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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: beginning of a new era of technology

Digital Media1 month ago

What is the difference between http and https?

Read Time: 2 minutes Time to know this with 32 lakh debit cards compromised in India. Some of you may...

Science1 month ago

Chandrayan 2’s successful launch makes 130 crore Indians proud

Read Time: 5 minutes India today made history and became the fourth nation after United States, Russia, and China to...

Tech1 month ago

Interesting future predictions

Read Time: 6 minutes 1- Auto repair shops will go away. 2- A gasoline engine has 20,000 individual parts. An...

Apps2 months ago

Here’s How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode In Android And iOS

Read Time: 3 minutes   Out of all the features rolled out with WhatsApp beta, one of the most awaited...

Gadgets2 months ago

OnePlus TV Might Launch Soon In India

Read Time: 2 minutes After making a major uproar in the market with the launch of its new smartphone series,...

Apps2 months ago


Read Time: 2 minutes Google is about to introduce a System-Wide Dark Theme with the arrival of Android Q. However,...

Apps2 months ago

Google now allows you to flag deceptive sites with a new Chrome extension

Read Time: 2 minutes Google’s Safe Browsing feature will only work if it knows what websites to protect you against, which is...

Apps2 months ago

True-caller gets free Internet voice call feature

Read Time: 1 minute To facilitate high quality Internet calls, communication app Truecaller on Tuesday launched a new feature called...

Gadgets2 months ago

Vivo Z1 Pro live shots seem to disclose entire design

Read Time: 2 minutes The Vivo Z1 Pro is hpoefully debut soon in India as an international version of the...

Gadgets2 months ago

Huawei files for trademark registration of its own mobile OS after US ban

Read Time: 2 minutes Chinese communications giant Huawei now wants to register and launch its one operating system “Hongmeng” that can replace...

SanDisk announces World’s first 1TB SD card
For the first time SanDisk has done something unbelievable by introducing the first 1TB SD card. I know that we have been using SD cards up to 128 GB and for TB space HD is
India seeks to buy 24 anti-submarine helicopters MH-60 'Romeo' from US
India has sought from the US 24 multi-role MH-60 'Romeo' anti-submarine helicopters for its Navy at an estimated cost of US $2 billion, defence industry
Top10 technology of 21st century
Technology has played a crucial role in performing an art of expressing.It has rebuild opportunities which defines the transformation of knowledge and skills to the next level. Here are
Influencer Marketing the new in-thing in Digital Marketing !
Influence Marketing is gaining ground in India and a lot of new age as well as brick and mortar companies are embracing is what it is all about for
Great Himalayan earthquake of intensity 8.5 or more 'anytime in future', says recent study
For a very long time, seismologists have warned about the impending 'Great Himalayan earthquake'. With an intensity of over 8
'Reliance Jio to offer Rs1000 mobile phones with unlimited voice and video calling facility
New Delhi: Reliance Industries is again ready to stir the Indian Mobile market by launching a Rs1000 smartphone with 4G capability
Facebook trying to grab IPL Media rights for streaming of live matches
Mark Zuckerberg has big plans for India and it seems that he understands the importance of cricket in India and that is why the social networking
Playing at being God
Last year in 2016, Department of national intelligence of U.S. added gene editing to a particularly lengthy list of threats posed by weapons of mass destruction & proliferation. In the month of
How to block a sender in Hotmail?
Hotmail which gives finest email administrations where email offices are free and one can without much of a stretch get sends and furthermore can send sends. In Hotmail, you can speak
Origin of Zero
Zero is not just a numeral but an epitome of emptiness. Well! Shunya or Zero represents the philosophy of emptiness or ‘Shunyata’. India is renowned worldwide for its discovery of zero as a number. Notably,

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