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Modi scores a diplomatic win over Pakistan in talks with Donald Trump

Asia2 weeks ago

Pakistan in war mongering syndrome after abrogation of article 370

Read Time: 4 minutes BJP led NDA government has abrogated the special status to Jammu and Kashmir by repealing the...

World2 weeks ago

Modi with Bear Grylls in Man Vs Wild on Discovery Channel

Read Time: 3 minutes Today is the world premiere of the popular Man Vs Wild programme in Discovery channel at...

TRENDING4 weeks ago

Law firm proprietor Murali Lal Thapliyal contests as MP from Brampton West, Canada

Read Time: 5 minutes A proud Uttarakhandi settled in Canada since 2003 owner of a prestigious law firm Murali Lal...

North America1 month ago

US media exposes US president Trump to be a big lier

Read Time: 4 minutes The United States President Donald Trump has become globally infamous for telling myriad lies and issuing...

Asia1 month ago

US president’s desire to meddle in Kashmir imbroglio creates storm in Indian political circles

Read Time: 3 minutes The United States President Donald Trump’s statement of intervening in the Kashmir imbroglio in order to...

Asia1 month ago

US and FATF pressure led to the arrest of Hafiz Sayeed in Pakistan

Read Time: 3 minutes Pakistan is badly baffled and furious after its defeat in the International Court of Justice in...

Asia1 month ago

Pakistan’s ill concieved design to smuggle drugs to India to fund terror

Read Time: 5 minutes The drug menace in India is a protracted problem which has percolated down to the grassroots...

World2 months ago

Terrorism by Pakistan was the central theme of PM’s talks with Xi Jingping and Vladimir Putin at SCO summit in Kyrgystan

Read Time: 3 minutes Prime minister Narendra Modi after wining the second term as prime minister has his moral very...

world-day-against-child-labour world-day-against-child-labour
TRENDING2 months ago

Today marks World Day Against Child Labour  

Read Time: 2 minutes Wednesday, 12 June 2019: While the World Day Against Child Labour is being observed today (Wednesday,...

Africa3 months ago

The Vulture and the Little girl: The stark reality of Poverty, Hunger and Child Malnutrition

Read Time: 5 minutes In the contemporary world, the naturally most advanced creation, human beings are delimited by numerous adversaries...

Pakistan is badly embroiled in the grip of fiscal deficit with its economy drifting towards the brink of disaster. After the specific warning of the US president Donald
After gunman open fires at mosque New Zealand police hunt "active shooter"
New Zealand police were hunting "an active shooter" in the center of Christchurch city on Friday after a gunman opened fire at a mosque inflicting
Donald, Putin and the NATO
There are grave concerns about what type of policy will be adopted by US President-elect Donald Trump with regard to Russia  and the  global trade that may drastically effect the emerging economies.

China, Russia to solidly stand behind Pakistan in the event of anti US Pak stance
The international political scenario is heating up steadily and gradually. The main reason and crux of this heat is none other but expansionist
Michelle Obama for the first time thrashes Donald Trump
Trump has become the number one controversial person in the world because of his insulting behavior towards women and even his wife and daughter are also quiet angry
Kartarpur India corridor, a potential hope for revival of friendly Indo Pak ties
At a critical juncture, when the relations between Pakistan and India are at its low, worsening day after day, particularly in view of the
Heart of Asia : Platform to eliminate terrorism
Two points on which the Heart of Asia Conference revolves are : cross border terrorism in India by Pakistan and the participation of Sartaj Aziz, the Pakistan Prime Minister’s
PAK newspapers claims that US trying to resolve Indo -Pak water treaty issue
Pakistan has claimed that US has already started its procedure to intervene between the Indo- Pak Indus water treaty row.

The Pakistani papers
Imran Khan's friendly initiatives have no meaning till he does not rid Pakistan of terror santuaries n terrorism
The issue of Kartarpur corridor which seemed like opening the doors of a new chapter of friendship between
Pakistan misguides the entire world by banning Jamait Ul Dava. Gives free hand to Army n protects Azhar n Hafeez Sayeed.
A lier PM of a coward nation
The so called decision of the Pakistan government to ban the terror

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