in 2018 have doubled from the previous year, while cases of molestations have also doubled compared to 2017.
As per TOI, data assessed from the police department from January to October 31, 2018 – 2,498 cases of crime were registered against women.
While during the first ten months of 2017, 2045 cases of women related crimes were registered in various police stations, in 2016 this figure was less than 2000 i.e. with 1745 cases.
As per the TOI report of 2018, the incidents of rapes increased to 438 while in 2017  the rape count was 237 and this figure was even less in the preceding year i.e. 2016 when 278 cases were registered.
In 2018 a 14 year mute and deaf girl was raped who also gave birth to the child while in Dehradun a 15-year-old student was raped by her seniors resulting in shock and sensation all around.
According to a news report, Haridwar and Dehradun are the worst criminally affected districts in terms of rape cases with Haridwar reporting 132 rapes cases followed by Dehradun with 110 cases in 2018.
Similarly, the incidents of molestation are also on the rise across the state as per police records showing 67 cases of molestations in 2018 which has increased from 29 in the year 2017.
According to recent information,  in 2019-20 the Uttarakhand government has allocated 4.2% of its budget for the expenditure in the police which is considered to be the highest than the allocations in other states (3.9%) in 2018-19.
The point is mere allocation of the budget is not enough as the state police machinery from top to bottom will have to be more vigilant and action-oriented in curbing the rising crime graph across Uttarakhand, especially ensuring the safety and security of women considered to be the most vulnerable lot of the society.
It’s a common saying that Uttarakhand has become a safe haven for outside and domestic criminals.
The efficient police of this hilly state will have to use its acumen and intelligence to crush the criminals and rapists who are nothing but parasites on our society.
The chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat had last year assured that his government will soon bring legislation to award death penalty to the rapists of the minor girls but what nothing has happened regarding this.
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Sharp shooter hotel management graduate arrested by special cell of Delhi police



In the picture are sharp shooter Sonu Jat ( face covered) carrying a reward of Rs. 1 Lakh, ACP Crime Branch, special cell, Delhi Police Attar Singh and Inspector Amulya Tyagi who nabbed the sharp shooter and gangster Monu Bajitkar and Don of Delhi Neeraj Bawana
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Read Time: 5 minutes

A known gangster namely Sonu Jat on whose head there was a reward of rupees one lakh and wanted for a long time by Delhi Police, has been finally nabbed by the special cell of Delhi police after an encounter in Shahbad Diary area of North West Delhi.

This is indeed a big catch for the special cell of Delhi police who’d been behind this hardened criminal and sharp shooter  for a long time but not able to catch him despite best efforts.
He was desperetely wanted by Delhi police for several broad day light murders.
The special cell unearthed a .32 bore automatic  pistol from hs possession.
What’s special about this gangster is that he is a hotel management graduate who fell in the criminal activities due to his maternal uncle’s criminal involvement, finally becoming a professional sharp shooter of infamous gangster’s right hand man namely Monu Bajitpur gang.
Nabbed by the South Zone’s special police’s  Assistant Commissioner Attar Singh led team comprising of Inspector Amul Tyagi and Chandrika Prasad infamous  gangster Sonu Jat alias Sonu Cheeri belongs to Rohtak, Haryana. He was caught by the special police team of Delhi police led by ACP Attar Singh on the basis of a clue on the road of Mukundpur going towards Bhalasva Diary after an encounter that lasted for several hours.
Sonu Jat was absconding in several cases of murders, including an attempt to murder crime  committed at Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.
He was rated as one of the most wanted killer of Delhi having a reward of Rs one lakh on his head for being caught dead or alive.
As per the deputy commissioner of police  special cell,  sharp shooter Sonu Jat had in league with one of his criminal associate Shamshuddin illegally, through force captured a piece of land at Haiderpur,  North West Delhi.
This illegal encroachment of land led to the murder of Sonu Jat’s associate Shamshuddin.
After this murder highly enraged Sonu Jat alongwith with his two associates namely Manoj and Sanjiv attempted to kill Mohit’s brother Ravindra who was lucky enough to save himself.
Mohit had killed Sonu Jat’s friend Shamshuddin who’d illegally captured the Haiderpur land.
This attempted murder case was registered in  Shalimar Bagh Police Station.
However, after some days  sharp shooter Sonu Jat alongwith his gang members killed Mohit who  killed his one time associate Shamshuddin.
This matter was also registered in Shalimar Bagh police station. The  police had no option but to announce a reward of Rs one lakh on his head.
While absconding Sonu Jat alongwith his gang members attempted another killing on 1st February in Holambi Kala area of Delhi.
The deceased’s name was Vicky. Vicky was killed on the direction of another infamous gangster Monu Bajitpur.
It may be recalled that Sonu Jat was caught alongwith his gang members viz Sandeep, Sunil alias Sonu and Mukesh Bajitpur for the first time while committing decoity at Shalimar Bagh Petrol Pump in the year 2010.
After being released on bail Sonu Jat involved him in his Hotel management studies but simultaneously continued his criminal activities.
While on bail he however completed his hotel management degree. In December 2012 he alongwith his criminal associates Surajpal, Ravi and Deepak again looted the passengers of a Santro and Chevrolet cars at gun point at Shahbad Diary, Delhi and Bahadurgarh , Haryana areas.
He was however nabbed by the Gurugram police after some days with arms, ammunition and the looted cars.
Sonu Jat had come into the contact of dreaded gangster Shamshuddin and both of them later became trusted friends.
After being released from the prison he started working on  agricultural fields in Rohtak with his father.
In the year 2015 Sonu Jat was again nabbed by the police in Kharkoda police station area for being in illegal possession of  arms and amunition.
After being released from jail Sonu Jat alongwith hardened criminal Shamshuddin, Narendra Kal, Sonu Laadarawan and Yavinder involved themselves in illegally and forcefully encroaching private lands under gun point.
It was during 2015 Shamshuddin was killed by his rival gang member  Mohit and his friends in connection with disputed land rivalry.
Sonu Jat than retaliated and tried to kill Mohit and Ravinder. In this attack while Mohit  saved himself Ravinder was killed.
According to special branch ACP  of Delhi Police Attar Singh, twenty eight year old  hardened criminal Sonu Jat has two brothers namely Satish, Sanjay and a sister.
Sonu Jat was earlier pursuing BA degree course at Jat  college, Rohtak but he left the BA course in between and came to Delhi to pursue Hotel Management from Inderlok, IPLT Delhi.
After seeking addmission he came to village Soti at Sonipat and started living with his maternal uncle at Sonipat.
He used to commute from here to Delhi and vice -e-versa  daily.
Since his maternal uncle was himself involved in criminal activities Sonu Jat also followed his uncle’s footsteps and entered the world of crime.
It was then that he usually went to Bajitpur to meet hardened criminal Dushyant alias Monu Bajitpur alongwith his uncle Sunil alias Sonu.
Thereafter Sonu Jat met several gangsters viz Happy Bajitpur, Ashok Pradhan and Rajesh Bavania.
He thereafter became the active and most trusted gang member of Monu Bajitpur gang consisting of Surajpal alias Bhagat, Deepak alias Rancho, Ravi alias Bretly, Narendra alias Kala, Kuldip Bajitpur, Sukhvinder alias Sanju etc.
After becoming the trusted man of Monu Bajitpur, Sonu Jat actively participated in the gangwars between Neeraj Bawana and Rajesh Bawana gangs added ACP special cell Attar Singh.
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Uttarakhand becomes safe haven for criminals.



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Uttarakhand has become a safe haven for criminals of Western Uttar Pradesh who find this himalayan state extremely safe to conduct their criminal activities such as decoity  and extortion.

Having no background verification these hardened criminals easily sneak in the peaceful himalayan state and not only take refuge here but also conduct their undesirable criminal activities clandestinely.
If one goes into the detail of the cases of enhancing criminalism and decoity, extortion, murder etc the statistics reveal a shocking trend of spurt in criminal acts which was too low a decade ago or more.
The increasing activities of legal and illegal land sales, illegal mining activities and emergence of builder and land mafia in the state has seen spurt in criminal activities in Uttarakhand especially in the state capital and in towns n cities.
The recent nabbing of some hardened criminals by the Uttarakhand  police in Dehradun have amply illustrated the increasing arbitrary activities of criminal gangs in and around Dehradun resulting in alleged insecurity amongst the businessmen and residents.
As per the news pouring in, on 24th June, four hardcore criminals riding on two separate motorcycles shot a petrol pump owner on his shoulder injuring him grievously and snatching his bag full of currency.
The incident pertains to the Prem Nagar area at Dushehra ground, Petrol pump in Dehradun where the Pump owner was grievously injured after he was fired upon and his bag snatched by two motorcycle borne asssailants.
There was total sensitisation in the area after this decoity. The IG of Garhwal region and the SSP Dehradun visited the spot of crime and formed five separate police teams.
These five separate teams under the charge of the SHO’s of various police stations baricated the entire roads and exit points of  the city and the rural areas giving no chance for these hardened criminals to flee.
The local police machinery also activated their intelligence units and “Mukhbirs” to seek valuable information about the possible hideouts of the criminals.
The vehicle going out of the city and inter city movement were actively put under police radar with checking of all vehicles undertaken intermittently.
After seeking succesful leads the police finally raided a flat at Thakurpur Sai Vihar in Dehradun outskirts on 26th June and arrested the three hardened criminals involved in this shoot out.
The police also unearthed two local pistols, some bullets and one lakh seventy five thousand rupees in cash.
The names of the culprits are  Kamendra alias Bulla, Dipin Kumar and Rohan.
After thorough interrogation by the police the culprits revealed about their modus operandi saying that they had been meticulously  planned the operation for the last fortnight and finally executed it on 24th June.
Giving details about their crime the arrested criminals disclosed that on 24th June they carrying fully loaded local pistols came near the petrol pump on their two motor bikes and after the pump proprietor alongwith cash in the bag drove his car they followed him.
As soon as he turned his car at the narrow street near the petrol pump at Prem Nagar, Dushhehra Ground they fired on him and took the bag containing cash.
The Uttarakhand police deserves all appreciation for resolving the case in mere 48 hours by nabbing the criminals n putting them behind bars.
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Sitting youngest lawmaker allegedly thrashed civic officials with cricket bat in full media glare in Indore



MLA Akash Vijayvargiya MLA using cricket bat to allegedly thrash Civic Officials in Indore. Policeman a mere spectator / Pic Deccan Chronicle
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Read Time: 3 minutes

A shocking incident of blatant misuse of power by way of physically assaulting the civic officials was today witnessed in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. In a democracy how the powerful politician alongwith his acrimonious cricket bat weilding followers weilds their authority with arbitrary means has been experienced in broad day light in Indore when the youngest sitting MLA of the area Akash Vijay Vargiya son of the powerful and controvertial politician Kailash Vijay Vargiya n his angered supporters literally thrashed officials of the Indore municipal corporation arbitrarily in broad day light under the media glare oblivious of the fact that there is law and order machinery keeping eye on them.

According to the news pouring in and the video going viral in social media the Indore Municipal Corporation has targetted few highly dangerous old houses having developed ample cracks, risky for living to be vacated and thereafter raised to the ground.
According to the officials, this fact was very much in the knowlegde of the youngest MLA Akash Vijay Vargiya that these old houses posing grave risks to the occupants’ lives have to be vacated officially.
On the morning of 27th June a posse of policemen and the MC of Indore staff went to the site to help vacate and raze to ground these risky houses but as soon as the bulldozers reached the spot the angty and furious mob led by Akash Vijay Vargiya MLA holdung cricket bats in their hands literally thrashed the officials and compelled them to flee from the spot saving their lives in desperation.
The whole incident was captured on camera and mobiles by bystanders who later on loaded them in the facebook. The policemen standing there were mere soectators only to arrest them later when the media hype compelled them to do so under the instructions from senior police officials.
The sitting youngest MLA Akash Vijay Vargiya and his erring followers have been booked under relevent sections of the law and are behind bars send to judicial custody for some days.
It may be recalled that Akash is the son of former minister in MP government who is a controvertial BJP politician looking after the charge of West Bengal.
The former minister Vijayvargiya had been immensely vociferous and acrimonious in accusing the Bengal CM Mamata Benerjee of allegedly getting several  BJP workers in Bengal killed but when it comes to the arbitrary violenvefrom his son’s side he is mum.
The state and central BJP has taken a very serious view of this episode and has promised to take action against Akash Vijayvargiya MLA.
It has been revealed that Akash had been the great protagonists and fan of cricket and former Indian Skipper Sachin Tendulkar. He used to celebrate his birthday every year in Indore, Madhya Pradesh by cutting cake wishing Tendulkar long life and goid luck.
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Ten bullets pumped into the body of Haryana Congress spokesman Vikas Chowdhary.



Haryana Pradesh Congress spokesman late Vikas Chowdhary
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Read Time: 2 minutes
The spokesman of the Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee has been killed in broad day light today.
He was attacked in broad day light in Sector 9 Faridabad in Haryana this morning in a gym where he used to go daily for physical fitness.
As usual the spokesman of HPCC  Vikas Chowdhary had gone to the Gym in his car situated in Sector 9 Faridabad.
While he reached the gym as was likely to exit the criminals fired ten rounds targetting him four of which pierced the front wind screen of his white coloured car. He was hit from the point blank range.
The murdurers fled from the scene after the attack. Vikas Choudhary was immediately rushed to hospital in Faridabad where he was treated but later on succumbed to the grave bullet injuries.
The police has retrieved the CCTV footage showing the criminals shooting the Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee spokesman Chowdhary from close range with ten bullets. The entire area has been cardoned off and people highly terrorised.
The police has started the investigations. No unambiguous reason has so far been ascertained by the police investigating the case. There seems to be a personal enmity behind tbe shooting.
The way these professional killers brutally pummped ten bullets into the body of Vikas Chowdhary indicate that  they wanted to kill him by all means and ensure his death.This broad day light killing of Vikas Chowdhary, spokesman of Haryana Congress has literally exposed the worsening law and order in the neighbouring state of Delhi ruled by the Bhartiya Janata Party.
This dreaded killing has led one to believe that  Haryana  has become a den of killers where terror of state police and law and order  hardly matters for criminals. According to the latest news two professional killers were following Congress spokesman Vikas Chowdhary and as soon as his car was parked at the Gym parking Vikas and his frind stepped out of the car.
Within seconds about ten bullets were pumped in the body of Vikas who was declared dead after treatment in the hospital.
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Kejrival expresses serious concern over five murders yesterday in Delhi. Delhi police says they were due to personal enmity



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The chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejrival who is usually at loggerheads with the central government ruled by BJP and the Delhi police which is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of home affairs has expressed his serious concern over the five back to back incidents of killings in various parts of Delhi yesterday.

Delhi Chief minister has tweeted that Five murders have taken place in Delhi in the last 24 hours and is extremely serious situation. I appeal to @ Lt GovDelhi & @ HMO India to urgently look into the law and order situation of the national capital.

The Delhi police taking special note of the Delhi chief minister’s tweet has replied to Arvind Kejrival, Lt governor Delhi and Home minister,, India in the twitter handle of Delhi police : The murders have all been confirmed to be personal enmity related. Accused previously known to victim and already arrested in some cases.

Overall heinous crime in 2019 is down by 10.5% . Crime by use of fire arms are down by 5.65 % . Crime against women are down by 11.5%.

The Delhi police through the tweet meant that it was not the breakdown of the law and order situation or negligence of the Delhi pokice as the five murders in diffetent locations of Delhi took place due to personal animosity, not due to the lack on the part of police authorities. Instead it patted itself saying that the crime graph in the capital has rather come down compared to the previous years.

There is not a iota of doubt that despite the best efforts of the Delhi police incidents of murders, snatchings, thefts and robberies are incessantly happening n peoples’ life in jeopardy.

The solution ratio is comparatively quite less and good number of cases in the context of chain and mobile snatchings including eve teasings and women assaults are also not reported adequately for the apprehension of retaliation from criminals.

You open newspapers every morning and you’ll find number of cases pertaining to frauds, murders, assaults, rapes, chain snatchings and women insecurity.

The shortage of Delhi police staff and majority of the Delhi police being involved in VIP patronage and security is also one of the reasons for non resolution of cases and spurt in crime rate.

The AAM AADMI government of Delhi has been demanding separate state hood of Delhi since long but of no awail. The law and order is the central subject and the Delhi police is under the union government’s ministry of home affairs with Delhi’s leutenant governor as its chief. The relations between Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival and the Delhi police has not been in good terms due to the latter’s being under the centre’s influence.

Kejrival has recently raised a controversy in the media by saying that he is afraid that he may be attacked by his own body guards who are from Delhi police as was late prime minister IndiraGandhi was assasinated.

In the past too Arvind Kejrival had quarrels with senior Delhi police officials and the union government on certain issues hyped too much in the media.

The recent concern of Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival regarding five murders in Delhi through a tweet while raises the law and order issue in the public domain but the reply of Delhi police about bringing some of the culprits to justice and lessening of heinous crime and women related crime rate in Delhi this year definitely gives some relief to Delhi citizens.

But it remains to be seen whether the law and order situation in the capital city of Delhi really improves in the near future as well to the fullest satisfaction of all its citizens or not.

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Liquor baron late Ponty Chadda’s son arrested while boarding flight for Thailand by EOW



Liquor Baronlate Ponty Chadda with his son/ pic Dainik Bhaskar
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While the Indian government is already tied up to extradite economic offenders Vijaya Mallya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and Lalit Modi from abroad who’d siphoned off thousands of crores of Indian Tax Payers money and clandestinely took refuge in foreign countries, the son of infamous liquor baron of the country late Ponty Chadda was today disembarked from the plane and arrested by the police officials of the Indian Offences Wing at Palam International Airport, Delhi in connection with an alleged multicrore scam worth several crores of Rupees on the basis of the look our circular issued against him by the EOW of Delhi police.

Just a few days earlier similarly, wanted in one of the economic offences’ cases of the enforcement directorate, the former Chairman of Jet Airways Naresh Goyal and his wife were also dis embarked from a plane heading for Dubai from where they were slated to go to United Kingdom without informing the authorities.

According to the latest news pouring in, son of late liquor baron Ponti Chadda, Manpreet Singh Chadda was arrested today from Palam International Airport by the sleuths of Delhi police’s Economic Offences Wing from where he was likely to fly abroad.

After the arrest he was brought to Mandir Marg Police station in New Delhi for detailed and indepth questioning.

A look out circular was issued against him by the EOW in one of the cases’ of duping several investors of Rs 6 crores which could allegedly go further to 100 crores say the latest news.

According to the news, the Economic Offences Wing had registered a case of economic fraud against some persons earlier.

According to the case history a vast tract of land was allocated by UP government in Ghaziabad for a hi tech city. A South Extention based company owned by Manpreet perhaps, claimed it as their land and started collecting money for sale of land from the prospective customers through advertisements and middlemen employed by the company.

Several prospective buyers who included K. Ramesh and Kaveri as well, applied in this company to buy the land in the year 2005.

They paid a handsome amount in lakhs n crores to this company. But they were not given the possession of the land despite repeated requests from the applicants.

After dillydaying for several years the applicants were told that the company has finally got the allotment in the name of Web City.

The applicants became hopeful and thought that now they will get their land but after repeated requests when they could not succeed and finding themselves to be duped, these customers approached the Delhi police’s Economic Offences Wing and filed the written complaint which was converted in the FIR in 2018 as per the version of the EOW officials say the latest news.

The company had given the applicants 15 months’ deadline for allotment of the land but after not getting the possession, they were constrained to get their FIR registered.

The police said that Manpreet Singh was caught while he was trying to board the plane for Thailand from Palam International Airport.

It may be recalled that Manpreet Singh’s late father an infamous liquor baron was murdered few years ago in a property dispute by his own brother who had hired the prefessional killers in his farm house in Delhi.

They are now undergoing life sentence.

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Journo Amit Sharma brutally thrashed, urinated in mouth by Railway police and locked in police station in Shamli. Shame



Amit Sharma being inhumanely thrashed by GRP in Shamli who was urinated in the mouth and locked in the police station yesterday
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A journalist in Shamli Uttar Pradesh Amit Sharma was brutally thrashed, abused, kicked repeatedly, urine put into his mouth and put inside the police lock up by the drunk GRP police and SHO Rakesh Kumar Upadhyay in broad day light.

The mobile phone of the journalist has been thrown apart. The fault of the journalist was that he had gone to cover an incident of the derailing of three coaches of a train in Shamli Uttar Pradesh and a story on hawkers inside the railway station n trains.

According to journalist Amit Sharma one of the cop was heavily drunk. The police were behaving like goons and left no stone unturned to ensure that journalist Amit Sharma is brutally beaten in broad day light and taught a lesson.

The inspector has been suspended after the vedio became viral and has been repeatedly telecast in various media channels.

The local media in Shamli staged protest demonstration and Dharna outside the police station where Amit Sharma was arbitrarily put behind bar in a lock up after being brutally thrashed, abused, urinated in mouth and his mobile damaged in broad day light and was also asked to strip in the police station.

The DIG came on the Dharna site and assured the protesting journalists that he will bring the erring policeman to justice and FIR lodged against him.

After incessant pressure and media blitkriez the police authorities were compelled to suspend the police inspector responsible for attack on the journalist.

The UP police and GRP seems to have gone berserk in the state and is arbitrarily infringing upon the constititional rights of free will and free speech of journos without any fault of theirs.

It may be recalled that the Supreme Court has recently granted bail to an arbitrarily arrested journalist who was sent to 11 days remand by Uttar Pradesh police.

The court was shocked and questioned: was he a murder accused, send on 11 days remand. It also questioned as to how can a journalist be arrested for simply tweeting in his twitter handle ? The UP police has come to the Delhi house of free lance journalist Prashant Kanojia and arrested him without giving his wife Jagisha Arora opportunity to even speak to her terrified husband.

The journo was maltreated as if he was a hardened criminal involved in a murder.

The apex court has questioned the arbitrary attitude of the Noida police in infringing upon the right of a journalist for free speech and expression.

Two other journalists of Nation Live news channel Ishika Singh and news editoe Anuj Shukla had been arrested for airing the news and the vedio of a women casting aspersions on the UP CM Yogi Adityanath with out checking the facts and corroboration of the incident.

Today’s incident of brutal thrashing of a Shamli journalist in broad day light has send shock waves through the spines of countrymen This brutal attitude disolays the barbaric character of UP police towards journalists. Several other journalists are behind bars in UP for face books posts against the ruling party administration.

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