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Chopper crashed because its blades got entangled in electric cable

Offbeat News1 week ago

Fart disrupts proceedings at a regional assembly in Kenya

Read Time: 2 minutes In a weird incident, a fart disrupted the proceedings in a Kenyan regional assembly. The speaker...

Offbeat News2 weeks ago

Congress misused Rajesh Khanna till the end says his soul brother

Read Time: 4 minutes Bhupesh Raseen said: When I remember various episodes, then I feel that the Congress Party has...

Offbeat News2 weeks ago

Emily Ratajkowski poses with armpit hair

Read Time: 1 minute Emily wrote while sharing her picture on Instagram. “I wrote an essay for @harpersbazaarus about the...

Offbeat News2 weeks ago

Now you can also stay in a lighthouse

Read Time: 1 minute Years ago lighthouses were used to guide ships away from dangerous coastlines. However, today only a...

Offbeat News7 months ago

Star cast of biopic on posthumous Mahavir Chakra recipient Late Jaswant Singh Rawat felicitated in New Delhi. ” 72 Hours- Martyr who never died

Read Time: 4 minutes A valiant fighter who defied insurmountable odds in the Nurang war of 1962 in Arunachal Pradesh...

Offbeat News7 months ago

CISF jawans learning to use ‘gulels’ to tackle monkey menace at Taj Mahal

Read Time: 2 minutes The CISF personnel deployed at the Taj Mahal here are now training to use a novel...

Offbeat News9 months ago

Monkey Menace: 14 day old snatched from a lactating mother and brutally killed by a monkey in Agra

Read Time: 2 minutes The terror of monkeys all over India, particularly in the religious places like Mathura, Vrindavan, Agra...

Offbeat News11 months ago

Exceptional Buffalo YUVRAJ weighing 15 quintals fetches Rs 50 lakhs annually for its owner through sperms’ sale

Read Time: 2 minutes The Uttarakhand government’s Agricultural and Animal fair ( Krishi avom Pashu Mela) is a star attraction...

Offbeat News1 year ago


Read Time: 3 minutes Just yesterday i.e. on 12th August a man eater tiger/ leopard/ panther has yet again killed...

Offbeat News1 year ago

A brave woman who fought the maneater should be recommended for president’s bravery award

Read Time: 3 minutes There is a news about a very brave woman of Srinagar Garhwal’s Gahard village namely Mamta...

Amazing Sundarban Forest!!!
The Sundarbans is a mangrove forest spans across the borders of India and Bangladesh. It is a delta formed by the confluence of Brahmaputra, Ganges and Meghna Rivers in the Bay of Bengal. The
Let’s Talk Green: Types of Deficiencies in Plants
Plants can’t say through words about how they feel? Or what they need? However, these green living beings can express through their appearance about their needs. The abnormal
Why only crackers, what about vehicles, asks Supreme Court
After closing down the firecracker industry in the name of curbing pollution, the Supreme Court on Tuesday realised that its priority was misplaced as the real
Permission to cut 283 fully grown up green trees in lansedowne, quashed
In several parts of Uttarakhand , eighty percent of which is covered by green forests illegal, arbitrary and clandestine activities of felling of
leopard attacks on frequent rise in Uttarakhand. One more girl killed near Nainital Haldwani Highway

The horrifying leopard attacks in Uttarakhand have become the order of the day and there seems to be no end to this
Terror of tigers in Uttarakhand, forest officials ineffective?
In Uttarakhand the terror of leopards, tigers and horrifying cats in on the uncontrollable increase and there have been several incidents of these horrible
The Ganges River: Efforts to maintain its holiness
Indian government has spent less than a 25% of the funds available for a mission to clean up the river Ganga over the past two years. This information has come to light
UK environment and forest minister sanctions Rs 3 lakhs for LOSA. Urges people to give up the use of plastics to save environment.
The Minister of environment and forest of Uttarakhand Dr. Harak Singh said that the government
Several organisations unite to discuss on clean environment. Ecological dialogue of GFI was a grand success.

Several organisations of Uttarakhand and enlightened individuals gathered together enthusiastically and discussed
Be the person your dog thinks you are!!!
When we bring a puppy or dog into the family it is quite essential to know a few things about how to take care of dogs. Proper nutrition, as well as physical and emotional care,

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